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The masked woman frankly agreed with Singh's suggestion. Forefather Dragon Lizard and Tu Shi Qi were so tense.

"Soul Change!"

Singh shook the bell and shouted. The Absolute Beginning symbols on the Soul Refining Cauldron were like twinkling stars. They suddenly radiated beautiful, divine lights. Those tadpole symbols flew out of the surface of the cauldron and stuck on the giant brutal soul in a crocodile shape.

This brutal soul was extremely intimidating when it was alive. Singh had spent hundreds of years refining it and making it the leader of the seven great brutal souls. It was related to Singh's life, so it was almost his Life Treasure.

The ma.s.sive crocodile had absorbed the Absolute Beginning symbols from the Soul Refining Cauldron and its body had materialized. It had been strengthened several times. Unexpectedly, it was almost as strong as Forefather Dragon Lizard's true body. The crocodile faced the sky and roared indignantly. The dark clouds stormed thickly. Lightning flashed and thunder boomed inside the dark clouds as if someone had just summoned demons.

Forefather Dragon Lizard looked stern. His scarlet eyes were like eccentric stars with a bloodthirsty aura.

"Flame refine the earth!"

Dragon Lizard roared. Lava spurted out from his scaled body. The lava was scorching hot and flooding the entire sea of asteroids as if the ocean had submerged the entire continent.

Dragon Lizard hovered in the middle of the boiling lava and created high waves that attacked the giant crocodile.

The giant crocodile howled. The torrential dark clouds above its head were like a collapsing mountain. Lightning beams danced inside the dark clouds and struck the lava sea. The giant crocodile forcefully plunged, entangling and tearing Forefather Dragon Lizard's real body.

The two fearsome, dangerous beasts attacked each other fiercely. They had stirred up the entire place and affected the Sea Domain of Nihility. The asteroids were struck away and flying in many directions.

Many warriors hiding in the dark hadn't expected such attacks. The lava covered them and put them on fire.

Shortly, they became coals.

The warriors with profound realms had retreated earlier. They continued to stay concealed and watched the situation.

As Singh began to attack them, Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun stood on Forefather Dragon Lizard's head and continuously muttered to him. They told him about the magical features of the cauldron. Also, they were acc.u.mulating energy to counterattack Singh.

Singh's brutal souls were his source of power. The energies from his body and power Upanishads were poured into the ma.s.sive crocodile unceasingly.

Singh was floating under the Soul Refining Cauldron, gathering his energy and using the bell to control it.

The Soul Refining Cauldron was an Absolute Beginning divine weapon. It was the Life Treasure of an expert in his Soul Clan. He couldn't promote the power of the Soul Refining Cauldron ultimately so he could only control it by using the bell. Also, it could help increase the power of the crocodile too.

He was lucky that he had begged the Territory Ancestor expert in his clan to borrow the Soul Refining Cauldron. Otherwise, he would have been hurt more severely underground. Then, he would have had to run away directly.

"Friend from Phantom Clan! It's your turn!"

Singh controlled the Soul Refining Cauldron and shouted. The bell in his hand jingled clearly. The soul filaments flew out and fell on the ma.s.sive ancient crocodile. The crocodile was boosted one more time. And now, it was even as strong as Dragon Lizard's real body.

Ming Hong, the brutal soul, was kneeling underneath Singh and releasing his power to protect him in case someone ambushed him while he was controlling the Soul Refining Cauldron.

"I didn't want to get involved, but you've forced me… I'm… sorry!"

The Phantom masked woman pitched her voice and laughed. One hand of her held Shi Yan while the other pointed at the void. Then, so many pure white lotuses flew out and scattered from her white hand. Those snow-white lotuses bloomed and became as big as an entire room. They were crystal-like and sparkling like most perfect masterpieces.

The show-white lotuses slowly fell. The scorching red area was covered with an icy mist. After one lotus had descended, the world here became even colder.

Gradually, eighteen ma.s.sive, snow-white lotuses aligned in the void and created a bigger lotus, which then grumblingly pressed down on Tu Shi Qi and his wife.

The Ice power Upanishad had frosted the entire world. For the time being, the whole place was dead silent.

The burning flame, the furious explosions, and the shaking earth were halted. The world was now frozen. Everything stopped instantly!

"Frosty Galaxy!"

The masked woman became so chilled, her eyes rigid like ice. At this moment, her cold, malevolent characteristics were revealed. All of her charming, seducing gestures were just a disguise.

The ruthless, heartless Ice power Upanishad was her real face. The cold energy emitted from her could chill people to the bone.

Shi Yan was enchanted by her seducing technique and he had fallen into a dreamy scene where he couldn't recognize his surroundings. Because of her real power, the ice power, bursting out, he felt an icy energy beam emerge in his head!

That icy energy was like a cold lightning bolt, which flashed and disappeared into his Sea of Consciousness.

Although it had happened in just a short moment, the intensive light had shone on Shi Yan's mind and woken him up. In that short moment, he had resolutely used the s.p.a.ce power Upanishad to seal his eyes, ears, mouth, and nostrils. He used his co-soul to trigger the power Upanishads.

