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People were still suspicious.

They didn't know why Ming Hong hadn't possessed Audrey after he had swallowed Singh. He let Audrey's host soul stay. It was against his common sense.

With his power after swallowing Singh, he could become the leading soul of the seven brutal souls. If he could take Audrey's body, even though he couldn't get back to his peak of power, at least he could regain his freedom. He wouldn't be bound to this woman.

This made them think a lot.

But they knew one thing: From now on, Audrey was the brutal souls' new master. The souls that Singh had spent years refining were now her fortune.

As long as Audrey wasn't really ignorant, she had the potential to one day reach Singh's level when he was still alive. If Audrey had excellent innate talent, she was going to progress fast and it was going to be hard to predict her future attainment.

The Soul Clan was one of the Seven Great Clans anyway. Singh was the Commander of the Soul Clan and his understanding of Soul power Upanishad was clear and profound.

These things now benefited Audrey and they were great nutrients for her growth.

The others looked at Audrey, yearning and complimenting.

"Who is she? You know her?" Forefather Dragon Lizard understood and asked in astonishment.

Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun smiled. "The kid who came to talk to you about the Soul Refining Cauldron ambush is her man. Yeah, we've met. This little girl is nice too. They are together," explained Ya Yun.

Forefather Dragon Lizard understood it now. He suddenly asked, "Oh right, where's that kid? I noticed that a masked woman from the Phantom Clan had chased after him. Why didn't he gather with us?"

Listening to him, Tu Shi Qi and Adams' group had noticed that. However, after a while, Tu Shi Qi got an explanation for this. "Perhaps he's afraid that you have some other ideas…"

Forefather Dragon Lizard understood immediately.

After a while, Forefather Dragon Lizard shook his head with a forced smile. "I put my hand on my chest and wonder myself. If he were here, it would be really hard to make a choice. He has fused with a wisp of his soul of the Absolute Beginning creature. If I refined him, I'm sure I would have been able to activate the memory in that soul and get Dark Energy to break through to the Territory Ancestor Realm. Sigh, I've been stuck in this realm for a long time. I've seen it in my dreams too. He's a key to my breakthrough. He's right. He should stay away from me."

"I wonder if he can escape that Phantom woman. She's really intimidating! In some aspects, she's stronger than Singh. We can fight against Singh equally, but she can subdue us right from the star. If Shi Yan hadn't struck her, we would have been confined in the snow lotus now," said Ya Yun.

"Indeed, we owe him a favor," Tu Shi Qi contemplated, "Then we should make it up with his woman. We should protect her while she's enhancing her realm and accommodating Singh's power."

"You guys take care of her. I'm going to find the Soul Refining Cauldron. Perhaps it's still here." Dragon Lizard suddenly thought of an idea.

"Don't waste your efforts," Tu Shi Qi laughed. "The Soul Refining Cauldron is a divine weapon from the Absolute Beginning Era. If that Soul Clan expert dares to lend his cauldron, he won't be afraid of losing it. Don't think about it. The tamed divine weapon from the Absolute Beginning Era can feel its master regardless of how far it is."

Dragon Lizard hadn't given up on his idea yet. He ignored Tu Shi Qi and flew toward his territory.

The members of the Dragon Lizard Clan slowly emerged from the caves in the sea of asteroids. When the battle began, Forefather Dragon Lizard had used his control power to Dragon Lizard Star to arrange them to safe areas to stay away from the battle.

And now, after the battle had ended, Forefather Dragon Lizard called for his fellows.

Those people received Forefather Dragon Lizard's orders and scattered to find the Soul Refining Cauldron. They hoped to see this divine weapon from the Soul Clan.

Forefather Dragon Lizard landed and closed his eyes to sense. Then, he was shaken when he looked at an asteroid in the distance.

That asteroid was shimmering. Although there was no one riding it, it was heading toward the Soul Clan. The asteroid had suppressed energy fluctuations as if they were a warning to anyone who had the guts to come near.

Some members of the Dragon Lizard Clan saw the flying asteroid. They were moved, so they wanted to stop it.

"Get back here all of you!" Forefather Dragon Lizard screamed and called all of his fellows to get back. With a stern face, he said, "Its owner has it under control now. Don't go there to die."

He was filled with fear, indeed.

When the Territory Ancestor expert controlled the Absolute Beginning divine weapon, it could be very formidable. Since that person didn't use the cauldron to eliminate this area, he would have something that scared him. Perhaps because of the distance, he had to spend more energy for some other reasons…

If Dragon Lizard Clan members stopped the Soul Refining Cauldron and enraged the others, the Dragon Lizard Clan would disappear from this vast sea of stars.

Forefather Dragon Lizard understood the situation quickly.

Sighing, he returned to the asteroid where Audrey was sitting. Together with Tu Shi Qi and his wife, they watched Audrey.

After a long time, Ming Hong, the brutal soul, had also gone into the vortex. Audrey's host soul returned to her soul altar and the vortex on her forehead disappeared. She finally opened her eyes.

