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It was an area on the seabed with many strange-shaped rocks growing from the ground like a forest. Many unknown fishes were swimming around.

The five-colored rocks jutted from the seabed like colossal columns and released splendid halos. They looked magnificent and mysterious at the same time. This rock forest was a spectacular scene undersea.

"Phew! Phew! Phew!"

So many figures inside the light protection came into the rock forest. They were seven, beefy, male warriors of the Ancient Monster Clan. They had a lot of fur covering their body. Although their faces were clean, they looked ugly and fearsome.

Each of their light cages confined a beautiful Sea Clan female. The seven females were dying. Their clothes were torn and they had clear marks of whips on their bodies.

The seven Ancient Monster men glided through the rock forest and found a place to rest. The leader of this group was a muscular, tall, middle-aged man, his tiger eyes lewd. He placed the Sea Clan woman inside his light cage against a rock column and babbled, "s.l.u.tty Mei Ji, I'm going to kill you! I'll do you until you die!"

He imagined that the Sea Clan woman under his body was Mei Ji. Apparently, he had a big desire for her.

This man was called Hussein, an expert at Third Sky of Immortal Realm from the Ancient Monster Clan. He was Yerburgh's cousin. He was the leader of the Ancient Monster Clan in the Sea of Annihilation.

After Hussein was sent to the Sea of Annihilation, he was enchanted as soon as he saw Mei Ji. He had come to the Phantom Clan's island several times to try to show his affection for Mei Ji.

Unfortunately, he was at Third Sky of Immortal Realm, which was one level lower than Mei Ji at Peak of Immortal Realm. Mei Ji had provoked and mocked him many times.

He had even asked the Ancient Monster Clan to ask the Phantom Clan to let him marry her. Through their marriage, the relationship between the Ancient Monster Clan and the Phantom Clan would be tightened. Of course, it was just an excuse. He wanted to have Mei Ji; that was the main reason.

The Phantom Clan had actually considered this. Then, Batum saw Mei Ji and began to chase after her fiercely. Immediately, Hussein's light was shadowed. Since Batum was about to enter Territory Ancestor Realm, he was much more critical than Hussein.

After the Phantom Clan had considered many aspects, they decided to choose Batum and reject Hussein.

It was Hussein's eternal pain.

Afterward, whenever he saw Mei Ji in the Sea of Annihilation, he couldn't say even a nice word to talk to her. He had purposely rumored that Mei Ji was a s.l.u.t and that she had affairs with so many men.

Because of his ill-talking, Mei Ji had personally come to the Ancient Monster Clan's base in the Sea of Annihilation and bit him hard. He had bled terribly at that time. After that, the Ancient Monster Clan and the Phantom Clan had caused grudges against each other.

Hussein had behaved for a long time. He didn't dare to trouble Mei Ji anymore. They said that he kept around ten female slaves, who looked somewhat similar to Mei Ji. He used them to vent out his anger and desire for Mei Ji.

Also, rumors said that those female slaves were tortured to death…

This time, Hussein had received orders from his superiority so he took his henchmen to the seabed to find Shi Yan and Mei Ji. He had volunteered to find the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. The real hotshot of the Ancient Monster Clan was about to come to the Sea of Annihilation. He had contacted Hussein and asked him to locate Shi Yan's direction.

Through his channel, Hussein knew that many people had gone missing in the sea area that belonged to Emperor Sea Shark. He got an idea so he came to check.

After several days of searching, he got nothing. Gradually, he became irritated and annoyed. Currently, he found some beautiful women of the Sea Clan who were wandering around. His lewd feature arose. He thought that the seabed was chaotic just then, so if he killed some Sea Clan women, no one could detect him. He then abducted them and brought them to this rock forest to play his lewd games.

Those women didn't have high realms. Most of them were at True G.o.d Realm so they couldn't endure harsh intercourse for a long time. After those Immortal Realm experts had played with them for a while, they all died.

Shortly after, while Hussein was yelling Mei Ji's name, the Sea Clan woman under his body stopped breathing anymore, her body full of bruises and wounds.

At his critical moment, the young woman died. The cold and stiff body irritated him. He became foul-mouthed and he punched through the woman's chest. Then, he threw her away.


The Sea Clan woman b.u.mped into a ma.s.sive yellow rock column. A wave of s.p.a.ce energy rippled from that rock column and the entire column radiated a terrifying light.


Hussein screamed and then dismissed the brown light cage covering him. The water swarmed in and washed his half-naked body. He frowned, moving toward the rock column and calling. "Are you all done yet?"

"I'm done!"

"I'm done!"

"Sir, you're done. Even if we haven't, we have to get it done."

His subordinates in the Ancient Monster Clan weren't different from him. They laughed eccentrically while pulling up their pants.

