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Farlow cultivated Mind power Upanishad, so her sensitivity was always better. When she said she didn't feel anything abnormal, Yerburgh and Telika were disdainful.

—— Apparently, they believed Farlow's a.s.sumption.

Shi Yan didn't explain. He put more distance between him and the other three to prevent a possible dispute. Shi Yan discreetly moved.

Before those people got here, Shi Yan didn't plan to say more. Shi Yan had used the Soul Consciousness with s.p.a.ce power Upanishad to sense a group of warriors moving behind them. Although Farlow's Mind power Upanishad was magical, her long-distance sensing wasn't strong enough.

"What should we do to him?" Telika lowered his voice.

The group of the Black Demon Clan coming here had to bear a big loss. Only Telika and Farlow survived. At this moment, he was in a really bad mood. He wanted to vent it out.

"Whatever you want. I don't have any idea. Well, if you can kill him to take his soul, it's your luck." Yerburgh shrugged, his eyes cold and sinister. He wanted to see Telika attack the other to measure Shi Yan's competence.

"I've tried," snorted Telika.

Yerburgh was surprised and felt ridiculous. "So you didn't defeat him when you battled him earlier?"

Telika grimaced.

"Telika, come back to the sea surface and report the situation. I'm here to watch. We will do it when our clan's hotshots come," said Farlow all of a sudden.

"Why don't you do that yourself?" snorted Telika.

"I can," Farlow hissed. She didn't have any mild feature of a woman. She acted more like a rude man. "If you aren't afraid of being killed by Yerburgh, you can stay here. I'm going back."

"Why would I do that?" Yerburgh rubbed his nose. His face was as if he was being treated unfairly.

Telika discolored as he suddenly remembered that Yerburgh was here too. Moreover, he had Third Sky of Immortal Realm which was one level higher than his.

He didn't want to stay anymore. "This kid is a thorn in my eyes. I want to kill him before I leave."

"Up to you," Farlow didn't think it was a big matter.

However, as soon as she finished talking, her face changed. "No!"

It was the first time she was frightened. She turned to Shi Yan, her face baffled. "Someone is coming…"

As soon as she said that, Telika and Yerburgh were also fearful. They turned to observe Shi Yan in surprise.

Although he was too far away from the coming people, he could sense them beforehand. He was more precise than Farlow. From this feature, they could tell that he wasn't ordinary at all.

Telika wanted to kill Shi Yan but now, he had to put this thought aside, frowning and hovering.

Ten minutes later, a group of six warriors with exquisite, shining armor came. They moved like quiet spirits in the water.

Their leader was a woman wearing a thick and complicated set of armor. The gold, bright yellow, and orange-red lines created patterns of the sun, flowers, and flames on her armor. Her armor covered her slender, straight thighs, her ample b.r.e.a.s.t.s, and her wheatish skin tone. She kept her shoulders, flawless abdomen, and half of her long legs covered. Following her were five men in dark armor. Their auras were calm and cold. Their eyes were brilliant with divine lights.

Shi Yan was startled at a first glance as he mumbled, "Mysterious Sky Clan…"

The Mysterious Sky Clan woman with s.e.xy clothes looked around thirty years old. She had tender, lovely facial contours, her eyes twinkling.

Peak of Immortal Realm!

At first glance, Shi Yan could see her real realm. He became cautious.

"Ling Mei!" Farlow was surprised when she saw who came. Her eyes flashed as she snorted. "I didn't expect the Mysterious Sky Clan to come here. And it's you, unexpectedly. It seems like you guys are interested in the Absolute Beginning vestige a lot."

"Farlow, Yerburgh, Telika…"

The Mysterious Sky Clan woman called Ling Mei gently nodded to the three and said their names. She looked nonchalant as she spoke relaxingly, "Why are only you here?"

The other three kept silent with grimaces.

"Well, of course, they didn't come here with only these people. Unfortunately, one hour before you came, all were killed. Yeah, right in between those green bubbles." Shi Yan intervened, pouting at the area ahead of them and speaking indifferently.

"Shut up!" bellowed Farlow and Telika.

Shi Yan chuckled. "With your realm and competencies, you need more to shut me up. If the real experts of your clan came here, besides shutting my mouth, I would also stay as far away from here as I can."

The hot woman of the Mysterious Sky Clan wore a tender face like calm water. The corners of her mouth drew a strange smile. She looked interested when she a.s.sessed Shi Yan. Her eyes suddenly brightened when she pulled a stern face. "Are you Shi Yan?"

"Er?" Shi Yan was surprised. "Did Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun tell you something about me?"

"It's you!" Ling Mei beamed honestly. "Those two precursors are heading to this Sea of Annihilation. They told me about you and they said that you could go to the Sea of Annihilation. I didn't expect you to come so early."

Ling Mei pulled a stern face and introduced herself, "I am Ling Mei, the one who's in charge the Sea of Annihilation in the Mysterious Sky Clan. If you meet any trouble, don't hesitate and just come see me. I'm sure I'll try my best to help you."

Farlow, Yerburgh, and Telika discolored in fright when they heard that. Now, when they turned to Shi Yan, they all had odd countenances.

