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A corner in the seabed.

Tu Shi Qi, Ya Yun, and Dragon Lizard were moving around aimlessly. This area belonged to Emperor Sea Shark. They came here because they heard that many crews of the Sea Clan had disappeared mysteriously lately.

The three of them began to doubt if it was related to Shi Yan somehow. Thus, they rushed here from another area to search around.

Some bell jingled in Ya Yun's sleeves. She focused on sensing for a while, her face stern. "Breaking news. Hussein of the Ancient Monster Clan was killed. None of his troops survived."

Tu Shi Qi and Dragon Lizard changed their countenances.

Hussein was another important person who was killed recently!

He was the manager of the Ancient Monster Clan in the Sea of Annihilation. His position was similar to Mei Ji and Ling Mei. Also, he was murdered on the seabed. With his power and his background, not many people dared to kill him.

Tu Shi Qi doubted that Shi Yan's team had done that!

They eventually confirmed that Shi Yan didn't have Mei Ji go with him. Gan Fu of the Devouring Clan was at the Peak of Immortal Realm and she had Dark Energy. She was killed too. It was enough to prove that Shi Yan had some other experts accompanying him. With only Shi Yan and Mei Ji, they couldn't match Gan Fu.

Moreover, Ling Mei, Yerburgh, Telika, and Farlow were all dead. It had proven that one of the murderers were going to enter the Territory Ancestor Realm soon!

Thus, when they heard that Hussein was dead, they weren't very surprised. They suspected Shi Yan immediately. If the others knew Hussein's ident.i.ty, they wouldn't have dared to kill him.

"I know Hussein also came to this area. The Ancient Monster Clan should know where they died. Through a secret technique, they knew it when their b.e.s.t.i.a.l souls lost connection," said Tu Shi Qi.

"Actually, they provided some details. They said it's in a rock forest," said Ya Yun.

"A rock forest?" Dragon Lizard's eyes brightened. "I had senses with my Soul Consciousness and I found a blocked area. It should be the rock forest!"

"Let's go!"

The three of them accelerated and moved as if they were flying. They reached the rock forest quickly.

"Their bodies must have been buried. Let me dig them up." Dragon Lizard's human clone was hovering above the rock forest. He sent many spiral wisps of G.o.d power to the rock forest and dug up the area.


One wisp of his G.o.d power hit something rigid. His eyes brightened. He immediately landed and released more G.o.d power to dig up a large area.

Shortly after, Hussein's body and his subordinates, including the Sea Clan ladies were found. Dragon Lizard focused and observed the withered corpses. He said certainly, "It has been around three days. They're close by, probably! Hussein was cut off by the cold energy. This cold energy likely came from Mei Ji."

Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun looked excited. "It seems like they haven't been gone for a long time!"

Dragon Lizard pondered for a while and then said, "What will you do when you meet them? Will you kill them? Honestly, I owed that kid a favor and you had invited him to join the Mysterious Sky Clan. Have you made up your mind yet?"

Tu Shi Qi and his wife quieted down.

After a while, Tu Shi Qi said with a forced smile. "Ling Mei was the granddaughter of Forefather Han Tian. If Shi Yan's team killed her, it will be very hard for us to decide. Of course, if Shi Yan agrees to join us with the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, I think… maybe forefather Han Tian will tolerate him…"

"Yeah, Shi Yan's att.i.tude is the key. If he agrees to join the Mysterious Sky Clan, we can avoid the dispute," said Ya Yun, "otherwise, we will have to take action. We don't have another option. Or else, when Forefather Han Tian knows this, we won't be able to explain it to him well."

"Agree with me and give him a chance to choose," said Dragon Lizard.

"Okay," Tu Shi Qi nodded.

Dragon Lizard exhaled in relief. He thought that he had repaid the kid's father. That's all he could do for him. "They've left for only three days. They should be close by. Release the news. More people coming will force them out."

"Right," agreed Tu Shi Qi.


"I am Adams and you are Masha. We're from the Heavenly Eye Clan. I'm your senior…"

Shi Yan was explaining to Mei Ji inside an emerald light cage.

At this moment, their appearances had changed greatly. Shi Yan had re-arranged his skeleton and muscles to turn himself into Adams' appearance from what he could memorize. Then, he directed Mei Ji to change her beautiful face into Masha's.

Adams and Masha were the members of the Heavenly Eye Clan with certified ident.i.ties. If they had their appearances, they could solve a lot of problems.

"Well, this senior and junior relationship doesn't sound normal, does it?" Mei Ji thinned her lips and glanced at the arm placed around her waist.

Shi Yan wasn't embarra.s.sed as he smiled deliberately. "You shouldn't be like that. Your eyes are still so attractive. You need to dim the light in your eyes a little more. Moreover, the closed eye in your forehead should be a little more protruding. It's the unique mark of the Heavenly Eye Clan…"

"Is it okay now?" Mei Ji was surprised. Her thoughts changed and her bright eyes became darker. She didn't look very attractive.

