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Ferrell hovered in the deep sea. Many energy attacks, light curtains, ice mountains, and spikes bombarded him. Several thousand lightning b.a.l.l.s spun around him frantically. The seabed was about to shatter.

Billions of water arrows created a long, unceasing river as if it had always been covering Ferrell.

Ferrell was struck and bewildered. He was so surprised as he didn't know why Emperor Sea Shark had suddenly burst out frantically.

Until now, Emperor Sea Shark always had good senses. He rarely offended the members of the seven clans. Also, he had restrained his warriors to not cause a conflict with the others.

The Sea of Annihilation had three great Territory Ancestors including Emperor Sea Shark, Ferrell, and Ricardo. Among them, Emperor Sea Shark was the most modest. He seldom came to the sea surface or started a grudge against the seven clans.

Many people thought that his modesty was a sign of weakness. Because the Emperor Sea Shark had always controlled his warriors, the experts in the Sea of Annihilation thought that he was weaker than Ferrell and Ricardo.

After a long time, Ferrell also thought that Emperor Sea Shark didn't dare to face him directly!

It was also the reason why he had acted wantonly as soon as he had arrived. He had arrogantly decided everything.

He thought that he understood Emperor Sea Shark and that Emperor Sea Shark would agree with his suggestion to not offend the Phantom Clan. Thus, he proactively attacked Shi Yan.

He could never have estimated that Emperor Sea Shark, who was always moderate and often decided to yield, would suddenly act wild today!

"Emperor Sea Shark! Do you think you're strong enough to swallow the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower alone?" Ferrell was certain that the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower was Emperor Sea Shark's target. He smirked, "Let alone you, I know that I shouldn't dream about taking the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower when the seven clans are watching. You shouldn't think about it!"

Emperor Sea Shark coldly floated. Behind him was a deep blue water world. Billions of water streams like everlasting, unceasing shooting arrows were bombarding Ferrell.

Countless lightning b.a.l.l.s exploded as Ferrell faced Emperor Sea Shark's attacks directly. He had to simultaneously deal with Emperor Sea Shark's powerful subordinates. He looked a little reckless, though.

"Why don't you leave?" hissed Emperor Sea Shark.

Shi Yan and Mei Ji were still puzzled as they watched by the edge of the battle. They watched the situation turn upside down in just a blink of an eye and felt so bewildered.

"What's going on?"

They didn't know why Emperor Sea Shark wanted to protect them because he had just tried to force them to hand over the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower and the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol five minutes ago. Emperor Sea Shark's att.i.tude changed instantly. He had ambushed Ferrell. Shi Yan and Mei Ji gawked in surprise. However, they thought that Emperor Sea Shark had some other purpose.

"Why?" Mei Ji was perplexed. "As far as I know, you don't have any friendship with the precursors in my Phantom Clan."

"The Phantom Clan?" Emperor Sea Shark ridiculed. "It has nothing to do with the Phantom Clan!"


Emperor Sea Shark looked at Shi Yan, his visage complicated. "Because of him…"

"I haven't met you before. Today is the first time we met, right?" Shi Yan thought. He was sure that he had never met Emperor Sea Shark before. It was the first time they met.

"It's your first time meeting me. But your teacher… has he ever mentioned me to you?" Emperor Sea Shark's had a faint sadness in his eyes as he mocked himself. "Oh, right, with his bearings and vision, he wouldn't have thought that I mattered. But I think he hadn't expected me to reach Territory Ancestor Realm too."

"My teacher?" Shi Yan was startled.

"Your looks, your power Upanishads, and your aura tell me that you're his disciple," snorted Emperor Sea Shark.

"You mean Bloodthirsty, don't you?" Shi Yan was shocked.

"Yeah, if not him, who else?" Emperor Sea Shark smiled bitterly as if he didn't want to mention this character. "Leave. I'll help you stop Ferrell. I'm going to give you a hand. Just consider that I have repaid what I've owed him."

"It's Bloodthirsty again!"

Shi Yan was shaken. He screamed inwardly, frowned, and said nothing.

Mei Ji understood it. After she found that Emperor Sea Shark had turned his spear around because of Shi Yan's teacher, she forced a smile and then said, "Shall we join hands and kill Farrell? Otherwise, after we leave, how can you deal with the wrath of the five clans?"

Shi Yan turned to see Emperor Sea Shark.

While Emperor Sea Shark was talking to them, the water curtain in the Water Territory behind him created tens of thousands of water barriers to drain and seal Ferrell together with his subordinates' attacks. Ferrell didn't have free hands to mess with them.

"I'm at the Territory Ancestor Realm anyway. It's not easy to attack me," Emperor Sea Shark wore an arrogant face. "But if you stay, you can't threaten Ferrell because you don't know that Territory Ancestors aren't people you can fight. Thus, instead of staying here and then getting caught by the five clans later, you better leave now."

Mei Ji quieted down.

Shi Yan pondered for a few seconds, gritted his teeth, and then said, "We'll meet again!"

