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Chapter 143 - Immortal Island
“The Reincarnation martial spirit!”
Chen Duo’s face suddenly changed, he shouted in surprise, and blankly watched Xia Xinyan turned into a beam of green light, quickly disappearing into the distant sky.
Dongfang He and Gu Jiange’s faces suddenly became grim. Qu Yanqing deeply furrowed her brows and sighed quietly, looking a little stressed out.
“Jiange, didn’t you say that this girl’s background was unknown?” Dongfang He’s face was cold, he glared at Gu Jiange, “Great. She’s actually the Xia family’s girl. If she died here it would’ve been okay, but since she left alive, the Xia family will definitely bring trouble to us.”
Chen Duo took in a deep breath, his face full of fear, “The Xia family is bad enough, but the Yang family…”
When he mentioned the Yang family, the people from the four forces all turned livid, their expressions becoming ugly.
“You all know clearly about the Yang family’s arrogance and ruthlessness. In the Endless Sea, even when people didn’t mess with them, these lunatics were already stirring trouble all around. If someone accidentally messed with their people, giving them the excuse they needed, they would kill the entire family, leaving no one behind. If the Yang family really decides to stand up about this, then our four forces will really suffer a lot.” Chen Duo sighed.
When he was talking Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan before, Chen Duo was c.o.c.ky and arrogant, as if he wasn’t afraid of anyone in the world. Now that the Yang family was mentioned, he started sighing in despair. It was as if he messed with demons or beasts or something. He became a coward right away.
“Although the Yang family and the Xia family are allies, the Yang family is the leader, so they usually won’t bother with the Xia family’s business.” Qu Yanqing was silent for a moment, then she suddenly said, “Why did she say that the Yang family would make a move? Reasonably, other than when something big happens to the Xia family, the Yang family wouldn’t care at all about the Xia family.”
“That kid…” Dongfang He gasped, then he suddenly said, “Could that kid be someone from the Yang family?”
Upon hearing those words, everyone was frightened, their faces all becoming livid.
“If he is really from the Yang family, how could there be no strong warriors accompanying him? All the talented ones from the young generation of the Yang family are extremely arrogant, they don’t know the definition of forbearance at all. If that kid is from the Yang family, with how we treated him, he definitely wouldn’t have been that obedient. He would’ve definitely used his soul to send out the news, and immediately battled with us.” Chen Duo shook his head.
The powerful warriors from the young generation of the Yang family all knew the skill of soul messaging. Even, when they were out alone, rarely would any forces dare to try killing one of the young masters from the Yang family.
Because, once the Yang family’s young man realized his situation was unfavorable, he would immediately use the soul skill to convey his situation.
If something were to happen, the Yang family would definitely be able to know who did it. The Yang family’s vindictive nature was famous in the entire Endless Sea. If their descendants were to be killed by someone, then that force would’ve been absolutely killed off, and the entire faction would’ve been removed from the Endless Sea.
And because of that, even when the young members of the Yang family were out and moving about by themselves, if one couldn’t guarantee that they could instantly kill him, not giving them any chances to use soul messaging, even enemies of the Yang family wouldn’t dare to act rashly. They feared revenge from the Yang family.
“Let’s hope he’s not from the Yang family, or else, us four forces will have to prepare for a b.l.o.o.d.y war.” Qu Yanqing sighed distantly.
“He got dragged into the hole by the Cold Ice Flame, he’s probably going to be seized by the Cold Ice Flame. Once the Cold Ice Flame obtains its target, it will complete the seizing of the body on the spot. And during that time, the power of the Cold Ice Flame would greatly decrease. This is the best time to attack.” Dongfang He furrowed his brows. He pondered for a moment, then said, “We should try to attack it.”
Everyone slowly nodded.
Soon, a group of people arrived at the opening of the hole. The people of the four forces joined together and attempted to break the ice covering the hole.
Different kinds of attacks came, one after another, as they tried to break the ice covering the hole. But the ice was as hard as iron. No matter how these people used their strength, they couldn’t break open through the ice.
After three days, the cold energy on Menluo Island started slowly dissipating. The ice rocks on the island started to melt.
After half a month, the iceberg could no longer be seen on Menluo Island. The icy energy that covered the island had disappeared without a trace, and the volcanoes, which had been heavily suppressed, had become active and begun to spray out lava.
“The Cold Ice Flame is no longer on Menluo Island.” Chen Duo, suspended in mid-air quietly, felt around and shook his head with a sigh, “It has obtained its carrier, so it will definitely leave through the bottom of the ocean, preparing to find a place to completely seize the body. Once it leaves, the cold energy on Menluo Island will disappear with it. Now, even if aid comes our way, it would probably be very hard to find the Cold Ice Flame.”
“The lives of Sky fires are different than ours. If they hide their presence, even if a G.o.d realm warrior was nearby it would still be hard for them to sense it. It seems that we came for nothing this time. We even messed with the Xia and Yang families, such horrible luck.” Dongfang He smiled bitterly, clenched his fists together, and said, “We will be going now. If you want, you can keep searching.”
“We will be leaving too.”
Once the people from the four forces found that the cold energy had disappeared from Menluo Island, they realized that the Cold Ice Flame had certainly left a long while ago. Knowing that it would be very hard to find the Cold Ice Flame again, they didn’t waste any more time, and left Menluo Island one after another.
Half a year later.
The Immortal Island, in the Kyara Sea of the Endless Sea.
Kyara Sea was one of the five seas of the Endless Sea. Inside there were thousands of different-sized islands, the biggest and most famous, would be the Immortal Island.
