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Shi Yan had seen the battles clearly. Ling Mei suddenly aimed at him. Telika struck a fatal attack. Mei Ji acted strangely…

Opening his eyes, Shi Yan looked a little puzzled. He had stashed the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower in his Incipient Extent and frowned.

The Absolute Beginning Original Symbol had fused with his power Upanishad and it had imparted him an enormous amount of information. At this moment, it was like billions of electric currents moving back and forth in his brains. The Absolute Beginning Original Symbol had triggered them and weaved through his veins, bones, blood, flesh, and even his soul!

He used his Soul Consciousness to check. He found so many Absolute Beginning symbols flying out of the Life crystal ball like fireflies, entering his body, meridians, internal organs, and brain. The fierce vitality surged in his body and made him a sea of Life!

The black hole on the tier of power Upanishad still moved. It was digesting Gan Fu's energy!

Gan Fu's corrosive energy, life energy, and soul altar sunk into the black hole, getting filtered and refined. At the same time, there were so many pictures that arose in Shi Yan's mind. They were Gan Fu's experiences, her memories from birth and her cultivating progress.

The Devouring power Upanishad had unexpectedly extracted her memories while digesting her energy!

Of course, Shi Yan wasn't interested in Gan Fu's life experiences. He focused on the life ball where the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol was throbbing like a ma.s.sive heart and releasing surging vitality. Then, he checked more carefully. His soul was shaken hard!

An ultimate supernatural ability like a streak of Life materialized and became part of his power Upanishad. It was called: Surging Vitality!

Emerging together with the Surging Vitality was a warm air current. That warm air current came from the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower inside his Incipient Extent.

At this moment, in Shi Yan's brilliant galaxy-like Incipient Extent, the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower was standing on a barren star. The warm air current shot out from the top of the tower and ran directly to Shi Yan's brain.

To be exact, it went to Shi Yan's co-soul.

A slurred memory that had been dusted for billions of years had become disordered sections of mysterious symbols. Shi Yan knew what they were. However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't understand them.

However, there was a vague connection between him and the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower.

The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower had connected to his soul and sent surging memories to a deep place in his soul.

His co-soul had merged with Desolate's soul. It had a deep connection with the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. Those blurry memories seemed to wait for him to activate the Absolute Beginning creature's soul, which was the complete fusion of the heaven flames. That's how he could unlock those wisps of memory.

"You want to take the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower too? Your greed is bottomless!" the G.o.d Lord's voice arose, his face twisted in anger. "Kid, you want to take all the benefits?"

Ming Hao knitted his brows.

He was also interested in the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. He had been ready to combat with the G.o.d Lord to vie for it. He didn't expect that Shi Yan would take the tower into his Incipient Extent immediately as he woke up. It gave Ming Hao a knot in his mind.

"It's no use if you take the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. I can use it to break this area. The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower is the key to unlock this place. Because I have the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol, only I can control it," said Shi Yan casually.

"Nonsense!" the G.o.d Lord snorted and didn't buy it.

Ming Hao also frowned, his countenances changing continuously.

Shi Yan looked at the G.o.d Lord and then at Ming Hao with a grin. "It's alright if you don't believe it. Let's try. It's simple. I'll give you the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower and you guys can see if you can explore it to get us out of here or not."

Then, his eyes changed. The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower flew out of his head and floated in front of Ming Hao and the G.o.d Lord.

Shi Yan was calm, but he was laughing inwardly. At this moment, the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower and his co-soul were connected. No matter how hard the G.o.d Lord and Ming Hao tried, they couldn't find anything from the tower.

He didn't mind that the G.o.d Lord and Ming Hao were using their technique and the Soul Consciousness to connect to the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. He swayed and landed by Mei Ji.

At this moment, Mei Ji's face was ashen, her graceful body gory. Her stomach was bleeding terribly. She lay on her side by a rock. Her eyes didn't have focus as her vitality was draining.

Usually, when the body was hurt severely, the vitality slowly ran out. Once her vitality was gone, her body wasn't going to have a bit of energy left for her to function.

Taking the parents of the little skeleton for example. Because their vitality was drained, their bone bodies didn't have even a beam of light. If the White Bone Clan hadn't cultivated the bone body, they would have decayed. When someone touched them, they would have turned into dust.

If he let Mei Ji's vitality go away, her G.o.d power was going to vanish altogether. When she died, it was going to drag her life magnetic field together. The so-called life magnetic field was actually the soul magnetic field and the fountain of the host soul. When the life magnetic field was gone, it was death. Warriors never came back to life from that state.

It would be the same to Shi Yan. When his vitality was drained, he would be dead, completely dead.

"Why?" Shi Yan pondered for a few seconds. He asked in a soft voice, his mind complicated.

