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Mei Ji sighed. It was the first time she regretted that she had provoked Shi Yan. She knew all of her troubles were caused by her greed.

If she hadn't provoked Shi Yan, she wouldn't have offended Forefather Dragon Lizard and Tu Shi Qi from the Mysterious Sky Clan. She wouldn't have needed to join hands with Singh to end up getting wounded seriously when Shi Yan's world-within-world exploded. It wouldn't have ignited her wrath and tempted her to chase after him until she was exhausted. And now, they were on this White Bone Clan's Skull Island.

She reaped what she sowed. Shi Yan had pushed her to a tragic death.

Mei Ji was so regretful that she wanted to die.

Shortly after, a pair of rough, big hands were placed on her exposed back…

The hands were warm and they didn't send any fatal energy to attack her when they were placed on her beautiful back. Mei Ji was touched. She woke up immediately and bit her lips. She pressed her voice to the lowest, audible level. "Little thief! Your l.u.s.t is too big. You're about to die, but you still have the mood to hara.s.s me?"

She thought that Shi Yan wanted to seize the chance to s.e.xually hara.s.s her.

"Hara.s.s you?" Shi Yan's voice was cold and stiff behind her. "I don't have free time to do that! I'll only ask you one question. If I save you this time, what should you do about the grudge between us?"

"Save me?" Mei Ji thought that she had heard a good joke before she died. "With only you? Do you think you've reached the Territory Ancestor Realm and have the strength to help me detoxify the corpse toxin in my body and get rid of this python? You're too confident!"

Mei Ji thought that unless he had reached the Territory Ancestor Realm, it was just a dream to save her from this situation!

The evil power Upanishads of the Devouring Clan was always peculiar. The Corpse Qi was even worse. It was almost impossible to heal a victim of the corpse toxin in a short time.

Shi Yan was just a small warrior at First Sky of Immortal Realm. Also, she had witnessed his recent breakthrough. What did he have to save her from the corpse toxin?

It was the biggest joke ever!

"We don't have much time. I'm asking you again. If I can save her, what will you do? Think and answer. If I'm not satisfied with your answer, you'll lose your only hope." Shi Yan sounded ruthless and cold. However, his words echoed strongly!

Mei Ji didn't know whether she should cry or smile. She just thought that the kid behind her didn't know how high the sky was. "If you help me break this blockage, I'm willing to humble and hara.s.s myself by serving you dedicatedly! The women of our clan are the best dreams of all men. I'm sure I can give you endless delight!"

"I'm never interested in the sort of woman who would take any man as their husband," Shi Yan sneered, "Anyway, your att.i.tude pleases me…"

"Who said I'll take anyone to be my husband?!" Mei Ji's alluring face seemed frosty. She was so angry that she shivered and spoke coldly. "Although we were born with the gift of the soul-enchanting technique, we keep ourselves clean. If I can move, I will cut your tongue first!"

"Well, you can still make wind of this situation. We can't talk to women, indeed," Shi Yan sneered again.

Censored part…..

In the next moment, Mei Ji was tense when rough hands slid from her back to her sensitive waist. And they continued sliding further downward…

"You… What are you doing?" she hissed through her gritted teeth.

"What are you afraid of?" Shi Yan's mocking voice arose behind her. "You've been f*cking chasing me for a long time. I know you're hungry for me. And now, you said that you're a virgin. I need to check to see whether it's true. If it's true, I will give you face by satisfying this hungry, resentful woman…"

"You dare!" Mei Ji's bright eyes became anxious and restless.

She cultivated Ice power Upanishad. The soul-enchanting technique was just a special innate ability that the Phantom Clan women had. From her power Upanishad, one could tell that she wasn't a loose person.

To the Phantom Clan women, the enchanting technique was just a trick and it was a deadly trick, anyway. They didn't use it to win someone's heart. If they wanted to win someone's heart, they would only do that to the loyal and dedicated Male Guests or their life partners the clan had matched for them.

The Phantom Clan women with high realms would never sacrifice their bodies. Their clan didn't have male members. They were the trump cards in their clan. They had to be the beautiful source of troubles to make this vast sea of stars chaotic. However, they all kept their purity.

Mei Ji was this sort of woman!

Shi Yan's big hands wandered on her back and b.u.t.t cheeks. Under the soft, silky dress, they were moving toward the joint between her thighs. She was extremely frightened and her flame of wrath rised torrentially.

She couldn't turn her head around to see Shi Yan. At this moment, his face looked ultimately grave. He didn't even have any vulgar intention as sweat beaded on his forehead.

His hand slowly reached and placed on Mei Ji's most mysterious area. WhenMei Ji was shivering in anger and was about to use her last beam of energy to resist, a small black hole appeared on Shi Yan's hand. That black hole revolved rapidly and a strong but strange suction force began to work.

Mei Ji's fragrant gra.s.s became warm and the suction force was like a rapid electric current that shot through her entire body. The corpse toxin in her body was attracted and it moved downward.

She suddenly had an urge to urinate and she couldn't hold it. Immediately, her stream of urine was discharged

The corpse toxin in her body was rolled into the urine and discharged from her body in such a humiliating way that she couldn't stand it. They flowed out of her mysterious, sensitive place and poured on Shi Yan's hand. Her water ran through the gaps between Shi Yan's fingers while the black hole in his palm swallowed all the corpse toxin.

