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The giant tree that could tower the entire sky with thick leaves and branches was still thriving amazingly.

Gradually, the tree had become more imposing than Emperor Sea Shark's gla.s.s palace behind. At first glance, it seemed like this world had only that tree and this sea area was concealed.

While the giant tree rattled, green leaves flew away. The complicated and subtle wooden texture on the palm-sized leaves looked like a mysterious formation.

The leaves flew like a school of swimming fish that slowly approached with sharp, tearing auras. Shi Yan's skin sent a faint pain to his brain.


Another spike on his shoulder exploded. Pain deluged him. Shi Yan shivered and couldn't help but roar furiously.

Bands of rainbow-like starlight flashed and congregated at Shi Yan's body. He looked like he had so many chains coil him.

The garment on his upper body shattered. His tough body that was as rigid as gold or steel emerged.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Leaves exploded around his body. So many spectacular formations in a wooden texture shone. They merged with each other magically. Shortly after, a ma.s.sive formation was formed by the leaves. Vines grew from the formation like slithering snakes.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The vines were covered with sharp thorns that whipped like flood dragons. They rose the water and shot toward Shi Yan's shoulder.


Starlight sparked on his body. After one hit of the vines in the seething water, the starlight protection on his body dimmed.

Hu Jiao's voice came from the big tree. "Give us the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower and the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol. Although you know Dark Energy, your realm is not great enough to use it. You're not my equal opponent."

The sky-towering tree wiggled strangely on the seabed. Thousands of branches swayed and countless leaves rattled and fell. They looked like so many spirits bombarding Shi Yan.

More leaves exploded. The formation emerged once more. Evil, python-like vines whipped and lashed Shi Yan.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Vines slashed. Shi Yan was like a willow catkin wobbling in the sea. His body was gory as the spikes on his shoulders, elbows, and knees broke continuously.

His appearance was really pathetic.

"Shi Yan! If you can't help it, just yield! You're at First Sky of Immortal Realm only. It's good enough that you defeated Datuk. You shouldn't force yourself!"

Mei Ji felt her heart aching. She couldn't help but cry, her bright eyes sorrowful.

"Tribal Oldie, we have to treat this man probably," said an old man at Peak of Immortal Realm. He was hiding inside a ma.s.sive sh.e.l.l behind Emperor Sea Shark, his voice deep and low.

He looked so worried. After getting Emperor Sea Shark's attention, he continued in a low-pitched voice. "His body isn't breaking under Hu Jia's sh.e.l.ling. He has Dark Energy. If he doesn't die this time, he will enter the Territory Ancestor Realm in the future. Then, he will become a hero."

Emperor Sea Shark knitted his brows, "Continue."

"As we seize the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower and the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol today, he will bear a grudge against us. With his innate talents and capacity, he will be very intimidating later even without the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol." The old man looked stern and cautious. "If we let him leave alive, isn't that no different from letting a tiger back to the woods? We shouldn't plant a scary seed, right?"

If Shi Yan had a normal realm with an ordinary capacity, this old man would never have suggested such a thing.

If he was just a small warrior without the chance to break through to the Territory Ancestor Realm in the future, even if they let him go, he wouldn't be able to threaten them.

However, Shi Yan's talented performance made him worried.

"This is a savage cub that can become an extraordinary brutal beast. If we want to take the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, I suggest to do it resolutely. We would rather offend the Phantom Clan than let him live now. We should eliminate any possibility of a potentially devastating threat!" the old man concluded.

Emperor Sea Shark kept silent.

"Tribal Oldie?" asked the other.

"I know that. Just keep watching him. I don't know why I see someone in him…" Emperor Sea Shark said indifferently.

The old man hiding in the sh.e.l.l focused on Shi Yan when he heard Emperor Sea Shark say that. At first, he was bewildered. After a while, he jolted as if he had just recalled something. His eyes brightened as if he had just found a new continent, his sh.e.l.l quivering.

"I found the similar features after you said that, Sir. That look, aura, and his bearings... yeah! They're really similar!" cried the old man.

"Keep watching!" Emperor Sea Shark reminded him.

The old man looked thrilled. He was excited as he nodded continuously and said nothing else.

He was close to Emperor Sea Shark and he was also a famous character of the Sea Clan. He could even call Emperor Sea Shark brother. Thus, the others couldn't understand their conversation.

But Mei Ji understood him.

