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Shi Yan was flying happily in his sweet dreams. He couldn't control himself and he just let himself fall into the enemy's hands.

In his erotic dream, he saw a warm, clear river where he was soaking with around ten hot, voluptuous bodies who were wholeheartedly delighting him…

The mind enchanting technique of the Phantom Clan wasn't a power Upanishad. It was their innate talent, which wasn't different from the third eye of the Heavenly Eye Clan. The mind enchanting technique aimed at the l.u.s.ty desires that men hid in their hearts. Through that desire, they were controlled.

Usually with his tough mind, Shi Yan didn't yield that way. However, as he had just reached the Immortal Realm and his acupuncture had just swallowed too much essence Qi from the dead, his body was filled with a large amount of negative energy. The negative emotions like brutality, bloodthirstiness and even lechery he had subdued didn't affect him in normal cases.

However, as the masked woman had used the mind technique to seduce him, it was like she had just ignited dry wood: his confined l.u.s.t burst out and rocketed ma.s.sively, driving him away from the right direction.

The masked woman had chosen the right time to use her mind seducing technique.

The masked woman's eyes were so charming when she gently smiled and danced. More beautiful women flew out from her and entangled with the young man.

Shi Yan smiled l.u.s.tily and proactively dashed toward the masked woman as the s.e.xy bodies leaned against his body.

"Jie-jie will treat you well. As long as you come to our Phantom clan, I'm sure you will forget anything but joy. Come. I'm taking you with me…"

The masked woman's soft laughter could intrude the Sea of Consciousness. Some male aliens, even though they were very far from her, had their blood boil. Their breathing shortened as they were trying hard to suppress their erotic desires.

Soon, Shi Yan was forced to walk to the masked woman while the illusory women she had released were surrounding him.

"Yuan Mo, don't worry about your Water Tribe. Our Phantom Clan will take care of you guys," smiled the masked woman. As she saw the strange expression on Yuan Mo's handsome face, she knew that he was also affected by her mind enchanting technique. She felt disdainful but still smiled at him. "I won't involve myself in the matter here. Yeah, you Water Tribe should leave early too."

Her white neck craned as she looked at the dark and cold void. She seemed to call for something there.


A dazzling light shot over. After the intense light vanished, a seven-colored crystal war chariot was exposed. It was in a rhombus shape and twinkling like stars in the sky.

She moved quickly and then landed on the war chariot while the illusory women were floating Shi Yan up. They also landed on the seven-colored crystal war chariot.

"Let's go," her jade-like hand tapped the war chariot.

The crystal war chariot zoomed through the darkness like a starlight beam and tried to fly away from this land of trouble.


Forefather Dragon Lizard's true body howled from deep underground. Abruptly, sixteen asteroids outside the continent happened to be like exploding hedgehogs. They shot billions of flaming spikes toward Dragon Lizard Continent.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In just a blink of an eye, the crystal war chariot was pierced through. The flaming spikes had shot through it and left thumb-sized holes on the chariot's body, making it look like a beehive.

The control mechanism broke. The war chariot stopped.

The masked woman became cold. She looked at Dragon Lizard Continent underneath. Her slender fingers clutched Shi Yan's arm. She wanted to run away and sway through the shower of flaming spikes to leave Dragon Lizard Continent quickly.


Deep under the ground of the continent came earth-destroying explosions. Dragon Lizard Continent drifted into different pieces. Shortly after, the entire continent was divided and turned into a sea of asteroids in just a blink of an eye.

A beast of around ten million meters rose. Its body was garnet and it emerged on the corner of an icy mountain when the continent drifted apart. Its back had humps.

Its dark red body looked like a long mountain range that carried hundreds of asteroids. When its back shook, those asteroids exploded.

Right after that, the real appearance of the ma.s.sive beast came to people's sights. It was covered in garnet, flaming scales. It had a fearsome head that looked like a dragon head while dragging a mountain range-long tail. The giant lizard opened its mouth and boiling lava streamed out ma.s.sively.

