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A corner of the Sea of Annihilation's seabed.

Three ma.s.sive submarines that were like shuttles made of seash.e.l.ls were moving at a normal speed undersea. This kind of special submarine was made of seash.e.l.ls and specially designed for races living undersea.

Different from the terrestrial races, most of the creatures living on the Sea of Annihilation's seabed could endure the terrifying water pressure so they could move deeper undersea.

The immensely vast Sea of Annihilation's seabed was much bigger than the surface; it was so suitable for underwater creatures to live. Because of this reason, many clans that loved to live in the sea had relocated and dwelled in the Sea of Annihilation. The population of underwater creatures was much larger than the high-level living beings on the surface.

The interior of the three submarines was magnificent with pearls, crystals, and precious gemstones. Even the bubbles there were glowing in five-colored halos.

Around ten members of the Sea Clan had tentacles on the heads, scales on the necks, and antenna on the mouth. They didn't look similar. Anyway, they were drinking and enjoying inside the submarines, talking loudly.

Some beautiful Sea Clan female attendants were moving around the submarines and serving the warriors.

"Sir, the superiority continuously gives orders to us and asks us to pay attention. I heard that the five clans have promised big rewards to find someone. What happened?" asked one of the Sea Clan men who was embracing a s.e.xy lady.

"Some young warriors of the five clans had come undersea to find the Absolute Beginning vestige. Someone killed them all. Their seniors were enraged. They want to find the murderers. Haha, pay attention, guys. If we're lucky enough to see or catch something, we'll be filthy rich." The leader grinned and pointed at a blue crystal ball. Shi Yan's portrait slowly emerged in the ball. "This man. The entire Sea of Annihilation is searching for him. I don't know the details but he'll be dead, certainly. Too many eyes are seeking for him."

"Yeah, that's why so many strangers have trespa.s.sed our territory recently. They run around like mad dogs. We thought that a great war was about to take place. It turns out they're just finding a guy. Aren't they trying to make a scene anyway?"

"Only the ghosts know. Anyway, the entire Sea of Annihilation is chaotic now. I don't know the real reasons either."

Thump! Thump! Thump!

All of a sudden, this splendid conch-shaped submarine was filled with drumbeats from a round drum that hung on the wall. No one beat it.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The other two submarines had the same round drums. At the same time, they were all sounding vehemently.

Many members of the Sea Clan with different shapes came from the cabins, looking baffled.

"The Spirit Sound Receiving Drum won't thump without reason. The three drums are resounding at the same time. There must be an experts around," one of them cried.

"This sea territory i isolated. Not many people visit here. Who are the intruders?"

"Only the ghosts know. The people on the surface are crazy. They're trying to find someone. I guess they're intruding us again."

"It's so d.a.m.n annoying! Guys, watch out."

Those Sea Clan members screamed. The three submarines gathered as they stopped drinking.


"Strong aura!"

"Thick murderous intention!"

"Are we b.u.mping into them?"

". . ."

Abruptly, everyone's heart was palpitating restlessly. They could feel heavy pressure coming from everywhere.

A figure with two crimson eyes appeared in front of them all of a sudden. He looked like a bloodthirsty beast with a ruthless appearance. He flung his hand and a ma.s.sive toothed starlight saber grumblingly slashed down. The toothed saber was hundreds of meters long and as wide as a door. It carried the flood of starlight, subduing all the crew members of the Sea Clan in just a blink of an eye.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The three submarines were halved into six pieces. Around ten warriors were halved too. Without giving the others time to counterattack, the attacker had wildly dashed over and slaughtered.

"It's him!"

"He's the one that the five clans wants!

"Rich! We're gonna be rich! As long as we send the news, we'll be filthy rich!"

"Ha ha ha!"

"Guys, scatter and run! Spread out this news! We can receive the rewards from the five clans soon!"

The Sea Clan clansmen didn't want to fight with their lives. As soon as they recognized the attacker was the one the five clans had wanted, they laughed insanely and scattered. Like a bunch of merpeople, they swam in different directions.

More shadows appeared and stood in their ways. One of them was radiating dazzling sunlight. Another one had countless clones. A woman had thousands of brutal souls circling and dancing. Another woman had already released a sealing icy energy. They appeared out of nowhere, blocked the Sea Clan warriors and began to attack fatally.

The members of the Sea Clan screamed and shrieked. Their blood dyed the entire sea territory red. Their heads and cut limbs floated in the sea water, which was a horrible scene to see.

Under their attacks, no one from the three submarines could escape. No one had the chance to spread the information.

After the others had killed them all, they skillfully gathered the bodies and cut limbs, bringing them together with the three submarines to another deeper area and burying them under a coral reef.

Shortly after, the blood-dyed area got diluted. The area returned to its normal condition.


