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Shi Yan knew a little bit about the Potion and Tool Pavilion's history.

Rumors said that a man had traveled through a s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage in the Shadow Ghostly Prison to come to Agate Star Area. That man had established Potion and Tool Pavilion. He had set up the rules and principles that had made Potion and Tool Pavilion the strongest commercial organization in Agate Star Area.

Apparently, that man wasn't from Agate Star Area.

Many years had pa.s.sed and the first Pavilion Master of Potion and Tool Pavilion was dead. Shi Yan had accidentally taken the Canon he had left.

Today, when he saw the symbols on Xiang Rong's clothes that were similar to what he had seen in the Canon and the others had introduced that they were from Potion and Tool League, Shi Yan was moved.

Of course, with the current dangerous situation, he wasn't interested in investigating the relationship between the two forces. He nodded to Xiang Rong and the old men then continued his journey with Mei Ji.

"Potion and Tool League? Have you ever heard about this force?" asked Shi Yan suspiciously after they had gone past the others.

As Mei Ji was the leader in charge of the Phantom Clan in the Sea of Annihilation, she knew many things in the area. If the Potion and Tool League was famous, Mei Ji should know about them.

"Of course, I have. They are a relatively strong force of the Human Clan. The Human Clan is the clan with the largest population in the vast sea of stars. The total number of their members is several times bigger than the entire seven clans. Anyway, human warriors aren't good at cultivating. They are far behind the seven clans. Thus, the seven clans have ruled many territories of the Human Clan. Our Phantom Clan also has some human territories," explained Mei Ji. "Anyway, not all of them are weak. A small part of them is really powerful that even the seven clans don't dare to ignore them.

"As there are so many of them, they have formed different forces. Potion and Tool League is a relatively strong force. They were formed by the human alchemists and blacksmiths to refine medicines and tools. They trade with us too. Generally speaking, they're just a normal force. They aren't stronger than the Water Tribe. They can hardly rebel against any clan among the seven clans."

Shi Yan nodded. "Did you see the special symbols on the woman's clothes? Are they some special ranks for the blacksmiths and alchemists?"

"They are the special symbols worn by human blacksmiths and alchemists. They are nothing strange. Those special symbols represent their ranks and the material tool ranks too. Why did you notice them?" Mei Ji sounded surprised.

"I found them special," Said Shi Yan.

"There are many forces gathering. We must be more cautious. We shouldn't talk much to the others," reminded Mei Ji.



"Heavenly Eye Clan? I didn't expect that warriors from a weak race would come to the seabed. They don't treasure their lives."

After Shi Yan and Mei Ji had left, Old Gu ridiculed. "As I know, the Heavenly Eye Clan is just a third-cla.s.s clan. They live in a remote territory where there are constant wars. Of course, they don't have good lives. Not many warriors can cultivate to high realms. The Immortal Realm warriors are the best ones in the Heavenly Eye Clan. But if they come here, the others can kill them easily…"

"Everybody has his own way to survive," Xiang Ring smiled, "Our cultivate bases aren't enough to protect us here. Still, we came to see if we're lucky, didn't we?"

"That's true," said Old Gu.


A small explosion came from a strange pendant on Xiang Rong's chest. She was baffled for a while before she took out a silver chain and observed the broken pendant. The pendant was broken and it revealed a bizarre jade flake that was as big as a fingernail. It was glowing.

"Hmm, why is that?" Xiang Rong was surprised.

"What's that?" Old Gu sounded suspicious.

"It's a piece of the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. A precursor in our league had it a long time ago. We kept it in the vault all the time. I took it out when we departed to the seabed. I use a pendant to keep it. I was thinking that if this piece of Power Upanishad Symbol Tower can change somehow when it came close to a complete Power Upanishad Symbol Tower…."

Xiang Rong frowned, "This piece was placed in the vault of the Potion and Tool League for so many years. It hadn't reacted or glowed even once. In fact, I decided to bring it this time for fun. I didn't think it could do anything."

Old Gu was shaken, his eyes bright. "Then why is it glowing now? Is it true that… a Power Upanishad Symbol Tower is near?"

"It seems that it has begun to send the energy after that Heavenly Eye Clan couple appeared. I didn't notice it at that time… But now, come to think of it, is it related to them?" Xiang Rong's eyes brightened.

"Their appearances and race aren't what the five clans want to find. Are you sure it's them?" asked another middle-aged man.

"It's easy to change appearances. It's not important!" Old Gu became excitedly. "We're not sure now. We should follow them to check when we come close to them. If this piece is still glowing, we can be sure that the couple is the reason… Haha! We're going to be rich!"

