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Chapter 144 - Sealed in Ice for Three Years
The Tiansuo Archipelago, at the southwest corner of the Hengluo Sea.
The Tiansuo Archipelago had thirty-six islands. Although it had many islands, but this Tiansuo Archipelago was barren, without any valuable mines, or any treasures.
There were many islands in the Tiansuo Archipelago, but not a lot of warriors. This was a relatively remote area in the Hengluo Sea, whether it be the Three G.o.ds Sect, the Dongfang family, or the Gu family, usually they rarely cared about this area.
A boat, that hoisted the flag of the sun, moon and stars, slowly sailed in the Tiansuo Archipelago.
The boat wasn’t big, it was only twenty meters long, and there were all types of messy cargo piled up on this boat. More than a dozen of Three G.o.ds Sect disciples were standing on the deck, looking bored to death.
These people were all in the Nascent and Disaster realms. On this trip, they accepted a task of shipping the resources on the boat to the Gu family.
Linda was the little leader of this team, she was in the first sky of the Disaster realm.
She looked like she was around twenty-five or twenty-six, bright and beautiful. She wore a normal grey religious uniform from the Three G.o.ds Sect, with the sun, moon, and stars pattern embroidered on the shoulders. The religious uniform was quite tight, it outlined the curves in her body perfectly. Her chestnut colored hair was tied with a purple ribbon, they were very long and dragged all the way up to her plump b.u.t.t. When she walked her long hair flew in the air, and then lightly hit her b.u.t.t, leaving room for imagination.
On the little boat, all the male disciples from the Three G.o.ds Sect were scattered in all the corners, but they often secretly peeked at Linda, and quietly gulped.
They weren’t the corel disciples of the Three G.o.ds Sect.
These people didn’t have the Sun Moon and Star martial spirits of the Three G.o.ds Sect on them. They all used to be disciples that belonged to some small forces in Hengluo Sea. But because the forces pledged allegiance to the Three G.o.ds Sect, they became the outer disciples of the Three G.o.ds Sect.
Without the Sun Moon and Star martial spirits, they would never be counted as core disciples of the Three G.o.ds Sect. So even when they were counted as people from the Three G.o.ds Sect, they only had roles as errand boys, doing some minor things for the Three G.o.ds Sect.
Linda was twenty-five years old, but she was in the first sky of Disaster realm, her potential was clearly very outstanding.
Unfortunately, she didn’t have the Sun Moon and Star martial spirits on her. Even when her capability was extraordinary, she still couldn’t get the approval of the Three G.o.ds Sect. She could only become a small leader of the outer disciples, doing some cargo shipping errands.
Linda had always worked hard, in the hopes, that one day she would have acc.u.mulated enough contributions, to earn the qualification to go under intense cultivation in the Three G.o.ds Sect for once.
Only those outer disciples with outstanding contributions, could obtain the qualification to go under intense cultivation in the headquarter. If they perform outstandingly during the intense cultivation, then they have a very slim chance of becoming a central disciple without the Sun Moon and Star martial spirits. Then, they could further learn and cultivate the advanced martial skills in the Three G.o.ds Sect with the a.s.sistance of the Three G.o.ds Sect.
The boat suddenly shook heavily, as it it touched some floating object under the sea.
Linda’s pretty face slightly shifted, she was a little surprised inside. She had been to the Tiansuo Archipelago area more than once, but never once had she b.u.mped into a hidden coral reef. This time the shake in the boat made her very perplexed, she raised her hand and pointed at a Human realm third sky warrior, and said: “Carmon, you go down and take a look, see if we hit a hidden reef.”
“Hidden reef?” Carmon continuously shook his head, “Impossible, when I came, my father told me, there are no hidden reefs in the Tiansuo Archipelago. There are also no profound or strong warriors here, or else, it wouldn’t be a small team like us carrying the things to the Gu family.”
Linda’s slim long eyes slightly squinted, she said lightly: “I told you to go down and take a look, not to hear your bulls.h.i.t.”
