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On a brown-gray asteroid, Audrey sat with her eyes closed. The fierce soul energy rippled through her.

Yvelines, Adams, and Masha, the three members of the Heavenly Eye Clan gathered by her, their faces stern. They were hesitant on whether they should help her or not.

They had witnessed the moment when Ming Hong, the brutal soul, entered Audrey's brain. They also saw so many dark clouds get into her body. At this moment, Audrey's soul energy was fluctuating strangely. They knew that something was wrong. They thought that Audrey was possessed.

"Singh had tamed that brutal soul. He has Singh's power Upanishad!" said Yvelines when he was about to acc.u.mulate energy and attack Audrey.

"I'm afraid we're not an equal opponent to that brutal soul!" Adams wore a panicked face. He turned around to watch and was startled. "Oh, that's Forefather Dragon Lizard!"

In between the chaotic energy waves that stirred the sea of asteroids in front of them, Dragon Lizard's humanoid clone, Tu Shi Qi and his wife Ya Yun appeared. They were searching around with worried countenances.

However, Audrey and the others were hiding inside a spatial blind spot that Shi Yan had tried hard to find. Forefather Dragon Lizard and Tu Shi Qi couldn't see them. Unless they quieted down their minds and used the Soul Consciousness to sense, they couldn't find Audrey's team in a short time.

"We can ask them to help," suggested Adams.

Masha shook her head immediately. "They will kill Audrey to end potential trouble. We can't do that."

They didn't know that Audrey and Shi Yan knew Tu Shi Qi.

"What should we do? She can't resist the brutal soul. Once it possesses her body, we will be in trouble!" Adams felt a flame burn his heart. He pondered and then said, "How about we leave first and ignore them?"

"We could do that," Yvelines hesitated for a while, but he agreed with this suggestion. Because even if they stayed, they couldn't help Audrey and the brutal soul could kill them later.

"After the three of them leave, we will go. Otherwise, we'll get busted." Masha sighed and then looked at Audrey. "Sorry, we can't help you. You have to depend only on yourself. I hope you can escape the bind."

Dragon Lizard, Tu Shi Qi, and his wife searched around the area and then left hurriedly.

Adams and the other two didn't linger. They quietly left the asteroid. After they had flown away, they were stunned when they turned around.

There was nothing behind them. It looked like the asteroid they had been sitting for a long time on didn't exist.

They were speechless as they knew how special the shelter they had taken was. Also, they understood Shi Yan's profound s.p.a.ce power Upanishad more deeply.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Not long after they had left, Dragon Lizard and Tu Shi Qi changed their direction and returned to the area.

Dragon Lizard immediately stood in their ways. He opened his mouth and sprayed a lava barrier, keeping Adams and the other two inside.

Forefather Dragon Lizard looked at them with malicious eyes. He snorted and pointed at them while talking to Tu Shi Qi and his wife. "The brutal soul, which is Singh, has flown to this area. He must occupy one person to avoid our checking. We've searched around. This area has no aura of living beings. Only the three of them who had just gotten out of nowhere…"

Adams changed his countenance.

"We rather kill the wrong ones than let the right one escape!" shouted Forefather Dragon Lizard.

Tu Shi Qi and his wife frowned. They knew that Adams and the other two knew Shi Yan and Audrey. But they also thought that Singh could hide in the soul of Adams, Masha, or Yvelines.

Although that brutal soul had run quickly, it couldn't get rid of them in just a blink, unless it depended on someone's soul. It had fused with someone to avoid their searching.

Because of the Phantom Clan masked woman's ma.s.sacre, the hiding warriors were all killed.

In this dead silent sea of asteroids, Adams, Yvelines, and Masha had strangely survived. Forefather Dragon Lizard and Tu Shi Qi thought that if Singh could escape their searching, he must have entered one of these three.

They didn't know that Audrey was still hiding in the spatial blind spot where they couldn't sense or see.

"These three… Sigh, never mind. You take care of them." Tu Shi Qi hesitated for a while. He looked begrudging but he agreed with Forefather Dragon Lizard. They would rather kill the wrong ones than let the right one go.

"Lava dissolves!"

Forefather Dragon Lizard hissed and the lava barriers slowly gathered and covered Adams, Yvelines, and Masha. The three of them cried mournfully. Adams knew that if he didn't tell them the truth, they would be killed tragically here.

"No no no! It's not like that! Nooo!" Adams cried crazily.

Forefather Dragon Lizard was surprised and he lowered his voice, "What?"

"We saw that brutal soul! He didn't occupy us. He didn't affect us, either. The one he has possessed is right over there!" Adams pointed at Audrey's location. "Naked eyes couldn't see that area. It's a spatial blind spot. We just got out of it."

