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The life treasures of the warriors connected to the host soul, Sea of Consciousness and even to the G.o.d power Ancient Tree. Typically, a warrior refined only one Life Treasure, which they tried to maximize.

The Life Treasure could perform a lot of magical functions. As the warrior and his Life Treasure was connected through the soul, the power sent to the treasure wouldn't be disrupted and he could even send his Soul Consciousness together with the energy…

However, when the Life Treasure was damaged badly, the owner received the same damage. In some worse cases, when the Life Treasure shattered, the owner's body exploded altogether. In the worst case, the owner's soul was torn to pieces!

Bastos's white rope was made of the white hair of corpses from one hundred different races. He had refined it with many rare and precious materials for several hundred years.

That white rope was called "Corpse Reins" and it was the fundamental tool he had to refine the corpse. This Corpse Reins helped him refine and tame many corpses. This white rope was a terrifying whip to his corpse slaves.

Outside the Skull Island, layers of mist hovered. That white mist could defend the corpse slaves. The parents of the little skeleton had created the mist to protect the area. Thus, Bastos and Nazario couldn't bring the corpse slaves with them this time. Otherwise, with two more corpse slaves, they would have finished this battle perfectly.

One of the magical functions of this Corpse Rains was that it could absorb vitality to turn a vigorous warrior into a stiff corpse. It facilitated the corpse refining process a lot.

The python created by the Corpse Reins had coiled Mei Ji for a while. If it had held her for longer, she would have lost her consciousness. She would have become a corpse without the ability to reason. After that, Bastos could have activated her brain to make her his standard corpse slave.

He didn't think and just dashed forward at his max speed.

A white light tore the sky. Bastos waved his hands on the way and the feeling of connected flesh came to him.

Two pieces of the Corpse Reins suddenly shivered and moved like a snake. Slowly, they reconnected and they looked almost intact.

Shi Yan was still far away so he couldn't stop him. He could only shout at Mei Ji, "Try your best to stop him!"

Mei Ji cursed Shi Yan's ancestors and gritted her teeth to urge the little bit of energy she had. A broad ice sword slowly emerged from her palm. The body of the sword reflected her beautiful body. It looked like she was carving her soul seal onto it.

The ice sword was formed. Mei Ji's face became even paler. Her jade-like arm rose and slashed on the Corpse Rein's old cut!


The Corpse Reins was cut off again and it sent ice pieces everywhere. Wisps of ivory Corpse Qi emitted from the cut mouth.

Bastos was on his way. He halted as if he had just barged into a mountain. He turned dark and sinister, roaring crazily. "That low woman! I'm sure I will make you wish that you were dead! I will definitely show you what happens if you offend me!"

Mei Ji was so cold. She knew that even if she had to detonate her soul altar, she would never let herself fall into Bastos' hands.

Otherwise, she would have to endure an extreme torment which would make her want to die.

She turned her head and her dark eyes gazed at Shi Yan. "Are you satisfied now? Is it what you want?"

Shi Yan frowned and didn't say anything. He moved away and stayed far away from her and Bastos.

Mei Ji looked at him in the eyes twice. In the end, she begrudgingly turned around. Another snow lotus bloomed on her ample breast with bleeding petals. It was beautiful and alluring like her exquisite glamor.

The bleeding snow lotus had drained Mei Ji's life energy. At this rate of losing vitality, she must have used some kind of mysterious technique. As Shi Yan guessed, she was about to risk her life with Bastos even if she had to pay with her own life.

A wave of strange soul energy came from her brain. Her icy eyes were now filled with resolution!

Bastos was coming with rage. He halted a few hundred steps away from Mei Ji as he was shaken hard.

Bastos didn't dare to move even a step further.

He didn't even dare to look at the treasure that was connected with his life. He didn't dare to take it back.

It was because of the strange energy fluctuation from Mei Ji. It was like a volcano that could erupt at any minute. Once it was activated, it would release the last light and drag everybody close to the abyss to h.e.l.l.

As they were all at the Peak of Immortal Realm, Bastos understood clearly that Mei Ji had only a bit of her G.o.d power left. However, when she decided to destroy her life, the energy from her death was going to be enough to shatter him altogether. In a specific range, he couldn't stand or avoid this.

"If you want to die, just do it. I don't have free time to waste on you." Bastos hovered in front of her, his face dark. All of a sudden, his brows twitched.

He swayed and changed his direction, dashing towards Shi Yan.

When he had just turned around, he saw Shi Yan slashing a blood light. He knew it was the thing that cut off his Corpse Reins. Thus, Shi Yan was his enemy too.

Mei Ji had prepared to shatter the jade together with the stones. Seeing Bastos change his target in fear, her eyes brightened with cold light when her evil plan worked. She sneered and looked at Shi Yan from a distance, feeling really good.

"Hey old dog. If you want to kill me, you still need to work hard. If you don't believe me, come and try."

