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At this moment, Shi Yan was on edge between life and death.

Shi Yan had turned into a starlight beam and moved zigzag across the dark, cold Sea Domain of Nihility. Sometimes he flashed and disappeared, crossing many blind corners of spatial blind spots. The masked woman couldn't figure out his location. Sometimes, the starlight disappeared as if it had mingled with the void in this vast sea or stars, leaving no trace.

He didn't dare to stop and rest for even a second.

The Phantom masked woman was like his shadow that never left him. Every time he slightly relaxed his nerves, the shadow approached instantly. A cold energy that chilled his heart seeped over from a long distance.

After each minute, Shi Yan could feel the resentment and the murderous intention from the masked woman increase.

The long pursuit didn't wear out her patience. It didn't make her think about giving it up. It only made her will stronger!

"Muahaha, little brother, don't run. Jie-jie promises to treat you well. You don't need to run across the entire sea. You are wasting your energy. Also, you're predestined to not be able to hide. How long can your cultivation base endure wasting energy? It'll drain one day."

The masked woman giggled, her voice soft and tender. However, it was like a cold saber in Shi Yan's ears.

The masked woman of the Phantom Clan ma.s.sively resented Shi Yan. Her laughter became more tender and charming with the hope of making Shi Yan relax for a while.

An expert with exquisite s.p.a.ce power Upanishad was a nightmare to chase.

Shi Yan had a profound cultivation base. His power, power Upanishads, his resolution, his patience, and vigilance were all outstanding. After this perpetual pursuit, the masked woman also admired him. She was astounded because of his toughness and the pure, abundant energy he had.

Shi Yan obviously had just reached the Immortal Realm. With his current realm and power, he should have been drained to death during this long pursuit.

However, until now, Shi Yan was still vigorous like a dragon or a tiger. He didn't look like his power was about to run out.

It surprised the masked woman a lot.

She didn't know because of her ma.s.sacre on Dragon Lizard Continent that many hiding aliens were killed. Shi Yan had taken in their essence Qi after they died. The reason why Shi Yan could endure the whole pursuit was because of the essence Qi from the dead. His energy was still abundant and his G.o.d power Ancient Tree was still crystal and sparkling.

Anyway, eventually, the refined energy from his acupuncture points was almost drained.

As he didn't have time to gather energy or cultivate, he had only consumed energy all the time. Even if he had more energy, he could use it all in one day.

Shi Yan and the masked woman had come to the point where they competed with patience and endurance. When Shi Yan found no more energy from the acupuncture points, he immediately swallowed two Congealing Spirit Pellets that Ya Yun had given him. When the pellets dissolved in his body, a new flow of energy flooded him.

He became vigorous one more time.

At the same time, he intended to show his whereabouts. Then, he tore the s.p.a.ce curtain to teleport right after that.

The masked woman looked so cold. When she found that Shi Yan was running out of energy, he suddenly refilled it. This struck her confidence hard.

Shi Yan had stealthily attacked her on Dragon Star Continent. The world-within-world explosions had damaged her snow lotus and consumed a large amount of her energy. After a long pursuit, she had consumed a lot of her G.o.d power.

If she wasn't in Third Sky of Immortal Realm with profound and pure energy, she would not have endured until now.

She wasn't content with this chase!

Being an expert at the Peak of Immortal Realm, she was using her best power to chase after a small warrior who had just entered the Immortal Realm. If she didn't succeed, it was going to humiliate her for the rest of her life!

Thus, even if she had to endure more wounds, she still gritted her teeth to endure. She had to capture Shi Yan and then torment him to death.

Shi Yan began to worry.

The two Congealing Spirit Pellets were his last methods. After he had used up the energy from the two pellets, he had to depend on the energy in his G.o.d power Ancient Tree to continue running away.

Along his way, he needed to use a huge amount of energy for each teleport. If he didn't have the energy from the acupuncture points, he would have been drained to death already. Thus, seeing the masked woman chase behind him, he had to teleport all the time. If he didn't she could catch up to him quickly.

Feeling the G.o.d power draining, he knew that he couldn't dodge this kappa. It was just like what the masked woman had told him.

When the Phantom Clan masked woman knew he had Dark Energy, she wanted to recruit him and make him the Male Guest of her Phantom Clan. However, as soon as she found that he had a wisp of a soul of an Absolute Beginning creature, she changed her mind.

Just like Dragon Lizard, she was at the Peak of Immortal Realm. She just needed to control Dark Energy to break through to Territory Ancestor Realm.

She just needed to kill Shi Yan and then refine him to stimulate the Absolute Beginning creature's soul. That's how she could seize the chance to enter the Territory Ancestor Realm! It was much more attractive than taking him to the Phantom Clan and making him their distinguished guest. No matter what, Shi Yan had to run continuously. Otherwise, he would be killed and refined.

