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Phantom Clan's island base.

The wall of the secret chamber had so many crystals set that shined on the purple crystal in the middle. The magnificent crystal radiated beautiful beams of light.

Yu Lian and the two beautiful ladies of the Phantom Clan were busy moving around the secret chamber. They didn't even have time to rest.

"Yu Lian jie-jie, do you think Madam Mei Ji is going with that Shi Yan?" asked a naive-looking young lady while she moved a crystal on her ten skillful fingers, her fingertips shooting electricity.

"Xiao Meng, what do you think?" smiled Yu Lian.

"I think it's impossible," Xiao Meng shook her head. "Madam Mei Ji is the most excellent woman of our clan. Hussein and Batum are infatuated with her. She even has the Third Sky of Immortal Realm. She's potentially going to breakthrough into Territory Ancestor Realm. Shi Yan… hmm, that guy has just the First Sky of Immortal Realm, right? Why would Madam Mei Ji want to run around with him?"

"Because he may get the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower," Yu Lian smiled. "Of course, it's just what people are guessing. No one knows the actual situation. What we have to do now is to send the breaking news to Madam Mei Ji from the five clans. She needs to stay updated."

The other lady who hadn't said anything from the beginning suddenly said, "Mei Ji isn't answering anything."

"I think she can't at the moment," Yu Lian frowned and looked at the ma.s.sive purple crystal floating in front of them. "This Spirit Information Amethyst sends her information. As long as she's within the Sea of Annihilation, she can receive it. Anyway, pa.s.sively receiving information won't disclose her location. Once she answers, the Spirit Information Amethyst can detect her location…"

"Why is she so afraid? We won't sell Madam Mei Ji!" said Mei Ji.

"Of course, we won't. I'm just afraid that someone could use this to find her," sighed Yu Lian.

Recently, the members of the five clans had sent their messengers to the island to pressure them and ask them to hand the Spirit Information Amethyst. They wanted to use the crystal to lure Mei Ji and detect her location.

Yu Lian felt the pressure swell after every day. Yesterday, she had sent the message to the headquarters. After the experts of the clan found out about this, they had decided to send someone.

However, the Phantom Clan was pretty far away from the Sea of Annihilation. Even if their hotshots moved non-stop, it would take a long time to get to the Sea of Annihilation. For the time being, it was going to be hard to ensure that the experts of the other five clans would wait for them patiently.

------- As Mei Ji had left, this island didn't have a true expert to guard. If the enemy barged in, they were going to have to endure pa.s.sively.

The three ladies were talking to each other in the secret chamber. They were collecting intelligence from those small crystals, sorting them, and then sending them to the ma.s.sive purple crystal. Each member of the Phantom Clan could get the information from that crystal.

A small crystal suddenly glowed. Xiao Meng raised one hand to grab a beam of green light. She closed her eyes to sense for a while. Then, her small face changed. "Hussein and his troopers were murdered! It's breaking news from the Ancient Monster Clan. Their soul ropes in the clan were broken. Their souls vanished!"

Listening to her, Yu Lian was frightened. "The Ancient Monster Clan will become indignant. They will attack us here!"


The small island was shaken hard. The barriers on the island were torn. Residents on the island all heard someone shouting.

Thunder rumbled as if it wanted to turn the sky upside-down. The entire world was shrouded in thunder and lightning. The three young ladies in the secret chambers discolored in fear.

"Ferrell! It's Ferrell who has a close friendship with the Ancient Monster Clan!" Yu Lian cried. "Farrell is one of the three great Territory Ancestors of the Sea of Annihilation. He often stays on the seabed to cultivate. He rarely comes to the surface. He came here this time because of Hussein. The Ancient Monster Clan must have asked him. He came here for the Spirit Information Amethyst!"

"Then what should we do?" Xiao Meng was about to cry. "Even if Madam Mei Ji is here, she's not his match, let alone us!"

Yu Lian frowned and thought, Then, her face turned resolute when she said. "We can only do what we can!"

Her ten fingers moved fast and sent a message to the Spirit Information Amethyst. "Madam Mei Ji, Ferrell is attacking the island. He may use the Spirit Information Amethyst to lure you. From now on, don't trust any news you get from here!"

After sending the message to the crystal, Yu Lian said, "Guys, cut off the connection of all the information crystals here. Shut down the central Spirit Information Amethyst!"

Xiao Meng and the other young girl reacted quickly. They fumbled as they rushed their tasks. In this secret chamber, countless sparkling crystals on the wall lost their light like extinguished lanterns.

At the same time, an eccentric-looking, middle-aged man with long hair draped around his shoulder was floating in the sky and punching the island.

