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Mei Ji was secretly happy.

Shi Yan brought her to the remote sea area and separated them from the others. She wasn't worried. Shi Yan had chosen her instead of Audrey.

This decision made her happy physically and mentally.

The starlight layers twirled around them. Inside the splendid starlight cage, Mei Ji felt cozy as she leaned against Shi Yan. Her thighs placed against his. She giggled, "Actually, you don't need to hurry to get back to Desolate Territory. It's true that the other five clans are finding you. But our Phantom Clan and White Bone Clan aren't."

Shi Yan panted and frowned, his eyes red. "What do you want to say?"

"If you want, our Phantom Clan will accommodate you. We can quietly return to the Phantom Clan's headquarters. I believe that with the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, the Phantom Clan will consider you as the most distinguished guest. Don't worry. I know some secret channels. We can avoid a lot of experts," instigated Mei Ji.

"If I reach the Territory Ancestor Realm, I can go to your clan freely. I can go with you now, in fact. But, now…" Shi Yan shook his head.

Mei Ji was bewildered, but she understood right away. "You're worrying that we might trouble you?"

"At this moment, I don't trust anyone but myself! According to you, the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower is so precious. Anyone from the Seven Great Clans wouldn't show mercy when they find me. I don't think your Phantom Clan will leave me alone when they find that I'm only at First Sky of Immortal Realm. I'm just a piece of cake; why would they hold back?" snorted Shi Yan.

Mei Ji kept quiet and thought. She also thought that the elders of the Phantom Clan perhaps wouldn't give her face to solve this properly.

"You're right. Only when your realm is sufficient will you be able to negotiate conditions." She wasn't foolish. But as a member of the Phantom Clan, she couldn't turn her back to them just yet.

"What did you say to them before we parted? Why did we have to part?" she asked again.

Shi Yan looked her deep in the eyes. His eyes flared up, which made Mei Ji's shiver unknowingly. The light from his eyes was invasive, making Mei Ji uneasy.

He didn't answer.

Mei Ji didn't chase him. She had an intuition that it would be somehow related to her. She could feel clearly that Shi Yan was hesitant. He seemed to struggle to make a decision.

And it was true.

Because of his greed, he had let the Devouring power Upanishad swallow as much as he pleased, which made his soul and body annoyed and unstable.

He was used to experiencing this.

When he had been in such a condition, he had to *** to vent it out. It was a way he knew that would work all the time. Today, he had to think about it again.

He had two options: Audrey and Mei Ji.

He soon made up his mind. He would use Mei Ji as his tool.

As Ming Hong and Ming Hao were all here, especially the brutal soul Ming Hong, he couldn't get over this challenge. He had to give her a pa.s.s.

Mei Ji was his only choice, then.

But even if it was Mei Ji, Shi Yan felt a little troublesome if he forced her to have s.e.x with him just to cure his soul and body.

He had another option, though. In this short time, if he found some female warriors, he could capture them to release his stress.

This time, his condition was really unstable and abnormal. From his previous experiences, he had swallowed too many soul altars and Essence Qi. His body could hardly endure for a long time. The females who had intercourse with him could receive great benefits, the mysterious energy that refined the body and even the soul altar…

Ahead of them was an undersea rock forest. The rock columns were strange and peculiar. They seemed to be made of some five-colored crystal, which was emitting spectacular, dazzling halos.

Shi Yan observed the forest from a distance. He found that it was really vast, around hundreds of miles. It could make a good shelter, though.

He released his Soul Consciousness and used the s.p.a.ce power Upanishad to scout around. A few seconds later, he retrieved the Soul Consciousness and he dashed toward the rock forest.

He hollowed a ma.s.sive rock column and then took Mei Ji inside.

Mei Ji's charming body was skeptical. She tried to know what he wanted from his strange deeds. She came to think that he wanted to cultivate here.

The rock column was like a ma.s.sive tree trunk. After he had hollowed it, it became a small jade chamber that could lodge three to five people.

Shi Yan set up a s.p.a.ce barrier to seal the entrance. Then, he made another one to seal their auras to prevent others from spotting them.

"You want to concentrate on cultivating? Don't worry. I got your back. When someone comes, I'll notify you," said Mei Ji naturally. However, Shi Yan only looked at her. He didn't sit down cross-legged. His red eyes became hotter.

"Hey?" Mei Ji felt insecure.

"I want you," pondering for a while, Shi Yan said. His simple words conveyed a terrifying meaning. "Your body can cure me of my current problem. I need your body to vent out the negative energy."


