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The seabed was magnificent with blue, five-colored reefs everywhere. Crimson, crystal corals grew from them. The unknown, marine plants were jutting their tentacle-like leaves and swaying in the water. The scene was mesmerizingly beautiful.

The thick blood diluted and dispersed. So many light caves were like eggs covering some warriors and gathering by a coral reef.

Three eels slowly pa.s.sed them as they didn't know that this place was a b.l.o.o.d.y battlefield fifteen minutes ago.

"We can't continue this way. This kid will go crazy. We must find a safe area to rest," said Ming Hong from Audrey's shoulder. "Of course, we got a better solution anyway."

"What method?" Audrey's eyes brightened.

"Leave him behind as bait. We can leave this place easily. He's their target, anyway. Once he bursts out crazily, he will attract everybody as they will want to kill him. And we… We can return to the territory entrance with no rush. What do you think?"

While he was talking, Ming Hong's eyes were sparkling as he had to watch Audrey, the G.o.d Lord, Ming Hao, and Shi Yan who was standing in the distance.

Currently, Shi Yan was standing with Mei Ji a distance away from the others. Mei Ji didn't trust them, so she chose to stick with Shi Yan. Moreover, Ming Hong had tried to lower his voice. He believed that Shi Yan and Mei Ji over there couldn't hear him. That's why he suggested such a solution.

"No!" Audrey objected. She almost had no hesitation.

"Why not?" Ming Hong frowned.

Audrey was bewildered and thinking. Her bright eyes sparkled. "He saved me. In the Sea Domain of Nihility, without his protection, I would have died a long time ago. I came here with him. If we leave, we have to leave together. I will never leave him behind!"

Ming Hong pouted his lips. "Women. You lose your mind when talking about love."

"No, it's not like what you think," Audrey retorted, her voice weak and her face panic-stricken.

"Do I like him?" she whispered to herself.

"How about you two?" asked Ming Hong.

"If he didn't have the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, I wouldn't care whether he lives or dies! You said the tower is so precious. He has it still. For the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol, I have to put up with him then." The G.o.d Lord sounded calm and natural, shrugging. "If there is a dangerous situation that can affect my life, of course, I will flee. Protecting myself is the most important task to me."

"How about you?"

"Let's watch for a while more," Ming Hao looked complicated.

Shi Yan had the t.i.tle of the Bloodthirsty Force's Master. As one of the members of the Cortege of Eight, Ming Hao had to serve him dedicatedly. Even if he didn't have the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, on principle, he had to protect Shi Yan. He knew Shi Yan carried Bloodthirsty's expectation and will.

And now, Shi Yan had the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower and Dark Energy. He'd reached the Immortal Realm too. Gradually, Ming Hao recognized that he needed Shi Yan somehow. It was goingto be hard to ditch him here.

"If you guys decide to go with him for a while more, you guys better find a solution. When he bursts out, we're the first ones who will have to endure it," said Ming Hong.

The other three nodded.

"I'm going to talk to him," Ming Hao pondered for a while and then spoke. She started walking towards Shi Yan.

Almost at the same time, Shi Yan with his two red eyes were striding toward them.

Ming Hao and the G.o.d Lord were much surprised. They stopped and waited for him skeptically.

Shi Yan was pacing to them, thick blood scent hovering around him. The murderous aura was visible like blood flames, layering and shrouding his entire body. Even his long hair looked like it was burning. Blood flame splashed under his every step.

His crimson eyes seemed to drip blood at any minute. They were so soul-taking to see. He looked like he had been soaking in blood.

"What a powerful negative energy field! If this field expands, not only will he lose his mind but all the creatures around will also go crazy!" Ming Hong screamed in fear.

Audrey's beautiful face looked aghast.

She had noticed that while Shi Yan was moving, not far from him, thousands of fish had become wild, attacking and biting each other. The most ordinary fish was now flesh-eating fish. It was a horrible scene, indeed.

As Shi Yan's steps arose, her blood seemed to run faster. Shortly, she felt like she was watching an endless sea of blood. She wanted to kill.

"The more he killed, the thicker the energy from the soul altars and the dead Essence Qi he had taken in became. This field… will become more formidable." The G.o.d Lord wore a stern face. "I'd experienced this. When Bloodthirsty died, his negative energy field expanded. Our people had attacked each other for more than ten days. So many people were killed."

Ming Hong was more restless hearing him.

Shi Yan's move had startled Mei Ji too. She stood up and prepared to come close to see. However, as she was around ten steps away from Shi Yan, Mei Ji felt her blood burn. The thick smell of blood attacked her nostrils. She could even see bloodstains on her body.

