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Chapter 148 Expert?
Green Scale Beasts were common demon beasts in the Hengluo Sea, their body was covered with green scales and they had tusks. They could jumped out of the sea quickly and were capable of swift attack like arrows.
Green Scale Beasts were not high level demon beasts in the sea, as they were almost at Level Two, Three or Four. Only a few of them could reach Level Five. Geen Scale Beasts had no demon crystals in them, and their green scales were of no value. Only the Green Moonstones in their brains glittered with greenish light and made people calm.
Beside its function to soothe people, Green Moonstone was usually made into accessories as it produced green light.
Since Green Scale Beasts were at low levels, warriors on the Tian Suo Islands usually hunted Green Scale Beasts to gain Green Moonstones, and earn some money from it by trading it with traders.
As more and more Green Scale Beasts were killed, their hatred for human warriors grew madly, and these amicable Green Scale Beasts started becoming more aggressive, thus they started attacking trade ships.
Several Green Scale Beasts were swimming beside the ship, and their green scales could be seen clearly. Some Green Scale Beasts even showed their scales up over the water surface.
Several Green Scale Beasts jumped out of the water like arrows and struck to the warriors on the deck.
Linda ordered.
As Linda began to take action on the deck with her two daggers, a net made up of blue sword light appeared in the air.
“Double Snake Twist!”
Linda’s arms weaved swiftly, while the daggers flew in the air, and she made the sword light into a double headed snake which was moving its tongue.
Two Level Three Green Scale Beasts dashed towards Linda, but they got entangled by her Double Snake Twist.
The Green Scale Beasts’ green scales produced a dull sound and their heads were hit by the daggers.
The two Green Scale Beasts were killed by Linda and their bodies fell directly on the deck.
“Shoo, shoo, shoo!”
More Green Scale Beasts appeared from the sea surface, dashing toward those warriors like sharp swords.
On the deck, apart from Linda and Carmon, there were another nine warriors who were at Nascent or Human Realm, no weaker than the Green Scale Beasts.
Though those warriors were only exterior disciples of the Three G.o.ds Sect, they were also from several minor powers attached to the Three G.o.ds Sect, thus they had quite a lot battle experiences, which were enough for them to fight the Green Scale Beasts bravely.
The warriors on the deck triggered their Martial Skills. Suddenly, the deck was covered by a light net.
Those flying Green Scale Beasts were well rewarded, as they were killed up in the air or hit back to the sea.
Before long, after Green Scale Beasts were killed, others returned back into the sea.
Green Scale Beasts didn’t dare to attack a second time, nor did they leave the ship, but closely followed it.
The group including Carmon cut the Green Scale Beasts on the deck calmly and took out the Green Moonstones, and kicked their remains into the sea.
Green Scale Beasts afar in the sea saw the whole thing and showed deep hatred in their eyes under the moonlight.
The Green Moonstone was as big as a nut, giving out greenish light, which appeared beautiful in the serene moonlight.
“Linda, do you like these stones?”Carmon walked towards Linda with a smile, with Green Moon Stone in his hand,and he asked, “You can have them all if you want.”
Under the moonlight, Linda looked extremely pretty, and her performance of killing the Green Scale Beasts greatly impressed Shi Yan.
“Not interested.” Linda shook her head, “I don’t want cheap things. Only those mediocre women love this sort of mediocre stones.”
After a short pause, Linda added, “You can present these Green Moonstones to other women, and they may reward you other things. So just keep them yourself.”
Carmon chuckled, “Well you don’t want them. But why mock me. I don’t love general women...”
Linda didn’t respond, but walked towards Shi Yan. She frowned while watching the remaining Green Scale Beasts which were chasing them, and said in worry, “Hope that Level Four Green Scale Beast won’t come.”
Shi Yan narrowed his eyes, but didn’t say anything.
Those Green Scale Beast were at Level Three.
Level Three Green Scale Beast equaled to Human Realm warriors, but as they jumped into the air while fighting, their ability were par upto Nascent Realm warriors.
These exterior disciples of the Three G.o.ds Sect were almost at Nascent and Human Realm, and Linda was at the First Sky of Disaster Realm, so they could sweep those Green Scale Beasts easily, which was not surprising to Shi Yan.
But, It was tougher to defend Level Four Green Scale Beasts.
Level Four Green Scale Beasts had harder scales than Level Three ones, which could hardly be hurt by any general attacks.
Apart from that, Level Four Green Scale Beasts had sharp tusks, which could even tear the ship deck.
If Level Four Green Scale Beast tore the ship first and then drag them into the sea, then they could hardly escape.
Green Scale Beasts were much stronger in water than in the air. If the Green Scale Beast damaged their ship, they would definitely die.
The warriors on the deck were still celebrating their victory over the Green Scale Beasts, while Linda sighed and started panicking, as she stood beside Shi Yan.
“Shi Yan, do you think we will be attacked by Level Four Green Scale Beasts?” Linda sighed, as she looked at Shi Yan and asked in panic.
Linda saw Shi Yan being frozen inside a glacier in the sea. Though his energy ran out, Linda felt he was extraordinary, and smarter than warriors like Carmon.
Thus she wanted some advices from Shi Yan.
“I don’t know.” Shi Yan shook his head, “I know nothing about Green Scale Beasts.”
“What?” Linda couldn’t believe it, “Aren’t you a fisherman on the Tian Suo Islands?”
Shi Yan felt awkward, as he coughed and said softly, “I’m just a common fisherman fishing common fish, not this frightening demon beasts. Hmm, I can’t face this type of demon beast. Only you experts from the Three G.o.ds Sect can defend them, not me.”
Linda rolled her eyes to him and complained, “Just say you don’t want to help. Stop mentioning fishermans’. I have never seen any fisherman who looks so stable in front of a Green Scale Beast.”
The atmosphere turned quite scary when these Green Scale Beasts jumped out of the water, and Linda observed Shi Yan when she was fighting against the Green Scale Beasts. She found Shi Yan moved to find a safe position without showing any fear.
A fisherman wouldn’t be so composed.
Shi Yan smiled, “It’s not that I don’t want help, it’s that I’m not able to. But I think the Green Scale Beasts will come again, and there will be several Level Four ones among them. Or those Level Three Green Scale Beast wouldn’t have followed us all the way.”
“c.r.a.p. Of course I know they would attack again with some Level Four ones.” Linda rolled her eyes and grunted, “I’m asking about how to defend them. You are one of us now, you can’t do anything either if the ship were to ruin. Didn’t you say you want to go to the Clouds Islands?”
Shi Yan forced a smile, “We still have some time. Think carefully.”
“If you are an expert, please give us a hand when necessary.” Linda looked at him with pleading eyes, “After all, I have saved you once. Although my crew don’t like you, but I want them be safe. I will protect them as long as I’m alive.”
Shi Yan was stunned and he started respecting her. When Carmon was questioning about her leadership, she was still considering them carefully. No wonder the warriors trusted her so much.
That’s how she maintained her position in the group. And those warriors were lucky to have a leader like her.
“I’m not an expert.” Shi Yan mocked himself, “Just a miserable man who almost died from drowning . Don’t count on me.”
He was not being modest.
Before his energy recovered, it was even impossible for him to win over Linda, don’t mention protect her.
However, if he could regain his power in a short time, it would be a different situation.
“Nevermind. I won’t push you.” Linda turned cold, “You can’t survive either if the ship sinks! You would die with us then! So think about it!”
Then Linda left with a rigid face to those warriors, and she started reminding them about what would happen next.
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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