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Mei Ji knew that hag and how cunningly malicious she was. Hearing her, Mei Ji was chilled.

This hag was called Gan Fu. She was also an infamous expert of the Devouring Clan. She cultivated Corrosion power Upanishad and she often used low-realm creatures to cultivate her secret technique. She had offended all the second-cla.s.s races subjected to the Devouring Clan. Those clans had complained and wanted to leave the Devouring Clan's protection.

When Gan Fu heard that they wanted to punish her, she didn't say anything and just used her Corrosion power Upanishad to destroy those clans. She had even melted their territory.

Gan Fu's inhuman deeds made her less welcome even in her own clan. If she hadn't had Dark Energy, which enabled her to reach the Territory Ancestor Realm, the experts of Devouring Clan would have had to confine her and keep her from offending more people.

Gan Fu was sinister and ruthless. She could kill people without blinking her eyes once. However, she was loyal to the Devouring Clan.

Because of the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, she had put more effort, indeed. Tate was greedy. He didn't report the progress of this mission to his teacher. He thought that with his teacher's reputation, Gan Fu would listen to him.

And now, Tate was just a puddle of blood. Gan Fu had eroded him completely. This venomous hag wasn't afraid of Tate's teacher because of the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. Of course, she didn't consider Mei Ji anything important.

If Mei Ji was at her peak condition, even if she couldn't defeat Gan Fu, she could run away safely.

However, she couldn't leave deliberately. Gan Fu didn't care about the Soul Clan and killed Tate. Of course, she wouldn't hesitate to confine her and offend the Phantom Clan too. This made Mei Ji insecure.

She turned to Batum unconsciously.

Batum hovered in midair, his face uncertain. He was struggling in his mind.

Batum was also the lord of an area. Thinking for a few seconds, he grinned and nodded to the old woman. "Hey poisonous hag, get Mei Ji for me. I'm going to get the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol first. You can take the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower as long as you promise to refine me an Absolute Beginning Original Symbol suitable for my power Upanishad first."

"Deal!" Gan Fu grinned like a banshee. Hovering in the void, she extended her hand to grab Mei Ji.

Hundreds of dusky vipers danced like vines and spurted dark smoke as they tried to tie Mei Ji.

Mei Ji's eyes were cold while she changed her power Upanishad.


Crystal icicles of around dozens of meters jutted out of Mei Ji's s.e.xy body. All of them were chilled to the bone and as sharp as a steel knife.

Mei Ji now looked like a big hedgehog with many spikes.

"I knew you would do that." Gain Fu sounded disdainful.

The gray vipers were strangely agile. They were hissing ear-piercingly. When the icicles zoomed near, they released a terrifying erosive aura that turned into ash-gray flames and smoke in the next moment and covered Mei Ji's body entirely. The gray flame was melting Mei Ji's ice.

"Mei Ji can't run now," Gan Fu lifted her head with pride and urged Batum. "Get down here quickly."

She cautiously looked at Ming Hao and Brian. She focused especially on Ming Hao because she felt insecure almost instantly when she saw him. She felt a familiar aura on him. It was like when she was facing extraordinary warriors cultivating Soul Control power Upanishad in her clan.

Among the eight great, evil power Upanishads, not many power Upanishads were complete. Many of them couldn't derive the deepest part or the most powerful part of their abilities.

Ming Hao gave her an extremely strange feeling. She thought it was absurd, but she felt like she was facing an expert with complete and profound Soul Control power Upanishad.

While attacking Mei Ji, she discreetly observed Ming Hao and tried to find something that could help her get rid of that puzzling feeling.

In the same manner, Ming Hao was also shaken. He looked at Gan Fu using her Corrosion power Upanishad, his eyes so strange.

"The Sea Domain of Nihility has Seven Great clans including the Soul Clan, the Mysterious Sky Clan, the Black Demon Clan, the Ancient Monster Clan, the Devouring Clan, the White Bone Clan, and the Phantom Clan. The Devouring Clan consists of the descendants of Devour,the Absolute Beginning creature. Their exclusive power Upanishad is the Devouring power Upanishad. However, it has been lost early on. Now, they focus only on the eight great, evil power Upanishads. After a long time, their power Upanishads aren't complete anymore…"

Audrey's cold but clear voice arose and told the secrets that Ming Hao and the G.o.d Lord didn't know, including the Devouring Clan's profile.

Ming Hao and the G.o.d Lord understood it immediately. They exchanged looks and saw the surprise in each other's eyes.

"Well, you've been keeping an eye on our Bloodthirsty Force for ten thousand years. I'm leaving that poisonous woman to you. Deal with her." After pondering for a while, Ming Hao spoke when he saw Batum and Gan Fu seal their deal. "I'll take care of that Batum. We'll take one each. It will be much faster."

He talked about it as it was something easy to do. However, his voice was soaked with murderous intentions, which was utterly frightening.

Mei Ji was startled.

She knew that Ming Hao and the G.o.d Lord weren't ordinary experts. She knew that they were strong but she couldn't sense the aura of the Territory Ancestor Realm experts on them. So if they weren't Territory Ancestor Realm experts, how could they confront Batum and Gan Fu?"

Both Batum and Gan Fu had Dark Energy. They had made one step into Territory Ancestor Realm.


Mei Ji sneered inwardly.

However, what happened next shook her heart. It was like a storm washing through her head.

"Light that fills the sky, surge with me!"

The G.o.d Lord clapped his hands in front of his chest. The void behind him bloomed with blinding light. This holy halo had the power of Five Elements power Upanishad: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth. The five power Upanishads were chained by Light. At this moment, the G.o.d Lord looked like an archangel coming to earth from heaven with endless terrifying pressure.

