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"Who are you after all?"

Nazario and Bastos shouted in unison. At this moment, their souls were trembling hard as if they could explode in any minute.

Shi Yan was calm and natural. The energy fluctuating from the other two didn't affect him. He rose his left hand and placed it on Nazario's chest.

Something dark flashed and a black hole emerged. A powerful suction force appeared and absorbed Nazario's vitality ma.s.sively!

"I am from Desolate Territory. The master whose inheritance I received was called Bloodthirsty!" Shi Yan hissed.

Nazario and Bastos were shaken hard. They were extremely terrified. "You, you are the successor of that man! Desolate Territory! Creatures living in Desolate Territory will all die! Haha, all of you will have a tragic death! Our plan is carried out. Our Young Master has went there! He'll kill all creatures in your Desolate Territory!"

Nazario laughed and screamed crazily.

He didn't care what Bastos thought. The vitality in his body erupted like a volcano. His soul altar was shattered into pieces in just a fragment of time.

Shi Yan was chilled and he teleported away without thinking.


He disappeared quickly.

Boom! Boom!

Two explosions happened one after another, sending a blood rain and pieces of flesh to the entire valley.

It was the last shockwave from when the soul altars and bodies were destroyed!

After that, Shi Yan reappeared in the valley. The blood downpour was like heavy rain. Everything in his vision was blood red. Nazario and Bastos didn't leave anything. Pieces of their remains scattered around the valleys. The wisps of their Essence Qi and soul energy were vanishing and returning into earth and heaven.

Shi Yan frowned. The black hole emerged above his head like a ma.s.sive mouth that sucked the soul energy that hadn't dispersed.

At the same time, his acupuncture points absorbed their Essence Qi. However, his face slowly darkened.

Shi Yan hadn't thought that Nazario could become so extreme after he knew Shi Yan was from Desolate Territory. He didn't say anything before he detonated his body and soul.

Evidently, they knew Bloodthirsty and what was happening in Desolate Territory!

Nazario had exploded his own soul altar when he knew that Shi Yan knew Devouring power Upanishad. He understood that if his soul altar remained, it would benefit Shi Yan later.

Nazario said that their Young Master had descended and he would kill all creatures in Desolate Territory. This had become a shadow in Shi Yan's heart…

He knew that the said Young Master was probably the soul that came from the other world that Xuan Shan had guided. That soul had carried out many dark plans. When Hui emerged, it had quietly sneaked away. Now, no one knew where it was.

That man should be a sharp weapon that Devour and the Devouring Clan had prepared with the goal of destroying Desolate. In the future, he was going to bring an endless catastrophe to Desolate Territory.

The Devouring Clan had never ceased to find and invade Desolate Territory. They didn't find the entrance, but they had used some secret techniques to send their Young Master's soul there. If that man had more time to grow…

Shi Yan felt chilled inwardly.

Flap! Flap!

The flapping sounds came from the bone wings. The little skeleton came together with Mei Ji on another dragon. They were bewilderedly looking at the gory valley and Shi Yan who was immersed in his thoughts.

The little skeleton and Mei Ji didn't bother him.

Mei Ji's bright eyes sparkled with strange light, her beautiful face filled with fear.

Nazario and Bastos were at Third Sky of Immortal Realm. Although they didn't have much energy left, Shi Yan wasn't able to kill them.

— From this scene, they knew that Nazario's and Bastos' soul altars exploded altogether. They were utterly dead. How could Shi Yan do that?

She was so frightened.

Shi Yan didn't give any explanation. After contemplating for a while, he lifted his head and looked at the little skeleton. "Let's go to your parents'."

The skeleton nodded.

"Ah, right," Shi Yan frowned and said to Mei Ji. "You can understand the archaic language of the White Bone Clan. Give me the knowledge."

As he didn't understand the White Bone Clan's language, he had to guess a lot while communicating with the little skeleton. It was really troublesome. Mei Ji could understand this language. Shi Yan thought that she could impart him the memory seal of languages like the warriors from the Heavenly Eye Clan had done to him.

"I can't transfer it to you. That skeleton doesn't use the current language of the White Bone Clan. It's really strange. My method is a single use type. Unless we go to our Phantom Clan, I can use the same tool to send you the knowledge of the language. We don't have any other option now," Mei Ji shook her head.

"No other option?"

"I'm afraid so."

Shi Yan pondered and then said to the little skeleton. "Bring her with us. She can help us communicate."

The skeleton nodded again. He could understand Shi Yan, but it was really bad that Shi Yan couldn't understand it. It was a problem. Mei Ji could solve this problem, so he agreed.

The little skeleton rode the bone dragon and flew away while screaming.

