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Gan Fu's body shriveled as if she had become a midget. Her spirit, soul, and Qi were drifting away.

She spurted blood with a pure, powerful erosive energy that unexpectedly reached a terrifying level.

The G.o.d Lord was stern and insecure because he knew Gan Fu was paying with her blood and life to carry out some dark and evil technique. This technique had used an enormous amount of her energy and it could hurt her soul altogether. However, the generated corrosive energy was much more powerful than before.

This erosive energy had a strange tint that was… very familiar to the G.o.d Lord!

—— It was Dark Energy!

Sizzle! Sizzle!

The bloodstream that was Gan Fu's life blood sprayed on the bright Metal Star. The halo of the Metal Star was shadowed instantly. It was shrinking and eroding at a speed that naked eyes could see.

The G.o.d Lord's handsome face paled. The light in his eyes dimmed as he snorted. "Greed can urge your potentials, but it can also take your life away. It seems like you don't even need your life just for the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower."

"You don't know. Outsiders like you will never know!" Gan Fu smiled bitterly. "With this Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, I will find your Desolate Territory and use billions of lives there to create a Corrosion Absolute Beginning Original Symbol. I will grasp the Ultimate power Upanishad and become the overlord of Corrosion power Upanishad! You will see that day! I'm telling you now. Your evil homeland will be destroyed. Our Devouring Clan will destroy it!"

Gan Fu was still shrinking. She was dried up as if she had taken all of her blood out.

She was using a secret technique similar to the Rampage. However, it wasn't as strong as Shi Yan's Rampage. Shi Yan's Rampage used negative energy from his acupuncture points, so it wouldn't hurt his body.

Gan Fu's evil technique used her blood to boost the Corrosion power Upanishad to the utmost. However, she had to bear a terrible consequence. Her body would rot and she would have to abandon it in the end.

However, Gan Fu thought that the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower was much more precious than her body. To get the tower, she didn't regret to pay any price.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

The green blood became a small pond, which was deeply green. Gan Fu's dried, withered body hovered above the green pond while she was still gushing out blood and aimed at the G.o.d Lord.

As soon as Brian's light touched the small, green pond, it got polluted. Slowly, his light lost its purity. It gradually lost the pure holy power.

The G.o.d Lord pulled a loathing face. Seeing the green pond get out of his restraint, he immediately increase more layers of light. However, his light couldn't stop it anymore. The green pond forcefully dissolved his holy light.

Gan Fu seized the chance and stormed out.

Almost at the same time, Yerburgh, Telika, and Farlow soared up and aimed at Shi Yan.

Telika grinned. Seven crystal, lightning dragons flew out of his eyes. The dragons had armor-like scales. In the grumbling thunder, they stormed towards Shi Yan's soul altar.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

So many long lightning dragons barged into Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness. Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness seethed. The impact sent starlight dots everywhere. The other observed and found Shi Yan's co-soul and host soul dim out as if they were about to vanish.

Telika laughed wildly. "No one is guarding you. While you take in the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol, it's when you're weakest. Let me see how you can survive!"

Farlow didn't show mercy. Her eyes shimmered with a strange light. So many light b.a.l.l.s like hedgehogs rolled toward Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness.

Those light b.a.l.l.s exploded as soon as they fell and shot countless spikes, cutting and slashing the Sea of Consciousness.

Shi Yan's co-soul and host soul were like flickering candles in the wind. They were vague as if they would extinguish in any minute.

His Sea of Consciousness was attacked, which affected the progress of taking in the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol.

The Absolute Beginning symbols were now only three levels away from the top. There were dozens of symbols left to merge. At this moment, those remaining symbols were still swimming around. However, they didn't continue to merge with each other.

"Madam, what should we do?" One of the Mysterious Sky Clan warriors looked at Ling Mei next to him. "Elder Tu Shi Qi said that we have to try our best to create a good relationship with this one and recruit him to our Mysterious Sky Clan."

Ling Mei didn't take action, her bright eyes cold. She furrowed her brows and said, "He used to add that if we have to go against him, we must try our best to kill him. We shouldn't leave any possible danger."

The members of the Mysterious Sky Clan were shaken and astounded.

Ling Mei took a deep breath and looked at Mei Ji who was still struggling to make a decision. "He has obviously denied us. He won't become our Nonnative Officer. At most, we just have a little relationship. Anyway, this relationship is nothing compared to the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower."

Pausing for a while, Ling Mei made up her mind. "We shouldn't give up the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower! It's easy to choose now. Do your best! Even if you have to destroy yourself, you have to vie for the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower for your fellows!"

She turned to a warrior at First Sky of Immortal Realm, the lowest realm here. "You're at the lowest realm. For our fellows and the clan's welfare, you know what to do, right?"

That Mysterious Sky Clan warrior didn't hesitate. He was like an extremely religious warrior, roaring and crying as he attacked Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness.

While in midair, his body started to burn. His soul altar emerged. It was a sea of fire. He had cultivated Fire power Upanishad. Today, his soul altar was burning, which meant he was burning his life to cast a fatal attack.

