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The little skeleton suddenly turned and screamed at Shi Yan. He waved his white bone hand and asked Shi Yan not to come close to Nazario and Bastos.

When Mei Ji was about to die, she could gather her energy and pay with her life to threaten Bastos not to come close to her.

They were all at the Peak of Immortal Realm. If they wanted to kill altogether because they couldn't have a chance to escape, the energy from their self-destruction was going to be enough to burst Shi Yan into pieces.

"He told you not to come close. Be careful or else those two will drag you into their death pit together," Mei Ji screamed from a distance as she understood the little skeleton's language.

Shi Yan didn't change his visage or turn around to answer. "Well, if they want to shatter the stone and the jade altogether, it won't work on warriors with s.p.a.ce power Upanishad."

Mei Ji was surprised. She thought and nodded as she finally agreed with Shi Yan's confidence.

If Shi Yan could teleport as he had done to run away from her, even if Nazario and Bastos wanted to self-detonate, it wasn't easy to kill Shi Yan.

Around ten giant skeleton warriors were holding their ma.s.sive sabers and surrounding the two Devouring Clan old men in the valley. Those bone sabers were so ma.s.sive. As they swung the sabers, white light shot out. Those sabers had left many deep cuts like a spider web in this valley.

Nazario and Bastos had countless bleeding cuts. Some even reached their bones, which was very scary to see.

"We're finished this time!" Nazario wore an extremely grimaced face. He hid with Bastos in a corner and gritted his teeth, his eyes malicious. "You don't know how intimidating he is and you have taken rash actions here. You've dragged me into this d.a.m.n pit altogether!"

"It's useless to say anything now," Bastos pulled himself together. "We can't save… our bodies. Let's wait for the chance to escape with our soul altars. We can use the corpse slaves out there. We will return to retaliate later."

"We don't have another choice then…" Nazario snorted.

Until now, they had never thought that this battle could threaten their lives. They had thought that even if this Skull Island was more evil, they could leave whenever they wanted.

Anyway, regardless of how terrifying the tricks that little skeleton was, they didn't see him have any treasure or power to destroy the soul altar. At their Peak of Immortal Realm, it wasn't difficult to use the soul altar to escape.

They hadn't done that yet because they thought that they could run away with their bodies.

Shi Yan was especially flying toward them and the skeleton warriors had loosened their besiege.

Their eyes brightened as they exchanged looks. They thought that their chance had finally come.

Although they now had only ten percent of their power left, they were confident that they could deal with a junior warrior at First Sky of Immortal Realm with that amount of energy.

Nazario squeezed the eyeball. Abruptly, it released evil and dark energy that rippled like water waves.

Shi Yan landed from the sky and looked at the coming waves. He rose his hand to grab them.

The wisps of energy quietly disappeared!

Nazario was bewildered. He could feel the energy from his eyeball enter Shi Yan's palm.

This was impossible!

The eyeball had used Corpse Qi as the foundation and it even had corrosive energy, which came his friend who cultivated Corrosion power Upanishad. Shi Yan's palm received everything. How did he do that?

Bastos' visage changed. He knew that something was wrong. He immediately sent his Mysterious Yin corpse worms by his feet to Shi Yan.

Shi Yan grinned.

The Mysterious Yin corpse worms seemed to sense a domineering aura. They unexpectedly retreated. Each of them flattened their bodies on the ground and shivered.

The aura from Shi Yan's body made them instinctively fearful. It was the fear that was carved deeply in their Life Seal. They couldn't even think about resisting.

Bastos and Nazario gawked. They suddenly felt so chilled and they looked into the void instinctively.

It seemed like a Territory Ancestor Realm expert of their clan was hovering in the darkness and watching them. Only Territory Ancestor Realm experts of the Devouring Clan could have an aura with a beam of their ancestor Devour's aura, which could make the Mysterious Yin corpse worms crouch on the ground without daring to move.

They looked at the sky and felt both fearful and happy as they thought that they were right.

Far from them, Mei Ji's charming face was filled with surprise. She looked at the area and didn't know what was going on over there.

Shi Yan was standing in front of Bastos and Nazario, and the Mysterious Yin corpse worms were shivering under his feet. The eyeball in Nazario's hand continued to release a halo, but it didn't affect Shi Yan at all.

With her vision and knowledge, Mei Ji became puzzled. She didn't know what happened.

However, at this moment, Shi Yan turned around and said to the little skeleton. "I have something I want to talk to them about. I don't want… the others to overhear us. Don't worry. I can protect myself. Is it okay?"

