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The python made of Corpse Qi continuously nibbled the ice and cracked it from the foot. The white python then turned into a bright mist under the ice mountain and then seeped into the mountain. Shortly after, an arm-sized rope coiled around Mei Ji.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ice peak exploded!

Countless ice rocks shattered. The meteor-like beams of light and the flaming chain turned into a flow of light that disappeared into the ground of the Skull Island.

Mei Ji suddenly understood something.

The little skeleton of the White Bone Clan didn't want to kill or harm her. The starlight beams and the flaming chain hovering around just wanted to bind her and prevent her from running away.

After the ice peak exploded, those lights and flames disappeared into the ground. It was enough to prove that the little skeleton didn't want to kill her.

Otherwise, those meteor-like lights and flames could have seized the chance to destroy her when the python broke the ice. She would have been hurt badly or even killed.


The old man from the Devouring Clan was surprised when he looking at the lights and flames disappearing into the ground. He frowned and then sneered, "That illegitimate child is kind enough to not attack her brutally. It spared her life. Haha, it's good then. He gave me a good advantage this time…"

His shiny bluish face was like snakeskin. It gave a cold and evil impression. At this moment, he grinned fiendishly and l.u.s.tily.

His deep green eyes lingered on Mei Ji's s.e.xy body. He gulped and laughed eccentrically. "The women of the Phantom Clan are all heavenly treasures. Haha, she's at the same realm asme. It's true that you can't stop your fortune when it comes to you. I'm going to make you a corpse slave and you will serve me every day. It's the best thing in the world! Excellent!"

The white python wound around Mei Ji's delicate waist, her round rear end, and her ample b.r.e.a.s.t.s. It squeezed her white, jade-like skin, leaving the red marks on it. This cruel, beautiful sadism could ignite any man's desire and burn their mind instantly. The two old men of the Devouring Clan had naked l.u.s.t fill their eyes.

The old man standing further away even had a b.o.n.e.r in his pants. His blood Qi was running chaotically. He couldn't help but let out a low shout. "Bastos! Give this woman to me. I want her for ten years. After ten years, I will return her to you. Just say that she's one of the payment you have to give to me this time!"

The green lines like venomous snakes were moving inside his pupils.

The other old man who was called Bastos twitched. His eyes greedily scanned Mei Ji's body several times. He took a deep breath to pull himself together. "Nazario, I can let you keep this woman for ten years! But you have agreed with me that you have to do your best to deal with that rascal from the White Bone Clan!"

"No problem!" Nazario licked his lip.

The two old men from the Devouring Clan came here for the little skeleton. They had accidentally met Mei Ji here. Women of the Phantom Clan were famous treasures in this vast cosmos. Every man would treasure them as their most precious a.s.set.

Unfortunately, the Phantom Clan was one of the Seven Great Clans. Each of the female warriors of this clan was powerful and n.o.ble. Not many people could capture the Phantom Clan women to enjoy the endless pleasure that they could bring.

Mei Ji was at the Peak of Immortal Realm. With her power, when she was at her peak condition, she wouldn't fall into a disadvantageous situation when facing these two old men from the Devouring Clan. It was too bad for her that her condition was really bad at this moment. Thus, the Corpse Qi python could capture her and send the Corpse Qi into her body to affect her.

The Corpse Qi slowly affected her flesh and blood. She could feel her flexible body go numb and stiff.

Whenever she tried to urge her energy and power Upanishad, the python squeezed her tighter as if it wanted to halve her right at her waist. She gritted her teeth and felt so resentful upon listening to the two old men talk. As she opened her mouth to talk, the Corpse Qi flooded her mouth. Thus, she decided to shut up.

Mei Ji felt utterly insulted. She loathed the two old men, Shi Yan and the little skeleton too. She thought that if the other two didn't trick her, with her full power, she wouldn't be afraid of these two sinister, vulgar old men.

Thinking about the mantis-green eyes of the two old men and their sharp fingers, which would possibly slide on her beautiful, soft body in the future, she got gooseb.u.mps. Her heart was filled with cold despair.

She had made up her mind. If she couldn't find a chance to overturn this, she was going to use her power Upanishad to freeze her body and then self-detonate before the Corpse Qi invaded her Sea of Consciousness fully.

Even if she had to die, she was never going to let herself fall to these two Devouring Clan's old men! She'd rather die than live like that!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Flapping sounds arose. The two snow-white bone dragons had come back and appeared in Mei Ji's sight.

Mei Ji's eyes brightened. She looked at the little skeleton and Shi Yan riding the bone dragons with the hope for a new change to this situation.

"Child born out of wedlock! You can't believe I'm here for you, right? You hurt me last time. I have to spend a lot of time to recover. Today, I'm not alone. I'm here with the power of two experts at the Peak of Immortal Realm. Let's see how you can protect your parents' bodies! Muahaha, I've talked to Nazario. We will each keep one of your parents. After we refine them into corpse slaves, they will be powerful a.s.sistants for us to swagger!"

The Devouring Clan member called Bastos grinned fiendishly and eccentrically. His eyes raked through the skeleton riding the bone dragon. He didn't even give Shi Yan a look.

