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Shi Yan was staying in the Phantom Clan's base.

After reaching the Immortal Realm, he fought or cultivated the power Upanishad all the time. He didn't give himself time to relax.

This island belonged to the Phantom Clan. It was where they collected information. Of course, it was also the place they used to recruit hotshots and benefit their clan. For example, Mei Ji had visited the Water Tribe and talked to Yuan Mo. She had persuaded and recruited the Water Tribe, making it a force that was dependent on the Phantom Clan.

In the Sea of Annihilation and also the surrounding areas, there were several second-cla.s.s clans dependent on the Phantom Clan. Mei Ji was here to establish a close connection with them.

Inside the elegant tower, Shi Yan sat quietly, his face cold. He was thinking about the events that had just happened recently.

He had thought a lot about them.

Forefather Dragon Lizard of the Dragon Lizard Clan; Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun from the Mysterious Sky Clan; Singh was killed; Ming Hong had gotten into Audrey's head; Mei Ji, the little skeleton and the Devouring Clan…

"The Immortal Realm is still a low-realm level."

Shi Yan forced a smile and sighed.

If he had reached Territory Ancestor Realm, it would have not been a problem on Dragon Lizard Star. He could have threatened Singh and Ming Hong easily. Mei Ji wouldn't have had a chance to turn him into a meaty pie and try her best to refine his soul. If he had reached the Territory Ancestor Realm, in this Sea of Annihilation, Yerburgh wouldn't have dared to rumor anything or disclose his ident.i.ty.

Even if he did that, at Territory Ancestor Realm, Shi Yan wouldn't be afraid of any challenge in the Sea of Annihilation.

But now…

He quickly decided his plan. He must find Audrey and locate the territory entrance. Even if they couldn't return to Desolate Territory now, at least they would have an exit.

He needed to be stronger!

Immortal Realm experts could become peerless in Desolate Territory. However, in the Sea Domain of Nihility, they weren't the top warriors. If he wanted to survive, he had to make efforts to increase his competence continuously.

Shi Yan let his Soul Consciousness check his internal organs, souls, and bone frames. His furrowed brows relaxed.

If he wanted to be stronger rapidly, he knew he had a simple method. Devour! His Devouring power Upanishad!

Shi Yan made up his mind quickly. On the way to the Sea of Annihilation, his realm stabilized. What he needed now was energy. He needed all the energy he could get in his body. Also, if he wanted to help the little skeleton's parents, he had to gather a lot of energy.

After several days, he hadn't received any news from Mei Ji. After she returned to this island, Mei Ji had parted from him. She didn't meet him once. He called for Yu Lian. The young girl came with fear. "Why do you call me?" Madam Mei Ji said that you should stay here and cultivate. Don't worry. Once we get news about the girl you want to find, we will tell you immediately."

"Which area of the Sea of Annihilation is the most chaotic?" asked Shi Yan all of a sudden.

"What do you mean?" Yu was surprised.

"Where do battles take place the most? Where do a lot of people die?" Shi Yan tried to make himself clear.

Yu Lian pointed at the ground and said without too much thinking. "The seabed!"

"The seabed?" Shi Yan was surprised.

"The Sea of Annihilation's seabed is so vast. It attracts so many warriors to come and explore. Deep undersea, precious treasures and materials are often found. It's when the experts come and compete for them. The seabed is the fiercest battlefield. We won't go there recklessly because we're afraid of furious battles," answered Yu Lian.

"So which section has the fiercest battles?" asked Shi Yan.

"I'm not sure," Yu Lian frowned. "The seabed is so vast. The explorers are also scattered around. Sometimes, it takes a lot of effort to find someone."

Shi Yan nodded and pondered for a while. He then said, "You tell Mei Ji that I'm going out for a while."

Then, he didn't mind Yu Lian's words, turning into a thunderbolt and flying away.

The Phantom Clan's island had many barriers and restrictions. However, those were used to defend against people intruding the island. It wasn't easy to get into the island. However, it was no problem to fly out from the inside. Thus, Shi Yan could fly away freely.

Yu Lian didn't stop him and she couldn't stop him, anyway. She could only see him fly away. Yu Lian was dumbstruck. After she could get a hold of herself, she hurried to find Mei Ji and tell her that he was gone.

Mei Ji wore brocade and silk dress and sat inside a secret chamber in the main hall. She was holding a yellow ancient book. After listening to Yu Lian, she waved her hand and said, "I got it. You can leave now."

Yu Lian left quietly.

Mei Ji dropped the ancient book, her beautiful face suspicious. She thought for a while and mumbled to herself, "That kid has so many secrets. But why does he have to visit the most chaotic areas? Does he have any conspiracy?"

Her thoughts changed and she stepped out of the secret chamber. After giving orders to her close subordinates, she left the island.