Shi Yan was like an illusion shifting through this Skull Island. His figure flashed and then disappeared. Then, he reappeared ten thousand miles away. Using the s.p.a.ce power Upanishad, he was like a shadow that no one could capture. He didn't linger at any spot.

The short rest on the Skull Island had allowed him to regenerate his energy a little bit. He wasn't a lamp without oil. If he wanted to run, he had enough energy to endure for a while.

When Mei Ji wanted to kill him, she had struggled a lot. And now, it worked on Bastos too.

Bastos was moving crazily, but he couldn't lock Shi Yan down. Especially when Shi Yan used Dark Energy, he could turn invisible. Bastos became hot-tempered and restless.

Mei Ji was watching everything with a nonchalant face. She felt delighted when Bastos was roaring like a tiger but couldn't capture Shi Yan. She had experienced this situation before, so she understood Bastos' feeling well.

Also, Bastos cultivated only the Corpse Qi. He didn't know how to use the soul power to find an expert with Dark Energy who was hiding.

Thus, it was more difficult to deal with Shi Yan.

What made Mei Ji more surprised was that the thick Corpse Qi that Bastos had released ma.s.sively didn't work on Shi Yan. Shi Yan was still moving agilely. He wasn't affected even a bit from Bastos' attack.

Mei Ji subsided her delight of taking revenge. Her beautiful eyes became stern. She had a feeling that Shi Yan cultivated some technique that could suppress Bastos!

She had this feeling since Shi Yan used a humiliating method that she would never forget to suck the corpse toxin from her body out. When she finally had time to focus her mind, this feeling became clearer!

Something could subdue the power Upanishads of the Devouring Clan?

Mei Ji couldn't react. She searched through her head, thinking about strange and rare power Upanishads, but she couldn't find anything that matched. It made her bewildered, indeed.

She didn't relate it to the Devouring power Upanishad because of three reasons: First, it was the top, supreme power Upanishad of the Devouring Clan. Second of all, this power was lost, even in the Devouring Clan; third, Shi Yan wasn't a member of the Devouring Clan.

She just thought that Shi Yan was mysterious and he seemed to have many secrets she couldn't understand.

While she was observing, the Corpse Reins by her disappeared unknowingly. It seemed like Bastos had retrieved it. She didn't mind as she was busy taking in the pellets that the Phantom Clan had refined to regenerate her energy, even if it wasn't that significant.

She turned to look at the battle between the little skeleton and Nazario.

The Mysterious Yin corpse worms still covered the skeleton. However, they weren't as strong as when Bastos had used his power to support them. Their shrieking wasn't enough to trouble the skeleton's soul now.

It troubled Nazario to apply his power Upanishad on the little skeleton. At this moment, the little skeleton's eyes twinkled radiantly. A flaming light and an icy light shot out, which annoyed Nazario a lot. Nazario became a little helter-skelter. The eyeball in his eyes looked tired as if it had consumed a lot of energy.

"Bastos, what the heck are you doing? Don't chase that kid! Kill this b.a.s.t.a.r.d first!" Nazario panted and couldn't help but yell.

Bastos got himself together while persistently chasing after Shi Yan. He knew that he didn't have a lot of time left. It would be better to join hands with the other to kill the skeleton instead of wasting time on pursuing Shi Yan. After that, they would have plenty of time to defeat Shi Yan and Mei Ji.

Shi Yan was moving strangely. Bastos couldn't catch him. Mei Ji was ready to explode herself altogether. Bastos didn't have any solution to deal with her quickly. Reluctantly, he had to fly back to Nazario.


A light shadow slid across. Shi Yan reappeared not far from Mei Ji. He looked at Mei Ji, "Once that little skeleton is killed, you have only one way to go, which is to die altogether. If you help it kill or shoo away the two monsters, we will all survive."

"If you want, you should go help it. I have only a bit of G.o.d power left. If I go there and join the battle, it will be no different than me killing myself," Mei Ji pulled a cold visage. "You little cunning rascal, you're full of bad thoughts. You wanted me to hold one of the old monsters of the Devouring Clan. Good calculation. But why I should carry out your plan?"

"I'm only at First Sky of Immortal Realm. Once I show up, I'll be killed faster." Shi Yan opened his arms and said begrudgingly.

"I know you're not weak," Mei Ji's eyes drilled into Shi Yan. "You shouldn't think about sacrificing me anymore. I will definitely not act as you wish!"

Shi Yan kept silent.

He knew his minor calculation couldn't be implemented. Pondering, he suggested, "You and I join hands to deal with Bastos. Believe me. We have the power to fight him. I'm sure when he faces you, his power will be reduced ma.s.sively!"

"Finally, you want to contribute your strength now?" Mei Ji snorted.

Shi Yan frowned, staying silent.

"Okay, I'll join you to battle against him. Nothing's worse than death, anyway. I'll accept all the prices! I want to make it clear that if you dare to hide and not risk your life, once I figure it out, I will drag you and Bastos to h.e.l.l together!" Mei Ji gritted her teeth, talking resentfully.

Shi Yan nodded his head with a forced smile.

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