Instantly, the Devouring power Upanishad appeared as a black hole in his tier of power Upanishads and shook it.

At this moment, the graceful, s.e.xy women were still dancing in his head. They served him and treated him tenderly to drown him deeply in his dream.


As soon as the black hole emerged, so many attractive, young ladies in his brain had become shining pink lights that disappeared into the black hole.

The seducing technique that had controlled his mind was cleared quickly. Shi Yan's mind was sound and back in just a blink of an eye.

He had used the s.p.a.ce power Upanishad to close his eyes, ears, mouth, and nostrils. He had also sealed his Sea of Consciousness and separated his body. As the masked woman was using her other powers, she didn't recognize his abnormal condition. She didn't realize that he had woken up. One arm of her was still holding him as she was arrogantly attacking the enemies in the void.

Her opponents were Tu Shi Qi and his wife Ya Yun!

The ma.s.sive snow lotus created by many smaller ones had covered Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun. It looked like they were confined inside a bowl.

The rainbow light protection on Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun helped them resist against the cold energy and move around inside the snow lotus.

The masked woman observed the snow lotus. She concluded that this treasure was enough to hold back Tu Shi Qi and his wife for a while. She pulled herself together and turned around to see Dragon Lizard wrestling with Singh's crocodile brutal soul. As Singh was continuously shaking the bell to send more energy from the Soul Refining Cauldron to the crocodile, Dragon Lizard wasn't in a good situation.

The Soul Refining Cauldron was an Absolute Beginning divine weapon. It belonged to the cla.s.s of top treasures in this vast universe. Although Singh couldn't actually use its strongest abilities, he could trouble Dragon Lizard a lot by using this technique to send endless energy to the giant crocodile.

Seeing the snow lotus of the masked woman confine Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun, Singh was also scared. Luckily, he didn't act arrogantly or start a conflict with that masked woman.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The tearing wind sounds echoed around the place as if someone was running discreetly.

At this moment, Dragon Lizard Star was a sea of asteroids. The island-sized asteroids floated in the void, but they weren't really far from each other. Between some asteroids, the gap was just as big as a slit.

If they had some dark schemes, as long as they were careful, they could hide in this area pretty well.

The masked woman from the Phantom Clan had a cold and arrogant look. A flow of cold energy expanded from her soft body. The void around her made "crack" sounds. The entire void was frozen.

Two silhouettes appeared under the asteroids on her left and right. They were exposed because of the frozen s.p.a.ce.

Di Feng and Du Lei!

"Ice cracks!"

The masked woman shouted. Two cold lights shot out of her mouth. The icy light was like cold sabers with endless energy that thrust into Di Feng's and Du Lei's chests.


The icy light stabbed them and then pierced through their bodies. The blood on Di Feng's and Du Lei's chests was frozen, but they weren't confined anymore. They freely fell on the rocks underneath.

Their stealthy ambush failed.

The masked woman sneered continuously. She raked through the area and said coldly, "I must have this kid. If anyone tries to take him, prepare to die!"

The warriors hiding in the dark went numb. They felt like sea monsters struggling on the sh.o.r.e.

Di Feng and Du Lei had fatal wounds. The others didn't know whether they were still alive or not. Perhaps these two warriors on Dragon Lizard's side couldn't get up again. The masked woman from the Phantom Clan had finally shown her real competence. Now, the others knew that the Phantom Clan didn't have only the mind technique to establish an alliance with Singh.

Yuan Mo didn't retreat as he was told. He stayed far from the battlefield and watched the masked woman show her supernatural power. He was completely chilled.

To this masked woman, he still had a beam of desire. He had tried really hard to hide it with the hope that one day they could fondle and cuddle. Anyway, he didn't dare to keep this thought anymore. He didn't dare to linger either. He sighed and said to his tribal members, "We should move now. Immediately. We can't get involved in this battle."

He took the members of the Water Tribe and left the place. Finally, he understood why the Phantom Clan could become one of the Seven Great Clans. They had more than the enchanting technique

Shi Yan woke up. He didn't open his eyes and just used Dark Energy to observe the situation.

The Dark Energy joined his Soul Consciousness. In that moment, he felt like he had so many eyes that could see his surroundings.

Strangely, when he used Dark Energy to survey, the masked woman didn't realize anything even though she was really close to him.

He was so surprised while trying to find a way to change this situation. Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun were at Third Sky of Immortal Realm and they were still a distance away from the Territory Ancestor Realm. However, this woman was like Singh at the Peak of Immortal Realm. They were just one step away from that realm.

Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun were hurt by Singh before. And now, the difference between their realms had helped the masked woman subdue them.

From the current situation, only the Phantom woman was able suffocate Tu Shi Qi and his wife.

On the other side, Singh with the divine weapon from the Absolute Beginning had gradually gained the upper hand. Shi Yan could see that since Singh was severely wounded, if Shi Yan struck a close blow, Singh would lose his fighting competence and he could even get killed.

Anyway, Singh was cautious. Ming Hong underneath him had prepared to attack anyone who came near.

Tu Shi Qi and his wife, and Forefather Dragon Lizard were in a bad situation. They were in danger too. Changing this situation had become a tough and difficult challenge to Shi Yan.

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