The Sea Domain of Nihility had countless asteroids, broken pieces of stars, cosmic dust, and debris everywhere. Shi Yan could see many pieces of broken continents. A ma.s.sive island was flashing and floating in the dark void ahead of him. That island was pale white. When it emerged, it had some kind of energy that made it hide one more time.

Shi Yan had good senses to capture strange things. He pondered and then accelerated toward that island.

Piercing through a thick layer of pale white mist, he appeared in the atmosphere of the island. Shortly after, the gravity that was hundreds of times stronger applied to him. He felt grumblingly like a meteor on the island.

He dug a cave on the island.

Crawling out of the cave, he urged his power to move dozens of meters. Looking at the vast land, the mountains, and ditches, he was frightened.

This island was so ma.s.sive it was around ten times bigger than the Immortal Island. At first glance, the entire island was filled with while bones. Shi Yan could see humanoid skeletons, beast skeletons, and alien skeletons. Most of them weren't complete. They were smashed into pieces and scattered around the island. Vaguely, some of them had created some sort of formation.

When Shi Yan was observing the surroundings, the masked woman from the Phantom Clan reached this island.

The island looked different in her eyes. She concentrated on it and found the entire island a ma.s.sive skull moving in the void. It had two hollow eye sockets and a ma.s.sive mouth, which were three bottomless caves…

The ma.s.sive skull island shook and released strange and evil waves of energy. It looked like the skull was adjusting something to prevent people from seeing it.

"The Skull Island of the White Bone Clan…"

The masked woman was surprised and hesitant. She knew that this Skull Island was the territory of the White Bone Clan. If she intruded it, she could cause a dispute and offend the members of the White Bone Clan.

However, she wasn't content. She had chased after him for a long time. She wasn't going to let him go from here.

After hesitating for a while, she called sternly. "Mei Ji(*) of the Phantom Clan. I want to land on the island for a matter. I wonder which friend from the White Bone Clan is staying on this island?" She revealed her ident.i.ty and called toward the floating Skull Island.

(*) lit. a charming woman, concubine or female entertainer (archaic.)

The Skull Island was still flashing. The empty sockets shimmered with bizarre lights.

No one answered her.

"Then, I'm sorry for offending." Mei Ji thought and then called out gently. She headed toward the ma.s.sive skull island.

Through the pale white mist, her s.e.xy body landed on the island. Although the gravity here was hundreds of times stronger, she was still floating andslowly descending like a fairy. Her cold eyes raked around to search.

She didn't see Shi Yan.

She snorted and used her Soul Consciousness to check. Her Soul Consciousness was like a thick mesh net lowering from the sky to cover every small corner.

The island appeared as a skull with countless piles of white bones in different sections.

At this moment, while Mei Ji was releasing her Soul Consciousness to search, her soul energy seemed to activate some kind of gravitational formation. She saw three spots where white bones with strange and malicious aura shimmering gathered.

The hollow sockets of the ma.s.sive skull suddenly sparkled in white, eccentric lights. It flashed and then disappeared.

"I'm here just to find a person. I'm not going to disturb your cultivating time. Please forgive me."

Mei Ji seemed afraid of the White Bone Clan a lot. While using her Soul Consciousness to search, she screamed tenderly to show that she didn't have any evil intention and that she had no choice but to land on the island.


Mei Ji's s.e.xy body swayed and then flew toward a pile of white bones.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The white bones were smashed and it revealed Shi Yan. He immediately urged his power Upanishad to teleport.


A strange energy grumblingly released from the thick white mist above his head. The s.p.a.ce was bound to so many layers of clouds. Shi Yan's s.p.a.ce power Upanishad was restricted. He couldn't build a s.p.a.ce bridge to teleport.

He stood up and looked at Mei Ji coming with a faint smile. His eyes suddenly filled with brutal and savage intention!

"Then I should risk my life in a nice battle!"

Roaring like a caged animal, his G.o.d power surged all. At the same time, he stimulated the power of his blood. The bone wings appeared on his back while armor with spikes covered his body.

Shi Yan decided not to retain anything in this battle! He was going to urge the Death power Upanishad and Swallow power Upanishad to the acme. To save his life, he wasn't going to hesitate to pay any price!

A brutal, murderous aura shot out of his body. While his thoughts were changing, the Death and Life power Upanishad circulated first. Shortly after, the Soul Burial Field of Death power Upanishad was created!

Magically, billions of twinkling light dots flew out from countless pieces of bones. They were like fireflies or raindrops that congregated on Shi Yan.

Mei Ji swiftly came forward. With begrudging eyes, she couldn't help but furrow her brows. "I said I don't want to disturb you. I'm here to capture this person." She thought that the members of the White Bone Clan on this Skull Island suddenly took action. She didn't think that the light dots from the white bones were related to Shi Yan.

There was no sound replying to her from the Skull Island.

Mei Ji snorted. She didn't say more. Her agile, while hand s.n.a.t.c.hed over Shi Yan's head like a venomous snake.

The chilling aura like a glacier stormed and seeped into Shi Yan's body. Shortly after, his body began to freeze.

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