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A small, white-crystal skeleton descended from the sky and steadied between the two skeleton dragons.

The bone dragons furiously attacked Mei Ji and suddenly retracted, crouching like two nice hounds by the skeleton's feet, their rolling eyes servile.

Mei Ji was bewildered. Her bright eyes looked surprised. She looked at the little skeleton of the White Bone Clan, her charming face extremely stunned.

She knew how the White Bone Clan members produced the next generation. She understood clearly that even if the White Bone Clan parents were at the Peak of Immortal Realm, they couldn't "give birth" to such a terrifying child.

She could feel the tremendous energy from this little buddy from the White Bone Clan. His energy fluctuated and made her heart beat anxiously faster.

Mei Ji became frightened.

She was so frightened when she looked at the Skull Island underneath. She became gingerly and didn't dare to act rashly anymore.

The parents that could "refine" such a formidable child had unimaginably profound realms. If this sort of character was on the island, they were likely the most powerful warriors of the White Bone Clan!

The white-crystal little skeleton didn't have a bit of flesh on it. Its eyes were inlaid with star-like precious gemstones. One of the two gemstones was white and the other was red. They separately released burning and freezing energies. As the skeleton was gazing at her, Mei Ji was scared.

The small skeleton had a heart core, which was something unknown but illuminating. The heart core was the source of energy of the White Bone Clan. It functioned like the G.o.d power Ancient Tree of the other races.

It was really complicated to create the heart core. It was also related to the stimulation of the life seed and the materials needed to "refine" the child. The energy in this little skeleton seemed to be endless. Mei Ji thought that this kid was mysterious and dangerous at the same time.

"Crack! Crack!"

The two dragons smacked their jaws as if they were little puppies. They twisted their bodies to describe something to the little skeleton and the bones on their bodies even shook.

The star-like eyes of the little skeleton twinkled as it was listening to the bone dragons. Then, it looked at Shi Yan.

Fire burst out of its eye. It was dazzling and it immediately aimed at the ice cube.

The ice cube created by Mei Ji's cold energy was like snow that was roasted on a fire. It melted down immediately. Shi Yan resumed his spirit and body functions.

He looked at the small skeleton and screamed in fear.

With his profound power Upanishads, he could have a precise understanding of lunar stars and solar stars. The white and red eyes of the skeleton were the lunar nucleus and the solar nucleus respectively. Shi Yan could feel the hot energy from the red eye, which was not less than the combination of ten suns!

It was extremely formidable!

He believed that if this little skeleton detonated the solar energy in its left eye, it was enough to burn hundreds of life stars into ashes or turn Immortal Realm experts into charcoal.

The intimidation of that scorching energy had frightened the heaven flame inside his brain. Under such a look, he felt his blood evaporating.

And the other was controlling its power precisely.

Similarly, the right eye of the little skeleton was made of a lunar nucleus. It was cold and filled with Yin and some marvelous powers.

"He's the enemy that I have to kill. Child, are your parents here? I am Mei Ji of the Phantom Clan. I don't want to create any misunderstanding with your White Bone Clan. I was wrong when I've entered your precious land. But I was begrudging… Please…"

Mei Ji immediately used her soft voice to explain when she saw the little skeleton rescuing Shi Yan from the ice cube.

At this moment, her masked was torn and her clothes were ragged. Her delicate waist and creamy thighs were discernible. Her a.s.sets could boil any man's blood.

However, it didn't work on the little skeleton as its eyes moved swiftly and focused on Shi Yan. It didn't even mind Mei Ji's explanation.

Shi Yan was filled with surprise. He could feel the subtle and marvelous aura from the skeleton, which was creeping on him as if it was trying to pull the thread of his coc.o.o.n…

This kid of the White Bone Clan was using some special technique to check Shi Yan's secrets. That strange energy moved around his veins, Sea of Consciousness, and soul altar.

Mei Ji's charming face grimaced. The feeling of being ignored made her feel insulted as she was used to being the focus of the crowd.

However, she didn't dare to do anything.

She wasn't so sure if this little skeleton's parents were on this Skull Island, too. If they were, their realm was likely higher than hers. She couldn't recognize them and she didn't have the power to resist.


After a while, the little skeleton pointed at Shi Yan while making some strange noises as if it was talking about something.

Shi Yan was bewildered. He shook his head continuously. "I don't understand."

The memories of languages from the Heavenly Eye Clan didn't contain this language. Apparently, the skeleton wasn't using a common language. Shi Yan didn't understand anything.

Mei Ji of the Phantom Clan was also puzzled. Her beautiful, exquisite eyebrows furrowed. After a while, her eyes brightened. "The language of the previous generation of the White Bone Clan!" She placed an emerald ring on her forehead. A green light rippled from the ring and disappeared into her head.