If his soul altar exploded inside Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness, Shi Yan would have no way to duck. His soul altar would shatter altogether.

It was death!

"How dare you?!"

However, at this moment, Mei Ji screamed, ice swords growing on her body. In just a blink of an eye, several thousand ice swords flew out and aimed at that man.

After Mei Ji launched this defense, she was a little bewildered as she couldn't believe that she had done that.

She couldn't believe that she would help Shi Yan and save him. Seeing the other want to destroy Shi Yan, she was so fluttered and panicked. She didn't think and all of her concerns seemed to go away when she shot her ice swords.

"I know I can't trust you!" Ling Mei said faintly and raised her hand. Layers of water were conjured and they shielded against so many ice swords.

Ling Mei cultivated Water power Upanishad. Water and ice shared the same origin, but they were different in appearance. She and Mei Ji had been competing for years. Their powers were always equal. But today, Ling Mei had gained the upper hand.

"Water restriction!" Ling Mei screamed.

Those ice swords were covered in water and couldn't move further. Mei Ji sent her soul energy with swords, so when they were trapped, her body started shivering and she started spurting dark blood.

She had been hurt and she hadn't recovered yet. Today, she couldn't control it after she got hit.

Mei Ji's charming face paled. Her watery eyes turned dusky on her grimaced face.

"Mei Ji, you can't beat me." Ling Mei wore a cold face. She didn't attack more. "When you attacked Shi Yan and didn't take the wisp of Absolute Beginning creature's soul, I know something was wrong. I don't know what you've experienced, but I know your heart is touched. Otherwise, you wouldn't have failed. Women of your Phantom Clan rarely fall in love. But once you do, you act like a moth attracted to a fire. I understand you guy so I've always paid attention. You didn't fail me."

Mei Ji's face grimaced more. She gritted her teeth and didn't have a bit of strength to explain herself.

She lifted her head to look at the sky. She found that the sacrificial warrior of the Mysterious Sky Clan had pa.s.sed Farlow and Telika. As the others saw that the man wanted to stop Shi Yan from taking in the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol with his death, they happily gave him way.

Mei Ji felt empty all of a sudden. She thought something that belonged to her was about to shatter. She blankly looked at the sky, her eyes absent-minded.

"If you want to die, go die!" All of a sudden, the girl who was just a junior here pitched her clear voice.

It was Audrey who just spoke. She was the only Incipient G.o.d Realm warrior in this place. She looked at the sky and spoke nonchalantly and naturally.

A strange creature that was like a bat appeared, swelling. Quickly, it became a terrifying brutal soul, opening its big mouth to swallow all the brutal souls. Its ethereal body had become real. He grew more than one hundred meters tall and grinned fiendishly. His sharp claw was like an iron anchor that s.n.a.t.c.hed and grabbed the flaming chunk that wanted to hit Shi Yan with his tragic death.

"Die!" Ming Hong laughed evilly in the void.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The flaming object exploded and sent fires and sparks everywhere together with blood, pieces of flesh, and internal organs.

A charred, roasted piece of intestine fell on Telika's neck like a black necklace. He felt disgusting and yelled.

"Just a little Incipient G.o.d Realm. Even if you have Singh's brutal souls, what else can you do with your feeble body?" Ling Mei frowned. As soon as this woman decided to stop Shi Yan from taking in the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol, she seemed to become a totally different person. She was calm and naturally giving her commands. She pointed at Audrey and spoke indifferently. "Kill her. Without brutal souls to protect her, she's as weak as a sheet of paper."

A Mysterious Sky Clan man wearing black armor acted as he was ordered. He was holding a jagged saber and filling himself with a brutal, deadly aura.

Ming Hong hovered in the void and gathered the other brutal souls to be more frightening. He had swallowed all the brutal souls, leaving Audrey unguarded. Seeing Ling Mei order to kill Audrey, Ming Hong didn't hesitate and landed from the sky to protect her.

"Telika, Farlow, Yerburgh! What are you waiting for?!" Ling Mei shouted.

Telika grinned. "Ling Mei, you're always excellent with extraordinary deeds. You're one level stronger than Mei Ji, indeed. A member of the Phantom Clan who has fallen in love can't compare to you."

He laughed and gathered lightning dragons, smashing Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness one more time.

Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness exploded and created more high waves. His co-soul and host soul looked extremely feeble.

The Absolute Beginning symbols had stopped merging and started slowly dividing. The symbols that had merged with each other seemed to resume their previous condition. They were about to fall back to their previous below levels.

Ling Mei looked indifferent even though Telika had just complimented her. She didn't even blink as she looked at the sky and the top of the ma.s.sive tower where Shi Yan's soul was hovering…

All of a sudden, she found something. Her calm face had a gleam of deep fear. "No! He isn't hurt. He… He has the lost Devouring power Upanishad of the Devouring Clan! Your attacks are ineffective to his Sea of Consciousness!"

"Devouring power Upanishad! The supreme power Upanishad of my clan!" Gan Fu stopped by Ming Hao, screaming and shouting as if she was mentally ill or saw ghosts in daylight.

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