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The rock column exploded and exposed two naked, twisting bodies.

The man's body looked as beautiful as if he was carved out of marble. Each curve of his body was clear and full of exploding energy.

The woman's body could be deemed perfect. She was like an exquisite masterpiece of art, which looked flawless and incomparably beautiful.

At this moment, the woman was lying under the man, her blushing face glistening with sweat. They were protected inside a splendid light cage, which made Hussein's team baffled.

"Mei Ji… It's Mei Ji of the Phantom Clan!"

"That man… He's the one everybody is searching for!"

The two beefy men of the Ancient Monster Clan stammered. They didn't notice Hussein's shaking body and firing eyes.

Hussein looked at the other two, his wrath rising. The G.o.ddess in his heart, the amazing treasure he had dreamed for, was lying under a man, moaning and murmuring.

Although he had seen just a little part of Mei Ji's body because Shi Yan was towering her, he could clearly see the pleasure on Mei Ji's face. Apparently, she was enjoying being touched and conquered.

Hussein's face reddened as he felt like someone had just punched him hard in his chest. He screamed like a caged animal. "I will kill you!"

Starlight rippled from the cage. Suddenly, the light cage became translucent. They couldn't see the scene inside.

Abruptly, Hussein transformed into a beast. The fur on his entire body rose, his bones cracking. He grew half a meter taller, fur covering his face. He was screaming something unclear as he barged into the light cage.

A cold feeling that was chilly to the bone came out from the light cage. Shortly, the sea water froze and created a terrifying glacier barrier.

Hussein b.u.mped into the thick ice layer. His down fell off of his body after he hit the thick ice. The ice then had many cracks. "Take action, all of you. Kill that s.l.u.t for me!" Hussein thundered crazily. He became frantic as if his mental disease finally burst out.

He had been infatuated with Mei Ji for many years, but he didn't have a chance to hold her hand. He could only satisfy himself with the women whose look was similar to Mei Ji. Mei Ji used to hit him hard, anyway.

In his eyes, Mei Ji was a perfect woman on a high throne. She was too perfect to be trespa.s.sed by anyone. In front of him today, Mei Ji was serving a man. She gasped and moaned gently. This image had torn the perfect Mei Ji in his heart.

He felt a hard thrust into his body and twisted, leaving so many wounds.

Under such a given circ.u.mstance, he directly transformed into a beast, a special technique of the Ancient Monster Clan that would trigger the most mysterious feature of his bloodline. He screamed and howled wildly. He hadto tear Shi Yan into pieces.

As soon as his subordinate saw him that way, they knew that Hussein had lost his mind. If they didn't follow him, he would kill them all. They didn't hesitate to urge their power Upanishads and strike their G.o.d power on the thick ice.

Crack! Crack! Crack.

The thick ice stood still under the bombarding.

Behind the ice, two bodies inside the starlight cage were still entangled with each other like two twisting snakes. They were pa.s.sionately doing the wild things.

That blurry scene poked Hussein's eyes. He hated how he couldn't eat that man alive. He wanted to crush him into pieces.


A soft moaning came from Mei Ji's mouth and the wild movement inside the cage stopped.

That man squinted slightly, wearing a cold face as he pulled out of her. He sat upright inside the light cage. He didn't mind his naked body, closing his eyes and ordering deliberately. "Kill them."

He acted like he was Mei Ji's master and could order her as he pleased. He could even force her if he wanted.

Strangely, Mei Ji listened to him obediently. She said "uhm" softly and then took out a long coat, which covered her body from her b.r.e.a.s.t.s to her thighs. She showcased her shoulders, her beautiful legs, and deep cleavage and walked out of the starlight cage.

Her jade-like feet stepped on the bubbles as she strolled into the thick ice layer. Mei Ji was like a blooming flower, her eyes watery with the colors of the spring that still showed she was thinking about her romantic experience. At this moment, her posture and appearance after enjoying the intimate things between a man and a woman could pump every man's blood faster. "Poor little Hussein, didn't I teach you enough last time? You want to court death when you come to this seabed?"

"Who is he? Who is that d.a.m.n kid?" Hussein screamed wildly.

His soul was about to explode because of jealousy. Mei Ji had never given him face. She always mocked him with the position of a superior. She had even hit him. However, she was obedient and tender to that man. It enraged him so much that he wanted to vomit blood.

"He's my man. Did you feel angry when you saw my man love me?" Mei Ji grinned. Her line of sight pa.s.sed Hussein. She didn't care about the flame of anger in Hussein's eyes as she beamed at the warriors of the Ancient Monster Clan. "Am I pretty?"

