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The White Bone Clan's little skeleton brought Shi Yan deep into the Skull Island through a ma.s.sive, mouth-like cave. It was a dark area where Shi Yan couldn't see anything.

The bone dragons flapped their wings and moved through a dim-lit pa.s.sage. After a while, Shi Yan finally saw a band of pale white light.

It was like phosphorus flames from the bones.

Shi Yan was placid as he sent his energy to his eyes to have better eyesight. The dim-lit area became clearer to him.

This area was surrounded by stone walls. Those walls looked ash-gray and they were actually decayed bones. Many mysterious drawings were carved on the walls including the moon, the sun, the stars, mountains, and even lakes. They looked lively as if they were real.

After a while, the dragon bones stopped. The poorly illuminated cave suddenly brightened.

Two bone dragons stopped by a ma.s.sive stone room, which was the center of the Skull Island. This was a s.p.a.ciously ma.s.sive room that connected to forty-nine stone paths. Those forty-nine paths were like big ditches that connected to different areas on Skull Island. Piles of ash-gray bones stood in the paths.

Those bones didn't have any bit of energy remaining. When Shi Yan released his Soul Consciousness to sense, they turned into ashes.

The stone room had many ditches like a network of channels that created a ma.s.sive, unknown formation. Two coffins stood in the center of the formation. They were made of unknown materials. The coffins were opened and standing in the middle of a ma.s.sive bone pond. This bone pond must have had some liquid, but it was all dried up now.

The little skeleton of the White Bone Clan stopped by the two coffins. The eyes made of stars of the skeleton contained its deep sorrow.

The atmosphere in this stone chamber was affected by the skeleton's mood. Sadness was hovering in the air. The little skeleton's head turned around to take in the two coffins.

Shi Yan silently walked forward. He saw two members of the White Bone Clan, one male and one female, lie inside the coffins.

Apparently, these two White Bone Clan experts were the parents of this child. They lay quietly. There was no aura or life energy fluctuation. Their bones were brown-gray like bones that decayed for many years. They looked fragile as if they would break when someone touched them.

Watching the coffins and the bone pond for a while, Shi Yan's eyes brightened.

The two coffins had many long bones that reached the bone pond. They looked as if they were used to transport something into the pond.

Shi Yan became more curious. He observed around and found that the paths and the ditches in the room all headed to the two coffins. They were likely used to pour some energy into the two coffins to refine and then pour into the bone pond to nurture something it bore.

He looked at the little skeleton and understood it immediately.

He had heard something about how the White Bone Clan had "refined" the children from Yvelines. It seemed like this kid's parents had used the mysterious power of the White Bone Clan to condense the energy from the bones on this Skull Island and used their bodies to refine the energy and pour into the bone pond.

All this was to refine the bone body for this little skeleton. After the bone body was formed, something happened. His parents had to drain their own life energy to create him. They died in the end.

During this process, something unexpected happened. Otherwise, this couple wouldn't have sacrificed themselves.

While he was thinking, the little skeleton looked at him and then pointed at his parents inside the coffins. He spoke and gestured. He was trying to tell Shi Yan something.

Although Shi Yan didn't understand anything, he could guess the skeleton's idea. He shook his head and sighed. "Your parents don't have any bit of energy. They are… dead. I'm afraid I can't do anything."

The White Bone Clan little skeleton shook his head continuously. The scarlet and white lights shot out from his eyes and fell on the brown-gray male skeleton.

Strangely, a feeble wisp of soul energy fluctuated for a fragment of time.

The little skeleton's eyes brightened. He pointed at his father's body, crying and speaking to Shi Yan.

Shi Yan was surprised. He concentrated on sensing. Then, he found a feeble soul energy fluctuation in the skull of the White Bone Clan male member. However, his life energy was drained but there was a feeble wisp of soul energy, even though it wasn't enough to wake him up. Unless his bone body had vitality.

The little skeleton pointed to Shi Yan and gestured hard. Then, he lay into the bone pond and released the vitality. His vitality moved through the white bones connected to the pond and the coffins, but it couldn't get through the coffin to pour into his parents' bodies.

Shi Yan observed and he understood it. A strange feeling flooded him.

The stone chamber inside this Skull Island was a peculiar formation of the White Bone Clan. A White Bone Clan couple wanted their kid to be powerful so they had spent a lot of effort to build the formation, which took their energy through the coffins and poured vitality into the bone pond. The coffin and the bone pond were parts of this marvelous formation.

However, it seemed like there was some big problem that happened during the process, which could harm the child. This couple had drained their life energy to save their child. Also, they had become so weak that they had just a wisp of a feeble soul energy. There was not even a little bit of vitality left in their bodies.

This little bony buddy had found that Shi Yan cultivated Life power Upanishad, so he hoped that Shi Yan could change this formation to pour energy into the pond and make it run back into the coffins. The little skeleton wanted to use his vitality to wake up his parents.