"Congratulations," Ya Yun appraised and smiled at her. "With your cultivation base, if you're not disturbed, you will reach Third Sky of Immortal Realm soon. Haha, this time, you have the biggest fortune. If that kid knows you have such an auspicious chance, he will be very happy for you."

Audrey knew what she had. Her cold face beamed strangely. "Thank you."

Her host soul had always paid attention to the surroundings. Thanks to Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun, Forefather Dragon Lizard didn't kill her. She had thanked them sincerely.

"Yeah, I was a little rash. I owe that kid too. If he hadn't broken that Phantom woman's plan, we couldn't have killed Singh. Hmm…" Forefather Dragon Lizard hesitated for a while andthen took out a pellet. He shot that pellet towards Audrey. "It's an Immortal Pellet. This is because I am thankful to him. I hope that when you see him, you can tell him that I'm sorry. It's true that I did think about killing him to take his soul."

Audrey was thrilled. Her shaking fingers wrapped around the magical pellet that had helped Shi Yan enter the Immortal Realm.

She knew that this pellet was made of a level seven life star with billions of lives on it. Lizard had refined them personally. Also, this pellet was the focus of the Dragon Lizard Clan's festival. She had never thought that Forefather Dragon Lizard would give her one.

"With those souls from Singh, your attainment in the future won't be ordinary. Even now, you're strong enough to defend yourself. In this Sea Domain of Nihility, aside from some dangerous areas, you can travel around," smiled Ya Yun.

Audrey held the Immortal Pellet tight. Her eyes twinkled as if she was considering something. After a while, she nodded to them and said, "See you later!"

She didn't explain anything or say more to Adams, Masha before directly flying away.

Countless souls moved under her feet and gave her a terrifying aura. Also, her energy fluctuations weren't less than the warriors at Immortal Realm.

"Forget it. I think she hates us too," Masha forced a smile.

At the critical moment, Adams had pointed Audrey out to save his life. Although he didn't create a hopeless situation for her, Adams' deed was wrong. Masha and the others didn't have the face to go with Audrey; they could only see her leaving.

"Here, it's for you." Tu Shi Qi thought for a while and then gave Masha a jet black token. "If the Heavenly Eye Clan wants to depend on our Mysterious Sky Clan, you can take this token to the Mysterious Sky Clan. We will accommodate you."

Listening to him, Yvelines, Adams, and Masha were so thrilled. Masha quivered while holding the token. "Real… Really? Our Heavenly Eye Clan can come to depend on your Mysterious Sky Clan? You really want to shelter us?"

"To give that kid face," Tu Shi Qi didn't conceal anything and spoke casually.

Masha, Yvelines, and Adams shivered. Then, they looked in the direction Shi Yan had disappeared and thanked him inwardly.

Usually, the Seven Great Clans would only accept second-cla.s.s clans like the Water Tribe or the Dragon Lizard Clan to be their va.s.sals.

The Heavenly Eye Clan was just a third-cla.s.s clan. They didn't have the qualifications to depend on the Mysterious Sky Clan. If they wanted to do that, they had to be a second-cla.s.s clan.

If they became dependent on the Mysterious Sky Clan, they would receive many benefits. Later on, when the Heavenly Eye Clan had some disputes with the other clans, they could use the reputation of the Mysterious Sky Clan to scare their opponents.

If the Heavenly Eye Clan got into a dangerous situation, they could call the Mysterious Sky Clan for help. The Mysterious Sky Clan wouldn't just sit and watch them die. They had to protect those people to ensure loyalty from other dependent clans. Even if it wasn't their wish, they could at least ensure that the Heavenly Eye Clan wouldn't be hunted down to the last member.

Most of the Heavenly Eye Clan's enemies were the third-cla.s.s clan. With the Mysterious Sky Clan as their background, it was going be much easier for them to do many things.

It had excited them more than having one Immortal Pellet from Forefather Dragon Lizard. Tu Shi Qi's promise was a safety a.s.surance to their entire clan.

They were wholeheartedly grateful for Shi Yan. They knew that Tu Shi Qi appreciated them because he wanted to give Shi Yan face.

"Hm, just a small clan. It's okay if they want to depend on our Dragon Lizard Clan. Why do you need to make it so big?" Forefather Dragon Lizard and Tu Shi Qi landed on Dragon Lizard Star. Forefather Dragon Lizard asked because he couldn't understand Tu Shi Qi's motive.

"Haha, you don't understand," Tu Shi Qi smiled, "If that kid knows we gave him face, he will have more good impressions of our Mysterious Sky Clan. Earning his good impression will be precious in the future. The good impression given to a Territory Ancestor Realm expert will be more important than accommodating one hundred Heavenly Eye Clans."

"He still needs to experience a lot to reach the Territory Ancestor Realm. I'm just afraid that he will be killed before he could even reach the bottleneck," snorted Forefather Dragon Lizard.

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