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Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Fantasy Boundary Stone shattered. It twisted and blasted into pieces. The sharp s.p.a.ce sabers jutted out.

The five men had only First Sky of Immortal Realm. When the s.p.a.ce exploded, their bodies shattered into hundreds of pieces. Their soul altars were like broken gla.s.s.

The woman called Xiang Rong had theSecond Sky of Immortal Realm cultivation base. She had congregated all of her power to her soul altar to protect it. After her body exploded, her soul altar flew out.

Xiang Rong's host soul floated above the soul altar. She looked at Shi Yan and was with fear. She saw Shi Yan release a black hole and take in the wisps of soul from Old Gu and the others. She was scared out of her wits.

"Eh?" Shi Yan cried and looked at Xiang Rong's soul altar. "I can't believe that you were able to keep your soul altar after the Fantasy Boundary Stone shattered. Tsk, it's true that a higher realm can make some difference."

Xiang Rong was horror-struck. She looked at Shi Yan and didn't know what to say.

"How did you verify our ident.i.ties?" intervened Mei Ji.

"If I tell you the truth, will you spare my life?" Xiang Rong's soul flashed. "If you agree to let me live, I will tell you everything."

"Live?" Mei Ji smiled in surprise. "You ask him."

Xiang Rong's eyes were begging as she turned to Shi Yan. "Spare my life and I will tell you everything I know."

"It's not that complicated," Shi Yan frowned and said coldly, "After I swallow your soul altar, I can extract your memories. It just takes a bit of effort. From the day you came to the seabed, you should have thought about today. Don't blame me for being cruel."

Then, he didn't give Xiang Rong more time to beg. The Devouring power Upanishad moved and sucked Xiang Rong's soul altar.

This area was a distance from the besiege over there. No troops were patrolling here. Countless tufts of algae were swaying with the water current, which looked like scattered cotton that provided places to hide.

Shi Yan and Mei Ji were inside a big cl.u.s.ter of algae. This kind of algae was so magical that it was able to cut off the sensitive soul somehow.

After Xiang Rong's soul altar was taken in, Shi Yan immediately sat down cross-legged and retrieved the black hole into the tier of power Upanishad. He used the Soul Consciousness to search her memories.

He could only apply this method to extract the memories from a complete soul altar that he had taken. It was going to be very hard to extract memories from a shattered soul altar like Old Gu's.

The soul fragments were countless broken Memory Seals. It was almost impossible to recover them.

Thus, he wasn't going to waste his energy on Old Gu's and the others'.

Countless wisps of memories shot out of the black hole like electric beams. Sharp images flashed in Shi Yan's head.

"It's a small piece of the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. It's unknown where the Potion and Tool League had gotten it. That piece of Power Upanishad Symbol Tower could find the complete Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. After I took the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower out of my Incipient Extent, it proactively came and merged with the tower…"

Shi Yan squinted as he was reading the memories and explaining them to Mei Ji at the same time.

"It's strange. After that piece of jade got into the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, some unclear Absolute Beginning symbols had also come to my brain." Shi Yan opened his eyes and pointed at his head. "I don't know if this Power Upanishad Symbol Tower now has a relationship with the Devouring power Upanishad after I have taken it. It can gather the other pieces of the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. I can feel some vague change anyway."

"Is it possible?" Mei Ji looked surprised.

"It's just my guess. Shi Yan chuckled, squinting and searching the memories related to the Potion and Tool League from Xiang Rong's soul.

The Potion and Tool League was a human force with a long history. Each elder of the Potion and Tool League had mastered refining and blacksmithing techniques. They had battleships that were essentially moving cities that could visit big territories to find rare materials for blacksmithing or making medicines. The elders of Potion and Tool League refined pellets and forged tools to exchange for techniques, medical books, and secret treasures. That's how they advanced their cultivation.

A strange piece of a memory caught Shi Yan's attention. It was related to an expert.

In the long history of Potion and Tool League, there used to be an excellent blacksmith who was rumored to have grasped the marvelous technique to refine Absolute Beginning divine weapons.

That man had consumed a lot of rare and precious materials of Potion and Tool League to refine a half-complete divine weapon. Everybody in Potion and Tool League feared for him. The peerless attainment in blacksmithing of that blacksmith had thrilled the seven clans. To have him, the seven clans had sent their hotshots to the Potion and Tool League to invite him. The Soul Clan had abducted him in the end.

On the way, the Mysterious Sky Clan came and vied for that man with the Soul Clan. They engaged in furious combat and the man took that chance to flee away.

He disappeared from the Sea Domain of Nihility since then. Rumors said that he had the treasured book of the Potion and Tool League, which was written in special symbols that used to refine or forge tools. The Potion and Tool League gave him the treasured book to record his experience in forging the Absolute Beginning divine weapon…

Shi Yan extracted and observed Xiang Rong's memories. He was moved, his eyes sparkling in a strange light.

