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So many big, broken rocks lay on the deep seabed. They looked ancient as if they had been there for billions of years.

Those big rocks were in various shapes. Some looked like a cliff and some even resembled a broadsword. It was obvious that many of them were cut by sharp blades as the cut surfaces were flat and smooth.

These rocks were scattered everywhere in this sea area. However, these rocks were actually broken stars.

"Many years ago, a furious war had taken place above the Sea of Annihilation. The floating pieces of broken stars above the sea surface exploded and sank to the seabed." Mei Ji stood on a rhombus stone and smiled beautifully like a charming fox deity. "That war should be very fierce. That's why there are many pieces of broken stars here. It's not rare or strange, anyway."

Not far from her, Shi Yan looked pensive as he stood on a sword-shaped rock.

Shi Yan and Mei Ji had moved as fast as lightning until they reached this sea area with so many rocks. Shi Yan suddenly slowed down and parted from her. He dashed between the broken pieces. Sometimes, he raised his hand to stroke those strange rocks.

It made Mei Ji restless.

She didn't know how Shi Yan could be at ease like that in this critical moment. He still had the mood to observe the broken stars here.

"Give me some time here."

Shi Yan signaled her to stay quiet as he moved around the broken stars. The rocks here had many colors and dots. Some were as smooth as a mirror while others were rough and rigid.

Gradually, he closed his eyes, his Soul Consciousness reaching out like a spider web that moved between the rocks.

As soon as he got here, he had a magical feeling in his mind. His Star power Upanishad seemed to get stimulated. It seemed like something really marvelous was hiding somewhere in the area filled with pieces of broken stars.

Wisps of Soul Consciousness expanded and created a ma.s.sive net shrouding the rocks.

After a while, his eyes opened and his pupils sparkled strangely.

A wisp of his Soul Consciousness reported a feeble aura from a piece of a broken star. That aura was extremely magical. It seemed to have some soul energy.

Shi Yan was moved. He turned into a jet of starlight that stopped by a piece of broken star. This rock was dozens of meters tall and it looked plainly brown-gray.

He reached out and placed his hand on that rock. After calming down his mind, he sensed and sent the star energy into the rock.


The brown-gray broken star became dazzling when he sent his star energy into it.

The brilliant starlight was like a cold, sharp sword or a bright star in the velvet night.

Mei Ji suddenly saw the dazzling light from a far distance. She was bewildered as she rushed forward. Her beautiful eyes were bright as she stood on another star and watched.

At this moment, Shi Yan was touching the rock that was emitting starlight, his face focused but his eyes surprised.

This piece of a broken star had a wisp of feeble aura. That aura… belonged to this rock. It was a magical feature when a power Upanishad was cultivated to the ultimate level. It finally had consciousness!

A scene arose in his head…

Tens of thousands of years ago, an expert cultivating Star power Upanishad had used his energy to control the stars above the Sea of Annihilation. So many stars had been stimulated and received consciousness that they could proactively seek enemies to attack.

The power Upanishad had a spirit!

The energy that the expert had cast out received the spirit and turned it into a part of the expert's spirit. It advanced the ability of the power Upanishad to an extremely profound level.

After tens of thousands of years, the consciousness of the power Upanishad that had controlled the broken stars had still not faded.

As Shi Yan also cultivated Star power Upanishad, he was able to stimulate something strange from the rocks to see the remaining energy. That's why the rock could emit starlight for a while.

The dazzling light from the rock dimmed and it resumed its normal condition after the star energy was used up.

A wisp of Soul Consciousness hidden inside the rock vanished. Shi Yan still touched the rock, his eyes shining.

"The power Upanishad has its own spirit!"

Shi Yan felt like lightning struck him. While his thoughts changed, starlight shot out from his ten fingers. Ten jets of starlight turned and moved like ten spirit snakes.

"Spirit Imprint!"

Ten Soul Seals from his host soul entered the ten jets of starlight. As soon as they departed from his fingers, he cut off the connection.

The ten starlights shot out. Shi Yan immediately cut off the control and stopped using the Soul Consciousness to control them.

The connection between Shi Yan and the jets of starlight was interrupted. The ten jets of starlight moved in a straight line. They sh.e.l.led a piece of a broken star far from him.

"Oh, it doesn't feel right."

Shi Yan shook his head.

If his power Upanishad had a spirit, once the starlight shot out, he didn't need to use the Soul Consciousness to guide them. They could attack the target or change their trajectory on their own.

"Not the right direction, then."

Mumbling to himself, he changed his technique. As he muttered, another jet of starlight had shot out from his left index finger.

With the new perception of Star power Upanishad, he used the host soul to sense the galaxy in his tier of power Upanishads. He created a soul imprint and sent it to the galaxy. Then, with the aura from the galaxy, he carved the imprint onto a jet of starlight.

The starlight shot out, but it didn't have the spirit.