The little skeleton looked at him with strange eyes. He was baffled for almost a minute before riding the bone dragons away.

The other dragon landed by Mei Ji. This gesture was like telling Mei Ji to leave too.

Mei Ji was so indignant. She knew that Shi Yan wanted to talk to Nazario and Bastos and it was crucial for her to understand him more. However, with Shi Yan's vigilance, she couldn't know the details, which made her upset and worried.

Not far from them, the little skeleton hovered and looked at her. Under his gaze, she was frightened.

After some cursing, she quietly sat down on the bone dragon. The bone dragon flew with her away.

"Take the skeleton warriors with you too," Shi Yan pitched his voice again.

As soon as he finished, the little skeleton spoke in its archaic language to command the skeleton warriors. Then, the huge skeletons jumped away from the valley.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The three bone thorns hissed and flew out, stabbing Nazario's and Bastos' shoulders.

Shi Yan had refined these three bone thorns a long time ago. They had the essence of s.p.a.ce power Upanishad, so they could move freely between s.p.a.ces. Using them to ambush the others often worked well.

The bone thorns nailed the two Devouring Clan monsters on the stone wall. They screeched in pain but shut up shortly after and just looked at the horizon.

Shi Yan didn't know why they did that. He lifted his head to see and he even used Dark Energy to sense for a while. He found nothing. Noticing the other two's moves when their eyes switched from the sky to the Mysterious Yin corpse worms, he understood.

"n.o.body is there. Don't overthink it. Only I'm here."

Previously, he had thought that the Devouring power Upanishad could subdue the eight great, evil power Upanishads. However, since he hadn't had a chance to fight against his fellows, he couldn't confirm it.

Also, because he couldn't confirm that, he decided to stay nonchalantly when the two experts from the Devouring Clan attacked Mei Ji and the skeleton.

On the one hand, it was because he couldn't confirm if his a.s.sumption was right. On the other hand, Nazario and Bastos had had full power at that time. Even if his power Upanishad was superior to the others, he couldn't stand against these two experts.

But now, they had lost at least ninety percent of their G.o.d power and Shi Yan had finally confirmed that the Devouring power Upanishad could subdue the other eight evil power Upanishads. Thus, he became confident instantly.

"No one is there?" Nazario was puzzled. He didn't understand. He looked at the eyeball in his hand and then said coldly. "Then why did our power Upanishads, the Corpse Qi, and the erosive energy not affect you?"

"First of all, your power is too weak. Second, hahaha…."

Shi Yan suddenly rose his hand. The negative energy included craziness, bloodthirstiness, brutality, and desperation that burst out. They shot out from his eyes and aimed at the other two.

At that moment, an endless blood sea with piles of corpses expanded in their eyes and tried to cover them.

However, what made Shi Yan surprised was that Bastos and Nazario didn't lose their minds. Instead, they looked as if they were frantically religious disciples. "It's the picture of the holy land that our Ancestor had left! It… It's the brain of our Ancestor! What's going on?"

Shi Yan was bewildered upon hearing them. The illusion created by the negative energy had taken the blood sea of the Bloodthirsty Force's holy land as the model. He had never expected that these two had called it the picture of their holy land and the brain of their Ancestor.

Shi Yan suddenly understood something and his face changed.

He had visited the blood sea in the holy land. That mysterious black hole was unexpectedly the brain of Devour, the Absolute Beginning creature. Devour must have left something in the Devouring Clan before it left. The drawing of its brain was the picture of their holy land. It seemed like the relationship between the Devouring Clan and the Bloodthirsty Force was somehow close and marvelous.

Anyway, the Bloodthirsty Force and Devour were predestined to not take the same path.

Two blood-dripping hands emerged and blew Nazario's and Bastos' chests. Shi Yan had seized the chance when their minds weren't stable to attack. Although it was despicable, it was safer for Shi Yan.


Nazario and Bastos had fallen into the deepest abyss of their life. They were so weak and they were distracted by Shi Yan's evil energy attack. They got hit and they started bleeding from the wounds on their chests.

Until now, their bodies could not recover as they used to be.

"Death power Upanishad!"

Nazario and Bastos shouted. They were more frightened. This junior warrior they had ignored their deeds and their eyes were wide as they watched.

They didn't know why Shi Yan could use their clan's power Upanishads and they didn't know why the Mysterious Yin corpse worms acted so cowardly when they saw Shi Yan.

They couldn't figure it out no matter what.

"You can save your body and your soul can't run away. Don't do such useless things. I won't give you a chance," Shi Yan mercilessly struck them with his words.

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