A figure covered in the starlight slowly sank into the sea. The blue sea surface was above his head and he was facing the dark, cold water with the pressure increasing continuously.

Inside the light curtain, Shi Yan was observing his surroundings while sinking deeper.

In this cold sea, there was no fish. Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness expanded and he found only the cold, dark areas.

He rose a finger and poked through the light curtain to touch the sea water. The sea water was indeed icy. It seemed like the cold could seep into his bones and marrow.

He retracted his finger, slowly quieted down, and closed his eyes.

He was using the soul power to survey the surroundings with the hope of finding a group of people. It would be better if he could find a battle. He needed battles. He needed people to die. He needed energy from them.

He was still sinking deeper toward the seabed, frowning and thinking.

According to Mei Ji, someone said that the Sea of Annihilation was like a funnel. The surface of the sea was the bottom of the funnel, and the seabed was hundreds of times bigger than the sea surface. It could be as big as an immense territory.

He didn't really believe that.

But now, he understood it.

Since he was a warrior cultivating s.p.a.ce power Upanishad, the speed of his soul energy and Soul Consciousness was ten or even one hundred times faster than a normal warrior's!

However, his Soul Consciousness had reached the limit before it could cover a part of the Sea of Annihilation. Although he had let his Soul Consciousness reach as far as he could, he felt that this sea didn't have an end.

After a while, he sent a wisp of Soul Consciousness into the Heavenly Fantasy Star Compa.s.s to check the time. It'd been three days since he began to sink into the sea.

And he was still sinking. How deep was this sea?

However, he had to reduce his speed because the water pressure became more terrifying the deeper he went. At his realm and cultivation base, he gradually felt tired.

One day, he suddenly stopped sinking and hovered in the sea.

His Soul Consciousness changed direction. He sent it toward the seabed.

As his Soul Consciousness wasn't tied by the water pressure, it moved rapidly and searched.


Shi Yan opened his eyes. The strange light flared from his eyes when his body shivered.

He was so surprised when he looked at the seabed underneath. His face became odd.

He had sensed a familiar aura deep undersea. Somewhere deep down there, a voice was calling him. He suddenly felt that he could trust that call.

To be more exact, that soul calling aimed at his co-soul and his co-soul reported that familiar aura!

His co-soul had fused with Grace Mainland, one of Desolate's wisps. It was also the soul of an Absolute Beginning creature!

That familiar aura sent him a trustful feeling. What was it?

He knew that it was really far from him. With the distance his Soul Consciousness had sensed, it would take around ten days to get there. Shi Yan frowned and hovered astounded.

The Absolute Beginning Era was the epoch of annihilation. The Absolute Beginning creatures were so powerful. They were the ancestors of billions of creatures and they were also the Creator's favorite children. Those intimidating creatures were born with terrifying powers. Although the warriors had improved and advanced power Upanishads for many years, the Absolute Beginning creatures were still the strongest in this world.

The thing that made his co-soul, the Absolute Beginning creature' soul, feel family and trust… what is it?

Hesitating for a while, he made his decision, which he acted upon immediately.

He flew to the area that his Soul Consciousness had sensed. That area was pretty far from him and in the deeper level of the sea. He couldn't move fast in the water because of the pressure. Slowly, the light cage he made from star energy wore out.

After several days, he had to stop and gather his G.o.d power by using the Star power Upanishad to weave a new light cage.


Somewhere on the seabed.

So many light cages were moving. Each of those different colored light cages contained a beefy man.

If Shi Yan was here, he would have found that they were the men he had met. The leader of this group was Yerburgh. He stayed half naked, showing the exquisite beast marks on his upper body. He was calmly moving through the water.

A green light cage moved next to him, carrying a small and thin alien. His eyes sparkled as if he was checking something. Gradually, he looked restless.

"It should be near here! I'm sure it's just around! How could things go wrong? Lately, when I came, I found it near here!" That alien warrior had spent a lot of time going around the seabed. The previous time he came here with some comrades, he found an Absolute Beginning vestige accidentally. However, they couldn't approach it. Their souls became dizzy and they lost their consciousness shortly. When they woke up, they were floating on the sea surface.

Yerburgh suddenly stopped, his face dark as he hissed. "I hope you could guide us in the right way. Otherwise, you know the consequence!"

As soon as he said that, the little alien changed his visage and even his green light cage trembled, becoming extremely unstable.


Another area on the seabed.

So many cold-looking warriors were surrounding a tall and thin woman. They were raking around as if they were searching for something.

Whether they were male or female warriors, they all had thick black scales as their natural armor. They were all tall and muscular. The thick Demon Qi diffused from them and gave people a terrifying warning.

The woman was the leader of this group. She was also tall and thin with thick black scaled armor. The black scales seemed to grow from her skin and they were part of her body.

They were the members of the Black Demon Clan.

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