"He's my captive!" Mei Ji immediately understood what the little skeleton said. She was enraged. "You want him to go with you? Why do you have to ask that?"

She was speaking a common language, but the small skeleton apparently understood her. Its line of sight moved from Shi Yan to Mei Ji.


The skeleton spoke in the strange language again. It sounded angry as light rolled in its eyes.

Mei Ji wore a cold face and shook her head continuously. "No! He's my captive. I don't care what you want. I have to take this man away! You little kid, don't you understand? Have your parents taught you how to behave?"

The little skeleton was just angry but it didn't do anything. However, when Mei Ji mentioned its "parents," she seemed to have ignited its wrath.

The skeleton let out a low roar.

The terrifying energy fluctuations inside the Skull Island seemed to activate with the mysterious formation in the skeleton's eyes.

The mysterious symbols on the skeleton's skull twinkled like stars. Then, brilliant, star-like spots appeared on its skeleton. They were like its acupuncture points.

Shi Yan gawked and his eyes radiated the magical light.

He cultivated Star power Upanishad so at first glance, he knew that those were the real stars! They were refined stars that functioned as the acupuncture points of this little skeleton. At this moment, so many twinkling stars began to diffuse the surging star energy.

Unexpectedly, this little bony thing had mastered the Star power Upanishad like him!"

"What do you want?!?"

Mei Ji was also frightened. Actually, she wasn't afraid of this little skeleton. She was scared of the members of the ancient White Bone Clan who could be properly hiding in this Skull Island.

This little skeleton spoke a language of the White Bone Clan's previous generation that no one used now. From this point, his parents was likely terrifyingly ancient too. If they were hiding in the Skull Island, let alone Mei Ji, even if her clan's Territory Ancestor Realm expert came here, she couldn't do anything.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The bunches of light fell like meteors. They came out from different areas of the Skull Island and as the skeleton was guiding them, they moved toward Mei Ji. Mei Ji was panic-stricken when the lights focused on her. She didn't hesitate to take out the snow lotus to cover her body entirely. At the same time, she urged her Ice power Upanishad to freeze her own body.

When the ice mountain emerged, her s.e.xy body was preserved inside the peak of the ice mountain.

The skeleton hissed strangely and guided the starlight winding around the ice mountain peak like chains. Right after that, a scarlet light column shot out from its left eye and attacked the peak. The ice on the mountain peak melted fast under the scorching heat of the red light.

Those meteor-like lights were ready to attack right when the peak all melted.

Mei Ji screamed inwardly.

If she was in her best condition, she wouldn't have been so pa.s.sive in dealing with this kind of attack. However, at this moment, she could only defend and she couldn't spend extra energy to counterattack.

She knew that unless the energy of the scarlet light was drained, she would never be able to get rid of this peak safely.

The little skeleton didn't mind her at all. Seeing her confined for the time being, its anger subsided. Then, it turned to Shi Yan and gestured while speaking its alien language. Shi Yan could see the begging gleam in its little eyes. It seemed to treat Shi Yan a lot better than it treated Mei Ji.

"I don't understand what you're saying. But it seems like you want to take me somewhere. Okay, no problem," said Shi Yan nonchalantly.

This little member of the White Bone Clan wasn't weaker than Mei Ji and this was the Skull Island, the White Bone Clan's territory. If he had harmful intentions, Shi Yan couldn't hide. He'd better stay quiet and see what this little buddy wanted to do.

Shi Yan made up his mind fast.

The little skeleton understood him. Its eyes brightened when Shi Yan agreed to go with it. Then, it pointed at one of the bone dragons.

The bone dragon roared and flew toward Shi Yan, crouching down under his feet. The little skeleton pointed at Shi Yan and then the bone dragon, asking him to get on it.

"Alright," Shi Yan was cooperative. He stepped on the bone dragon. He was surprised to see that the bone dragon was smooth and felt warm like real jade.

The little skeleton rode the other bone dragon.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The two bone dragons took Shi Yan and the skeleton away. They disappeared from Mei Ji's sight. They flew toward the ma.s.sive, dark mouth of the skull and entered the huge crack instantly.

Mei Ji glared at Shi Yan being taken away, but she couldn't do anything. Her resentment grew bigger.

The scarlet light column was like a flaming thread unceasingly burning the ice peak that she had condensed. The starlight chains wound around the peak with terrifying energy, waiting to strike her hard when the ice all melted.

"d.a.m.n it! Whose kid is that?! How could it be so abnormal like that?!" Mei Ji cursed. She felt bothersome thinking about the peerless experts of the White Bone Clan from the previous generation.

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