"Wait a minute!" Tu Shi Qi shouted.

Forefather Dragon Lizard retracted his arms. He hesitated for a while and then released his Soul Consciousness at the Peak of Immortal Realm to search. Then, his scarlet eyes brightened. Two strange light shots toward the area Adams had pointed out.


Just like a rock wall or s.p.a.ce that eroded, the hidden asteroid and Audrey sitting on it appeared.

On the gray-brown asteroid, Audrey was sitting cross-legged. Innumerable souls and ghosts like layers of mountain ranges appeared around her. Above her head, countless dark clouds of souls hovered like black stars.

So many departed souls and ghosts were surrounding Audrey while she was wearing a faint, indifferent countenance and had her eyes closed. A minute vortex appeared at her glabella. The vortex was crazily revolving and drawing a lot of souls in it.

Adams was so surprised. He thought that Audrey was already possessed and she would be killed soon.

At this moment, he didn't feel guilty as he thought that Audrey was already dead. He showed her location, which was also a way to take revenge for her death.

A clear soul appeared from the vortex in Audrey's glabella between so many ghosts and departed souls.

-- It was her host soul!

"Gotcha!" Forefather Dragon Lizard sneered. As soon as he saw the soul, he didn't think too much and raised one hand to strike.

Ya Yun suddenly screamed ear-piercingly. "Hold on!"

"Eh?" Forefather Dragon Lizard darkened his face.

"It's not right! She's not Singh!" Tu Shi Qi reacted and pointed at the host soul flying out of the vortex. "Her host soul is still alive. She's not possessed. Otherwise, we should have seen Singh's soul there, not her host soul!"

Forefather Dragon Lizard wasn't ignorant. He had just let his anger control his mind for a while. He was awakened when the other two reminded him.

"It's not like what we've thought," Tu Shi Qi rubbed his chin and pondered, "Don't act rashly. We should wait and see here. After she's done, we will know what happened."

Forefather Dragon Lizard thought for a while and then nodded. He didn't hurry to kill Audrey.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Audrey's host soul vigorously flew out of her labella. It was like a wizard mumbling an incantation that ran directly into people's souls. Tens of thousands of souls floated by her. They were affected by the incantations and they flew around before entering her head through her glabella.

A corner of the soul sea appeared inside the vortex filled with souls.

Audrey's host soul was like a fishing net that covered all those souls.

A fearsome, ma.s.sive crocodile suddenly appeared underneath her. Dragon Lizard's face went cold as he tensed instantly.

Tu Shi Qi hastily rose his hand to signal Dragon Lizard to calm down.

Under the power of Audrey's incantations, the giant crocodile opened its mouth and released brutal souls that it had swallowed. They were five out of seven brutal souls Singh had tamed. Audrey's host soul stimulated them and made them enter the soul sea in her vortex.

After the giant crocodile disappeared, many souls floating above Audrey's head suddenly changed into Ming Hong's appearance.

Ming Hong, the brutal soul, had a pair of deep and stern eyes as he had his full consciousness. He hovered like a ma.s.sive ghost behind Audrey and gazed at Dragon Lizard. A soul message was sent to Dragon Lizard. "I swallowed Singh alive!"

Forefather Dragon Lizard was shaken hard. He shouted, "What did you just say?"

"I swallowed Singh! He's dead!" Ming Hong said and then opened his mouth. Inside his giant, dark mouth, the others could see pieces of Singh's soul, which slowly melted down into smaller pieces.

"Oh gosh!" Ya Yun screamed in fear. "Singh had been brutal and arrogant for so many years. In the end, his brutal soul has swallowed him. That's karma!"

Tu Shi Qi was also surprised.

"So… Singh is dead now?" Forefather Dragon Lizard wasn't certain.

Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun nodded.

Forefather Dragon Lizard sighed, his face awkward. "It's good that he's dead. We can save ourselves from a lot of trouble. Otherwise, all the members of the Soul Clan would have thought that they could hunt us down. Yeah, I hope that Singh's death will wake up the Soul Clan. They shouldn't be too frenzied.

Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun exchanged looks as they suddenly felt bitter. They understood the Soul Clan deeper than Forefather Dragon Lizard. They knew that the Soul Clan would never let this slip away easily.

However, they didn't want to explain this to Forefather Dragon Lizard. The more the Soul Clan hated the Dragon Lizard Clan, the more the Dragon Lizard Clan had to depend on their clan. They had to take the same boat as the Mysterious Sky Clan. It was the result that they had desired.

They didn't discuss more and just watched Audrey and her changes.

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