It was the main island of the Yang family.
In the Kyara Sea, or even the entire Endless Sea in general, the Immortal Island was seen as a magical place.
On the island, there were hundreds of different-sized mountains. Every one of them was filled with spirit energy, and they hid many magical treasures and ingredients.
There were no ordinary people on the Immortal Island, they were all warriors of the Yang family. Yang family warriors lived on every mountain. There were hundreds and thousands of different constraints on the island, and on the outer perimeter of the island, there were guards watching all day and night.
Other than Yang family members, or close allies of the Yang family, it would be hard for anyone to step into Immortal Island.
The Immortal Island was the holy land of the Kyara Sea. Every once in awhile, the dozens of warrior forces in the Kyara Sea would need to come to Immortal Island to offer up their resources and leaders of the different forces would need to report their current situations.
If the Kyara Sea were a country, then the dozens of warrior forces would be like lords, and the Immortal Island would be the Imperial City of the Kyara Sea.
The Yang family was the dominating force in the Kyara Sea.
Even though the Evil Wonderland and the Xia family held some power in the Kyara Sea, everybody knew that the Yang family was the true ruler of the Kyara Sea. Even the people from the Evil Wonderland and the Xia family agreed to this saying.
Because of the existence of the Yang family, the warriors of Kyara Sea walked proudly in all the big seas. When they talk about themselves belonging to the Kyara Sea, they felt very proud of themselves.
In the other seas, the Yang family was famous for its warlike and arrogant nature. Over hundreds of years, in order to extend the land of the Kyara Sea, the Yang family fought wars everywhere. They made the neighboring areas miserable. It was as if they could never take a break.
In the countless fights, the Yang family members always served as the leading troops. Every fight, the Yang family members took the lead and made b.l.o.o.d.y conquests.
Whether it be the Hengluo Sea from the northwest, or the Black Sea from the northeast, they have all been the targets of the Yang family’s conquest. Even the Sky Sea in the southeast were often attacked by the Yang family.
In the past hundreds of years, the Yang family had, indeed, created enemies everywhere, but they stood firm and never fell. Instead, their territory expanded more and more, and the family’s power also became greater and greater.
The strong power of the Yang family was evident.
On this day, in a corner of the Immortal Island, a small boat slowly approached.
On the boat, there was a slim and graceful woman. She wore a veil, and there was a slight hint of sadness in her bright eyes. She slowly stood up.
In the sky above the boat, there was a sudden flash of light, and a shadow covered with black armor abruptly appeared on a giant rock near the boat. This person was covered with heavy armor, holding a black spear, and had fierce eyes. He looked at the woman and said, “Who are you?”
“Xia Xinyan from the Xia family.” The woman swept aside the sadness in her heart and spoke with an indifferent tone, “I come with news about the Shura King Xiao Hanyi.”
“Wait for a moment.” The black armored guard frowned, he took out a black horn, and quietly reported to that horn.
In a short moment, the black armored guard’s expression slightly changed, he said, “Master Mo wants to see you.”
Xia Xinyan nodded, “Master Mo and Master Xiao have fought together for many years, I am just going to explain the situation to Master Mo.”
“Please.” The black armored guard waved his hand, and a beam of lightning suddenly flashed in the air, opening a little trail in the thick rocks behind him.
Xia Xinyan lowered her head, and sailed the boat through that trail, quickly arriving at the Immortal Island.
On the top of a mountain, which was tens of thousands of feet high, there was a haggard middle-aged scholar. From time to time he frowned and looked into the skyline. He stroked a piece of white beast bone in his hand, as if thinking about something.
On the mountain, there was only a simple little hut, and a strange oval-shaped magic circle.
After a short moment, a bright light flashed, and Xia Xinyan’s figure appeared in the magic circle.
The leader of the three Shura Kings, Mo Duanhun, was still staring up at the sky. Without even turning his head back, he said dismissively, “Girl, I heard you have news about Xiao?”
“Greetings, master Mo.” Xia Xinyan bowed, and then thoroughly told him about their disastrous encounters in that sea.”
As Xia Xinyan was talking, Mo Duanhun started frowning deeply. When Xia Xinyan finished talking, he finally shook his head and sighed, “Where is young master Yan. Why didn’t I see him?”
“Shi Yan also… also got in trouble.” Xia Xinyan clenched her teeth, and answered bravely.
“Got in trouble?” Mo Duanhun’s mouth cracked open, and revealed a mouthful of pale white teeth, “What happened?”
“The four forces of the Magical Wonderland, the Heaven Lake Divine Land, the Dongfang family, and the Gu family, forced us to enter the hole of the Cold Ice Flame. Shi Yan’s body got seized by the Cold Ice Flame, and was dragged into the hole. His whereabouts are unknown…” Xia Xinyan lowered her head. Her eyes began to water up, and she started to sob.
“The Magical Wonderland, the Heaven Lake Divine Land, the Dongfang family, and the Gu family…” Mo Duanhun nodded one after another, and said lightly, “I will report it to the head of the family. This is the Yang family’s issue. Your Xia family doesn’t need to partake in it. Here is a Nutrition Pill. You may keep it.”
“Master Mo, Shi Yan and I encountered the disaster together. Even if the Xia family doesn’t wish to partic.i.p.ate, I personally want to be of service.” Xia Xinyan took the Nutrition Pill and spoke while clenching her teeth.
Mo Duanhun was slightly surprised. He stared at her for a moment, and finally nodded, “Do whatever you want.”
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Vick and Eli
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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