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Sizzle! Sizzle!

The white python made of the Corpse Qi tied Mei Ji as if it was an arm-sized rope.

Mei Ji's body was hung in midair on the Skull Dragon. Countless Corpse Qi wisps from the python were intruding her body while it kept hissing.

The Devouring Clan had eight branches, which cultivated the eight great devil powers. Nazario and Bastos belonged to the Corpse Qi branch. This division was similar to the eight forces of the Bloodthirsty Force. The Devouring Clan members who cultivated Corpse Qi had mastered refining corpse slaves. They had some intimidating corpse slaves that were even stronger than their masters.

The Devouring Clan had many different styles in refining the corpse slaves. However, making the Corpse Qi seep into the body until it brimmed and diffused was the fundamental method of refining corpses.

Bastos's Corpse Qi python was actually his strange tool to refine corpses. This secret treasure could make the corpse toxin intrude the victim's body slowly and transform the blood, flesh, and vitality of any creature. It would make the body filled with Corpse Qi, which facilitated the next step to create a corpse slave.

When the body was invaded, the Corpse Qi winded around the soul and body of the victim. The victim then became stiff and lost consciousness.

Feeling so many wisps of corpse toxins moving inside her body, Mei Ji slowly saw illusions and her thinking got sluggish.

Her eyes gradually lost light and became dulled and blank. Her white, glowing skin was now sickly pale.

She knew that the python created by some strange tool was using the corpse toxin to erode her bit by bit. She gathered her spirit, which she was slowly losing, and bit the corners of her mouth. Two trickles of blood oozed and rolled to her neck. They looked like terrifying, eye-catching worms.


A wave of cool energy came out of her round b.r.e.a.s.t.s, her chest shaking.

A snow-white lotus with blood veins on the petals grew on her chest, covering her entire charming body.

Mei Ji's eyes regained light. She looked at the two members of the Devouring Clan in the distance and pointed at the python's head that was facing the lotus on her chest!

An icy saber emerged!

The snake's head exploded. The Corpse Qi flows became smaller wisps. However, it was just for a moment. The Corpse Qi then congregated and condensed, covering Mei Ji one more time.

Not far from her, Bastos was watching with a teasing face, "With your realm and cultivation base, I can't actually tie you down. Anyway, your wounds are really bad and you have just one-third of your G.o.d power left. How can you resist my corpse toxin corrosion?"

Indeed, as soon as his voice vanished, the python Mei Ji had just beheaded reappeared and coiled Mei Ji and her snow lotus altogether.

To create the snow lotus, Mei Ji had to pay with serious damage to her body. After this failure, she couldn't attack sufficiently again. Before she lost her ability to speak, her bright eyes gazed at the little skeleton and she cried weakly, "I could only distract him for a while. It's what I can do. I hope you can kill these two. I hope that you could endure it!"

She understood clearly that with her current condition, she couldn't stand Bastos or Nazario. She could only lay her hope on the little skeleton. She hoped that it could be resilient.

The only thing she could do now was to not yield to them. She would use her little amount of remaining energy to trouble Bastos and make him distracted by attacking him.

She didn't even look at Shi Yan. At this moment, her life was her top priority. The idea of refining Shi Yan to help her reach the Territory Ancestor Realm was now out of reach. Moreover, she didn't have enough energy to waste on a useless junior.

In this battle, Shi Yan was predestined as a minor, unimportant character.

She thought so too.

The little skeleton had the same thought. It turned to Shi Yan, its crystal arms swinging at the bone dragons and asking them to take Shi Yan further from this area to avoid the Devouring Clan experts' ambush.


The bone dragon immediately flew away and carried Shi Yan further away from this battle.

The bone dragon dropped Shi Yan and then soared up into the sky. It flew around the little skeleton.

Rattle! Rattle!

Strange noises suddenly arose from Bastos's sleeves of the green robes. So many shiny white worms flooded out of his sleeves.

Those worms had many legs like centipedes. However, each of their legs was as sharp as a sword. Although the worms were just as big as a thumb, there were hundreds of thousands of them. After they had flown out of his sleeves, they crept rapidly toward the little skeleton.

Shi Yan squinted to watch, his face changed.

The Mysterious Yin corpse worms!

As the new Master of Bloodthirsty, although he didn't know all of the eight great, evil powers, he did know the secrets of these powers.

The Mysterious Yin corpse worms were a kind of strange insect that a force cultivating Corpse Qi like Frederick bred. They had to nibble the corpses of the experts for at least one hundred years to be able to transform to Mysterious Yin corpse worms.

This kind of corpse worm was cold Yin with saber-like legs that could tear an expert's body easily. They would enter the bodies to nibble from the inside. Starting from the stomach and the internal organs, they would eat an expert from the inside.