He didn't consider Mei Ji a friend who he could trust. There was some knot between them. They had fought furiously and he used to insult her really badly. He thought that Mei Ji must have loathed him.

When Telika had attacked him and Ling Mei ambushed him, he thought that Mei Ji would stand on Ling Mei's side. He wouldn't be surprised if it happened.

Anyway, the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower was so important to her Phantom Clan. It was a temptation that she couldn't resist. For the tower, Ling Mei had ignored Tu Shi Qi's reminder to resolutely kill him. How could Mei Ji be an exception?

He had never imagined that Mei Ji would help him.

"Don't ask me. I don't know why, either. I just thought that, even if you have to be killed, I should be the one to kill you! I won't let the others kill you! Especially Ling Mei!" Mei Ji said weakly but she still sounded resolute. There was a flame of anger in her voice and Shi Yan didn't know who had enraged her.

"Good, I'll wait for you to kill me," said Shi Yan after a while.

So many Absolute Beginning symbols were like joyful creatures moving out of his hands and entering Mei Ji's soft body magically. Those Absolute Beginning symbols rolled and pumped thick vitality to nurture Mei Ji and raise her vitality.

It was a supernatural ability that the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol had imprinted in his soul: Surging Vitality!

Magically, Mei Ji's skin glowed in health. Her pale face regained colors. The wounds in her body healed rapidly. A warm vitality shrouded her and healed all her wounds. Every muscle of hers was filled with energy, which shook her soul magnetic field continuously.

Strange light ripples from her bright eyes on her glowing face, her full lips moisturized. She had regained her peerless glamor.

Shortly after, Mei Ji stood upright as she was sinking in a warm sea of life. It felt so comfortable, her furrowed brows relaxed.

At this moment, Shi Yan retracted his hand. The Absolute Beginning symbols in Mei Ji's body returned to his palm. Those swimming symbols then returned to the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol inside the Life ball.

"I won't be thankful. All of the wounds I got are because of you!" Mei Ji's eyes were complicated as she snorted.

Shi Yan beamed brightly. "I don't need you to be thankful. I hope you continue to hate me. I like women who hate me!"

"Psychopath!" Mei Ji hissed.

"Can't contact it!"

"That kid must have done something!"

Suddenly, the G.o.d Lord and Ming Hao dispiritedly screamed. They all looked begrudging when they decided to give up their attempt on connecting to the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower.

So many symbols and light energy outside the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower were retrieved. They fell like starlight on the G.o.d Lord and Ming Hao. They had tried many secret techniques they knew to try to find the key to connect to the tower.

Eventually, they were disappointed.

The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower was like a dead city. It didn't respond at all. They couldn't bring it to their hands or to the Fantasy Sky Ring.

Of course, they deemed that Shi Yan had done something cunning.

It was true, anyway.

"I told you," Shi Yan smiled, waving his hand. The flurry in his co-soul rippled like the sea water. It connected to the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower immediately.

The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower that the G.o.d Lord and Ming Hao couldn't take was now dropping like a hat falling on Shi Yan's head. It disappeared into his nape.

"Deal with that barrier. Hurry up! We have to escape here as soon as possible. We've been trapped for a long time. I'm worried about the Desolate Territory," said Ming Hao.

"Ah, we don't need to hurry. When we open the restriction, some fish will seize the chance to run away," sneered Shi Yan.

He turned to the direction where Batum and the others had left, stroking the corner of his mouth, his voice low. "I'm like you guys. We don't know how precious the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower is, but the members of the Seven Great Clans in this Sea Domain of Nihility know. If they know we have the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, it will be a lot of trouble."

He didn't say much.

The G.o.d Lord and Ming Hao understood his idea, but it didn't mean they approved it. The G.o.d Lord snorted, "What if they know? You keep the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, not us. If they want, they will trouble you, won't they? Moreover, when you open this area, we will return to Desolate Territory at our fastest speed. What can they do to us?"

"The members of those Seven Great Clans have been searching for our Desolate Territory for a long time." Ming Hong lying on Audrey's shoulder intervened. "There is something you don't know. They are so greedy for a wounded Absolute Beginning creature. Shi Yan's correct. If they escape alive, for the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, their seniors won't hesitate to pay any price to get it. They will chase after us! We will be killed before we can reach the territory entrance!"

"What do you mean?" frowned the G.o.d Lord.

"Leave no one alive," Shi Yan said seriously.

"How about her?" the G.o.d Lord gave a faint smile, looking at Mei Ji with the awkward countenance. "She's not from our Desolate Territory. Are you going to kill her too? Do you need a hand?"

Mei Ji felt shivers send down her spine.

"She's my woman. Of course, we won't count her. I will manage my internal matters well. You don't need to care about it," Shi Yan said naturally.

Mei Ji's charming face was blushing when she heard that. She looked a little loathing and uneasy.

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