Was he the founder of Potion and Tool Pavilion in Agate Star Area? The first Pavilion Master who had built the entire Potion and Tool Pavilion?

Was the Canon, an important item to certify the Pavilion Master of Potion and Tool Pavilion in Agate Star Area, the treasured book that the Potion and Tool League had mentioned?

That book had the records of refining an Absolute Beginning divine weapon…

Shi Yan was surprised. He felt uncertain. After he had gone to the Sea Domain of Nihility, he knew how precious Absolute Beginning divine weapons were. If someone could refine an Absolute Beginning divine weapon, of course, many clans and forces were going to vie for him.

The Canon was in Fu Wei's hands. She was the current Pavilion Master of the Potion and Tool Pavilion with outstanding refining attainment…

"Was it predestined?" Shi Yan didn't know whether he should cry or smile. "Potion and Tool Pavilion, Potion and Tool League, and the refining treasured book… Am I the tie that is connecting them all? If not, why was I able to encounter them?

"What did you say?" asked Mei Ji.

"The Potion and Tool League used to have a blacksmith who could refine a half-complete Absolute Beginning divine weapon. Do your Phantom Clan have any records about him?" asked Shi Yan.

"Yeah, there was a man like that. He was a genius who had dedicated his entire life to forging tools. It was a long, long time ago. He had refined a half-complete Absolute Beginning divine weapon. It was thrilling news to the seven clans. Because of him, the Soul Clan and the Mysterious Sky Clan fought a furious battle. Many experts were killed back then. That battle was the ignition to the long-time war between the Soul Clan and the Mysterious. Unfortunately, that expert had disappeared. After so many years, he must be gone. No one knows if his records exist or not. Why do you ask?" Mei Ji was surprised.

Shi Yan smiled and didn't answer. He had decided to talk to Fu Wei about this once he got back to Desolate Territory.


Three shadows were gliding through the seabed.

All of a sudden, one of them halted and frowned. Her eyes were filled with joy. "I spotted the aura of the Fantasy Boundary Stone!"

Forefather Dragon Lizard's clone was surprised, "Why do you care about the Fantasy Boundary Stone?"

However, Tu Shi Qi knew the situation. He looked cheered up. "Are you sure it's the Fantasy Boundary Stone that you gave him?"

"Of course!" Ya Yun was certain. "I'd kept those Fantasy Boundary Stone for years. I'm sure I can feel their auras. I'm sure it's the Fantasy Boundary Stone that I gave away. Oh, the shockwaves of the explosion came from that area!" Her finger pointed to a direction.

"Shi Yan should be there!" Tu Shi Qi pulled a stern face and took a deep breath. "We're heading there. It seems like we'll get the result after searching for a long time."

"If it's true, I'm not sure if we can hold them back. You guys have to prepare," Dragon Lizard pondered, "Gan Fu of the Devouring Clan was killed. It means that they have an expert in their team. My real body can't come here. If that expert is with them, we'll hardly be able to defeat them."

"Should we release the news to attract more people?" Tu Shi Qi hesitated.

"If so, they will all be killed, no doubt. You should remember that you've agreed with me to give them a chance to choose," Dragon Lizard wore a grimace.

"Then we should go there directly," Tu Shi Qi sighed.

Then, they moved at their max speed.


"Ahem… Do you need me to help you deal with the backfire of the Devouring power Upanishad?"

Deep inside the field of algae, Mei Ji was embarra.s.sed as she asked. Her watery eyes were filled with a shy pa.s.sion.

Shi Yan was using the Devouring power Upanishad to swallow and refine Xiang Rong's team's Essence Qi. He was bewildered for a while as he said, "No one in this group of six has Dark Energy. I won't be backfired by negative energy."

"Ah, okay, never mind," Mei Ji felt so awkward, her face blushing. She scolded Shi Yan for not understanding the romantic signals. She felt her teeth get itchy too.

Shi Yan could see her charming, s.e.xy gestures. He understood it immediately. "But if you help me, I won't need to distract my mind just to deal with those negative energy. Directly releasing is the most comfortable way to me. Come, sit on my lap," he grinned and said deliberately.

Mei Ji was both happy and shy when he said that. She suppressed her excitement as she said seriously, "Forget it. You can deal with it yourself. I won't help you."

"Come here as you're told!" Shi Yan grinned inwardly as he pulled a stern face. "You should know that I like obedient women."

Mei Ji thinned her lips as she said, "Alright." She actually felt so happy when she moved towards him.

Right at this moment, Shi Yan's face darkened as he jolted up. As Mei Ji was bewildered, he hissed, "Come, old friends."

"Long time no see. Your sensitivity has gotten much better. I can't believe that this kid at Incipient G.o.d Realm from that year now became a big character that the five clans are crazy for." Dragon Lizard smiled and glided through tufts of algae.

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