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Chapter 146 - Laying Low
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Hengluo Sea, Tiansuo Archipelago.
A boat, containing some mixed cargo, was slowly sailing in the sea.
On one big boxes among that cargo mess, Shi Yan was comfortably lying on his side. He was dressed in patched clothes and his expression was dull.
Camron and the rest were all either standing or sitting at different corners of the boat. They all looked at Shi Yan with hostility.
After Linda boarded the boat, she kept sneezing. Now she was already in a room downstairs to change into new clothes, she didn’t have time to talk with Shi Yan.
Once Linda went away, Carmon made a move first. He threw the weak Shi Yan into this pile of cargo, and stood on the side, while looking at him coldly.
Those people on the side were all gnashing their teeth together, they all secretly cursed in their minds. They wanted to beat Shi Yan up, and brutally teach him a lesson.
On this boat, Linda was the object of admiration for these young men. For these guys, Linda was definitely in the topics they talked about every night.
In these people’s hearts, Linda was the soul of this boat.
Shi Yan was completely naked, and Linda actually held his hand to rescue him out of the sea. In the view of these people, Shi Yan undoubtedly tainted Linda’s purity.
Even if Linda’s purity were to be tainted, it should’ve been by one of them. How could it have been pa.s.sed on to a stranger?
These people all secretly cursed, and of course their looks towards Shi Yan was unfriendly.
Especially Carmon, he was full of anger at the moment. He clenched his teeth, and sneered: “Kid, you really know how to play huh? Stripping naked and bathing in this iceberg is sure fun isn’t it? Is there something wrong with you? Why didn’t you drown in the sea water?”
Shi Yan frowned, his expression was indifferent, and he didn’t answer.
“Why were you in the sea? If you don’t answer, I’ll throw you back right now!” Carmon was mad, he suddenly stood up, and stepped towards Shi Yan, he said fiercely.
At the moment, Shi Yan’s different powers in his body were all absorbed by the Blood Vein Ring, he was really like an ordinary mortal. If he were to fight with Carmon, he would definitely have been seeking his own demise.
“I’m from an island in this area. When I was out fishing, my boat broke, and I was washed here by the sea water…” Shi Yan was full of lies, he kept smiling bitterly, “I thought I would be dead for sure, but I didn’t expect that beautiful girl would suddenly appear, and I was finally rescued.”
“Kid, why were you completely naked?” This was what Carmon was most annoyed about.
“With us fishermen, our clothes are more loose. When the seawater rushes, it comes off very easily.” Shi Yan frowned, he said in frustration: “I don’t know what happened either. I was unconscious for a while, and when I woke up I was already like this.”
“Bulls.h.i.t!” Carmon, bitterly, kicked at Shi Yan, “Fishermen clothes are loose, are their underwear loose too?”
Carmon kicked Shi Yan again, he said while gritting his teeth: “I think you just want to take advantage of my Linda, and you stripped yourself naked on purpose. You shameless b.i.t.c.h, if I don’t teach you a lesson, you’ll never speak the truth.”
“Who is your Linda?” Linda’s voice came from the stairway. Soon, after changing into a set of dry clothes, Linda slowly appeared, while wiping her wet hair. She glared at Carmon with an unfriendly look, and shouted: “Who told you to hit him?”
Carmon was somewhat guilty, so he chuckled dryly, “I was just teaching him a lesson for you. This guy was all naked, he’s definitely a pervert. Linda, I don’t mean to blame you, but this kind of guy shouldn’t be saved, you should’ve just let him drown. Doesn’t he like to expose himself? Then we ought to let the demon beasts under the sea f.u.c.k him.”
Linda frowned and said in disdain: “Carmon, you’re so disgusting.”
Carmon’s face was all innocent,as he smiled wryly: “It’s for your own good.”
“Move away, I have something to ask him.” Linda snorted, she impatiently walked forward, and glared at Carmon: “Move.”
Under her stare, Carmon couldn’t do anything. He dropped his head and went to stand with the warriors at the other corner of the boat, looking towards in their direction from afar.
“Carmon, you got the short end of the stick?”
“Hehe, sister Linda is really tough, and you said you can tame her. I think there’s no hope for you in a lifetime.”
“Carmon, sister Linda isn’t someone that’s softhearted, why would she rescue that kid this time? Could it be, that sister Linda has been single for so long, that she wants a man?”
Carmon cursed out, he stared at that person ferociously, “Even if Linda were to want a man, she would go for someone like me. That kid is as worthy as s.h.i.t, he doesn’t even have a wisp of Profound Qi in him. He’s just a wussy, how could he be worthy enough to be Linda’s man! f.u.c.k! You people, are your brains grown on your d.i.c.ks? Dumba.s.ses!”
The warriors cursed on by Carmon were all in the first sky or second sky of the Human realm, but Carmon was at the peak of the third sky of Human realm. Even when they were cursed by Carmon, they were too scared to go against him, so they could only smile apologetically,.
On this boat, Linda was undoubtedly the strongest, and after her was Carmon.
After Carmon cursed out, he felt more and more annoyed inside. He looked at Shi Yan coldly, and he realized that Linda was squatting down, actually leaning very close to Shi Yan. The more he watched the more he disliked this, and he was filled with rage inside.
Linda was squatting, with her back to Carmon and the rest. She reached out her slim hand, and laid it on Shi Yan’s pulse. After checking it out for a while, she finally said: “You are a warrior, but the power inside you is completely used up, is that right?”
