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In a remote corner of the dark, cold Sea Domain of Nihility, a small ash-gray island was moving quickly and heading to the Sea of Annihilation.

Although it looked as if it was moving slowly, after each flash, it crossed billions of miles.

Taking a closer look at that island was like looking at a ma.s.sive skull with empty sockets and a big, dark mouth that was like deep tunnel…

It was Skull Island.

On a barren hill was Shi Yan and Mei Ji sitting and watching the void.

"This Skull Island is much more marvelous than I thought. Currently, the members of the White Bone Clan couldn't build such a ma.s.sive Skull Island. Only n.o.ble members of the clan could build Skull Islands and use them as big, moving weapon like a battleship. Anyway, this Skull Island can defend and attack perfectly. It can even conjure bone slaves. I have never heard about such a marvelous weapon before." Mei Ji didn't look very pale. She had slowly recovered. However, she still needed a lot of time to recover to her best condition.

Shi Yan listened to her quietly and didn't say anything.

Three years ago, in the cave inside the Skull Island, Shi Yan, Mei Ji, and the little skeleton had agreed to come to the Sea of Annihilation.

Shi Yan knew he could use the Devouring power Upanishad to swallow an abundant amount of vitality to revive the skeleton's parents. However, he didn't propose this method.

Mei Ji suggested that the little skeleton should find the members of the White Bone Clan. She thought that if they knew that they had two precursors who were dormant like this, they would try their best to wake them up.

The little skeleton said that he had never met any member of the White Bone Clan before. After he was born, he had always stayed and watched over the Skull Island.

The Skull Island was mysterious. If it turned on its defense, it could prevent the Soul Consciousness from detecting it or turn invisible.

Its power was like Dark Energy…

In these recent years, the little skeleton had always protected his parents here. Deep in his soul, his parents had left a message before they died. They asked him not to contact others before it could reach the Territory Ancestor Realm. He remembered and followed his parents' last wish, trying to hide the Skull Skeleton to not contact the outside warriors.

After many years of concealing, he had never met any member of the White Bone Clan. Bastos had the precise direction so he came here.

Shi Yan had gotten here by chance.

According to Mei Ji, the White Bone Clan experts had based in the Sea of Annihilation. As long as they could find the White Bone Clan experts, they could receive help from them to revive the skeleton's parents.

Shi Yan knew about the Sea of Annihilation through the Heavenly Fantasy Star Compa.s.s. When he and Audrey parted, he told her to meet up at the Sea of Annihilation. Thus, he also wanted to go there.

Mei Ji was one of the Phantom Clan's leaders who based in the Sea of Annihilation. Before she had gone to Dragon Lizard Star, she had always been there. She had come to Dragon Lizard Star to recruit the Water Tribe and exchange for Forefather Dragon Lizard's Immortal Pellets. As things were done, she had to return to the Sea of Annihilation.

As they had the same destination, after they agreed with each other, the little skeleton followed Mei Ji's direction to drive the Skull Island. The island was now a floating battleship that headed to the Sea of Annihilation.

Shi Yan stroked the Heavenly Fantasy Star Compa.s.s. Tu Shi Qi of the Mysterious Sky Clan had given him a marvelous compa.s.s. Not only did it have special landmarks but it also had time measurements. It was three and a half years after he had parted with Audrey. It seemed to have been a long time. However, to the warrior at his realm, it was just like a blink of an eye.

The Heavenly Fantasy Star Compa.s.s showed the directions and provided a brief introduction of the Sea of Annihilation. The Sea of Annihilation was one of the big trading zones for creatures in Sea Domain of Nihility. It was similar to a big market, anyway. The experts from many clans often visited this place. However, there was no detailed description of this place.

Anyway, the Heavenly Fantasy Star Compa.s.s was just a compa.s.s. It was more important that it showed the exact locations and time.

"Honestly, this is the first time I came to the Sea Domain of Nihility. My knowledge of the Sea Domain of Nihility is not very wide. I've heard about the Sea of Annihilation, but I don't know what it's actually. You said that we are pretty close to it. Can you tell me more details?" Shi Yan turned to Mei Ji.

Shi Yan had stayed inside the Skull Island to cultivate, steady his Immortal Realm, and quench his power Upanishad. Mei Ji suddenly woke him up.

Then, he left the cave and flew out of the skull's mouth to get onto the surface of the island.

"I had underestimated this Skull Island. It's even faster than when I fly at my max speed. It's worth being the divine weapon that the two Territory Ancestor Realm experts had built." Mei Ji generously complimented. "At this speed, we will at least enter the Sea of Annihilation after half a month. Right, I should tell you some information about the Sea of Annihilation…"

"In this Sea Domain of Nihility, not many inhabited continents are complete. This place used to be the center in the Absolute Beginning Era. Because of the Great War, it was destroyed. This place has so many shattered stars, continents, mountains and lakes. The Sea of Annihilation is strange and miraculous. It's actually an endless sea. The area of this sea can be as big as an entire sea area in a territory. It's extremely vast."