"Throw the bodies to that rock column!" ordered Hussein.

His warriors didn't know why but they didn't dare to not obey him. They forcefully flung the naked bodies of the Sea Clan women who they had just tortured to death toward the column. As those bodies became a mess of blood and flesh, the light on the rock column was clearer and s.p.a.ce energy was rippling.

"Eh? What's going on?"

"Why does this rock column have s.p.a.ce energy?"

"Have we just found the pieces of a divine weapon? Haha, it's our fortune!"

"Possible! Many people who've been searching for things from the Absolute Beginning Era often encounter nice things in a sudden incident!"

The savage warriors of the Ancient Monster Clan were stirred up. They didn't bat an eye on the crushed bodies of the Sea Clan women. They surrounded the rock column that had released s.p.a.ce energy.

"Be careful! If it's really treasure, we can't afford to break it further. We have to dig it out slowly!" Hussein said to his warriors. He was also excited and thought,, "It's G.o.d's will. Haha, even when I'm playing with those s.l.u.tty women, I find the Absolute Beginning treasures. That s.l.u.t Mei Ji didn't choose me. Sooner or later, I'll shower her what she has to face!"

"Sir, let me try. I'm cultivating Water power Upanishad, which is gentle and supple. I will be very careful. What do you think?" asked a big-headed man.

Hussein nodded. "Be careful. If you damage the treasure, I'll cut your p.e.n.i.s!"

"Don't worry, sir!" The man winced, gingerly walked to the column. He had only First Sky of Immortal Realm, though. He placed two hands on the rock column, sending out two cold, blue water currents. The G.o.d power from the water slowly seeped into the rock column and tried to see the situation inside.


A brutal, frenzy, bloodthirsty, and heartless aura blasted like a flood current. It moved against his current of G.o.d power and entered his brain.

Instantly, the warrior was filled with restless and angry feelings. He wanted to kill all creatures around. He roared "Kill" as his energy rocketed like a varmint. He turned around all of a sudden, gliding to the nearest warrior. The rapid water arrows shot out from his chest and exploded grumblingly.

As the other was focusing on observing the rock column, he got hit without being able to duck.


The light cage protecting this man shattered as though it was made of gla.s.s. The water error pierced through his chest. The others could hear his bones crack. He spurted blood.

"Darke! You motherf*cker! You're crazy!" thundered Hussein.

"He's really crazy!"

The beefy man of the Ancient Monster Clan called Darke had the rapid water twirling around him, turning into so many water arrows and shooting everywhere.

The warriors from the Ancient Monster Clan screamed and scattered. They all saw the other abnormal condition.

"It's because of that rock column!" cried someone.

"Seize him! Let me control him!" Hussein yelled.

The wounded man had a dent on his chest. Blood oozed from the corners of his mouth as he was blown backward, breaking some rock column by his back. He looked ashen afterward.

Aside from Hussein, the warriors of the Ancient Monster Clan were attacking furiously as if they didn't care if they could hurt Darke. They quickly attacked him to the point he was dying then tied him up.

"Wake him up!" said Hussein.

A warrior with a cold face sent a wisp of cold Soul Consciousness into Darke's head. Darke shook violently and then his eyes looked lucid. He pointed at the rock column as if he had encountered spooky ghosts. "It's not good there! Strong killing intention! It can seep into the Sea of Consciousness fast. It should be some evil treasures inside. Guys, you have to be careful!"

"Then we have to break this column first," Hussein pondered and spoke with a cold face.

"Let me do that," said another warrior. As soon as he urged his power Upanishad, a sharp metal blade appeared. It was like a dazzling gold sword as it hacked down on the stone column.

Crack! Crack!

Fire sparked. So many s.p.a.ce sabers shot out from inside the column, disorderly cutting everywhere. The warriors of the Ancient Monster Clan had to duck with frightened faces.

"d.a.m.n! Why is there a s.p.a.ce barrier?"


"No! Someone is in there. I can feel the aura of living beings. Although it was just a flash, I'm sure someone is there!" screamed the man who had wounded by Darke. He suddenly screamed while staying away from the scene to rest.

"Right, someone is inside the column!" Hussein was shocked. When the s.p.a.ce sabers shot out, he could feel a familiar aura. That aura came out with some erotic smell that made him baffled.

"Break it! Do your best!" shouted Hussein.

"Yes sir!"

The warriors of the Ancient Monster Clan attacked at the same time. The lights of the divine weapons, waterfalls, mountain and water hit the column at the same time.

As many energies from the power Upanishads and the secret treasures were attacking at the same time, the s.p.a.ce barrier inside the rock column couldn't stand it anymore. Hussein then saw the rock column explode.

Hussein gawked at the scene after the column had broken. He felt like someone had just hit him hard in his chest. His blood churned as he almost vomited.

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