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Billions of light dots flew out of the white bones and flooded Shi Yan.

The cold, sinister energy dots hovered around Shi Yan and merged with the Soul Burial Field, giving him the ability to control this new energy.

At the same time, Mei Ji of the Phantom Clan took action. Her white hand s.n.a.t.c.hed toward him from a distance like an agile snake.

The cold energy seeped into Shi Yan's soul altar and made his entire body make "crack" sounds. He could even see his body slowly freeze and frost. The s.p.a.ce around him was frozen while the white bones underneath had become crystal-like ice sticks.

—— Everything was frozen under Mei Ji's power.

Mei Ji was a member of the Phantom Clan. She was born with a gift of a mind-controlling technique. While she was talking to someone, her laughter or even a wince was enough to enchant and capture the other's mind. Her hot, s.e.xy body made people think that she had lived a life of debauchery.

In her nature, she was cold and dark. She also cultivated Ice power Upanishad. However, she just needed to use the soul-enchanting technique to kill her enemies. When she attacked Shi Yan, because of his tough will and the Origin's flames, she had to use her real power Upanishad.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The soul of freezing echoed continuously. Mei Ji's eyes were so cold and her voluptuous body was filled with the extremely cold energy.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Billions of twinkling dots twirling around Shi Yan had become mist under the cold energy. A thick mist now covered Shi Yan.

However, Shi Yan's eyes were bright inside the mist. His mind and soul weren't affected at all.

His sword-like fingernails suddenly received energy from the mist when his power Upanishad switched.


His hands tore the mist. The dead silent energy bloomed from his fingertips.

Ten pale flames that were like soul-taking chains attacked and attempted to coil Mei Ji's jade-like neck. They didn't even care about layers of her cold energy.

Mei Ji's eyes were so cold as she talked, "I am Mei Ji from the Phantom Clan. I've made myself clear that I don't want to trouble you. If you help this kid deal with me, don't blame me for not giving face to your White Bone Clan!"

The aura from the ten pale flames was the unique aura of the White Bone Clan. It made her think that someone was helping Shi Yan discreetly. That's how he could expose such powerful attacks.

Then, Mei Ji spurted an ice lotus. The lotus had icy, crystal petals. Inside the petal, some sort of white flames were flickering as if they had life energy.

The ten pale flames wanted to avoid the ice lotus, but the flames inside the petals had attracted them. Unexpectedly, they got rid of Shi Yan's soul control and went to the ice lotus. The ice lotus then clinked and murmured likea running stream. The ten white flames subsided and slowly disappeared…


A red sea gushed out from Shi Yan's chest like a giant dragon soaring out of the abyss.

The blood-red sea suddenly condensed into a bloodthirsty hundred-meter-tall Demogorgon. Its body was like a mountain with a pair of red-iron, anchor-like claws. Its claws then pounded on Mei Ji's head.

Mei Ji's bright eyes were frightened. She looked at the Demogorgon made of the b.l.o.o.d.y sword and was panic-stricken. It was the secret technique of the Dark Demon Clan. Who was this kid? How has he mastered all the strange and rare techniques?

She rose one hand to grab something and a radiant ice mirror emerged. The ice mirror reflected countless icy light beams that shot away like ice sabers.

The giant claw of the Demogorgon slashed on the ice mirror. A loud clang boomed but the ice mirror stood still.

Mei Ji didn't look at the mirror. Her snake-like body twisted a little. Then, all of a sudden, the ice walls were conjured beneath, above, and around Shi Yan, pressing on him and confining him.

"A lot of tricks. You have Dark Energy but you don't know how to use its real power. Otherwise, it would not be easy to capture you at all." Mei Ji sneered and walked towards Shi Yan, placing one of her ivory hand on the ice wall.

The cold energy increased several times!

The ice walls were now connected to each other, forming a cube where Shi Yan was frozen inside. His skeleton, body, nerves, consciousness and even his train of thought stopped. His soul altar was freezing altogether!

He became an alive ice sculpture!

Mei Ji looked content. She exhaled in relief and then mumbled, "My job is done here. I won't bother you more. Friend, if you have time to visit the Phantom Clan, Mei Ji will welcome you personally."

She looked at the clear void of the Skull Island and used her Phantom Clan's etiquette to bow and bid farewell. Afterward, she placed one hand on the ma.s.sive ice cube and was about to leave the Skull Island. After she had left this place for a long distance, she was going to slowly refine Shi Yan, which would give her a chance to enter the Territory Ancestor Realm.

While she was about to leave, if someone could see from the outside, he would see a faint halo on the hollow sockets of the Skull Island.

The skull seemed to wake up and regain life!

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two snow-white bone dragons around hundreds of meters long flew out of the skull's hollow eye sockets.