Inside a s.p.a.cious, splendid crystal palace undersea sat a malicious-looking old man from the Sea Clan on a fulgent transparent sh.e.l.l. With a solemn expression, he said in a low-pitched voice, "How many crews did we lose right now?"

A middle-aged Sea Clan man was on one knee in front of him. He frowned and said respectfully, "Nine. We've lost contact with them for three days. If nothing unexpected, they… I'm afraid they're not in a good situation."

"Who did that?" The old man pulled a cold visage. "Any commotion from our enemy?"

"Nothing, they don't have any strange commotion." The other contemplated an then said, "Is that someone from the surface? Recently, many people have come to the seabed to search for the guy named Shi Yan. For the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower and the rewards from the five clans, they are all crazy!"

"Not them. They know it's our territory here. Even if they're from the five clans, they don't dare to provoke us!" snorted the old man.

"Tribal Oldie, someone is here to see you," came a hurried voice from the outside.

"No need for a notification. I'm here. Long time no see, old friend. It has been one thousand years yet it seemed like it was just a blink of an eye." Neptune was sitting on so many souls. He glided into the crystal palace until he stopped in front of the old man. "Emperor Sea Shark, long time no see. I'm here today to ask you for a favor."

This old man was one of the strongest lords of the sea, Emperor Sea Shark. He was also the terrifying existence that the Seven Great Clans didn't dare to challenge. He was a Territory Ancestor Realm expert.

"Turns out it's you." Emperor Sea Shark waved his hand to dismiss the guard then snorted. "Because of you terrestrial warriors, nine crews of my clan were killed. Still, you dare to come see me?"

"That has nothing to do with me," Neptune shook his head. "Someone has tricked you. Old Shark, I know your influence on this seabed. Help me find someone. Now, I'm sure that there's not only one murderer. Mei Ji of the Phantom Clan is in that group too. You ask your guards to notice that. If you find them, I will reward generously!"

"The Heavenly Soul Bead you'd refined?" Emperor Sea Shark didn't bat an eye. "It's not rare to me."

"Of course, I know the Heavenly Soul Beads can't attract you. Old Shark, I promise you that if you can find them, when the Soul Clan gets the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, bring us the materials, we will refine an Absolute Beginning Original Symbol for you!" Neptune promised.

Emperor Sea Shark was moved. Pondering for a while, he said, "Are you sure it's a complete Power Upanishad Symbol Tower?"

"Well, a Power Upanishad Symbol Tower that is taken. You ask, is it a complete one?" Neptune looked stern. "Our Soul Clan has been working on it for hundreds of years! That area is mysterious with layers of illusions and barriers. No one could approach it before. That's why your Sea Clan didn't know about it. In the recent dozen years, many barriers and seals wore out. We finally located it. I just went there myself. The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower is taken. It's true!"

Emperor Sea Shark was moved. He agreed. "Alright, I will order my subordinates to search thoroughly!"

"Haha, with your support, no one can rob the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower from our Soul Clan!" laughed Neptune.


A corner of the seabed.

Many bodies were buried. They were the warriors came down here from the surface. After they were killed, it was simpler to treat their dead bodies.

Shi Yan was panting, his eyes red as if blood was about to drip from them. The bloodthirsty, ruthless aura on him had become thicker.

"He doesn't look okay," said Ming Hong.

Audrey and Ming Hao were dealing with many dead bodies. They were astounded when they heard that.

"Ming Hao, you'd been with Bloodthirsty for many years. Can you see something?" Ming Hong pondered for a while and then said, "Recently, we've been killing a lot of warriors in our way. He's always pioneering, killing too many people, and swallowing their soul altars and Essence Qi. He doesn't have time to rest and digest. I think…he's overloaded. The negative emotions will backfire him. If he continues this way, he will lose his mind and it will mean trouble."

Ming Hao kept silent.

Since Shi Yan had decided to begin their ma.s.sacre along the way, they had killed at least hundreds of warriors.

After killing each group of warriors, they would clean the scene, leaving no trace for the others to track them down.

They didn't have a moment to rest.

Shi Yan could sense the danger. On the way, he had greedily used the Devouring power Upanishad to swallow a lot of energy. However, he couldn't have enough time to refine and stabilize his mind.

Currently, his negative aura had thickened. His garnet eyes hadn't recovered for a long time. The energy fluctuating from him had become abnormal.

"When we besieged and killed Bloodthirsty, at the end, he looked like Shi Yan now. He had completely lost his mind," intervened the G.o.d Lord. "He had become absolutely crazy and turned into a killing beast. He had devoured all the time and didn't stop to refine the energy. His soul altar backfired. It's the main reason why we could finish him. Shi Yan's situation now is very similar to Bloodthirsty that year."

Hearing him say so, everybody became insecure and stern.

Because once Shi Yan burst out a rampage, the ones who were near him were going to be affected first. As his partners, they would have to swallow the terrible consequence first.

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