"h.e.l.l yeah!"

"Sure you are!"

"Yes! Yes!"

The warriors of the Ancient Monster Clan looked baffled. They nodded to her.

"Are you willing to help me do something?" Mei Ji asked them gently.

"We are!" they nodded to her.

"Kill Hussein for me," Mei Ji smiled charmingly.

Hussein's subordinates looked like they were struggling. All of a sudden, their eyes showed their craziness. They became excited and attacked Hussein.

"You despicable sl*t! You dare instigate my warriors to kill me!" cried Hussein. Flows of his G.o.d power congregated and created a ma.s.sive silver shield. He used it to parry his subordinates.

"All of you will die."

Mei Ji's voice was gentle. The thick ice in front of her cracked when she touched it. Walking out bare-footed, she looked so beautiful. Her exposed skin was like crystal that shined mesmerizing light.

Mei Ji's charming bearings had increased after her romantic affair with Shi Yan.

She walked out of the ice rock, her watery eyes moving. Suddenly, she looked so thrilled. Her voluptuous body couldn't help but quiver. She turned to Shi Yan who was closing his eyes quietly while sitting cross-legged inside the light cage, her heart filled with a joy that she couldn't explain.

She just recognized that the wounds that troubled her for a long time had healed. Her G.o.d power had recovered and it had surged and become purer.

Her blood, flesh, bones, and the soul altar had all strengthened unknowingly. It seemed like a mysterious power had washed her entire body and refined her every bit of her.

At this moment, she felt much better than when she went to Dragon Lizard Star!

After having s.e.x with him, the benefits she received was amazing. Not only were her body and spirit pleased but her power also increased and her wounds recovered. She could feel her body transform too!

It was unimaginable!

Mei Ji looked at Shi Yan sitting over there, her bright eyes infatuated. She bit her lower lips and her face was aroused in a way that could make any man's heart beat frantically.

She didn't even bat an eye at Hussein in the besiege of his subordinates behind her.

She didn't look at Hussein, but Hussein was gazing at her. Looking at the woman with her pa.s.sionate eyes fixed on another man, Hussein was flooded with jealousy. He roared hoa.r.s.ely, "I have to kill him. I swear I will kill him."

Finally, Mei Ji turned around, the charming expression disappearing from her face. She became so cold. "I will kill you first! Don't worry. If your warriors can't kill you, I will do it myself!"

Although they were all men, she had treated them much differently.

"You have to push him further. Do all that you can to kill him." Mei Ji's face was cold but her voice was soft and begging as if she could reach their hearts.

Her voice echoed in the Ancient Monster Clan warriors' heads like the voice of ghosts. They became wilder. They didn't care about their lives and urged their best attacks.

The warrior who had cultivated Metal power Upanishad turned into an extremely sharp blade. He parted the sea water and thrust into Hussein's shield. It looked like he was burning his life to take the energy. The shield exploded. Hussein lost his defending weapon. He had to take action.


He broke his subordinate's neck and grinned. "All of you have to die!"

The other warriors weren't afraid of death as they stormed toward. Some of them had the flame of a soul burning in their eyes. Mei Ji had made them completely mad.

However, their realm was lower than Hussein's. When they came to be Hussein's subordinates, Hussein knew all their weaknesses. Some even had given him their Soul Seal. As his rage had flooded him, Hussein couldn't control them or mind their lives. He decided to use his secretive tricks.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three of their soul altars exploded. Their heads shattered like falling watermelon.

Some had cracks in their chests, which expanded rapidly. Then, their bodies shattered as if they were some china that fell to the ground.

Hussein resolutely took action. He didn't mind his subordinates as he killed them all. He had to consume energy, which made him very tired.

At this moment, Mei Ji's beautiful feet appeared in his sight. "I can't believe you're that cruel. You've planted the deadly seal into your subordinates. I've underestimated you. I have no choice, then. I have to take action myself."

"Mei Ji, you can't kill me! I know you're wounded badly. Cousin Yerburgh told me that you got wounded badly. Haha, I will capture you first and then that kid. I will ** you right in front of him. Then, I will kill you all! Haha, awesome!" grinned Hussein fiendishly.

"Go f*ck your mother! You cross-breed!" Mei Ji hissed through her gritted teeth.

A triangular ice crystal emerged from her palm, which was generated by her G.o.d power. The ice crystal was extremely cold. Strangely, it was partly visible!

Mei Ji was a little bewildered for a few seconds. Her body shook hard, her beautiful face disbelieving. She was almost choking on her breath as she screamed, "Dark… Dark Energy!"

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