Shi Yan nodded, he smiled: “Thank you for your rescue, or else, I would’ve sunk to the bottom of the sea.”
“Who exactly are you? Where did you come from? Why are you here?” Linda took back her hand, she brushed back her chestnut-colored hair, and said while breathing out fragrant breath.
To prevent others from hearing her conversation with Shi Yan, Linda was very close to Shi Yan . While she talked the fragrance in between her lips slowly released out, and came towards Shi Yan’s nose and mouth.
Of course Linda’s looks were not as good as Xia Xinyan, she could only be the same level as Di Yalan, but she could still be counted as a rare beauty. With a beautiful girl breathing fragrant breath on his face, of course Shi Yan didn’t dislike it. But his lips were tightly sealed, and he said lightly: “I just told Carmon, I am a fisherman from a nearby island. Because my ship was destroyed by the hurricane when I was fishing, and without noticing I was washed here by the seawater.”
“Really?” Linda looked at him deeply, she was obviously unconvinced.
Shi Yan nodded in certainty, “That’s it.”
Linda frowned, and became quiet.
Shi Yan was frozen in the biggest iceberg, this scene, n.o.body else but she saw it.
Someone who could be frozen in a hundred feet deep iceberg, was definitely not any ordinary person, Linda knew this clearly in her heart. Seeing that Shi Yan insisted that he was a fisherman, Linda knew that Shi Yan was lying. While knowing that Shi Yan was lying, she still could do nothing about it, she was hesitating on how to uncover Shi Yan’s secret.
“Alright, then you are a fisherman.” Linda hesitated for a second, and thought that she should still take it slow. She said lightly: “No matter where you were before, we still won’t change direction just for you. On this trip we will be going to the Gu family’s island. The resources on this boat are all to be shipped to the Gu family’s island, and we won’t stop just for you.”
“The Gu family?” Shi Yan dazed, and then exclaimed: “You mean the Gu family that has the Sword Mountain? You, you…”
As if discovering something, Shi Yan looked at the Sun, Moon, and Star flag on the boat, and shouted: “You are from the Three G.o.ds Sect?”
Pretend, just keep pretending!
Linda frowned, she sneered in her mind, but on the outside she remained unmoved and indifferent. She nodded and said: “That’s right, we are people from the Three G.o.ds Sect. But we are only outer disciples, and we only do some small errands for the Sect. The cargo on this boat is sent by the Three G.o.ds Sect for the Gu family. In these two years, the Yang family made the Gu family miserable. Many defenses on the island were directly destroyed, so they had to purchase some defensive crystals from our Three G.o.ds Sect.”
“The Yang family made the Gu family miserable?” Shi Yan dazed for a moment, this time he was really surprised.
“Mmm Hmm.” Linda quietly observed Shi Yan, seeing that he revealed a curious expression, she then continued to explain: “I don’t know how the Gu family, the Dongfang family, the people from the Magical Wonderland, and the Heaven Lake Divine Land offended that arrogant and unreasonable Yang family. In the last two years, the strong warriors from the Yang family went out everywhere. They uprooted many islands of the four forces, killing many people from the four forces. The Yang family is notoriously arrogant in the Endless Sea, and this time they seemed to be justifying it by making the four forces suffer unspeakably…”
Linda frowned, and secretly observed Shi Yan. She slowly described the fight between the Yang family and the four forces.
Shi Yan’s face was sullen, his eyes flashed in pleasant surprise.
What happened in the end, at that Menluo Island, was only seen by the four forces and Xia Xinyan. The four forces don’t know his ident.i.ty at all, so they certainly wouldn’t gossip about anything.
The news that the Yang family got, had to be from Xia Xinyan!
Although when he fell into the hole, he guessed that using the Reincarnation martial spirit, Xia Xinyan should’ve been okay. But in these three years, he was still a little worried about her.
Now that he got the news from Linda’s mouth, he was really relieved inside. He suddenly felt like a big stone had been dropped from his heart, and he became very relaxed.
The Yang family, the Yang family is truly strong.
Shi Yan took in a deep breath, but his expression was quite serious. He purposely said with the common hatred: “The Yang family really is arrogant!”
“The Yang family is that strong” Linda’s expression was indifferent, “Although the four forces are also in the fifteen forces of the Endless Sea, but compared to the Yang family with their rich heritage, the four forces are still slightly inferior. This time they seemed to be on the wrong, and the Yang family got a hold on them, no wonder they are suffering so much.”
“Our Three G.o.ds Sect, shouldn’t be scared of the Yang family right?” Shi Yan suddenly said.
He pretended that he was from the Hengluo Sea, and the root of the Three G.o.ds Sect was right at the Hengluo Sea. The status of the Three G.o.ds Sect in the Hengluo Sea and the status of the Yang family in the Kyara Sea was about the same. Putting himself in the Three G.o.ds Sect should be no problem.
Indeed, Lunda didn’t care, she nodded and said: “To be honest, our Three G.o.ds Sect used to be a little worse than the Yang family. But now, you can’t say for sure in the future. A holy person had returned to our Three G.o.ds Sect. After a few decades, our Three G.o.ds Sect would definitely surpa.s.s the Yang family! Hmph, by that time, if the Yang family dared to make trouble in our Hengluo Sea again, we’ll definitely make them suffer!”
While saying these words, Linda was clenching her teeth. It seemed that she really disliked the Yang family.
Holy person?
Shi Yan frowned, a light flashed in his head, and he knew who was the Holy person that Linda was talking about.
G.o.d Stone Square, the meteor from the sky, Ouyang Luoshuang.
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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