Mei Ji had mastered the soul technique and she had a profound understanding of the mysterious and yet magical features of the souls. Immediately, she recognized that the negative energy fluctuations from him carried some horrible, evil mind technique. It could even affect her. She knew many people would lose their minds under such effects.

"I think you can see that my situation isn't good now…" Shi Yan stopped when he was ten steps away from Audrey and Ming Hao.

"Shi Yan, how are you?" Audrey asked hurriedly.

"Over my endurance," Shi Yan's eyes were still crimson. "From Gan Fu to Telika, Yerburgh, Farlow, the guards of the Mysterious Sky Clan, Batum, and I haven't stopped to refine the energy or rest. Constant killing gives me more soul altars and energy from hundred of warriors…"

Contemplating for a while, he said slowly, "The black hole and the acupuncture points in my body are like a big avenue. Getting so many things on the road, it feels like a delicate weapon receiving too many different kinds of energy. Things couldn't move. So… the refining speed is getting slower. Until now, I haven't even digested Gan Fu's energy yet. The negative energy is invading me. They're excessive already. They will reach my head and burst out soon…"

His explanation was simple to understand. The others understood with heavy visages.

He hadn't even digested Gan Fu's energy, the first thing he had. The situation seemed really serious. With this tendency, negative energies was going to conquer him. He was going to turn into a bloodthirsty beast and lose his mind completely until he'd consumed all of his energy and died.

"You…What do you want to tell us?" Ming Hao considered his words.

"I need time to adjust my abnormal condition. But I understand that if we linger in an area, those we have killed will become the mark that shows our whereabouts," Shi Yan continuouslly took deep breaths to keep his mind sound. "You guys should continue the journey to the territory entrance. Kill people in your way. The ones you kill will become the trace so that others could track you. You can distract them for a while. Mei Ji and I will leave now. We will part, and I will take the chance to adjust my abnormal conditions."

"You want us to be the bait so you could have more time?" sneered the G.o.d Lord.

"Without us, you're still going to the territory entrance, aren't you?" Shi Yan wasn't mad. "Moreover, I know that they are certain about Mei Ji and me. They don't know your existences yet. Thus, you're safe. Even if someone catches you, they don't know you're their target. What I want you to do is to kill them, whether they know who you are or not. If people keep disappearing in a specific area, it will attract concerned people. They will think that we are there."

"He's right," Ming Hong nodded. "They want to find Shi Yan and that native woman. They don't know about us. We have to go to the territory entrance anyway. We will continue to kill people in our way to draw attention. It's much better than sticking with him. Once he loses his mind, it will be big trouble to us."

"Yeah," Ming Hao agreed with him.

"Why do you want to take Mei Ji with you? You trust her?" Audrey wore a cold face. "I will go with you!"

"No!" screamed Ming Hao and Ming Hong at the same time.

If she went with Shi Yan, there was a big possibility that something bad would happen to her. Perhaps insane Shi Yan would kill her before the others could find them. Ming Hao and Ming Hong had considered Audrey as the future of Imperial Dark Tribe. Of course, they weren't going to let it happen.

"Carve the location of the territory entrance on my Heavenly Fantasy Star Compa.s.s for me. Perhaps we can reunite on the way. Even if we can't meet, as long as I'm safe, I can return to Desolate Territory through the entrance," Shi Yan handed the compa.s.s to Ming Hong.

Ming Hong didn't think much and immediately carved the location on the compa.s.s with a special note read "Entrance to Desolate Territory." When Shi Yan had it back, his Soul Consciousness had checked and he received the precise location of the Desolate Territory's entrance.

"Take care," he turned to the other three, turning into a jet of light and zooming away. On his way, he grabbed Mei Ji and disappeared into the far sea area.

"I'm going with you!" Audrey screamed. Ming Hong and Ming Hao stopped her from taking risks.

"Don't go! We will see him later!" hissed Ming Hong.

"He won't get hurt easily. If something bad happens, it will happen to that woman." Ming Hao's eyes sparkled strangely as if he knew what Shi Yan had in his mind. "Don't worry. He has a way to solve his problem fast. This kid has been swaggering in our Desolate Territory for many years. He's used the Devouring power Upanishad smoothly. He won't kill himself."

"Oh, what did he do to stabilize his condition?" said Audrey.

Ming Hao laughed evilly. "He has his methods, anyway. Don't worry. This kid knows how to behave. As long as we kill more people in our way and draw the focus to us, he can have more time to steady his mind. He will catch up with us soon, perhaps!"

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