"The Sea of Annihilation has many small islands and continents. There are as many as stars in the sky. The Sea of Annihilation is very deep. At our realm, I'm afraid that we can't go too deep. The bottom of the Sea of Annihilation is one of the most mysterious areas in the Sea Domain of Nihility. Rumors say that the seabed still has some divine weapon from the Absolute Beginning Era because it used to be the battlefield of the Great War at that time.

"Currently, many creatures and warriors in the Sea Domain of Nihility are exploring the Sea of Annihilation. Sometimes, they find broken divine weapons or marvelous treasures, or even the Seal of Power Upanishads. They are all powerful and magical, which can help the experts reach the Territory Ancestor Realm. That's why the Sea of Annihilation is always a delicious pie in the explorers' eyes.

"Many races live on the islands in the Sea of Annihilation. They have considered the Sea of Annihilation as their homeland. Every second, warriors are entering the sea or trying to explore the seabed to find the vestiges of the Absolute Beginning Era. The Seven Great Clans also sent their hotshots to base in the Sea of Annihilation. To them, the Sea of Annihilation is an arena."

". . ."

Mei Ji looked at the dark area ahead of them as if she was watching the real Sea of Annihilation. She slowly explained many things to Shi Yan and then concluded. "That area has a lot of excellent encounters, but it's also very dangerous. It's a bustling, chaotic area. Low-realm warriors can be easily killed. I'm reminding you. Be more cautious when we get there. There are some people even the Seven Great Clans have to be afraid of. You better behave and be humble. When your ident.i.ty as a warrior with a wisp of a soul from an Absolute Beginning creature is exposed, even our Phantom Clan can't protect you."

Shi Yan discolored. "The intimidating experts that even the Seven Great Clans have to be afraid of?"

"There are many experts without a clan or a force. Perhaps they are the last members of their races. However, they are very powerful. They often go there alone. If they reach the Territory Ancestor Realm, do you think they won't be intimidating?" Mei Ji forced a smile.

Shi Yan was terrified. "There are Territory Ancestor Realm experts there?"

Mei Ji nodded. "They are hiding in the areas where we can hardly sense or even in the sea. They come for the mysterious things undersea. Rumors say that someone has found the vestiges from the Absolute Beginning Era where the ultimate secret of earth and heaven is hiding. It's so attractive to the Territory Ancestor Realm experts."

"How vast is the Sea of Annihilation?" Shi Yan was astounded.

Mei Ji pondered for a while and then said, "The sea surface is as big as an entire star area. It has dozens of thousands of island. Many of them are barren and not suitable for cultivating or living. A few of them are suitable for low-realm warriors to stay and cultivate in. However, there are larger, deeper areas. There's a way to imagine it. An expert with profound s.p.a.ce power Upanishad used to measure it carefully. He said that the Sea of Annihilation looks like an upside-down funnel and the sea surface is the bottom of that funnel. Getting deeper, the sea would get bigger. He said that the real area of the seabed could be hundreds of times bigger than the surface. It's hard to imagine, right?"

Shi Yan was puzzled like a wooden chicken.

A funnel?

A funnel has a narrow bottom and a wide top. If that expert with s.p.a.ce power Upanishad was correct that the surface of the Sea of Annihilation was as big as a star area, how big was the sea bottom?

As big as a territory?

As big as the Desolate Territory?

It was just a sea in the Sea Domain of Nihility and it was so vast that Shi Yan was really astounded.

"Don't be surprised. The vast universe has countless territories and lands. The Sea Domain of Nihility is the center of this cosmos. It's not strange if it has some mysterious and marvelous areas." Mei Ji's voice was relaxing. Her bright eyes rolled and she asked all of a sudden. "I'm curious. What method did you use to kill Nazario and Bastos? You… how could you send the vitality to me?"

Shi Yan became cautious immediately. He snorted, "Our deal doesn't include digging up each other's secrets."

"I will figure it out sooner or later!" Mei Ji gritted her teeth. She frowned and then said, "I don't know why you wanted to help that little child from the White Bone Clan. What could it give you? Do you think that if you save his parents, they will appreciate you a lot and become part of your strong background? Do you know how much vitality it requires to revive his parents?"

Shi Yan pondered for a while and didn't say anything.

He couldn't tell the reason either. He was just compa.s.sionate for that little skeleton. The grief and yearning that the little skeleton had for his parents, his sorrow, and his helpless feelings had touched a soft spot in Shi Yan's heart. It made him not consider pros and cons as he always did. He just immediately helped the little child without any condition.

He couldn't explain it to Mei Ji and he knew that Mei Ji wouldn't buy it if he explained his compa.s.sion for the kid to her.

"In the Sea of Annihilation, I am also a character. What I've promised you, I will fulfill. As long as your woman comes to the Sea of Annihilation and exposes her location, I'm sure we can find her. Our Phantom Clan is famous for taking intelligence in this Sea Domain of Nihility," said Mei Ji.

"Then thanks in advance," said Shi Yan.

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