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The flows of light from the light curtain streamed into the opened windows of the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower.

The horrible water pressure swarmed over and brought billions of water currents pouring from the sky. After a moment, the Absolute Beginning vestige was covered in water. Without the light curtain's protection, everybody was suffocating under the water pressure. It felt like they were pressed between two mountains. They had to gather the G.o.d power to create a light cage to cover their bodies entirely.

Shortly after, the light curtain in the dome that covered the vestige had entered the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower completely. The tower shone radiantly and its power rocketed dozens of times!

The G.o.d Lord and Ming Hong were frightened. Ming Hong's clones scattered. The G.o.d Lord's body was cracking. They were about to be smashed.

"Shi Yan!"

Audrey's clear and cold voice was like a cold water current shooting toward Shi Yan.

Audrey had sent her energy with the essence of the G.o.d-blessed Mainland, which had a subtle connection to Shi Yan's co-soul, together with her call. The call with her spirit and Desolate's soul dashed toward Shi Yan and stimulated his frantic mind. Shi Yan looked lucid for a while.

"The light curtain is broken! We can go home now!" Seeing him lucid, Audrey pushed it further. "We shouldn't waste more time. We're going home now! We're going home now!"

The blood-red color in Shi Yan's eyes subsided. His mind came back to him. He sat cross-legged atop the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower and observed his surroundings.

After pondering for a while, he jumped off the tower. When the G.o.d Lord and Ming Hong were about to collapse, he waved his hand and grabbed the tower. It shrank magically. After less than a minute, it was as big as his palm. Shi Yan put it into his Incipient Extent.

Ming Hong and the G.o.d Lord exhaled in relief. They exchanged forced smiles and were too exhausted to talk.

Twenty-thousand years ago, Bloodthirsty's debut had shadowed the entire world. He had pushed Imperial Dark Tribe away from their ruling throne and suffocated the tribe. Many experts of Imperial Dark Tribe were killed or they fled to other territories to avoid the lethal wave.

No one knew why Ming Hong wanted to follow Bloodthirsty and fight for him. He had helped the Bloodthirsty Force became the overlord of Desolate Territory, enslaving everybody.

Ten thousand years later, Brian the G.o.d Lord was destined to take the Genesis Fruit and receive Desolate's inheritance. With Desolate's trigger in the dark, he had seized the chance to finish Bloodthirsty who was hurt severely. The G.o.d Clan then replaced the Bloodthirsty Force to turn the world upside-down.

However, whether it was Ming Hong or the G.o.d Lord, they were subdued by Bloodthirsty for the rest of their lives.

The G.o.d Lord could become the winners in the end. It wasn't because he was strong. He just had an excellent opportunity. After that, the G.o.d Lord's body exploded and turned into dust. He had to survive with only a wisp of his soul. After ten thousand years, he had borrowed Haig's body to come to this world one more time.

Bloodthirsty was the high mountain that they would never cross, even if they had spent the rest of their life attempting to.

After so many years, when Bloodthirsty's influence finally ceased, they thought that they could finally become the master of this earth and heaven. And then, Shi Yan slowly grew up…

Today, Shi Yan had the First Sky of Immortal Realm cultivation base. Although he was using external forces, he could suppress them and attack them frantically. And they couldn't do anything to counterattack!

As they thought that they could finally escape the nightmare called Bloodthirsty and become the master of this world, they got so bitter and discontented upon seeing Shi Yan. However, they could only sigh inwardly.

They recognized that although Bloodthirsty was gone, he had left a tough riddle. Shi Yan was the seed of this riddle. Previously, they didn't even bat an eye at this seed. They looked down on him and thought about him as a chess piece or a joke.

In just a blink of an eye, this seed sprouted and grew to a big towering tree. That tree gradually shaded their light.

To them, they had been waiting painstakingly for ten thousand years. When they could finally rule the entire world, they saw Shi Yan leap up rapidly. How deep could this sorrow be?

The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower disappeared into Shi Yan's Incipient Extent. He tried to suppress his bloodthirsty desire, talking deliberately. "Just like you guys, I want to return to Desolate Territory as soon as possible. I want to change the situation in Desolate Territory. If you think you can squeeze me or kill me, I'm telling you. You've highly appraised yourself."

Then, he stopped looking at Ming Hong and the G.o.d Lord as starlight congregated around him and created a light cage. He stepped out and landed by Audrey and Mei Ji. He said, "Retreat now!"

"She… What do we do with her?" Audrey was apparently cautious when she gestured toward Mei Ji.

"Bring her with us," Shi Yan wore an indifferent face, "Do you have any other idea?"

"No, no, nothing," Mei Ji hurried to state her opinion.

"I think it's better to kill her. She's not from our Desolate Territory. If she follows us and knows the entrance to Desolate Territory, it will be a lot of trouble," suggested Ming Hong.

"I agree with a point she has suggested. We can't refine the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol using the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. We still need to depend on the seven clans. We have to choose a partner. She's a good partner, anyway," said Shi Yan.

