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Countless crystal green bubbles floated like a silent green lantern or so many strange, evil eyes watching the others intruding.

Each bubble carried a desiccated corpse, which had probably endured something utterly terrible before they died with a desperate and fearful face.

"Everybody, watch out!"

Farlow reminded. She was a woman with a body that was even brawnier than a man's. At this moment, she was covered inside so many white light layers. Her light protection looked like an egg that continuously released strange soul energy fluctuations. It seemed like she had sent so many wisps of Soul Consciousness to check around.

The members of the Black Demon Clan gathered by her. Telika stayed furthest away from her, but it was just around twenty steps. They were actually creating a formation with Farlow as the center.

Yerburgh led the Ancient Monster Clan and tried to stay away from Farlow's group to avoid any possible dispute.

Slowly, they moved toward the green bubbles.

Farlow had a rare Mind power Upanishad. She was sensitive to the Soul Consciousness and energy. Also, she had a miraculous intuition when they were in danger.

She expanded her Soul Consciousness.

All of a sudden, she looked at the turbulent area where it had exploded and doubted.

Whenher Soul Consciousness reached that area, she vaguely felt a feeble wisp of soul energy. It flashed and then disappeared. When she tried to sense again, it had utterly disappeared.

Just an illusion?

She shook her head and suppressed the doubt in her mind, continuing to search through the green bubbles.

Shi Yan was tense while hiding in his secret spot. He became more cautious. Farlow had just Third Sky of Immortal Realm. She couldn't detect Shi Yan precisely like Mei Ji had done when he used Dark Energy to hide. Anyway, this woman had a special power Upanishad that had almost busted Shi Yan when he was a little careless.

Shi Yan had to be more cautious.

He couldn't resist many members of the Black Demon Clan and Ancient Monster Clan here. As soon as he was exposed, he would suffer from the pitiful consequence of being their cannon fodder.

Before the others had sunk deeply into the deathtrap, he had to ensure that he stayed concealed in his secret spot.

Shi Yan retreated his released Soul Consciousness. He sealed himself and didn't try to sense the surroundings, using his eyes and ears.

His pupils shrank all of a sudden.

A muscular man of the Ancient Monster Clan moved to the area between the green bubbles. He looked frightened and his soul was taken immediately. He became wild, screaming and then attacking the nearest Ancient Monster Clan warrior.


A ferocious giant snake shot out from his palm. In just a blink, the snake expanded and opened its dark, b.l.o.o.d.y mouth to swallow that member of the Ancient Monster Clan. The snake fangs began to chew and tear the victim's body.

Shriek! Shriek!

All of a sudden, the screeching and shrieking arose from deep undersea. It was like a chilling saber drilling into people's hearts and slashing their soul altars.

Farlow of the Black Demon Clan released her Soul Consciousness to check the secrets of this area. Her muscular body couldn't help but shiver. Blood ran from her mouth, nostrils, eyes, and ears. They looked like many horrible blood snakes that rose the hair on people's heads.

She had a deep fear on her face as she screamed ear-piercingly. "Retreat! Retreat all of you!"

She screamed crazily. Instinctively, she wanted to get rid of this area. However, in almost a blink of an eye, this sea area's gravity felt a thousand-time heavier. It felt like so many invisible chains had come and tied all of them.

The members of the Ancient Monster Clan and Black Demon Clan tried their best to struggle using their power Upanishads that they had been cultivated for thousands of years. Thunder and lightning exploded. The fire dragon roared. Icicles sh.e.l.led everywhere. The rainbow light bloomed. The entire sea area was stirred up with exploding energies.

The warriors in that deathtrap seemed to be possessed. Their faces looked ultimately panicked and desperate as they tried their best to run away for their lives.

Gradually, some of them who were possessed began to attack the others. They were using their best powers to kill their long-time partners.

Cut limbs were everywhere. Blood splashed. That sea area was now a terrible scene in h.e.l.l that people didn't want to look at twice.

Shi Yan had planned to seize the chance to attack the others and make them pay a b.l.o.o.d.y price. However, he couldn't hold on to that thought. Dark Energy returned to his head. He wasn't invisible anymore, so he hovered from a far distance and watched.

Ahead of him was a sealed area because although there were so many dead people, there was no beam of aura to get out of the place.

He didn't get any benefit from their deaths.

From where he was hovering, he saw the members of the Ancient Monster Clan and Black Demon Clan sink into a desperate situation. He looked at Farlow, Telika, and Yerburgh, the three with high-ranks and n.o.ble positions. They were using their blood and power to urge their treasures and turn into three lightning bolts, trying to get rid of the place.

He didn't know that Farlow, Telika, and Yerburgh were the outstanding characters in their clans. They had received focused training and they had life-protection secret treasures that Territory Ancestor Realm experts had refined for them.