Carmon grinned, and repeatedly shook his head, “Fine I’ll go down. Linda, don’t be so mean. When you let out a command, how can I dare to disobey?”
Laughing, Carmon shouted with a deep voice, and headed straight into the sea.
In a mere moment, Carmon poked his head out of the sea, while shivering he screamed: “There are icebergs under the sea! Giant icebergs! They’re everywhere! Ah, it’s cold! It’s so cold!”
Carmon urgently paddled in the sea, using all his strength to climb towards the boat. He kept shouting in shock: “Out boat hit the top of two icebergs, and got stuck! Ah, it’s so cold, it’s so cold!”
Carmon’s face almost turned white, he rushed onto the boat, with a face full of disbelief, “I can’t believe it, how are there icebergs existing under here? I’ve came here to this Tiansuo Archipelago a few times, and I’ve never seen such a thing.”
On the boat, everyone was surprised, and discussing about this.
“Iceberg? How could there be icebergs?” Linda’s face was also full of surprise, she kept shaking her head.
Every time she shook her head, the ponytail behind her her head swung repeatedly, and kept hitting on her plump and round bottom. It made crisp “snap snap” sounds, making people distracted, and they couldn’t help but imagine some fantaisies.
“Who the h.e.l.l knows!” Carmon stood behind Linda, he clenched his teeth and shivered. But his eyes were closely staring at Linda’s b.u.t.t, the look in his eyes was fierce.
“I’ll go down to take a look.” Linda pondered for a moment, and without notifying everyone, her delicate body leaped, as she went under the sea.
Under the sea, the icebergs were like mountains in the seabed.
Roughly counting, there were probably more than ten of them. You couldn’t see the bottom of those icebergs, their roots seemed to have dug into hundred-thousand feet deep into sea.
The icebergs stood straight in the blue sea water, cold energy was spreading around everywhere, and between the icebergs there seemed to be a murky liquid connecting them. That liquid was very icy, and the cold energy under the sea came mostly from that liquid.
Linda’s delicate body shivered, she too was slightly unable to stand against the cold energy under the sea. But she toughened up and dove dozens of meters under, carefully avoiding the murky liquid between the icebergs, and moving through the icebergs.
Linda suddenly covered her mouth, but her pretty face was still full of shock and disbelief. She blankly looked at the biggest iceberg.
The iceberg was clear as crystal, and transparent.
In the biggest iceberg, there was showing a vaguely, slightly, blurry shadow. It was a man, he was completely naked, with cold energy wreathed all over his body, and you couldn’t make out his face. He seemed like an ice sculpture that had been sealed for many years, hiding in the biggest iceberg.
Linda’s felt shortness of breath, and she immediately jumped out of the sea. Her delicate body shivered as she boarded the ship, she looked like she was in a trance.
All the clothes on her body were wet, and Linda’s curves were completely revealed. Her waist, b.u.t.t, chest, and abdomen were vaguely visible. All the warriors on the boat had a spark in their eyes, they looked at her l.u.s.tfully, and secretly gulped.
Linda seemed as if she didn’t notice, she was drowned in the enormous shock. She blankly stood there, and many different thoughts flashed through her mind continuously.
Not mistaken, I was definitely not mistaken!
Linda clenched her teeth, and was sure that she definitely saw a completely naked young man in the biggest iceberg. That man seemed to be sealed in the ice, he had no trace of life, but his entire body was was covered by cold energy.
In the barren Tiansuo Archipelago, there were suddenly appeared more than ten icebergs that seemed to have existed for tens of thousands of years. In the biggest iceberg, there was even a naked man covered by cold energy…
Linda’s thoughts slowly became clear, and her eyes suddenly brightened.
She realized that this discovery, might just make her gather enough contributions. This contribution might even make her into a core disciple in the Three G.o.ds Sect, letting her cultivate the most advanced, mysterious, and magical martial skills in the Three G.o.ds Sect!
