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Ling Mei looked at Shi Yan deep in his eyes as she didn't know what he was thinking in his mind. Suddenly, she asked, "What do you think about our Mysterious Sky Clan?"

"I consider Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun as precursors. I appreciate them a lot. Anyway, I don't plan to become the Nonnative Officer of the Mysterious Sky Clan. I'm sorry," said Shi Yan.

He had followed Mei Ji to babble because he wanted to eliminate Ling Mei'x idea.

He knew what Ling Mei thought.

From Tu Shi Qi, Ling Mei knew his value. Just like Tu Shi Qi, she hoped to recruit him to the Mysterious Sky Clan so that he could become a strong Nonnative Officer of the Mysterious Sky Clan and work for them in the future.

Tu Shi Qi had discussed this with Shi Yan and asked him to consider.

He didn't want to join any force!

"I understand," Ling Mei nodded indifferently. "I'll tell Tu Shi Qi your decision. But I have to remind you something. There's something you shouldn't say rashly. Batum… isn't a nice guy. He will kill you."

"Thank you for reminding me," said Shi Yan honestly.

Of course, he knew things between Mei Ji and Batum. He didn't plan to stay in the Sea of Annihilation for a long time. Unless Batum could break through to the Territory Ancestor Realm soon, with his magical power Upanishads, Shi Yan could run away if he couldn't resist.

"Haha," Mei Ji laughed gently and quietly moved from Shi Yan to prevent him from further exploiting her. "If he wants to join a force, of course, he will join our Phantom Clan. Ling Mei, don't think about it."

Ling Mei snorted and turned around to look at the area with the green bubbles. Ling Mei frowned, "What happened?"

Farlow, Yerburgh, and Telika didn't answer. When they recalled that moment, they became restless.

"Let me explain," Shi Yan intervened one more time.

Ling Mei and Mei Ji turned to him.

"This is what happened…"

Shi Yan briefed them the situation. "These three have excellent divine weapons. That's how they escaped. Otherwise, they would have suffered the same consequences."

Pausing for a while, he turned to Farlow. "There's an evil Soul Consciousness from deep under the sea. I think she knows clearly. You should ask her for more details."

"I don't know the situation," Farlow kept a cold face, "The Absolute Beginning vestige is right under those green bubbles. If you want to search, go there. But you'd better be prepared. You don't want to encounter what we had experienced badly."

Everybody quieted down.

"Is it really dangerous?" whispered Mei Ji.

Shi Yan's face was heavy. "Not something normally dangerous. If you want to get in there, you should equip some treasures or power Upanishads that could stop the soul invasion. Otherwise, you shouldn't go there recklessly.

As soon as he said that, Mei Ji's expression was also heavy. "How could you get here?"

Farlow's team came here because they had the right direction. Mei Ji was sure that Shi Yan didn't know about the vestige thing. But now, he was here. Mei Ji couldn't reason why.

Of course, Shi Yan wouldn't tell her that he had followed the call from deep under the sea to get here.

He made an excuse. "I just wanted to check around to see if I'm lucky. Then, I saw those sneaky people. As I didn't have anything to do, I secretly followed them here." He changed the topic, his face dark. "How about you? How could you come here?"

"I knew you came to the seabed. I was worried so I went after you. I met Ling Mei's team along the way. I followed her until this area," said Mei Ji with a smile.

They exchanged looks as they knew that they were hiding things from each other. However, they were wise enough not to ask for more.

"What to do now?" Telika looked at Farlow. "Should we retreat or wait for a while?"

Yerburgh was alone here. He also hesitated because he knew that he couldn't do anything here. If he couldn't get through that area, waiting here was just a waste of his time.

Shortly, Farlow, Telika, and Yerburgh had made up their mind. They decided to leave and follow the old way to return.

A strange change happened right at this moment!

The dried corpses inside the green bubbles exploded all of a sudden. A kind of dark and bizarre energy expanded and sank deeper to the seabed.

Shortly after, the vast area was no longer full of green bubbles.

Yerburgh was closest to that area. He moved directly.

He didn't find any danger.

With a shocked face, he immediately barged into the area and bent his body to observe the underneath.

Countless green bubbles sank rapidly. The exploded corpses had become pure energy that fell like light dots.

Those light dots were like stars in the sky. While they were falling, they had become magical Absolute Beginning symbols. It seemed like the green bubbles were the eye of some formation. While it was falling, somewhere deep into the seabed suddenly glowed in brilliant halos.

Deep under the sea, a group of vague but grand buildings emerged.

Everybody was bewildered. They looked at Yerburgh and then observed underneath to see the vague lines of many buildings.

At the same time, Shi Yan's mind was shaking hard. He could feel the urgent call from deep in the seabed!