Farlow was squeezing a gla.s.s ball in her hand, which had many brilliant lights. Telika was holding a long spear with lightning drawings. His spear was wiggling like a snake. Yerburgh was wearing sparkling gold armor. At this moment, his armor had some fine cracks.

All of them were excellent warriors in their clans. With the life-protection treasures bestowed from their precursors, they tried to make a way out of that evil sea area.

They had fear in their eyes that they couldn't hide. They looked at their fellows slaughtering each other until death. Slowly, the dead warriors sank deeper to the seabed in that area.

The desperate gleam on the faces of the dried corpses inside the green bubbles seemed to change quietly. Now, they looked mocking somehow.

It was like they were brought back to life and releasing evil energy that affected those who dared to intrude just a moment ago.

Shortly after, that sea area quieted down. Blood diluted in the sea water. The fellows that Farlow and Yerburgh had brought here all sank into the seabed. It became silent again.

Farlow, Telika, and Yerburgh were petrified. Seeing their members die tragically, they were extremely frightened. They didn't dare to move toward that area one more time.

Shi Yan was around one hundred meters away from them. They saw him but they didn't make a move.

They just observed the sea area ahead.

A long time after that, Farlow pulled herself together. The fear in her eyes hadn't dispersed yet. "We can't go in there with our own power. We don't need to stay here and waste more efforts. We're going to return and report to the superior."

Yerburgh didn't respond. He just gave her a nod. He knew that Farlow was right. The dangers in this area weren't something that they could survive.

If it wasn't because of the divine weapon they had received from the precursor in their clans, they would have had the same consequence. They would have become one of those corpses sinking over there.

Yerburgh turned around to look at Shi Yan, his face changed. "It's you, somehow."

Shi Yan looked calm as he proactively walked to them. "Are you going to retreat?"

No one paid attention to him.

Although Shi Yan had special power Upanishads, his realm was too low. He had only First Sky of Immortal Realm and he wasn't from the Seven Great Clans. Farlow and the others were hurt. While they were worried and irritated the most, Shi Yan reappeared and approached them. He gave them strange thoughts.

Was he seeking death?

"Are you all mute?" Frowning, Shi Yan looked at Farlow and said, "What did you sense in there? I know you have a strange power Upanishad. You must have perceived something…"

Hiding in the dark while the members of the Black Demon Clan and the Ancient Monster Clan were wounded, he had released the Soul Consciousness of the co-soul.

He felt that familiar aura and the magical call from the deep area of the sea one more time

However, the intimidating Soul Consciousness that had killed the Black Demon Clan and Ancient Monster Clan members wasn't the familiar soul he had sensed. It made him more cautious and dare not to intrude the area.

"I'm curious. How can you hide where I can't find you? Besides s.p.a.ce power Upanishad, what else have you cultivated?" Farlow didn't answer but asked.

"I asked first," said Shi Yan.

Farlow's rough face grew impatient and hot-tempered. "What are you? You're at First Sky of Immortal Realm only. You're not a member of the Seven Great Clans, either. Do you think you deserve to talk to me?"

"Mei Ji didn't come with you here?" asked Yerburgh all of a sudden.

Listening to them, Farlow and Telika were bewildered. They turned to see Yerburgh.

"This fella is called Shi Yan. He rode the high waves on Dragon Lizard Star. Yeah, you're right. He's the lucky guy with a wisp of a soul of an Absolute Beginning creature. I'm curious why Mei Ji hadn't refined you on the way. I know that because of Batum, Mei Ji wouldn't hesitate to pay any price to reach the Territory Ancestor Realm. Well, as she didn't kill you, does she like you?" asked Yerburgh in a low-pitched voice.

Farlow and Telika were startled. They looked both surprised and greedy.

"So? You guys want to refine me to take the Absolute Beginning creature's soul I got?" Shi Yan felt ridiculous. "Mei Ji failed. Do you think you can do that?"

Mei Ji failed?

They were astounded.

Farlow and Yerburgh were at Third Sky of Immortal Realm, but they weren't at the peak. Telika had only Second Sky of Immortal Realm cultivation base. Talking about credit or realms, they couldn't compete with Mei Ji. If Mei Ji failed, would they fail too?

He was just a junior at Second Sky of Immortal Realm. How could Mei Ji fail?

If she didn't fail, why was this fellow still alive?

All of them were so suspicious because of Shi Yan. They weren't so sure if he was saying the truth.

"Someone is coming." Shi Yan changed his face and turned to look in the direction behind him. "Should be the members from your Seven Great Clans. It seems like everybody knows about the Absolute Beginning vestige. You are just a pioneer group. Well, the group with the worst luck."

Yerburgh, Telika turned to look at Farlow.

Farlow was skeptical and shook her head. "I can't feel anything. I'm not sure if he is telling the truth."

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