Mei Ji's body shivered. She was terrified and she hurried back to the jade wall. Her charming body was aghast. "You… What did you say? Do you know what situation we are in? Even if you desire my body, you should find some other excuse… It's not the right, the right time!"

Under Shi Yan's hot, explicit gaze, Mei Ji retreated and slumped. She was horror-struck.

"I'm not kidding."

Shi Yan's breathing was short and rapid. He realized that when he finally decided to use this method, Mei Ji's attractiveness to him had increased several times. The flame of desire in the bottom of his heart was ignited. There was no way to press it down.

At this moment, Mei Ji was wearing a tight, strawberry, long dress. It perfectly outlined her perfect body with hot curves and ample b.r.e.a.s.t.s. Her succulent red lips were so s.e.xy. Her charming beauty made Shi Yan gulp as he suddenly felt his dry throat.

"Explain yourself!" Mei Ji screamed hoa.r.s.ely, her b.u.t.t sticking on the jade wall and her charming face discolored.

"I cultivate Devouring power Upanishad. It…" Shi Yan explained quickly about the side effects of the Devouring power Upanishad. He had pressed the effects of the negative energies and how the refined energy could help women who had experienced s.e.xual intercourse with him. "It's good for you, anyway. You won't bear a loss. I still have other options…"

"What other options?" Mei Ji was surprised.

"I can choose to do it with any woman. But I have to kill them after that. I won't disclose my location. Anyway, if that happens, I have to consume some energy, which should be precious for refining the body or for transforming!" Shi Yan said in a low voice.

"Besides these things, is there anything else that made you choose me? If you can bring benefits to your partner, why wouldn't you choose Audrey?" Mei Ji gritted her teeth and blushed. She felt that her body was very soft. Waves of heat attacked her as she felt a strange joy.

"I want you! You're beautiful and you know enchanting techniques. You can give me pleasure that nothing can compare to!" roared Shi Yan. It seemed like a beast was about to jump out of his body, his face ferocious.

"If I'm not wrong, you're saying that I'm prettier than her? Compare to her, I can satisfy you better and you fell for me?" Mei Ji thinned her lips. She couldn't help but lick her lips, her eyes filled with romantic thoughts.

"Yeah, it's true! Are you happy now?" hissed Shi Yan.

"I am," Mei Ji smiled charmingly, her eyes watery. "Well, considering your correct answer, I…"

The strawberry fabric slid down her curves, revealing a white, hot body. It was the sort of soft and curvy body of a mature woman that could drive any man crazy.

As Shi Yan was a man, he was enchanted too.

Shi Yan roared like a beast and jumped on her s.e.xy body. He tore the long dress she hadn't taken off yet into pieces. His big mouth began to nibble and suck her breath-taking, heavy, milky b.r.e.a.s.t.s.


Mei Ji's moaning could make even her bones soft. She felt so hot as she tried to squeeze her straight legs together. She felt embarra.s.sed when she felt her lower body become damp.

Shortly after, she recalled the memory when they were on the Skull Island when Shi Yan had done something at her private area. She began to melt.

Shi Yan's clothes became rags instantly. His vigorous, muscular body was exposed. His body looked like it was molded out of iron with attractive, masculine features. Mei Ji eyed him, her watery eyes strange. She bit her lower lip. Her heart seemed to be on fire.

Although she had cultivated the seducing technique in the clan, she had never been with a man. Looking at Shi Yan's majestic body, she felt that she couldn't hold herself together. He snow-white body blushed beautifully.

She was aroused…

"Please me! Use the enchanting technique of your Phantom Clan!" Shi Yan grinned, his body straight like a long lance. His big hand slapped her round b.u.t.t cheeks, making them bounce mesmerizingly. "You know how."

Mei Ji's beautiful eyes were so seducing as she embarra.s.sedly cried in pain. "When I grew up, I used to learn the techniques, but I haven't used them before. I guess it won't be that smooth."

Then, she slowly squatted in front of him, her long hair draping on her waist and her round rear end thrusting out.

Her slender fingers wrapped around his member as she brought her succulent red lips toward…

Shi Yan took a deep breath. He felt all his pores open. An unimaginable pleasure struck him. He thought that he was going to explode soon.

At this moment, he deeply understood the compliments people gave the Phantom women; each of the Phantom women was a s.e.xy treasure, an endless sweet dream for men.

Mei Ji shoved her head between his thought, sitting on her heels and showing her pretty backside. Her tongue was moving. Sometimes, she wiped her dangling hair and lifted her face to throw him a seducing glance…

Her eyes had bewitched Shi Yan's soul…

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