So many lightning b.a.l.l.s fell unceasingly like meteors. They bombarded the barriers and restrictions on the island base of the Mei Ji into powder. Those lightning b.a.l.l.s flew like eyes observing the entire islands. They found the Phantom warriors and killed them all, crushing them into pieces.

The old man looked calm as he landed like the G.o.d of Thunder on the flowery island. Lightning shot out of his eyes and demolished the palaces on the island.

His body flashed and reappeared in the secret chamber underneath. He frowned. The three thunder b.a.l.l.s flashed and flew away. They captured the three girls. Shortly after, their souls perished.

At this moment, all the warriors on the Phantom Clan's island were slaughtered. No one could escape.

The man's eyes sparkled strangely as he gazed at the crystals inside the rooms. He spotted a message flashing inside the crystal floating amid the room. He used his Soul Consciousness to sense. He changed his face slightly as he knew that he was one step late. He knew that Yu Lian had sent the message beforehand.

Snorting, the thunder b.a.l.l.s twirled around him. The big and small crystals in this secret chamber exploded at the same time. He turned into a jet of light and soared up into the sky. The small island underneath cracked and sounded like doomsday. Shortly after, the entire island got fragmented and slowly sank into the sea.

The base of the Phantom Clan slowly disappeared.



Mei Ji's body was shaken. Her beautiful eyes flared with a strange light. She took out a fist-sized crystal, which was also a purple one.

At this moment, the purple crystal had so many light dots that began to extinguish. After each light dot disappeared, Mei Ji's face got paler. She was shivering.

Shi Yan frowned as he noticed Mei Ji's changed visage. He was a little perplexed.

"Yu Lian, Xiao Meng, they're all dead. All were murdered. The light dots in this crystal represent their lives. When they disappear, it means that their souls perished." Tears lingered in Mei Ji's eyes. She bit her lips and felt so helpless and powerless.

Shi Yan was bewildered. He recalled the young girl called Yu Lian. Yu Lian had talked to him not a long time ago. She had even pried on the relationship between him and Mei Ji. He couldn't believe that after just a link, the entire island decorated with flowers everywhere now had corpses laid in every corner. No one was left alive.

To the other people of the Phantom Clan, Shi Yan had good impressions. During this time, those girls had continuously sent Mei Ji intelligence of the five clans.

With their timely updates, Shi Yan and Mei Ji could a.s.sess the situation and avoid the traps that the enemies had set up. Today, those girls were killed. Shi Yan and Mei Ji had lost their eyes. They couldn't receive the information of the other five clans' commotions. They wouldn't know what experts and preparations that the others had prepared for them.

"Who did that?" grunted Shi Yan.

"Ferrell!" Mei Ji hissed, "Yu Lian knew that they couldn't escape. She sent me the message at the critical moment. She told me that I had to be careful and to not trust the news that I will receive later. She knew that she would be killed. It's the last message she told me."

"Farrell? Who is he?" asked Shi Yan skeptically.

"One of the three Territory Ancestors in the Sea of Annihilation. The Emperor Sea Shark, Ferrell, and Ricardo are all experts at the Territory Ancestor Realm. Most of the time, they stay and cultivate on the seabed. They will only go to the sea surface to collect or exchange when they need some special material.

"Ferrell cultivates Lightning and Electric power Upanishad. He's close to the Ancient Monster Clan. They rumored that he was the offspring of a human woman and an ancestor of the Ancient Monster Clan. Because of the bloodline, even he isn't a pureblood, he has a close relationship with the Ancient Monster Clan. Hussein and Yerburgh, the ones we killed, often brought him various gifts on special occasions of the Ancient Monster Clan. They consider him their senior, but he rarely cares about the clan's business. This time, he slaughtered our island because of Yerburgh and Hussein's deaths."

Pausing for a while, Mei Ji's eyes were so sad. "We have indirectly put Yu Lian, Xiao Meng, and the others to death."

Shi Yan sighed and comforted her. "With your current realm and cultivation base, as long as you put more efforts in your cultivation, you will have a chance to take revenge soon."

"I know," Mei Ji wiped the tears in her eyes and gritted her teeth. "I swear! I will take revenge for her. I will kill Ferrell and use that life to worship Yu Lian and the others!"

"They died for us. I have the same responsibility. I will remember Farrell's name," said Shi Yan in a low-pitched voice.

"From now on, we can't count on my clan's intelligence anymore." Mei Ji tried to subside the agony in her heart and sort her thoughts. "Farrell has taken action. It means that the real experts of the Sea of Annihilation are going to aim at us. It'll be very rough for the coming time. We shouldn't let anyone corner us. Or else, when a Territory Ancestor comes, our efforts will have been for nothing."

"Yeah, for safety reasons, we should disguise ourselves too," Shi Yan said coldly and calmly.

"Yeah, from now on, we can't make any mistake! We have to mask every small detail that can reveal us!"

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