She was a wise woman and she knew the old man hiding in the sh.e.l.l. She saw him pull himself together, his eyes stern and cold. Mei Ji was sensitive enough to recognize the wrong situation.

She could see that old man instigate the other!

She became edgy because she knew the chaos that Shi Yan could create when he showed his astonishing capacity. She was anxious when she saw Shi Yan with many wounds. Her soul flickered restlessly as she was trying to find a solution.

A lightning ball hovered in the sea water not far from them. It flashed like an eye.

In fact, it was an eye!

If someone could observe this sea area entirely, they would find a skull-sized lightning ball like that after every one hundred miles.

Many warriors from different forces had to bend their bodies and retreat when they saw the lightning b.a.l.l.s. Before leaving, they would reveal their ident.i.ties to the lightning b.a.l.l.s too.

It was because they knew that those lightning b.a.l.l.s were Ferrell's lightning eyes. They knew that Ferrell could use those lightning b.a.l.l.s to observe the situation everywhere. The b.a.l.l.s would report the commotions to his soul in the Sea of Consciousness.

At this moment, a lightning ball hovered in this area for a long time, slowly transmitting a wisp of an aura of the battle between Hu Jiao and Shi Yan.

In a corner on the seabed, Farrell was sitting cross-legged on the back of a ma.s.sive sea turtle. He opened his eyes all of a sudden, his face changed. He mumbled to himself. "Hu Jiao's aura, a subordinate of Emperor Sea Shark…"

He sensed for a while. Then, the lightning ball that had just reported to him began to spin and move sneakily towards Emperor Sea Shark's crystal palace.

Rumble! Rumble!

The hundred-meter-long vines that were like snake tails lashed at Shi Yan's body.

His body rumbled like a drumbeat with waves of explosions. After each explosion, his skin cracked and bled. Those cuts were so deep to the bone that people could vaguely see his veins and bones.

Mei Ji's eyes were watery. She couldn't stay patient anymore as she screamed, "Give them the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. Don't fight foolishly like that. Your two realms are too far apart. You're not his match."

Emperor Sea Shark and the members of the Sea Clan watched everything with cold faces. They stood inside the crystal palace and stopped talking.

The entire sea was silent.

Each of the members of the Sea Clan, including Datuk and the old man inside the sh.e.l.l were convinced and respectful. They admired and appraised Shi Yan for his tough will.

The First Sky of Immortal Realm fought against the Third Sky of Immortal Realm. This kind of battle happened twice in the long history of the Sea Domain of Nihility where a lower-realm warrior triumphed. One had used an Absolute Beginning divine weapon and the other had seized the chance when the Third Sky of Immortal Realm expert was breaking through to the next level to ambush. He had shattered his body and used his soul altar to succeed.

Afterward, his soul altar slowly cracked. He died after one hundred days.

Thus, the members of the Sea Clan and Mei Ji thought that regardless of his Dark Energy and his tough body, he didn't have a chance to win.

They just wanted to know how long Shi Yan could endure…

What Shi Yan had done was apparently out of their expectations. They were both surprised and worried that Shi Yan could resist until now because his body was about to collapse.

"Your persistence doesn't make any sense. You know you will fail, but you are still stubborn. It's not a wise move, you know." Hu Jiao's voice was low and cold. His towering tree was above Shi Yan's head. Although the others couldn't see him anywhere, his aura had filled each corner of this sea area.

In the shade of the tree, Shi Yan's body was filled with cuts and gashes. Magically, no drop of blood shredded.

The bands of starlight twirling tried to prevent his wounds from getting worse. However, they weren't enough to protect his body.

After a vine whipped him, the starlight exploded and a deep cut appeared on Shi Yan's body.

Mei Ji's crying and Hu Jiao's cold mocking sounded continuously. Shi Yan balled his body like a wild beast facing death. He lifted his head and looked at the tree above.

Blood streamed from his neck to his chest. A blood sword emerged in his palm. As soon as the blood sword appeared, he thrust it into his abdomen as if he had completely lost his mind. People didn't even see what had happened.

As the others were horror-struck, an extremely ruthless, exploding aura burst out from the b.l.o.o.d.y sword planted in his stomach.

He slowly pulled the b.l.o.o.d.y sword. The eyes on the sword opened. They were as eccentric and brutal as his own eyes at this moment.

He looked at Mei Ji from a distance and sounded strangely calm. "I've been enduring for a long time and I just got some deep cuts and broken veins. No bone got cracked. Now, I know that my body can endure the backfire. We have a chance of succeeding."

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