It was the unique whining call of the Absolute Beginning creatures. He had heard it from Hui. Today, that voice came directly into his Sea of Consciousness. That voice was too vague to get the message. Shi Yan guessed that someone wanted him to go to the seabed. He discolored and hesitated for the first time.

He didn't know what was down there. If it was an Absolute Beginning creature, no one here could be able to resist. Even if it was a weak Absolute Beginning creature, still, no one here would be able to resist its attack!

From the tragic death of those members of the Ancient Monster Clan and Black Demon Clan, Shi Yan was sure that if there was an Absolute Beginning creature, it didn't have any good intention.

At his realm, if the Absolute Beginning creature aimed at him, he would be killed faster. Even if he had s.p.a.ce power Upanishad, he couldn't save himself.

Should he go there…

"Come here. What are you waiting for?" Mei Ji waved at him and looked thrilled. "The Absolute Beginning vestige is down there. I saw a grand palace. Although it's vague, I'm sure it's colossal!"

Shi Yan pondered and gritted his teeth as he decided to go and check. Once things went wrong, he would retreat immediately.

Although he thought so, he didn't dare to go directly. He began to arrange something.

The sea water around him foamed and created a bubble.

Shi Yan used his s.p.a.ce power Upanishad to check for a while. When he confirmed he could still teleport here, he exhaled in relief. Then, he moved toward Mei Ji.

The b.l.o.o.d.y scene was now calm. People lingered there for a while. Eventually, they couldn't help but start to sink.

The water pressure suddenly increased. Their light protection was pressed and got deformed.

Gradually, Shi Yan felt suffocated. While lowering to the seabed, it felt like he had a mountain on his back pressing on his bones, his entire body ached.

He turned to Mei Ji. Mei Ji was fine. The light cave protecting her body was pressed toward her perfect body, but it wasn't affected too much.

Pondering for a while, he was about to urge the power of his blood to transform.

"Come here. Go with me. It'll be fine for a while," said Mei Ji.

Shi Yan was bewildered. He smiled and didn't deny her offer. He flew toward her and the radiant, colorful light cage parted to let him in. It also swelled up to make more room.

The two of them squeezed in the egg-like light protection, their shoulders touching. Shi Yan could take in the charming fragrant of her body and he could feel her voluptuous body's heat. "You know Batum?" asked Mei Ji.

Shi Yan was surprised and shook his head. "No, I don't."

"Don't lie to me!" Mei Ji hissed through her gritted teeth. "When Ling Mei mentioned Batom, you didn't look surprised. I'm sure you know him from Yu Lian. I'm curious. If you know Batum's realm, why did you tease me? You're not afraid of death?"

"If I can make you mine, it's worth my death," Shi Yan shrugged.

"You know that's impossible," Mei Ji giggled. The aura on her body gradually became cold. It meant that she was still cold as usual.

"Well, you proactively leaned against me. I think no normal man can resist that. If I refused, how embarra.s.sed would you be?" Shi Yan was calm and said, "I don't care who Batum is. Anyway, after I found Audrey, I will leave the Sea of Annihilation and the Sea Domain of Nihility. Even if Batum is invincible, how can he trouble me?"

"You want to leave? To Desolate Territory?" Mei Ji suddenly had a gleam of sadness in her heart. "I've not done with you yet and you say you're leaving?"

"Done?" Shi Yan pulled a cold face and turned to her. He didn't try to be polite. "Perhaps you've forgotten the lessons. But you should know that with your current condition, you still need a little more to trouble me."

"It's true that I'm not fully recovered. Anyway, do you think that I don't have any solution?" Mei Ji was enraged.

Shi Yan snorted and didn't quarrel with her. He pulled himself together to observe the underneath.

A ma.s.sive light dome like an arch of heaven slowly emerged. The area under that dome was grand and imposing like an ancient ruin.

As the light dome was protecting them, the ruins weren't soaked in seawater. The light dome had so many blood lines, which were like connected ditches. A pungent smell invaded their nostrils.

Shi Yan frowned and observed. He was startled when he found it. "Those blood lines are b.l.o.o.d.y streaks of the warriors who were killed recently. It's some sort of blood sacrifice. It requires blood to activate the light dome."

"You mean we can get in there? The green bubbles disappeared because of those who were killed earlier? Their blood was enough to activate this thing?" Mei Ji caught the keywords.

Shi Yan nodded.

"How did you know that?" Mei Ji was so surprised.

"Intuition," said Shi Yan.

It was actually his intuition. Looking at the light dome as big as the arch of the sky and the ancient buildings that were now in ruins, Shi Yan had a familiar feeling.

Shi Yan had glanced at the blood streaks on the light dome and somehow, he knew that some sort of blood sacrifice wasneeded to activate that thing. This feeling was strange but Shi Yan thought it was true.

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