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Inside the fantasy s.p.a.ce mirrors, Batum's voice weakened. The G.o.d Lord and Ming Hao had joined hands to kill him. Batum couldn't get out with his body.

Indeed, when the scream from the mirrors ceased, Batum's soul altar flew out like a breeze of wind, trying to escape.

Shi Yan's black hole was hovering by the light curtain and waiting for him patiently. A soul-sucking force came. Batum's soul struggled hard but he couldn't escape. Following Yerbugh and the others, he was dragged into the black hole.

Almost at the same time, the water pond that Ling Mei's power had created froze as the icy energy intruded.

Inside the water pond, Ling Mei was a beautiful ice sculpture, locked in the pond. From a distance, it looked like she was sealed in a world of ice where only the beauty of the coldness was exposed.

Ling Mei's breathing slowly subsided. Her gloomy eyes looked at Shi Yan from a distance as she tried to shake her head.

Her eyes showed her deep regret. She regretted that she didn't listen to Tu Shi Qi's advice. She regretted that she didn't make a precise a.s.sumption. She had caused the deaths of her team and herself. She knew Tu Shi Qi was correct…

Unfortunately, it was too late to regret…

"I know you owe Tu Shi Qi a favor," Mei Ji resumed her graceful charm, her eyes bright. "So? Do you need me to show mercy and spare her life?"

Ling Mei was shaken. She looked yearning and begging when she eyed Shi Yan. Shi Yan shook his head and said with a cold face, "I'm not a good guy. If someone wants to kill me, no matter who she is or what t.i.tle she bears, I will treat her the same way!" While talking, he finished swallowing Batum's soul altar. Then, he landed on the frozen water pond. His ten fingers interlaced and sent ten sharp blades that gashed the frozen pond.

Crack! Crack!

The s.p.a.ce sabers cut the pond into numerous pieces. Of course, Ling Mei was frozen inside and couldn't escape. Her body was like a diamond under the cutter.

The black hole, an ability of Devouring power Upanishad came as a ma.s.sive mouth. Without giving time for Ling Mei to resist, a soul-sucking force came and swallowed her within one attempt.

"You're truly evil and heartless. You can do such things to a beautiful flower? Ling Mei of the Mysterious Sky Clan was famous for her glamor. You killed her. Don't you feel regret?" Mei Ji smiled and teased Shi Yan, her eyes bright and excited.

"Beautiful women are everywhere. It's not rare. It doesn't matter how many of them die." Shi Yan frowned and lifted his head to watch the sky. "We need to break that light curtain to leave soon."

"Yeah, and you must hurry. Those dead warriors had high positions in their clans. Their souls should have some connection…" Ming Hong was lying on Audrey's shoulder and talking in a low voice. "You got this, don't you?" He turned to Mei Ji.

Mei Ji's smile ceased and she nodded, "Yerburgh and Ling Mei were important warriors in their clans. Usually, a wisp of their souls are connected to some treasures. When their souls died, those treasures react."

"You mean… the members of the seven clans already know that Yerburgh, Ling Mei, and Telika are murdered?" Shi Yan changed his visage slightly.

"Possibly," Mei Ji confirmed. "Anyway, we must kill them. If they sent information, the others will know what happened here. They would know about the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower and the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol. They can even know the location."

Pausing for a while, she continued, "But now, they only know that Yerburgh and Ling Mei were dead. They wouldn't know what had happened down here or the location. Once we leave this place, it will be really hard to find us in the Sea of Annihilation.

"She's right. We should hurry to leave before they get here. Otherwise, it will be very troublesome. They said that Tate's teacher is in the Sea of Annihilation too. If he knows… I think we won't be able to live. We should return to Desolate Territory as quickly as possible!" Ming Hong said sternly.

He had refined Singh's soul so he knew many secrets of the Soul Clan. He knew how terrifying that person was. It was easy to guess that Tate's death would enrage that person. Thus, he was a little scared.

"Tate's teacher?" the G.o.d Lord's bold voice arose. "Very powerful? Is he as strong as Bloodthirsty?"

"Neptune is one of the three great Territory Ancestors of the Soul Clan. Although he's at the First Sky of the realm, he has the Absolute Beginning divine weapon called the Soul Refining Cauldron. Neptune is really powerful in addition to having the cauldron. I don't know how strong Bloodthirsty became later but when I left, he wasn't stronger than Neptune," Ming Hong was cautious. "He hasn't finished making his Life treasure, the Soul Refining Cauldron, yet. He needs more strong souls. If the Soul Refining Cauldron becomes complete, I think he'll be more intimidating!"

"He's not as strong as my Master," said Ming Hao.

