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Chapter 147 - Hardship
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Shi Yan was leaning on one corner of the boat; he was meditating and slowly recovering his Profound Qi.
In order to seal the Cold Ice Flame, his Blood Vein Ring had swallowed all his energy, causing Shi Yan to not have a single drop of power in his body, making him just like a mortal - one who had never cultivated in martial arts.
In these past few days, the Profound Qi in his dantian had already recovered a bit.
Quietly circulating his power, Shi Yan was out of worries. He believed that within ten to fifteen days, all his Profound Qi will be recovered and it would reach its original state.
Everyday all his muscles and bones were getting nurtured by the cold energy, and some wisps of that energy kept on seeping out of the Blood Vein Ring.
Most of the cold energy had already seeped into his bones, blood, meridians and bone marrows. Shi Yan’s body was entirely br.i.m.m.i.n.g with the cold energy and his body had become impervious to cold.
Most of the cold energy had infused with his blood.
Ever since that time, when he had accidently infused the cold energy with his blood while cultivating in the second sky of Rampage, his blood had changed subtly. Traces of cold energy could be found in his flowing blood; there seemed to be a lot of cold energy hidden in his blood.
In these three years of his struggle with the Cold Ice Flame, his body had totally adapted to the cold energy. The cold energy inside his body had become a lot more dense in these three years.
In these three years, he didn’t dare to relax for a single time. The high tension in his mind, and the soul fight with the Cold Ice Flame, let him smoothly step into the second sky of the Disaster realm. It also made his control over his mind power and soul power to step onto another level.
Hiding himself in a corner of the boat, Shi Yan’s expression was indifferent. Most of the time he was intensely cultivating his Profound Qi. He would also spend some time to understand the change in his state of mind, to repeatedly comb through the experience he gained from these three years of soul battle.
The process would be very beneficial to his future progress. He realized this point, so he didn’t think it was humiliating. What’s wrong with staying in this boat. He actually felt glad to be relieved, and he could cultivate intensely all day.
Sometimes, Shi Yan would sink his consciousness into the Blood Vein Ring, to observe the Cold Ice Flame inside the Blood Vein Ring. He realized that under the ravelling of the strange swirl, even when the Cold Ice Flame kept trying to escape the Blood Vein Ring, it still couldn’t truly get out of it.
Slowly, Shi Yan was rea.s.sured. He knew that the Blood Vein Ring was indeed mysterious, it actually managed to suppress one of the Sky fires, the Cold Ice Flame.
The Cold Ice Flame was one of the Sky fires, it was a cold energy flame that existed when the world first opened. Its consciousness was evil and ancient, and its life was extraordinary.
If someone could wipe away the dominant consciousness of the Cold Ice Flame, and merge it into his Sea of Knowledge, the it would completely change that person's Sea of Knowledge, causing a mutation to form in the Sea of Knowledge, and he will become an invincible strong warrior in the same level as his.
Shi Yan had this thought.
Unfortunately, only Nirvana realm warriors could really form a Sea of Knowledge. The Sea of Knowledge has infinite magical effects, with it you could perform many amazing feats. Without the Sea of Knowledge, it would be extremely hard to merge with the Cold Ice Flame, and his body might be seized by the Cold Ice Flame instead.
In order to merge with the Cold Ice flame, other than forming a Sea of Knowledge, you also need to gather nine extremely hot Yang powered treasures and materials. With these nine treasures and materials, you have to refine the evil consciousness of the Cold Ice Flame until it was nearly dying, and then use this opportunity to merge with it.
The Sea of Knowledge and the treasures were both absolutely necessary. Without completing these two steps, Shi Yan wouldn’t dare to act rashly.
Through these three years of soul battling, it gave him a deep understanding as to how terrifying the Cold Ice Flame was. If it weren’t for that he had many negative emotions in his meridians, and the magical aid from the Blood Vein Ring, he probably wouldn’t last three days. He would’ve been successfully seized by the Cold Ice Flame.
The sun went down, the moon and the stars slowly hung up on the night sky.
The stars dotted the sky, wisps of star power invisible to the naked eye quietly flushed down from the sky. They were all absorbed by the pores on Shi Yan’s body, and then gathered at the Star martial spirit in his heart.
The Star martial spirit absorbed some of the star power, there were spots of starlight sparkling at his head again, and Shi Yan once again felt the existence of the scattered star power.
Raising his head, Shi Yan stared at the starry night sky. Shi Yan’s expression was cold, a vindictive curve showed up on the corners of his lips.
Chen Duo, Qu Yanqing, Dongfang He, Gu Jiange…
These four names, went through his heart one by none. Shi Yan’s eyes became colder and colder, faint cold energy also seemed to be flowing off from his body.
In the last moment at Menluo Island, these four people attacked together, and joined forces in order to kill him. When his body fell into the hole, he saw the many attacks released from them. It the Cold Ice Flame didn’t place a block of ice at the hole opening, he definitely would’ve perished under the attacks from those four, leaving no trace of him.
Especially, Dongfang He and Gu Jiange, they dared to have l.u.s.tful thoughts about Xia Xinyan, this made Shi Yan hate them even more.
“Thunk, thunk, thunk!”
Linda’s chestnut-colored hair waved, and lightly hit on her plump b.u.t.t, as she suddenly came up from the bottom of the boat.
In the night, Linda’s beautiful eyes were bright, she gazed into the distance on the deck, and said lightly: “Everyone be careful, we are about to leave Tiansuo Archipelago. I heard that there are demon beasts spotted in this area, so pay full attention.”