"Yeah, not very different," Shi Yan nodded. Noticing the dark gleam in her eyes, he was baffled for a while before he could mutter, "Don't think about Yu Lian and the others…"

"Sigh . ."

Mei Ji sighed weakly. "I can't let it go that quickly. Although I'm happy to go with you, I get so sad when I think about how they are all dead. You told me to dim my eyes. I suddenly remembered them…"

Shi Yan contemplated for a few seconds and then told her, "Don't worry. I promise that I will help you kill Ferrell."

"I think you have been seeing many warriors go to this sea area lately. We killed Hussein. I'm sure they will guess that we're nearby," Mei Ji sounded heavy.

"Yeah, that's why we need to disguise ourselves. As long as we can conceal our auras, even when we face the ones seeking us, they won't know." Shi Yan looked forward. "Many warriors are doing something on our way ahead. We can't avoid them. We must act more carefully."

Mei Ji nodded, "I understand. I will try to get rid of my sorrow. I won't let it show on my face and affect our journey."

The two of them used Adams and Masha's disguise to move further. They slowed down and hid the sharp auras on their bodies.

Half a day later.

"There's a troop in front of us. Pay attention. We can't fight people here because there are more troops around. Once the battle takes place, they will swarm us," said Shi Yan all of a sudden.

Mei Ji gently nodded.

A group of six warriors rested inside the reefs on the seabed. The six of them were sitting on a rock and closing their eyes to adjust their breathing.

Apparently, they were terrestrial warriors. They had to use the light cage to protect their bodies from the water pressure. It was the difference between warriors from the sea surface and warriors from the seabed. The members of the Sea Clan dwelled undersea. They didn't need to use an energy light cage to protect their bodies. They were born with the gift of being immune to the horrible water pressure here.

The six of them included five males and one female. They were from the Human Clan, the clan with the largest population in this vast sea of stars. Only the female expert in this group had Second Sky of Immortal Realm. The other five males were at First Sky of Immortal Realm.

The five males looked to be middle-aged as they had many wrinkles. They were recovering with calm faces.

The Second Sky of Immortal Realm woman looked to be in her forties. She had an average appearance, which wasn't as beautiful as Audrey in her disguise. However, the woman had elegant bearings that had made her more attractive.

As the two groups were far from each other, the five men couldn't sense anything. However, the woman arched her brows, waking up and coughing slightly.

The five middle-aged men shuddered and woke up. They bewilderedly looked at the woman. "Xiang Rong, what happened?" asked a bony old man.

The woman called Xiang Rong stood up inside the green light cage and frowned. "Someone is coming."

The five men jolted up immediately. They instinctively put her in the center of their protection. Although their realms were lower than hers, they had to protect this woman. Apparently, she had a high position.

"No need to be tense. Their auras aren't so strong. They can't threaten us." Xiang Rong sensed and then sighed, "We shouldn't come here. I heard that Hussein was killed too. At our realms, we can't do anything."

"Haha, we're not here for the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. We just hope to find some traces to exchange for the rewards from the five clans," smiled the bony old man. "The rewards from the five clans are really precious. We're here to try our luck. I heard that the seabed has many treasures and magical materials. If we encounter something, it will be worth the efforts we spent to get here."

"Old Gu is right," nodded Xiang Rong, "I couldn't see that point before."

While they were talking, Shi Yan and Mei Ji inside the light cage drifted toward them and looked at the six people of the Human Clan. Shi Yan's eyes sparkled strangely. He focused on their clothes but didn't seem to talk to them. He kept a distance from them and just wanted to pa.s.s. He didn't want to raise any trouble.

While they were watching Xiang Rong's team, Xiang Rong's team also observed them. After they found that the others weren't the wanted ones, they felt both disappointed and lucky.

"We're from the Potion and Tool League. We came to the seabed to collect blacksmithing materials. Also, who are you?" Xiao Rong suddenly greeted them smilingly.

"Adams from the Heavenly Eye Clan. This is Masha, my junior sister. We came to the seabed to travel around," introduced Shi Yan. He looked at the clothes on Xiang Rong's body and found many strange symbols on the hems. He was a little surprised, indeed.

While in Agate Star Area, he happened to have the Canon of the Potion and Tool Pavilion, which he had handed to Fu Wei later. When he got it, he had checked and found similar symbols in the Canon. They weren't the Absolute Beginning characters as they were special symbols used in refining pellets and forging treasures.

The symbols on Xiang Rong's clothes were the same as the ones he had seen in the Canon. It surprised Shi Yan discreetly.

Potion and Tool Pavilion and Potion and Tool League; was there a relationship between them?

Shi Yan was puzzled.

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