Mei Ji's inner lake rippled. Her beautiful eyes were filled with joy. Her long eyelashes batted as she was shivering slightly.

She knew the meaning of the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower and the power of the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol; they were the marvelous items that could support the Territory Ancestor Realm experts learning the ultimate power Upanishad and the principle of a power Upanishad. It was the rarest of the rarest objects!

If the Phantom Clan could use the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower to refine the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol for their Territory Ancestors, their competencies would increase greatly.

Her entire race would thrive. And perhaps, they would become the most powerful clan among the seven clans.

Mei Ji smiled like a flower as if she saw a beautiful future. "Don't worry! I pledge my life to go the same way as you. I will never leave on my own!"

She was smart and bold. She knew what they were afraid of. She didn't hesitate andd gave a wisp of her Soul Seal, which was a triangle crystal. The icy crystal fell and hovered in front of Shi Yan. "It's my Soul Sea. You can keep it. As long as I have a different thought, you can smash it to explode my soul altogether!"

Shi Yan was surprised.

Audrey, Ming Hong, the G.o.d Lord, and Ming Hong were baffled. They looked at Mei Ji with a strange countenance.

This woman was truly a bold and unpredictable expert!

They could almost instantly confirm Mei Ji's characteristics. Seeing her hand over the Soul Sea, the others didn't object to her anymore. Brian also nodded as he appreciated the woman's virtues.

It wasn't rare that someone would hand the other the Soul Seal. However, in most of the cases, they were forced to do that. Mei Ji, who deliberately did that, was rare, though.


The triangle crystal hovered on Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness. A strange, subtle connection swarmed into his soul.

He turned to Mei Ji, his eyes bright. He found that he was somehow closer to her.

Mei Ji smiled, bowed to greet, and giggled. "My life is in your hands. Please take care of me. Also, you have to live well. If you die, I will die with you altogether."

Shi Yan nodded. He was convinced by her boldness. Then, with a dark face, he turned to Audrey and Ming Hong. "Any other idea?"

No one said more. They were also convinced by Mei Ji's deeds. No one wanted to rise more dispute.

"Why don't we leave now?" Shi Yan snorted impatiently.

"Let me guide us," Ming Hong shuddered, turning from a small bat to a gruesome, brutal soul. "The way Ming Hong and the others had taken to enter this place is deviated and leads to somewhere rural. They aren't familiar with the Sea Domain of Nihility. But after Singh tamed me, he often moved around the Sea of Annihilation. Right, all of you, follow me."

Turning into a ghostly shadow, Ming Hong pulled Audrey's soul lotus throne and moved quickly in the sea.

The G.o.d Lord and Ming Hong didn't say anything. They followed close behind Ming Hong like two shadows.

"Thank you," Mei Ji called sweetly after the other had left. While Shi Yan was still baffled, her voluptuous body had wormed into his starlight cage. Her beautiful lips pecked on his left cheek like the dragonfly gliding above the water. She said honestly, "Without your protection, I would have ended up like Batum and Ling Mei. I wouldn't have escaped death."

Shi Yan rubbed his cheek instinctively and said indifferently. "You'd tried your best to protect me when the others attacked me. You risked your life with Ling Mei because of me. I don't care why you did that. Even if it's because of the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, I owe you. I don't like to owe anybody anything. So, I want to pay you…"

While talking, his light cage carried him and Mei Ji moving toward Audrey.

"Alright, we're done with favors," Mei Ji bent her head, her eyes upset.

Shi Yan nodded, "We will not count the previous incidents. Later… we'll talk later then."

Mei Ji was moved. She lifted her head, her eyes bright with joy.


Several hours later.

A piece of the sea filled with ghosts and brutal souls descended amid the ruins. Neptune, the Territory Ancestor Realm expert of the Soul Clan, squinted and sat cross-legged inside the soul sea. He looked like the most fearsome ghost.

He sensed for a while then mumbled, "It's here."

He moved around the Absolute Beginning vestige and reached the area where Tate was murdered. His eyes brightened. However, it wasn't because of Tate's death. He was surprised to look at the area where the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower used to be. Observing the special traces, he said, "It's unexpectedly where the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower was placed!"

Then, so many souls flew out of the sea of souls underneath his body and moved in every direction to search for something.

After a while, he couldn't spot any soul energy fluctuation. His face gradually darkened. "I'm sure they're still in the Sea of Annihilation. I don't think I can't find you!"

He pondered for a while. A jet black bead was conjured in front of his eyes. The bead was shimmering and showing the faces of the Soul Clan members. "All clansmen in the Sea of Annihilation, find me …"

He took a deep breath, his eyes open wide. A strange water current rolled at the area the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower used to be. Slowly, it became Shi Yan's face. That portrait looked like it was printed out. "Fine me this man! Mobilize all of our members!"

Then, he closed his eyes and tried to sense further. "Just a kid at First Sky of Immortal Realm. You dare to imprint your aura on the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. You're wasting a heavenly treasure!"

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