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It was an immense, sh.o.r.eless ocean without a layer of clouds and atmosphere .There were broken pieces of stars and asteroids, and a terrifying deadly blast.

A skull island was carefully avoiding the asteroids and broken rocks on its way to land on the sea surface.

"Above the sea is a dangerous area. We better move to the water surface. It should be safer," suggested Mei Ji.

The little skeleton agreed.

Thus, the Skull Island slowly landed on the Sea of Annihilation. Just like a ma.s.sive cruise, it continued to move further.

The three of them sat on the Skull Island and finally arrived at the Sea of Annihilation.

Shi Yan looked at the little skeleton with wary eyes. He then turned to Mei Ji and relaxed, "Where are we on the Sea of Annihilation?"

"It's just a remote area that's still pretty far away from the deep ocean. At our speed, it will take around half a month to get to the island where the White Bone Clan is. We can stop by our Phantom Clan's island first. We'll be in there in about ten days," explained Mei Ji.

Shi Yan nodded and looked at the little skeleton. "What do you think?"

"Nah, what else is there to think about?" Mei Ji arched her brown and said casually. "He's a member of the White Bone Clan. Of course, he has to return to his clan. I'm sure the members of the White Bone Clan will do everything they can to help his parents gain their consciousness back."

The White Bone Clan had a small population. Thus, among the Seven Great Clans, the White Bone Clan was the most harmonious clan. They had almost no civil war.

It was very hard and took a long time to get a new member of the clan. Also, they had to drain their power fighting against others, so they didn't have energy to create an internal dispute. In fact, their union was seriously taken into account. They had restricted and punished any internal dispute that could cause a war.

n.o.body had ever seen two members of the White Bone Clan attack each other.

"To him, returning to the White Bone Clan is the best choice. We should respect his choice," Mei Ji said seriously.

Shi Yan looked at the little skeleton and considered how to say what he thought, "I know a method to wake up your parents. However, the requirement is really complicated and it will take a long time. Yeah, I think you should return to White Bone Clan first. When I get a new method, I'll find you and help you."

The little skeleton looked at him in the eyes. His mouth moved slightly. He gave a slight nod, his eyes showing grat.i.tude.

"You should go with us. The Phantom Clan is on the way anyway. After we got there, I'll show you the way to the White Bone Clan," said Mei Ji.

The little skeleton nodded again.

Thus, the three of them continued to ride the Skull Island moving on the Sea of Annihilation and heading to the base of the Phantom Clan.

On their journey, they found so many islands. They were like stars in the sky that they couldn't count.

They saw many giant ships moving on the sea, carrying many warriors from alien tribes. Although Mei Ji was wearing her mask, many of them had recognized her. Sometimes, when they saw her far away, they had already greeted.

On a ma.s.sive ship made of cold steel, around ten bulky alien warriors were moving. They were all brawny with fierce auras. They stayed half naked and showed the muscles of their rigid, metal-like bodies. Their skin even sparkled and reflected the cold light.

Those people had an animal skin pattern on their bodies. They had horns and their arms and thighs were twice as big as those of normal people. They gave people the impression of something powerful and explosive.

An alien found Mei Ji. He looked so thrilled. Without prior announcement, he leaped up and landed grumblingly like a steel mountain on the Skull Island.

He was a Third Sky of Immortal Realm expert cultivating sharp metal power Upanishad. His body was like real steel or iron. Apparently, he knew Mei Ji. As soon as he landed, he laughed loudly. "Mei Ji, long time no see. I heard that you went to Dragon Lizard Star. You recruited the Water Tribe, didn't you?"

His eyes moved and stopped at the little skeleton. He looked a little surprised. "A kid from the White Bone Clan? Why did you go with the White Bone Clan? I have never heard that you would be a.s.sociated with White Bone Clan members."

He glanced at Shi Yan for a second. He didn't pay a lot of attention because he thought that Shi Yan was just an ordinary warrior.

"Yerburgh, why are you here?" Mei Ji smiled.

"Ah-hah! They say that someone found the Absolute Beginning vestiges under the sea. The old men in the clan led me here to check it out. Mei Ji, you've based in the Sea of Annihilation for years because of the Phantom Clan. Do you know anyone who is familiar with the seabed?" asked the beefy alien man with a smile.

"The seabed?" Mei Ji furrowed her brows. "The real seabed isn't a place that you and I can intrude. I'm based in the Sea Domain of Nihility and I can't explore this," Mei Ji shook her head.

Yerburgh didn't force her. He continued with a smile. "I heard that Singh was dead. Tate is screaming everywhere that the Mysterious Sky Clan killed him. They are planning to retaliate against the Mysterious Sky Clan. I'm afraid this Sea of Annihilation will become chaotic again. You should be careful. I also heard that you did join that event in Dragon Lizard Star."