"How deep was a parents' love in this world…" Shi Yan shook his head with emotions. "This strange formation only receives vitality. We can't use the bone pond to guide energy back to the coffins. Your parents knew that you would do that in the future. They didn't let you do that. They hoped that you wouldn't pay with your life to revive them."

The grief in the small skeleton became heavier. It opened its mouth and pointed to Shi Yan. He looked a little anxious and restless.

Shi Yan gave him a forced smile. "It's true that I'm cultivating Life power Upanishad, but my realm isn't high enough to distort this marvelous formation. Alright, I can use the Life power Upanishad to try. Let's see if my vitality can help your parents."

The little skeleton nodded continuously, his eyes bright. He clasped his bony hands and bowed to Shi Yan, which made him look funny.

"I can only give it a try. You shouldn't have such big hopes." Shi Yan stepped forward and placed one hand on the heart core of the male skeleton.

The heart core was the energy source of the White Bone Clan members. It functioned similarly to the G.o.d power Ancient Tree of the warriors. This man's heart core was rhombus shpaed and simple as if it was made of natural jade.

The heart core was cold under his hand. However, it had no energy fluctuation. It was like a still, stagnant pond.

Shi Yan was cautiously urging his Life power Upanishad. A drop of blood emerged on his fingertip, which had vigorous vitality that could revive the dry tree.


His drop of blood fell on the heart core. The heart core absorbed that drop of blood instantly like a dry sponge. The heart core flashed and Shi Yan heard a heartbeat. Right after that, the coffin emitted an immense white light. The ivory light moved through the bones connected to the coffin to the bone pond. The dry pond suddenly had some viscous liquid.


The little skeleton cried painfully in the bottom of the bone pond. He looked so pitiful that he seemed to be going crazy.

Shi Yan was bewildered.

He hadn't expected that these parents from the White Bone Clan only wanted to save their child before they died. The energy he had poured into the skeleton had followed the old path through the coffin to the bone pond.

All they had done was for the little skeleton in the bone pond. They didn't even mind their lives.

Shi Yan came from another world. His parents had gone early. Although he had inherited a big fortune from his parents, he had never experienced this sort of sacrificing parental love. Ever since he had come to this world, he had rarely been touched. And today, he was deeply touched when he knew the way the two skeletons in the coffins had used to protect their child.

"If we pour energy into the coffins, it will be poured into the bone pond afterward. To bring you to this world, they had sacrificed as much as they could!" Shi Yan took a deep breath and then said, "We can't use this method. How about moving them out of the coffins and then I will try again? What do you think?"

The little skeleton balled his body in a corner of the bone pond. It was crying silently in pain and hopelessness. It was almost desperate. Hearing Shi Yan's suggestion, it pulled itself together, nodded to Shi Yan, and jumped out of the pond. They were about to move his father's body out of the coffin.

Right when it was about to take action, the Skull Island shook hard. A furious energy fluctuation came from the area above Shi Yan's head.

The little skeleton was extremely enraged. Hesitated for a while, it decided to go out and see. However, it was worried about Shi Yan, so it ordered the bone dragon to protect Shi Yan.

Shi Yan was surprised. He didn't know that Mei Ji of the Phantom Clan could be so powerful to get rid of the confinement that quickly.


Skull Island.

A cold ice mountain peak was coiled by so many lights. A flaming chain was releasing scorching heat to melt the ice peak.

The ice peak confined Mei Ji's graceful body. However, fear had filled her beautiful eyes on her charming, pale face.

She looked afar.

In the mist above her head, two silhouettes slowly landed. They were two old, dry men with thick Corpse Qi.

They all wore strange green robes with a drawing of a mysterious black hole on the left chest. They were all lanky with deep green, spooky eyes and bluish green skin. Their arms were strangely long and they could reach their calves. However, their hands had only three fingers, which were as sharp as swords.

The deep green eyes looked at Mei Ji like venomous eyes that gazed at a delicious prey.

Mei Ji's visage changed dramatically. At first glance, she knew the two old men's ident.i.ties. Shivers sent down her spine.

Rumble! Rumble!

Right after they had landed, the Skull Island was shaken grumblingly. This powerful tremor was what Shi Yan and the little skeleton had found. Mei Ji didn't create this commotion.

"A member of the Phantom Clan!" snorted one of the old men. He naturally strolled toward Mei Ji and mumbled to himself, "Oh, the unfathered kid has confined her."

"I am Mei Ji from the Phantom Clan. Friends from Devouring Clan, I wonder why you are visiting this island? If you want to attack the White Bone Clan members on this island, we can negotiate." Mei Ji giggled. She honestly and pa.s.sionately looked at the two members of the Devouring Clan, proactively showing her cooperative intention.

Unfortunately, the other two didn't have the same idea. They suddenly attacked her.

As soon as the old man approached her, he opened his mouth to spurt a python made of Corpse Qi. The python began to dig into the ice mountain from the foot. The ice cracked and broke as the python wanted to climb up and bite Mei Ji.

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