The aura on Shi Yan's body was ordinary to him. While Shi Yan hadn't emerged yet, he had already confirmed his realm and cultivation base.

A First Sky of Immortal Realm warrior in his eyes couldn't support the little skeleton.

"Is that him?" Nazario subsided his tide-like desire to Mei Ji. He got himself together quickly. "What did you find in our precursor's vestiges?"

"Our precursor had been here a long time ago. At that time, the parents of this illegitimate kid were refining him. Our precursor wanted to seize the chance to kill its parents and make them corpse slaves. Unexpectedly, even at the final phase of their process, they were still very powerful. They attacked our precursor and wounded him badly. He had to run away. Not long after he left this place, he knew that he couldn't survive the damages. He had used his last drops of energy to create his cave mansion vestige so someone from our clan could find it later…"

When Bastos talked about their precursor, he looked respectful as if he was slowly blowing the dust on a piece of their history. "Inside the vestige, he told us about this secret. He even showed the location of this island. He said that the parents of this kid couldn't survive for a long time. He asked us to come and refine them into corpse slaves. It's to take revenge for him."

He coldly looked at the little skeleton. "Thirty years ago, I followed the direction and came here. However, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d has already formed. I couldn't defeat it so I had to run. I've spent thirty years recovering. That's why I came to you and asked you to join me on this affair. You can have one of its parents' bodies to refine your corpse slave."

Pausing for a while, Bastos shouted, "The bone body of the White Bone Clan Territory Ancestor Realm experts! They're the best for creating corpse slaves. Once we can refine them, the voice of our branch in the Clan will be more powerful!"

"The bone body of the Territory Ancestor Realm expert…"

Nazario's dark green eyes moved fast. He couldn't hide his greed. He looked at Mei Ji who was under the python's attack and then at the little skeleton. He grinned and nodded to the other. "I want that Phantom woman and one bone body. You can keep the other body and this little skeleton."

"Deal!" Bastos agreed.

They exchanged looks and laughed loudly as they felt so content.

Shi Yan wore a calm face while sitting on the bone dragon, even though a high wave was rising in his heart.

They were two Devouring Clan members…

The Devouring Clan was the race that Devour, the Absolute Beginning creature, had used his blood and flesh to create. It was one of the Seven Great Clans in this vast cosmos and also the most mysterious and evil.

Devour used to impart the Devouring power Upanishad and the eight great evil powers for this clan. However, throughout the perpetual time of inheritance, the Devouring power Upanishad was lost. Even the eight great evil powers were scattered and incomplete.

Even so, in the Sea Domain of Nihility and the other territories in this immense universe, no one dared to look down on the Devouring Clan. It was still one of the strongest clans.

Devour was the archenemy of Desolate. Their combat had carried out for billions of years and it hadn't ended yet!

Desolate had created Bloodthirsty. When it was about to impart the power Upanishad to Bloodthirsty, Devour attacked it. Devour had successfully given Bloodthirsty the Devouring power Upanishad and the eight great powers. It made Bloodthirsty turn around to destroy Desolate's Incipient Extent and inevitably kill Desolate too.

In the end, Bloodthirsty had used the supernatural and peerless talents to understand the power and backfire Devour. After that battle, Devour was shut down ever since.

Bloodthirsty had built up Bloodthirsty Force and with his extraordinary power, he had defeated Devour with Devouring power Upanishad and the eight great evil powers.

After Devour had left to fight against Desolate, the Devouring Clan had gradually lost its inheritance. Quite the contrary, in Desolate Territory, Devour's inheritance, the Bloodthirsty Force, had the complete inheritances of the power. It was a joke that the Creator played on Devour.

Today, seeing the two members of the Devouring Clan, Shi Yan closed his eyes to sense for a while. He was shaken hard!

The secret that had troubled him for a long time was solved when he saw the Devouring Clan members.

After Bloodthirsty was gone, the Blood Vein Ring was divided into three parts. Lao Luo, Xuan Shan, and Xuan He used them to create the inheritance on the ancient continents. Xuan He failed. Lao Luo brought Shi Yan here. And Xuan Shan appeared to have failed but he actually brought a soul from another universe. That soul discreetly supported Harson. Harson also failed and Shi Yan had killed him. That soul had swallowed the Ring Spirit and attempted to seize Shi Yan's body.

And then, when Bloodthirsty's remains were gradually exposed, that soul had another evil thought. It enticed Shi Yan to gather Bloodthirsty's remains so it could use his remains to resurrect itself.

Shi Yan didn't know where that soul had come from. And today, as he saw the members of the Devouring Clan, he realized the answer.

Even though that soul had tried to hide it, its aura and vague appearance were very similar to the two members of the Devouring Clan in front of him!

That soul came from the Devouring Clan in the Sea Domain of Nihility. He understood the situation of the Bloodthirsty Force and he knew the eight great evil powers. That was why he could activate the mysterious formation on the island inside the Dark Abyss…

Possibly, that soul was the backup plan that Devour, the Absolute Beginning creature, had preserved. Devour had used its power to bring a soul it had chosen from the race it had created. It wanted to make that soul the new master of Bloodthirsty Force, which was going to change the structure of Desolate Territory and start a new round of battles with Desolate!

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