"Hmm, not yet…"

He looked like he was in bedevilment as he continuously shot out starlight and broke many pieces of broken stars.

He continued to fail!

He didn't know why. He frowned and thought about what to do. He had tried many methods to give spirit to his power Upanishad to understand this power deeper.

Mei Ji quietly watched him. She didn't try to prevent or call him anymore. She knew that Shi Yan was trying to break the challenge of understanding the realm. She shouldn't disturb him at this moment.

Two days and two nights pa.s.sed quickly. Mei Ji found a treasure that was similar to the Heavenly Fantasy Star Compa.s.s, so she knew the time.

Two days and two nights wasn't a long time. Normally, it was just like a blink of an eye.

However, to the current situation, two days was enough for many things to happen. It was also enough for the enemy to catch them. Seeing Shi Yan sink in his cultivation but not get anything, Mei Ji became restlessly agitated.

Time continued to pa.s.s. Shi Yan was bewildered as he stood in between the broken pieces of stars and tried to understand his power Upanishad.

Mei Ji was so uneasy as if she got a flame that burned her inwardly.


Boom! Boom!

Thunder continued to rumble. The energy hit layers of water and shattered them.

Ferrell howled and finally got free from the water restriction. He thundered indignantly. "Emperor Sea Shark! You trapped me and let that kid go. I don't care what kind of purpose you have in your mind. But you, you must bear the consequences!"

Emperor Sea Shark and Shen Ren blocked Ferrell's sides, their faces indifferent as they ignored Ferrell's shouting.

"I don't want to talk to you. Where is that kid? I've agreed with the Ancient Monster Clan to take his life and the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower!" Ferrell wore a cold face.

Emperor Sea Shark smirked and shook his head. "Ferrell, do you still think that you're the best in this Sea of Annihilation? I know you've tried to provoke me several times. You want to fight me and defeat me. You want to use my defeat to strengthen your high position and receive more recognition from the Ancient Monster Clan. You want them to invite you back to the Ancient Monster Clan with a n.o.ble ceremony, right? Is that what you want?"

His words exposed Ferrell's thoughts.

Ferrell wasn't a member of the Ancient Monster Clan, but he had the Ancient Monster Clan's bloodline. Before he was strong enough, the Ancient Monster Clan didn't pay attention to him. Before he had reached the Territory Ancestor Realm and gained fame in the Sea of Annihilation, the Ancient Monster Clan didn't even look at him. They had sent Yerburgh and Hussein to visit him often.

Ferrell looked arrogant but deep in his mind, he wanted the Ancient Monster Clan's recognition. He wanted to return to the clan in glory and become one of the experts with the top power. In recent years, he had often provoked Emperor Sea Shark and Ricardo. He wanted to defeat them and become the strongest warrior in the Sea of Annihilation.

Then, with this t.i.tle, he was going to draw the attention of the true experts of the Ancient Monster Clan. They were going to come to the Sea of Annihilation personally to invite him to return to the Ancient Monster Clan to meet his ancestor and offer him the best treatment according to his n.o.ble status.

It was just an excuse that Ferrell wanted to take revenge for Yerburgh and Hussein. He just wanted to seize the change to showcase his talents by robbing the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower to prove his ruling status in the Sea of Annihilation.

He wasn't afraid of offending the Phantom Clan to tie himself together with the Ancient Monster Clan. He had received acceptance from the Ancient Monster Clan's senior echelon. As long as he could take the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, the hall of fame of the Ancient Monster Clan was going to have a slot for him. For this slot, Ferrell had tried his best to compete.

As Emperor Sea Shark had seen through him, Ferrell darkened his face. "What if it's true? What if it's not true?"

"Whether it's true or not, I'll satisfy you today. I'm going to battle you, Ferrell. I hope it fulfills your wish for years."

Emperor Sea Shark grinned. His eyes suddenly turned red, which was similar to Shi Yan's Rampage. A brutal, bloodthirsty aura that was completely different from his Water power Upanishad suddenly burst out from his body.

Shen Ren was hovering nearby. Seeing Emperor Sea Shark's appearance, he felt worried.

The old man had decided to stay because he was worried that Emperor Sea Shark would use the technique that Bloodthirsty had taught him. Once he used it, his competence was going to increase rapidly. However, he would be similar to Shi Yan in that he would lose his mind easily and fall into a slaughtering mode.

"Don't worry. I understand. I will leave when it's time to leave. Now, don't try to talk me out of it!"

Emperor Sea Shark grinned as if he understood what Shen Ren was worried about. He screamed and moved with ease. Stepping on the water current, he strode toward Farrell.

Farrell changed his visage slightly. He lifted his head to watch the Water Territory above his head as he felt the pressure increase dozens of times. The pressure pushed him everywhere like billions of mountains pounding on him at the same time.

At this moment, Ferrell knew that Emperor Sea Shark wasn't weak and easily bullied. He was a beast in his slumber on the seabed. He disdained to fight against him. And today, he finally awakened!

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