The G.o.d Lord agreed with him. "Bloodthirsty could defeat Devour, the ancestor of the Devouring Clan, and make it dormant. After that Bloodthirsty got hurt, he could still slaughter our union. I had to sacrifice my body and the leaders of the big forces everywhere to kill him. Neptune can't compare to Bloodthirsty in his best condition."

"I don't know who Bloodthirsty is, but I know Neptune's really formidable. If he can tame the Soul Refining Cauldron to reach Second Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm, he will become one of the ten great Territory Ancestors. When he comes here, none of us will be able to resist him. Batum and Gan Fu are just rookies compared to him," intervened Mei Ji.

"I think we can't fight against Neptune now," said Ming Hong.

Ming Hao and the G.o.d Lord sighed when the other two said so. The G.o.d Lord said, "Too bad that I haven't reached the Territory Ancestor Realm. Otherwise, I would never see that Neptune with my eyes."

"Break that light curtain, quickly!" hissed Ming Hao.

Shi Yan nodded. Then, without saying anything else, he plunged on the majestic Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. Lifting his head to observe the light curtain, he sank into his thoughts.

The co-soul in his brain had many Absolute Beginning symbols move disorderedly. He couldn't fuse completely with Desolate's soul, so he couldn't understand the meaning of the symbols. He focused, holding his breath and trying to see what mysteries they hid.

However, the black hole was revolving fast. The ma.s.sive mouth sent out refined energy that stimulated his mind.

He knew that the black hole got a big harvest this time. Batum, Gan Fu, Yerburgh, and the others had profound realms, and Batum and Gan Fu had Dark Energy.

The refining process was much slower than at other times and he expected some troubles too. Then, it happened. The refining process that happened inside the black hole had affected his mind and distracted him.

He didn't understand those symbols that would have allowed him to discover the secrets of the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. He couldn't even focus. Gradually, Shi Yan felt so irritated.

As time flew, he still stood on the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower without moving or taking any action. Brian's face slowly darkened. "If he lied to us and he can't open the light curtain, I'll do my best to kill him to vent my wrath!"

Ming Hao's face was also dark and gloomy. He frowned and looked pensive.

Mei Ji and Audrey kept silent. They were frightened, indeed. They just hoped that Shi Yan could find a way to get them out of here.


Sea of Annihilation.

In the Soul Clan's base, the souls were like snakes slithering around the island and gathering departed souls and ghosts on the brocade flags, bringing them back to Neptune.

The Soul Refining Cauldron spun above Neptune's head and sucked all the brutal souls and ghosts. The Absolute Beginning symbols on the Soul Refining Cauldron began to sparkle and then move like tiny snakes.


Shortly after, on Neptune's thin and dry arm, a soul bead exploded. It turned into wisps of smoke, congregating and creating a blurry face. It was Tate, and it was dull and blank without living energy.

As he was refining the Soul Refining Cauldron, his eyes darkened when the soul bead shattered.

Each disciple of his had given him a Soul Seal that he kept in a soul bead. From that Soul Seal, he could sense his disciple's location or he could smash their souls easily.

It was a dark technique to control his disciples.

Of course, when his disciples died, he would know it first and he would even know the location of the incident.

Today, Tate's soul bead exploded. Neptune knew what happened.

His eyes rolled fast. Using the souls of three Incipient G.o.d Realm experts as sacrificial objects, he cast a supernatural technique to search. After a while, Neptune snorted. "Trash! He dared to deceive me and get into the sea to find the Absolute Beginning vestige. I have no pity for his death. I'd wasted my efforts to train him for thousands of years!"

He opened his mouth to cast a spell, which then fell into the Soul Refining Cauldron. Instantaneously, billions of souls swarmed into the cauldron.

Putting the cauldron into his sleeve, Neptune got up and vanished like a shadow.


On another island in the Sea of Annihilation.

Tu Shi Qi and his wife, Ya Yun, were drinking with Forefather Dragon Lizard on the island. They were discussing some important matters.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The tinkling sounds of a bell arose from Ya Yun's sleeve. She was surprised to hear the small bell. Then, she used her soul to receive the message from the Mysterious Sky Clan's headquarters.

Ya Yun became so frightened. She jolted up and screamed, "The soul tree of that little girl Ling Mei withered! She'd perished utterly!"

"Before we came here, Ling Mei had taken the Black Guards to the sea to search for the Absolute Beginning vestige. She died there!" Tu Shi Qi changed his face. Taking a deep breath, he said, "Dragon Lizard brother, please go with us to the seabed. Ling Mei had… a special profile. She was Han Tian's granddaughter!"

Dragon Lizard also changed his countenance. He knew that the Sea of Annihilation wouldn't be calm anymore. "Okay, I'm going with you guys!"

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