On the deck, the dozen or more warriors were all yawning, they seemed to be in poor spirits.
Although that Carmon often bothered Shi Yan during these two days, but because of Linda’s protection, he didn’t really find a chance to make a move. Now that he heard Linda say there were demon beasts spotted nearby, Carmon actually stood right up, and shouted: “Everyone pay attention. Linda said there are demon beasts nearby, then there definitely are. Linda’s been through this route for many times. Everyone stop sleeping, get up get up!”
Carmon shouted, and walked around on the deck, kicking the bleary-eyed warriors awake.
Carmon shouted, and slowly came to Shi Yan’s area. He glimpsed at Shi Yan, and shouted coldly: “You get up too!” While talking, Carmon’s foot kicked this way.
When he was kicking the others, he had controlled his power, and he didn’t used much strength. But the the foot he was lifting towards Shi Yan now, was extremely powerful. Even though it was slow, but it was unusually powerful.
Shi Yan slightly squinted his eyes. He immediately sensed that this kick from Carmon contained a lot of Profound Qi. If any ordinary person were to really get kicked by that foot, that would definitely cause heavy injuries.
Shi Yan sneered in his mind. Before Carmon’s foot lifted towards him, he suddenly stood up, and quickly walked towards Linda.
Carmon’s foot kicked this way, but it landed on the big box that Shi Yan was leaning on.
That big box actually got kicked half a meter backwards from his kick.
Shi Yan’s face turned sullen, he stood aside, and silently looked at Carmon.
The surrounding warriors all secretly jeered at this. They were all a little surprised, but they didn’t dare to say more.
Carmon’s foot had obviously been added with Profound Qi, or else that box wouldn’t have shifted backwards for half a meter.
These warriors all knew that inside the boxes there was heavy profound granite, and every piece was much heavier than normal rocks. Carmon was able to kick the big box like this with his one foot, if it really were to fall on Shi Yan, Shi Yan’s bones would’ve probably get shattered from the kick.
“Carmon, what do you think you’re doing?” Linda also noticed the abnormality here. Her pretty face changed, and she shouted angrily: “Do you want to murder someone? How did Shi Yan offend you? Did you have to strike with such force?”
“I didn’t.” Carmon shrugged, and said casually: “Shi Yan is also a warrior, even though he’s mediocre, he still should be able to handle my kick. I was just testing, to see what realm he is really in. This kick of mine won’t kill him. We are still a long way from Cloud Island anyway, so if he were to really get hurt, he can just obediently heal his injuries. This guy’s background is unknown, it’s best for us if he is unable to move. Or else we don’t know if he might do something harmful to us, am I right?”
Carmon looked at the surrounding warriors, and shouted: “This guy’s background is unknown, and we are having a task. Letting a guy like this to stay on the boat, is it better if he were injured and unable to move, or if he’s alive and kicking?”
Under his watch, the surrounding warriors all had different expressions. Those who had good relationships with Carmon all lightly nodded. And those who believe in Linda didn’t make any comments, they only looked at Linda.
“How is his background unknown?” Linda snickered, “Didn’t he say, that he is a fisherman on a nearby island?”
“If he were really a fisherman on a nearby island, why don’t you just send him to whatever island around here? There are boats that come and go on these islands, he can totally just go on another boat to go back. Why does he have to latch onto our boat?” Carmon sneered, he wasn’t someone with no brain. Through his observations lately, he already saw that when Linda was treating Shi Yan, she seemed to have some other ideas.
He didn’t know that Linda was trying to dig out Shi Yan’s secrets bit by bit. He only thought that she was attracted to Shi Yan, and he felt jealous, that was why this whole mess was happening.
“He wants to go experience Cloud Island, is that not okay?” Linda’s pretty face was starting to look bad, she threw her hair to the side, and squinted at the warriors on the boat. She said coldly: “Are you guys unclear about the current situation? Do you know who is the person in charge on this task? Do you know who does this boat belong to? If you don’t want to work anymore, when the task is over, you all can leave my boat!”
“Sister Linda calm down. Whatever you say, we all listen to you.”
“Yeah sister Linda, we didn’t refute you in any way.”
“Sister Linda, I’ve followed you for so many years. Wherever you go, I’ll go. Please don’t ever kick me out.”
Many warriors who leaned towards Linda all smiled to express their loyalty. Even those who originally felt inadvisable, also put up a bitter face and begged for mercy when they saw that Linda got mad.
Linda was quite respectable in the outer disciples of the Three G.o.ds Sect. Linda’s family was also very strong out of the many powers that belonged to the Three G.o.ds Sect.
Plus, Linda herself had an outstanding potential, she could very possibly become a central disciple in the Three G.o.ds Sect. Because of that, in these people’s eyes, Linda was a much bigger deal than Carmon.
Although normally Linda was gentle, but once she gets mad, absolutely no one dared to go against her.
Even Carmon, when he saw that Linda was mad, he smiled wryly: “For a kid with unknown backgrounds, is it worth going through so much trouble?”
“You stay put!” Linda threw a cold glare at him, and shouted: “Pay full attention, be aware of demon beasts!”
“Splash! Splash! Splash!”
At this moment, on the water surface ahead of them, water splashed everywhere. Dark shadows quickly swam under the sea water, and rushed towards the boat from all directions.
“There really are demon beasts!” Linda’s pretty face changed, she couldn’t help but scream, “Everyone be careful! It’s also my first time encountering demon beasts here!”
Shi Yan frowned, he gazed into the sea, his expression was indifferent, but he was not nervous at all.
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Vick and Jimmy
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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