Then, he didn't wait for Mei Ji to say more. He pulled her hand and turned into a band of starlight, heading to Desolate Territory's entrance.

"He's worth being your apprentice," Emperor Sea Shark nodded and then pulled himself together. He said, "We're going to join hands and delay Ferrell by keeping him here for three days. After that, you guys should scatter and live in your secret areas on this Sea of Annihilation's seabed. Remember not to go to the sea surface."

"Tribal Oldie!"

"Tribal Oldie!"

"Tribal Oldie!"


The members of the Sea Clan in the crystal palace were panic-stricken.

"Ferrell and the Ancient Monster Clan have a close relationship. Neptune from the Soul Clan won't spare me if I let them leave now. The members of the other three clans will come to interrogate me too. I won't be able to live in peace. I will leave the Sea of Annihilation for a while. When I'm strong enough, I will be back."

Emperor Sea Shark sighed, "You are my subordinates. The five clans won't chase you. As long as you hide in this seabed, they won't have enough manpower to hunt you down. When I get strong enough to face the five clans, I will come find you and the crystal palace."

"Why? Tribal Oldie, why do you have to help them?" Hu Jiao emerged, his face puzzled and bitter.

"I owed a man my life. He helped me break through to Territory Ancestor Realm." Emperor Sea Shark chuckled, "I've planned to stay on the seabed to help him find the Absolute Beginning vestige. Unexpectedly, his disciple had it. It's Heaven's Will. I should help his disciple solve the problem."

With a solemn face, he hissed, "Just do it! You guys will leave after three days. Stay in seclusion. From now on, you're not related to me, Emperor Sea Shark. I just need you to live well!"

"Tribal Oldie!"

"Tribal Oldie!"

"Tribal Oldie!"

"Just do as I said. Do not say nonsense!" Emperor Sea Shark shouted resolutely.

Inside the Water Territory behind him, billions of water curtains had created a vast barrier and sealed Ferrell's Lightning Territory. The Sea Clan warriors weren't affected by the water curtains. They continuously attacked and bombarded Ferrell, troubling him.

Time flew hurriedly. Three days had pa.s.sed as fast as a blink of an eye.

The members of the Sea Clan were exhausted after three consecutive days of attacks. All of them were weakened to a particular level.

As Emperor Sea Shark understood his subordinates well, he knew that they could resist for only three days. After three days, he pitched his voice. "Hu Jiao, Datuk, you guys drive the crystal palace. The rest of you, scatter and hide in your secret areas in the Sea of Annihilation. You should also notify the others who don't know about this incident!"

"Tribal Oldie!"

"Tribal Oldie!"

"Do not babble! I've made up my mind! Leave now!"

Many Sea Clan members looked sorrowful. They left as Emperor Sea Shark had told them. Hu Jiao and Datuk drove the crystal palace away. They had pledged to protect the crystal palace and wait until Emperor Sea Shark returned.

Shortly after, only Emperor Sea Shark and the old man in the seash.e.l.l were left in this area.

"Shen Ren, I want you to leave with them." At this moment, Emperor Sea Shark didn't attack Ferrell more. But still, Ferrell was trapped in many layers of water. He was using his lightning power to attack the water layers and get rid of it. "The others don't know this, but I'm sure you know. Fighting on the seabed, Ferrell and Ricardo aren't my equal opponent. I live here and I cultivate Water power Upanishad. This sea area is my natural support."

The Sea Clan old man inside the seash.e.l.l just cackled. "Of course, I know that. If you want to fight and if you're combative, Ferrell and Ricardo should have been defeated. I also know that after I leave, Ferrell won't be your rival. But what if Neptune and Ricardo all come here?"

Emperor Sea Shark's eyes were serene. "You've not reached the Territory Ancestor Realm yet. Even if you stay, you can't help me."

"I'm staying to remind you of when to leave. I know that even if Neptune and Ricardo come, if you want to leave, you can leave at any minute. I'm just afraid that you'll pretend to be a fool again," said Shen Ren.

"You've been accompanying me for years. You should know that I'm not who I used to be. I was hot-tempered like thunder. I liked slaughtering without reasoning. I didn't know what surrendering meant. But now, I'm patient and subtle. I've changed my stinky habits. I know life is more important than reputation. I know when to run away," smiled Emperor Sea Shark.

"Even so, I have to see you leave," Shen Ren was persistent.

Emperor Sea Shark was surprised. Pondering for a while, he nodded begrudgingly, his eyes upset. "He must be gone. When he returned, he told us that if we see his successor, it meant that he had already gone. I can't believe that a character like him is dead now."

"You've reached a high realm. Of course, he has his place to return to. When we met him in the sea that year, we were just at Incipient G.o.d Realm. Sigh, we were useless. We've been looking for so many years on this seabed and we got nothing. It's amazing that his disciple got them all," sighed Shen Ren.

"It's the Will of Heaven," said Emperor Sea Shark calmly.

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