Billions of light beams shot out from his body and sh.e.l.led Gan Fu.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Gan Fu's corrosive energy evaporated under the light as if she had been exposed under the sunlight for a long time.

Gan Fu was also affected. She smoked and screamed. She couldn't focus on Mei Ji anymore.

Mei Ji could relax a little bit as Gan Fu had retrieved erosive energy attacking her to deal with the G.o.d Lord.

"Who are you?" Gan Fu's face changed. "You don't have Dark Energy but you are really strong. You're not from the Seven Great Clans. Who are you?"

The G.o.d Lod's power had frightened Gan Fu. She couldn't believe that an opponent at this level could scare her.

Instinctively, she turned to Batum to check his situation. At first glance, Gan Fu panicked and screamed ear-piercingly. "Soul Control power Upanishad! Who are you? Why can you use the Soul Control Power Upanishad? It's the Devouring Clan's power Upanishad!"

Ming Hao had turned into billions of gloomy shadows. Each shadow was one of his soul clones. The soul energy fluctuated from countless clones and created a soul chain that tied Batum's soul altar down.

Once his soul altar was bound, Batum, who had almost entered the Territory Ancestor Realm, was going to be possessed. He was going to become one of Ming Hao's soul slave.

It was how domineering the Soul Control power Upanishad was.

The Soul Control power Upanishad that Ming Hao was using now was the most powerful technique; even high-realm warriors cultivating this power Upanishad in the Devouring Clan couldn't do that. It was unimaginable to Gan Fu.

"Brian, do you see that the warriors of the Sea Domain of Nihility are just like them? Perhaps the Four Heavenly Kings under your command could fight with Third Sky of Immortal Realm experts here. I think it's a little strange," said Ming Hao all of a sudden.

The G.o.d Lord had the same feeling.

The Sea was the center of this entire universe. It was the place where high-level creatures gathered. Logically, their power Upanishads and realms were the top ones. They were supposed to be stronger than the warriors from Desolate Territory.

But it was like that, actually.

Gan Fu cultivated Corrosion power Upanishad at Third Sky of Immortal Realm, which was a higher realm than Gado, the Corrosion Chief, had when he was alive. However, when Brian fought against Gan Fu, he found that Gado and Gan Fu weren't very different. However, he believed that if Gado had been at Third Sky of Immortal Realm, he would have been much stronger than Gan Fu.

"The Devouring Clan received power Upanishads from Devour. Their power Upanishads are too… ancient. When Devour and Desolate fought, Devour had developed his power Upanishads to be much more profound. The power Upanishads he had given Bloodthirsty are of course better and more marvelous. For a long period of time, Bloodthirsty had cultivated those power Upanishads with his excellent talents. He had completed them and gave them new faces and abilities. At the same time, the Devouring Clan often has internal wars, which has worn out their power Upanishads little by little. If we have to compare, they aren't as strong as you two."

Ming Hong was still lying on Audrey's shoulder. As he had lived in the Sea Domain of Nihility for ten thousand years, he had profound knowledge. He told them the main reasons immediately.

"Desolate Territory was created by Desolate. I heard that a long, long time ago, Desolate was the most outstanding existence. It has two Absolute Beginning divine weapons too. One is very marvelous. It can create lives. That's why the experts from Desolate Territory have the same realms as the warriors from any territory in the Sea Domain of Nihility! We can even be more prominent than them in some aspects. It's not strange that we can challenge the experts at a higher realm. It's because of Desolate and the two Absolute Beginning divine weapons!"

The G.o.d Lord was startled. He frowned and started thinking.

He also got a wisp of Desolate's soul. He used to visit Desolate too. He knew about the existences of the fountainhead of power Upanishads and the Ancient Tree of Life. He had vaguely thought that these two could be the Absolute Beginning divine weapons from before. And now, with Ming Hong's explanation, he had the answer to his question.

"Desolate! Bloodthirsty!" Gan Fu suddenly bellowed and pointed at the G.o.d Lord and Ming Hao. "You are from that evil place! You come from the same place as that demon Bloodthirsty! You d.a.m.n pagans! You've stolen the previous a.s.sets of our Devouring Clan. You've despicably stolen the power Upanishads of our clan! All of you deserve a million times of death!"

"Even your Ancestor Devour was defeated in our Desolate Territory. What storm can you rise?" The G.o.d Lord looked cold and harsh.

A brilliant, five-colored light with the five stars: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth was as dazzling as diamonds that crossed the sky and s.n.a.t.c.hed over Gan Fu.

Gan Fu was like a sinister, Yin viper that was dragged out of its lair and laid under the blazing sunlight. A flame burned her. Her erosive energy dissolved as soon as it gathered.

After many years of staying here, the G.o.d Lord had recovered his full energy.

Ten thousand years ago, he had been at the Peak of Immortal Realm already. Because of Dark Energy, he was stuck at the threshold to the Territory Ancestor Realm. The reason why he couldn't learn Dark Energy was his fear or what Bloodthirsty had told him, or even the power of Desolate…

No one could deny the G.o.d Lord's strength and talent. He had led the G.o.d Clan for ten thousand years, making the clan the overlord of Desolate Territory. His deeds and spirit were of an unrivaled expert.

In that vast Desolate Territory, he was just behind Bloodthirsty!

This hag was just a member of the Devouring Clan. Even if she understood Dark Energy, she wasn't an extraordinary demon like Bloodthirsty. It wasn't a surprise that she could be suppressed or killed.

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