"Why would he need to disturb your Mysterious Sky Clan?" However, at this moment, a charming voice came from a far distance. Afterward, a cold light zoomed over. Mei Ji came.

Mei Ji wore a luxurious, long dress, showing her snow-white skin. Her face was charming and her soft voice could reach people's souls.

Mei Ji was truly an innate treasure. As long as she appeared, Ling Mei's beauty became inferior. Her mature, attractive features made Yerburgh and Telika aroused. They almost got a nosebleed.

As soon as Mei Ji arrived, she didn't hesitate to approach Shi Yan and blame him. "Why did you have to get into the sea? "Even if something happened, you should have told me first. Didn't you know that someone has sold you down the river?"

Then, her cold eyes gazed at Yerburgh as she said awkwardly. "Eh? You're here too? You always put it on your mouth that you had to repay my favor. Well, just a turn and you've sold me already. Yerburgh, your deeds aren't bad at all?"

Yerbugh looked ashamed and bowed to her. "The Devouring Clan and the Soul Clan had a big price. You know what I sell, right? I couldn't help but… sell the information."

Mei Ji giggled and waved her hand elegantly. "I'm not going to blame you. Anyway, don't dream about getting more information from me. The relationship between us ends here."

"Shi Yan, how are you related to her?"

Ling Mei of the Mysterious Sky Clan couldn't explain this. When she received the message from Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun, Tu Shi Qi had asked her to protect Shi Yan. Even if they had to become the Phantom Clan's enemy, they had to ensure Shi Yan's safety.

Tu Shi Qi also said that Mei Ji would try her best to hunt Shi Yan. She wanted to refine his soul to reach the Territory Ancestor Realm.

Lately, Ling Mei had paid attention. And today, seeing Shi Yan undersea, she was both happy and afraid. She had just decided to protect him and Mei Ji had shown up with some unknowingly clingy feelings towards Shi Yan. Ling Mei was puzzled. She began to think that Tu Shi Qi was wrong.

"I…" Shi Yan opened his mouth to explain.

However, at this moment, a voluptuous body approached him. Under the firing gaze of Telika and Yerburgh, Mei Ji wound her snow-white arm around him and leaned against his body. Her charming face was filled with lecherous gleams as she seduced him, "Of course, it's the most intimate one…

Shi Yan was surprised. He looked at Mei Ji at his chest awkwardly. He shifted his eyes to frown at Ling Mei in front of him. There was a flash in his eyes as he understood it.

Mei Ji and Ling Mei didn't get along well!

They were the leaders of the Phantom Clan and Mysterious Sky Clan in the Sea Domain of Nihility. After a long time, these two women must have encountered each other a lot. Ling Mei had received news from Tu Shi Qi to recruit Shi Yan. She had expressed their opinions and Mei Ji had overheard that.

Perhaps she didn't want to show up early. Because of Ling Mei, she was forced to appear earlier to compete with Ling Mei. That's why she had to lean against him like this.

A serious of thoughts flashed in his head. Shi Yan smiled and then pulled Mei Ji to his chest, not trying to be polite. Feeling her soft body stiff, he grinned evilly and inwardly. However, he still held a stern face and said, "She's my woman."

His statement was earth-shaking!

Not only Ling Mei but Farlow, Telika, and Yerburgh were also dumbstruck. They looked at Shi Yan as if he was an incredible monster.

Was it true?

Everybody knew that Batum had declared that Mei Ji would be his woman in this Sea of Annihilation. No one dared to claim her. Otherwise, Batum would absolutely hunt him down.

Even the superiors of the Phantom Clan had discreetly agreed. They were waiting for Mei Ji to yield. After Batum had reached the Territory Ancestor Realm, they were going to announce this to the other clans.

Today, a kid at First Sky of Immortal Realm had the guts to hug Mei Ji and claim her as his woman. Did he want to turn everything upside down?

Mei Ji wore a stiff face for a moment. However, she resumed shortly and smiled like a flower. "Right, this is my man, Mei Ji's real man."

d.a.m.n you, kid! It's you who courts death! You dare to exploit me. Wait for Batum to mince you!

She could feel Shi Yan's big and rough hand squeeze and rub her b.u.t.t cheeks. Mei Ji's body stiffened. She secretly gritted her white teeth and cursed Shi Yan.

"Mei Ji, are you kidding?" Ling Mei was surprised. "Everybody knows that you and Batum being together is inevitable. If you do that, you will trouble Shi Yan and yourself altogether. Are you sure?"

She turned to Shi Yan and said solemnly, "I guess you don't know the thing between her and Batum. Batum has Dark Energy. He's at the Peak of Immortal Realm and he's just a step away from the Territory Ancestor Realm. He's the sort of man who would seek revenge for the slightest grudge. If he knows this, you will… have to struggle a lot!"

The corners of Shi Yan's mouth twitched slightly but he was still calm and silent.

He had prepared. After he found Audrey and located the territory entrance, they were going to return to Desolate Territory immediately. He didn't know if he would return to Sea Domain of Nihility again. Even if he did return, he wouldn't be at his current realm when that happened. If so, why would he be afraid of that Batum?

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