Taking in a deep breath, Linda said: “This ship is stuck, later you guys can try and see if you can get it out of the crack of the icebergs. If you really can’t, then I will use the backup boat to leave first, and to go to a nearby island to find a big ship, and transfer the cargo on the boat.”
She didn’t intend to share his discoveries with others. She already had the thought of using a little ship to get away, and quickly report the news in the place.
This contribution, she wanted to have it all by herself.
“Alright, we’ll try.” Carmon nodded, the group started to move around, trying to move the boat away.
Linda smiled indifferently, “You guys go ahead, I’ll go down to change into some clean clothes.” Then, Linda immediately left, without helping these people move the boat.
Under the sea.
In the biggest iceberg.
In Shi Yan’s seven hundred and twenty meridians all around his body, the different negative energies continuously moved. The different countless negative emotions of fear, anger, hate, and desperation rushed into his mind, and battled with the foreign soul that poured inside.
The negative emotions kept defending against the seizing attack from the foreign soul in his mind. At the same time, from inside of the Blood Vein Ring, different violent, murderous, and devastating soul attacks also rushed out. It combined with the negative emotions in his meridians, to confront the foreign soul in his mind.
It had been three years.
Three years ago, Shi Yan was dragged to the bottom of the sea by the Cold Ice Flame. Brought by the power of the Cold Ice Flame, he went into the depth of the sea, and crossed through tens of thousands of miles of sea, and reached all the way here.
Here, the Cold Ice flame tried to seize his soul. The evil and invasive consciousness of the Cold Ice Flame almost attacked Shi Yan until his soul had vanished.
At the crucial moment, the negative emotions in his seven hundred and twenty-six meridians, ragingly rushed out like a river bursting at its banks, and battled against the consciousness of the Cold Ice Flame.
At the same time, the Blood Vein Ring also let out violent, murderous, and devastating attacks. Working together with the negative power in his meridians, together they helped Shi Yan defend against the evil consciousness of the Cold Ice Flame.
Three years! He battled hard for three whole years!
In these three years, Shi Yan had to fight with the Cold Ice flame for hundreds of times every day!
He used different kinds of negative powers, and the violent, murderous, and devastating soul powers released from inside the Blood Vein Ring. They formed into layers of soul barriers, and bombarded the consciousness of the Cold Ice Flame, blocking off the invasive consciousness let out by the Cold Ice Flame.
After fighting hard for three years, the Cold Ice Flame still couldn’t complete seize his body.
Instead, over the course of three years, Shi Yan’s body already completely adapted to the Cold Ice Flame, and got used to the different soul killing attacks.
His knowledge and use of the negative emotions and soul power also rose to a new level. And during the soul battle, he unconsciously stepped into the second sky of the Disaster realm.
On this day.
The consciousness of the Cold Ice Flame, after three years of long term attack in order to seize the body, finally seemed to have started to compromise.
After battling hard for three years, the Cold Ice flame was tired too, the strain on the soul power was too big, and it started to become powerless…
Shi Yan, after having been extremely tense, was afraid to loosen up even in the tiniest bit. He suddenly realized that the consciousness of the Cold Ice Flame, was slowly slipping out of his mind, trying to leave his body.
Shi Yan sighed in relief. In the hard fight over these three years, he knew more than anyone, how terrifying the Cold Ice Flame was. Once he saw that the Cold Ice Flame was going to leave his body, the joy in Shi Yan’s heart, was truly indescribable.
However, when the consciousness of the Cold Ice Flame was just leaving Shi Yan’s mind, the Blood Vein Ring on Shi Yan’s finger, suddenly bursted in light.
A mystical ancient presence suddenly came from inside the Blood Vein Ring. The Blood Vein Ring turned into a giant swirl, and different kinds of violent, murderous, and devastating evil powers, kept rippling inside the Blood Vein Rong, forming into a strong fierce suction power.
Once the Cold Ice Flame left Shi Yan’s mind, the Blood Vein Ring actually started to fight back!
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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