"Right!" The others nodded. They were all stirred up.

"Be careful. Once we confirm that they're the wanted ones, we will leave immediately. Do not create any conflict!" Xiang Rong frowned, "If it's true, Mei Ji of the Phantom Clan is at the Peak of Immortal Realm, she can kill us all single-handedly. We have to leave before they spot us."

"Xiang Rong is right!" appraised Old Gu.

All of a sudden, a group of six started following Shi Yan and Mei Ji. Because Shi Yan and Mei Ji were using Adams' and Masha's ident.i.ties of the Heavenly Eye Clan, they had to slow down. Thus, the others could easily catch up with them.

"They are following us," Shi Yan knitted his brows.

Mei Ji was perplexed. "Those warriors of the Potion and Tool League couldn't recognize us. Their realms aren't high enough and their power Upanishads aren't something special. They must have some other purpose."

Shi Yan thought the same. "Let's see what they are planning to do."

He stopped and waited with Mei Ji inside the light cage. They turned around to look. Fifteen minutes later, Xiang Rong and the others emerged. Xiang Rong clutched the piece of the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower in her hand, her heart beating fast. As they got closer and closer to Shi Yan, she could feel the energy rippling stronger!

It was them!

She screamed inwardly. Through the marvelous connection with the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, she was sure that the Heavenly Eye Clan couple in front of her were the ones that the five clans wanted!

She tried to subside her excitement and maintain an indifferent and calm face. She halted and kept a safe distance with Shi Yan and Mei Ji as she smiled, "We have some items from the Potion and Tool League that can support your power Upanishads. I wonder if you are interested."

Shi Yan frowned and said impatiently. "Not interested."

"Oh, so I shouldn't bother you guys more." Xiang Rong wished that he would say so. Seeing him deny, she signaled Old Gu and the others. They left immediately even faster than when they came.

"After they made some distance from Shi Yan, Old Gu asked, "It is them, right?"

"Yes, they are!" Xiang Rong hissed excitedly. Thrill appeared on her face and even in her movement. "The broken piece reacted powerfully. It had almost flown out of my hand. It seemed to want to enter that Heavenly Eye Clan man!"

"Excellent!" Old Gu rubbed his beard. "We're lucky this time. When this is certified, we'll get the rewards from the five clans!"


"No! It's not quite right!"

Shi Yan's eyelid twitched. The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower emerged and landed on his palm.


A strange jet of light shot from behind him and entered the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. It was a small broken piece. After it touched the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, it turned into powder and became some magical, pure energy.

Shi Yan and Mei Ji exchanged looks and their faces changed.

Retrieving the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, Shi Yan snorted then turned around with Mei Ji. They started dashing.

Xiang Rong's strong hand holding the piece of the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower was bleeding. She was horror-struck when the broken piece flew out of her hand. She screamed, "They know it!"

The other five men were scared out of their wits as they spoke hastily. "Move! Move! Immediately!"


An ice mountain stood in their way that released a ruthless, cold aura, which made them shiver.

Shi Yan emerged like a demon and shouted, "Don't kill them with force. It will draw attention. When more people come, we won't be able to run."

While talking, he threw out a Fantasy Boundary Stone that he got from Ya Yun. After the Fantasy Boundary Stone got the s.p.a.ce energy, it turned into a world in just a blink of an eye. While Xiang Rong's team was petrified, that world had covered them and captured them.

Shortly, Xiang Rong's group of six disappeared and left no trace.

"Someone is coming. We must go now!" Shi Yan rose his hand and the world that the Fantasy Boundary Stone had created flew into his sleeve.

He and Mei Ji didn't dare to linger. They left immediately and disappeared.

Not long after they had left, some small troops came. They observed carefully, their face perplexed.

They got intelligence that Shi Yan and Mei Ji could move around here. Thus, they had paid attention. Whenever they smelled something wrong, they hurried to check. After moving one round around this area, some of them confirmed, "A warrior with Ice power Upanishad had taken action here. But there's no sign of a furious battle…"

"Strange. Did something happen while the warrior was cultivating that made the warrior release ice energy?"

"Then, where is that warrior?"

"Who knows?"

They discussed and they couldn't conclude the real situation. From this area as the center, they began to search around aimlessly.


"So close!" Mei Ji's face still looked frightened. "I didn't expect that so many warriors were around us. Sigh, if we had received information from Yu Lian, we wouldn't have been so pa.s.sive."

When they reached a relatively safe area, Mei Ji exhaled in relief and asked, "What should we do with them?"

"After we confirm that everything is fine, we'll kill them," said Shi Yan coldly.

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