"He said that you and I can share the ride," Mei Ji's bold brows furrowed slightly.

Shi Yan didn't say anything. He flew up and landed on the back of the snow-white bone dragon right behind Mei Ji. He extended his arms and clutched Mei Ji's round hips.

Mei Ji's body stiffened. She suddenly recalled the moment Shi Yan was standing behind her and that humiliation…

She felt so uncomfortable. Frowning, she hissed, "Can you stay a little away from me? This bone dragon isn't that small. Why are you leaning against me like this?"

Shi Yan grinned and then laughed. His hands rubbed her waists. "What are you afraid of? Didn't you say you would serve me dedicatedly? Although our deal has changed, anyway, let me take a little advantage. It's your debt to pay!"

"You're contemptible!" Mei Ji cursed, her face cold and her body also getting icy.

"Your condition isn't really good. If you continue using her energy, it will be very difficult for you to recover. You can even create permanent damages to your body. What do you think?" Shi Yan talked into her ears in a strange tone.

Mei Ji shuddered and snarled, "What do you want after all?"

"Help you steady your wounds," Shi Yan voice became raw and cold.

Then, his rude hand crawled to her lower abdomen…

While Mei Ji was still puzzled, a warm air current quietly seeped into her body. That warm current carried a mysterious energy that acted like the mineral hot spring that ran through her lower abdomen and veins in her body. Miraculously, her damaged veins, body, and her consumed G.o.d power recovered.

While that warm current moved around, Mei Ji's body turned into a beautiful pink hue. Her face blushed as if she was soaking her body in a warm lake. This feeling was so refreshing and comfortable.

She was a little panicked. However, she didn't mind if Shi Yan's hand was placed in a sensitive part where he shouldn't be touching. He just enjoyed the cozy feeling and tried to heal her wounds faster.

The beautiful scene didn't last for long. Soon, the bone dragons stopped and landed in the stone chamber inside the mountain where the little skeleton's parents were.

The cozy feeling in Mei Ji's body disappeared when Shi Yan lifted his hand away. The warmth at her wounds and her lower abdomen disappeared. Waves of pain hit her again.

She looked at his hand, her bright eyes yearning but she couldn't say anything. It looked like she wanted that hand to stay there forever. She even forgot how embarra.s.sing it was to have his hand placed on her belly.

Shi Yan didn't look at her. Taking a deep breath, he said to the little skeleton. "Move your parent's bone bodies out."

The little skeleton immediately took action. He was so tender as he was afraid that he could damage his parents' bodies. He carefully took out the two bone bodies from the coffin and lay them on the icy, rigid ground.

Shi Yan frowned and placed his hands on the chests of the two bodies.

The Essence Qi from Nazario and Bastos was rapidly refined. He had sent a part to heal Mei Ji. And now, he was slowly pouring the remaining into the two bodies through the heart cores. After they were taken out of the stone coffins, the vitality that was poured in their heart cores didn't flow away anymore.

The two heart cores were like sponges taking in Shi Yan's vitality. Shi Yan could feel that they were like an endless sea and the amount of energy he had poured into them was like a grain of salt thrown into the sea. Still, they needed a lot to reach the brim.

He was so surprised. He contemplated and he knew that if this little skeleton's parents had their heart cores filled with energy, their energy would be thousands of times more abundant than the combined energy of Nazario and Bastos in their best conditions!

They were absolutely existences at the Territory Ancestor Realm.

Instinctively, he turned to look at the little skeleton. This child was lucky. The two parents at the Territory Ancestor Realm had put a lot of efforts to "refine" it. And perhaps, only the White Bone Clan parents at such a level could give birth to this marvelous child.

Time flew fast.

After an unknown time, Shi Yan had sent all the vitality that he had refined from Nazario's and Bastos' energy to the heart cores of the two bone bodies.

Retracting his hand, Shi Yan observed the heart cores of the two bodies and found no change. However, the brown-gray bone bodies seemed to get a little shinier…


The little skeleton was stunned. Looking at the small change on his parents, he waved his hand and tried to say something.

"It asked you if its parents could wake up or not?" explained Mei Ji.

Shi Yan contemplated for a long while. Then, he looked at the little skeleton with yearning years and said, "If we do it this way, theoretically, we can wake up your parents. However, we need a huge amount of vitality. The energy I've poured into them is still very little. It requires a lot more to wake your parents."


The little skeleton's eyes were filled with grief. After a long time, it spokeagain.

"It asked you, do you have any method to make it faster?" said Mei Ji.

Shi Yan contemplated again.

What method would make this faster?

There's a method, indeed….

However, that method was built on b.l.o.o.d.y slaughter. It required countless lives…

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