No saber or sword could cut the Mysterious Yin corpse worm. Water and fire were also useless. Those worms had strange energy waves that could affect the Sea of Consciousness. The corpse worms from Bastos' sleeves cried sharply. While they were marching toward the little skeleton, Shi Yan also felt his soul fall in pain. It felt like he got stabbed with pointy spikes.

He knew that those Mysterious Yin corpse worms were really tough. It was really hard to refine one worm. They had to eat at least hundreds of corpses and the expert had to refine them for hundreds of years.

Each Mysterious Yin corpse worm was just as big as a thumb, but Shi Yan knew that they ate a lot. A worm could finish an entire warrior in two hours.

Facing a wave of so many Mysterious Yin corpse worms, let alone ordinary creatures, even a giant beast of Heavenly Monster Tribe couldn't endure them for long. The worms could even finish their bones.

However, while facing the members of the White Bone Clan, the Mysterious Yin corpse worms couldn't do much.

The corpse toxins and flesh-eating worms were not effective against the little skeleton!

The little skeleton stood in front of the bone dragons and watched the worms swarm. It didn't want to dodge at all. The toxin from the Mysterious Yin corpse worms and the worms couldn't affect it at all.

The skeleton lifted his head to look at Bastos as if he was wondering why Bastos had done such useless attacks, which made him bewildered.

"Haha," Bastos sneered. The palms of his hands suddenly glowed. The fingerprint light flew out from his hands and created something like magical curtains above the corpse worms.

The two formations seemed to have an evil power that stimulated the Mysterious Yin corpse worms and made them insanely brutal. The worms hissed and risked their lives, swarming forward.

The corpse worms covered the little skeleton instantly!

The insects crying and shrieking was so sharp that it could tear people's eardrums. Shi Yan's face was cold as he had to use the s.p.a.ce power Upanishad to confine his area to protect himself from the harmful sound waves.

When the terrifying shrieking arose, blood ran out of Mei Ji's eyes, nostrils, and ears. Her charming face became paler.

"My corpse worms can only disturb its soul. They can't eat this skeleton. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d's bones are really tough. My corpse worms can't chew it. I need your power to kill it." After the little skeleton was covered in the pile of worms, Bastos took a deep breath and then turned to Nazario.

"Of course, I'm here to give you a hand." Nazario nodded. He coughed and then strolled toward the little skeleton.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The two bone dragons were enraged. They stormed over, biting and tearing to protect the little skeleton.

Nazario looked calm as he touched his glabella. His Incipient Extent emerged from the crown of his head…

Piles of bones like mountains appeared in an immense world. The vast, seething sea in the middle of that world contained something viscous like liquid that oozed out from the corpses. Thousands of dismembered bodies from different clans floated and bobbed together with cut limbs, eyeb.a.l.l.s, fingers, or even skulls in that sea.

An eccentric fist-sized eyeball floated and drifted from the sea of corpses.

From the corpse sea, countless beams of Corpse Qi condensed and turned into wisps of white air that poured into that eyeball. Nazario grabbed it and brought it out of his Incipient Extent.

"Corpses crack!"

Holding the strange eyeball facing the two dragons, Nazario shouted in the ancient language of the Devouring Clan.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The two bone dragons suddenly had so many thick, fine cracks as if they were gashed by invisible blades.


One of the bone dragons exploded, its bones shattering.

Nazario frowned and avoided the pieces of bones from that bone dragon. He walked toward the small skeleton.

The Mysterious Yin corpse worms in his way seemed to sense his intimidating aura. They scattered and gave him a narrow path that lead to the little skeleton.

Bastos hovered in the air and focused on using his power Upanishad. The two fingerprints like ma.s.sive hands slowly s.n.a.t.c.hed down from the sky and made the Mysterious Yin corpse worms hiss and shriek harder. The soul-piercing shrieks from the worms had pressured the little skeleton, which created a chance for Bastos to crack the skeleton.

Shi Yan watched silently. He didn't take rash actions. He observed the moves of the two members of the Devouring Clan and their power Upanishads. When the others were about to kill the little skeleton, Shi Yan changed his thoughts and a strange energy fluctuated that spreaded from him.

He suddenly vanished like a wisp of smoke. When he reappeared, he was behind Mei Ji's s.e.xy body.

Mei Ji faced Bastos and Nazario. These two had concentrated on killing the little skeleton and they didn't even bat an eye at him.

They didn't notice that when he disappeared and reappeared, Mei Ji was standing and shielding in front of him. Also, the other two didn't even care about Mei Ji, so they didn't see Shi Yan hiding behind her.

Bastos and Nazario didn't look at him but Mei Ji shivered as she could sense his commotion. She was anxious, her eyes desperate and bitter.

It was karma when this rascal could have a chance to ambush her. It was good then. At least, it was better than falling into the two old men's hands.

Mei Ji sighed inwardly.

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