The python coiling Mei Ji's s.e.xy body became like a withered flower. It dried strangely.

It seemed like the python's nutrient and life energy was drawn. From the size of an arm, it shrunk until it was as big as a finger. Even then, it continued shriveling.

Mei Ji's numb body started to get better as she was discharging urine uncontrollably. Seeing the python get smaller, Mei Ji felt both humiliated and surprised. She didn't know how and why Shi Yan had drawn the toxin out of her body.

—— Also, he had applied such a deviant way to take them out of her body!

Even if she squeezed her brain, she could never think that Shi Yan was using the Devouring power Upanishad, the lost power Upanishad of the Devouring Clan, on his hand, which was placed on her sensitive part of the body.

The Devouring Clan had the Devouring power Upanishad that topped the others. It had subdued all the other eight great, evil power Upanishads. The Devouring power Upanishad could swallow all the energy generated by the other eight power Upanishads. It could devour corpse toxin, erosive toxins, death energy, and even Dark Energy.

It was also the reason why after Shi Yan swallowed energy, he could send extra energy to warriors cultivating one of the eight power Upanishads through the mark on their foreheads.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

The python suddenly disappeared. A rope made of white hair on corpses fell on the ground. Without energy, this secret treasure had fallen off Mei Ji's body.

Mei Ji regained her mobility.

Her soft body was quivering. Her silky dress was soaked wet and her lower body felt damp and sticky. She stooped and found a hand placed on the joint of her thighs. Humiliation and unspoken indignity appeared on her face. She loathed that she couldn't kill herself at this spot.

She felt sorry for her reputation. She had been receiving nice names and glories, arrogantly enjoying so many top-qualified privileges. However, all burned down because of this humiliating moment.

She had urinary incontinence. This attack wasn't less than a big damage to her body. Her heart was filled with resentment and sour, bitter feelings. However, she had no way to vent it.


"It seems like you've recovered."

Before her volcano had erupted, Shi Yan had retracted his hands and stepped away from her. When she turned around to see, she found Shi Yan shaking his left hand off the water on it.

A streak of glittering fluid seemed to ridicule her ugly, embarra.s.sing performance. It drove her crazy!

Shi Yan shook off the urine on his hand right in front of Mei Ji. He rubbed his hand with the cloth on his side.

Right after that, he wore a calm face as if nothing had happened. He said indifferently, "If the two monsters of the Devouring Clan aren't dead, we're all doomed. Although your G.o.d power isn't abundant now, you're at the Peak of Immortal Realm. Yeah, you don't need me to teach you how and what to do, right?"

Mei Ji got it immediately.

Shi Yan unchained her to make her risk her life with the two old experts of the Devouring Clan. He wanted to use her last drop of power to exchange for his life.

Mei Ji was so resentful that she even felt her teeth itch. At this moment, she pushed aside the attempt to figure out how Shi Yan had sucked all the corpse toxin out of her body. What was left in her was only her indignation. "I have only a part of my G.o.d power left. Do you want me to explode my soul altar to help you get rid of this?"

Shi Yan shrugged. "You won't let me go there to die? Even if I go there, I have no way to overturn the situation. You can do it, more or less."

He did want Mei Ji to die together with the two Devouring Clan experts. He had observed and he knew Mei Ji had a deep grudge against the others because they wanted to turn her into a corpse slave. He had recognized when she even wanted to kill her self in her despair.

You want to die anyway. If you can drag one Devouring Clan monster with you to cushion your back, will it not be very convenient?

—— To the woman who wanted to kill him and refine his soul to help her reach the Territory Ancestor Realm, Shi Yan didn't have a bit of compa.s.sion. All that he had done was just to turn this situation around!

Boom! Boom!

At this moment, another bone dragon shattered. Of the two old monsters of the Devouring Clan, one was using a ma.s.sive fingerprint to increase the soul pressure and the other was holding a white eyeball to gather the energy to strike the little skeleton.

All of a sudden, Bastos shivered. He turned around to look at the other side.

He had finally found something wrong!

Shi Yan pointed at the rope made of white hair by Mei Ji's foot. "When that thing receives the Corpse Qi, it will become that powerful, intimidating python."

"d.a.m.n! Why didn't you tell me earlier?!" Mei Ji changed her visage. She gathered her G.o.d power. Sharp icicles appeared and stabbed the white rope. The rope cracked and made sounds that indicated it cracked, but it didn't disconnect or break.

However, Bastos was shaken hard and his face was pale.

"It's his Life Treasure!" Shi Yan shouted. He didn't need to think and he slashed his b.l.o.o.d.y sword. A one-hundred-meter blood light grumblingly hacked on the white rope.

This rope was made of white hair of the members from one hundred races. From one full-force attack of the b.l.o.o.d.y sword, it was halved.


Bastos couldn't help but spurt blood. His spirit, Qi, and Soul became fatigued immediately. He shouted as if his madness had finally burst out. Roaring and crying, he crazily dashed toward the others.

Temporarily, he left the little skeleton behind.

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