The dragons were covered with white bones. Their eyes in the heads had strange and precious stones inlaid in their white bodies. As soon as they flew out, they aimed at Mei Ji.

One of the snow-white dragons opened its mouth to gush out a deep green stream that smelled sour and pungent. Apparently, it was extremely toxic.

The other dragon fluttered its bone wings and created two tornadoes with Mei Ji as their target.

Mei Ji felt cold inwardly. She couldn't help but scream. "Our Phantom Clan and your White Bone Clan have never offended each other but you're attacking me. Do you want to start a dispute between our two clans?"

There was no answer from the Skull Island.

Mei Ji took a deep breath. She pulled herself together and became so stern. She had to drop Shi Yan down first.

The dangerous aura that the two white bone dragons had given her wasn't less than Tu Shi Qi and his wife. Moreover, she knew that the bone slaves that the White Bone Clan refined didn't suffer from pain or death. They could even destroy their own bodies. They were terrifying puppets, indeed.

If she was at her peak condition, even if she had to grab Shi Yan with one hand, she wouldn't be afraid of the two bone dragons.

But right now…

Shi Yan's world-within-world shattering had damaged her on Dragon Lizard Star. And after a long pursuit, her condition wasn't really good. She didn't have even half of the energy she had acc.u.mulated. Thus, she couldn't keep Shi Yan on her side and leave while fighting against another enemy.

Shi Yan was now an ice sculpture imprisoned inside the ice cube. His soul and body were all frozen.

In his body, only one spot had energy that fluctuated. It was the tier of heaven flames. The sea of fire created by the heaven flames had never extinguished. It slowly burned and woke up his co-soul. They warmed and gradually awakened the frozen, second soul.

The two bone dragons stormed towards Mei Ji with a river of toxins and tornadoes.

Mei Ji had urged her power Upanishad. The icy Qi twirled around her. The ice sabers, icicles, swords, and even the snowstorm were conjured. However, she could only resist the two dragons. Her new fearsome mask was torn and so were her clothes. Her glowing white skin that looked like shining jade was exposed.

It was too bad that the dragons didn't take in or admire her marvelous s.e.xy body. Shi Yan could do that, but he was still frozen.

The ma.s.sive, abyss-like mouth of the Skull Island strangely moved. A small figure crawled out of the mouth and jumped towards Mei Ji.

After one jump, he could glide through the distance that even the bone dragons couldn't fly through. The bone feet landed grumblingly and shook the entire Skull Island.

It was a little skeleton that was around four feet. Each bone of this skeleton was shining and transparent like a crystal. The skeleton was glowing and it looked pretty bizarre. To the White Bone Clan, with this height, this skeleton was just a child. It was going to need a long time to reach adulthood.

The skeleton was moving at breakneck speed. It was closer to Mei Ji after each second.

The White Bone Clan was a unique clan. The children in their clan weren't born in their mother's womb. Each child of this clan was "refined" by its parents.

The parents would gather many pieces of white bone. The white bones formed the skeletons of the powerful creatures. "Bone Pond" in the White Bone Clan was used to refine them. This process took hundreds of years or even ten thousand years!

Taking in the energy from billions of pieces of bones submerged in the Bone Pond, a new child of the White Bone Clan slowly formed. After the bone body was formed, its parents carried out soul intercourse, which would use their soul essence and energy to create a life seed. Then, that life seed would be planted into the bone body. After many years, the bone body and the seed fused together. Then, a new child of the White Bone Clan was born.

t was true that it was extremely tough for the White Bone Clan to reproduce.

It would take several thousand years or even ten thousand years to give birth to a child in the White Bone Clan.

As it was so difficult to give birth to children in the White Bone Clan, of course, the newborn babies were very different from ordinary people.

Normally, if the parents of the kid were powerful enough and they had prepared rare but precious bones for it, when the bone body was formed, it was already intimidating. It could even be as strong as an Immortal Realm expert. Also, if the parents had powerful and profound souls, the life seed created from their soul intercourse was extremely extraordinary.

Normally, when a child of the White Bone Clan was born, it had already reached King G.o.d Realm.

If its parents were more formidable, it could reach Ethereal G.o.d Realm or Original G.o.d Realm. And it wasn't strange for an Incipient G.o.d Realm baby to be born after the life seed was activated.

The White Bone child was galloping towards Mei Ji. There were so many mysterious and magical Absolute Beginning symbols on its little skull. On its way, it had grumblingly stomped on the bone ground of the Skull Island, which was like a terrifying earthquake.

The power from this pair of bony feet was actually so formidable that even the Immortal Realm experts couldn't have such power!

This little skeleton had reached at least the Immortal Realm! It was small but its realm was very high. There was no need to wonder how fierce its parents were!

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