"Tate?" Mei Ji pouted her lips. "What the heck does he think he is? With his realm, what effect can he bring to the Sea of Annihilation? He doesn't want to live more as he's trying to stir up the sea."

"Tate has only Second Sky of Immortal Realm cultivation base. It's true that he can't rise the wind. But what if his teacher is here too?" Yerburgh almost shouted.

Mei Ji discolored. "What? That old freak comes to the Sea of Annihilation?"

"Perhaps it's related to the Absolute Beginning vestige under the Sea of Annihilation. Who knows. Anyway, he's in the Sea of Annihilation now. Yeah, you can confirm this with your team when you come back." Then, Yerburgh lowered his voice, "I heard that you got a kid on Dragon Lizard Star who has the wisp of a soul of an Absolute Beginning creature. Did you refine him? Tell me honestly, have you reached the bottleneck to break through to the Territory Ancestor Realm?"

Mei Ji grimaced and coldly looked at Yerburgh. "Now, everybody knows what had happened on Dragon Lizard Star?"

"Don't ask me. That's what Tate has spread. I got the news from the Soul Clan. I'm not sure if they are true or fake," Yerburgh shrugged. "Well, recently, we have only these things fly around. It's hard not to know. Oh right, there's something else. Someone from the Devouring Clan asked me to find two experts called Nazario and Bastos. They said that they've confirmed that these two were dead. They wanted me to investigate the details. If you got something you know, just tell me. I'm sure the price I offer will satisfy you."

"Okay," Mei Ji wore a cold face and waved her hand. "We don't have much time to babble with you."

Yerburgh laughed and nodded to Mei Ji and the little skeleton before returning to his battleship. Shortly after, they left and disappeared.

"Who is he?" Shi Yan watched the disappearing battleship. "Cultivates Metal power Upanishad at Third Sky of Immortal Realm. His body is so tough. I think he's not weaker than Singh."

"Yerburgh came from a branch of the Ancient Monster Clan. He's in charge of collecting news and information around the Sea Domain of Nihility. That's how I know him. I didn't expect that Tate would let everybody know what had happened on Dragon Lizard Star. That old freak… is also in the Sea of Annihilation, unexpectedly," Mei Ji sighed.

"Who is Tate's teacher?" asked Shi Yan.

He could see Mei Ji become more worried when she heard that person was in the Sea of Annihilation. At her Peak of Immortal Realm, only the Territory Ancestor Realm expert could make her worried.

Indeed, Mei Ji said, "He's the owner of the Soul Refining Cauldron. He's one of the Territory Ancestor Realm experts of the Soul Clan. Wherever he goes, people have to live in calamities. He needs countless souls to recover the Soul Refining Cauldron to achieve the real power of an Absolute Beginning divine weapon."

"That cauldron is not fixed yet?" Shi Yan discolored in fright.

"Of course not. It needs a large amount of soul energy. Otherwise, you think Singh can borrow it from the owner?" Mei Ji pouted. "I'm sure Singh had to pound his chest to ensure that he could take Dragon Lizard's soul. That's how he could persuade that old monster."

Shi Yan was astounded.

The Skull Island continued its journey.

Ten days later, the Skull Island anch.o.r.ed by a ma.s.sive island. The island had flowers and green gra.s.s matted everywhere alongside the large pieces of forest.

So many beautiful and luxury palaces situated on the island, which were sparkling because they were built of jade. They were so eye-catching.

The mist and smoke wound around the island, making the entire island a fairyland. Mei Ji observed the island and smiled relaxedly. She took off the mask an revealed the face that could attract all creatures. Looking at the familiar island, she found many familiar barriers and restrictions. She pointed to a direction and said to the little skeleton. "You move that way. After five days, you will reach the base of the White Bone Clan. It's also a bone island, easy to recognize."

The little skeleton was reluctant, looking at Shi Yan deep in the eyes.

Shi Yan thought for a while then said, "I need time to prepare something to wake up your parents. Actually, I need a long time. We can't rush. I agree with you, whenever I'm done, I'm going there to find you."

The little skeleton nodded. It didn't talk much, driving the Skull Island away and disappearing.

Mei Ji watched until the Skull Island disappeared from her sight. She pondered and then said, "I don't know what you will do to awake his parents, but I can tell you that, even if he returns to the White Bone Clan, with their force in the White Bone Clan, they can't wake up his parents. They are two Territory Ancestor Realm experts. To refill the lost energy, the energy required is more than what you can imagine. You'd better get rid of that fixation. Moreover, you don't know him. You don't need to do things for him."

"I know what I'm doing," Shi Yan was fed up.

Mei Ji snorted and didn't persuade him more. "Follow me."

A snow lotus emerged in her palm. When the lotus bloomed, layers of mist above the island slowly dispersed. The invisible barriers and restrictions were lifted.

Shi Yan followed her to the island full of flowers. His eyes sparkled when he observed the surroundings.

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