It was the real body of Forefather Dragon Lizard! It was the real Forefather Dragon Lizard!

As soon as Dragon Lizard's true body emerged, the ma.s.sive lizard phantom that was fighting with the crocodile immediately retreated and disappeared into the dark red eyes of Dragon Lizard.


Dragon Lizard faced the sky and roared indignantly. A stream of lava shot out of his mouth like a meteor.

The Phantom masked woman grabbed Shi Yan and attempted to escape. The fire on the crystal war chariot had just extinguished and the woman hadn't moved yet before the lava stream covered her. She changed her visage and immediately urged her power Upanishad and G.o.d power. The brilliant, rainbow-like energy quickly weaved and created a curtain.

The brilliant curtain covers both the woman and Shi Yan, protecting them from the lava river.

However, it wasn't easy to get rid of this flaming river.

—— She was temporarily confined.

She glared at Dragon Lizard's head and found two small dots with the human shape. Unexpectedly, they were Tu Shi Qi and his wife Ya Yun. At this moment, they were looking at her, their faces conveying nothing positive.

Her bright eyes scanned quickly around to find Singh. She saw helter-skelter Singh flying to the ma.s.sive crocodile and Ming Hong. Now, he had seven brutal souls congregated. However, five of them were dying and their bodies were shrinking to a third of its original size.

The five dying brutal souls were the ones following Singh to the ground to kill Dragon Lizard's true body.

Evidently, Singh was very injured. He couldn't get what he wanted and he was severely wounded.

"Dragon Lizard bother, why do you have to do this?" Singh's eyes sparkled. He was pale and bleeding at his mouth, stomach, and back. He sat on the head of the crocodile and said darkly, "You, Tu Shi Qi, and Ya Yun ambushed me to wound me. So what? I'm the Sou Clan's Commander. Do you dare to kill me? Do you want your Dragon Lizard Clan to be hunted down to the last member? You think the Mysterious Sky Clan can protect your clan?"

"Dragon Lizard! I'm not interested in the conflict between you and the Soul Clan. I don't want to trade with you anymore. I just want to leave this place. Why did you stop me? Do you want to turn our Phantom Clan into your enemy too? Do you think you can endure that?" The masked woman from the Phantom Clan was trapped inside the streaming lava in the void. Her bright eyes were cold as she shouted.

At this moment, many aliens from the small clans discreetly moved away. They knew that the current situation wasn't something they could engage in.

However, some of them still hid nearby or observed from a distance.

Those warriors were real experts at Second or Third Sky of Immortal Realm. Perhaps their clans couldn't resist the Soul Clan, Mysterious Sky Clan, or Phantom Clan. However, they personally had the power and qualifications to fight against Forefather Dragon Lizard and Singh.

Many of them were advancing quietly and taking off from their asteroids, which were now a part of the sea of asteroids. Discreetly, they approached the masked woman.

They paid attention to Shi Yan and tried to capture Shi Yan from the masked woman. He was their chance to break through the Territory Ancestor Realm!

"Drop Shi Yan and I'll let you go. I will also give you an Immortal Pellet." Forefather Dragon Lizard's true body thundered. His dark red eyes were as big as stars gazing at the masked woman. Then, his ma.s.sive head turned to Singh and he roared, "Singh! Anybody can leave but you! This time, even if I have to use all that I have, I must kill you!"

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Dragon Lizard's ma.s.sive claws rose and grabbed a mountain-sized asteroid that he threw at Singh.

That asteroid was black and rigid with energy from his body. It could even smash a small sized planet. His giant claw could even shadow the light from the horizon and it threatened terrifyingly people.

Singh wore a cold and dark face. "You don't really appreciate kindness!"

The ma.s.sive crocodile underneath him roared and swallowed the five dying souls. Instantly, its body and power had increased by three times. The brutal soul in the crocodile form slowly became real matter.

At this moment, the giant crocodile looked as if it was made of black iron. A dark and sinister aura flew out of the beast. Singh controlled the ma.s.sive crocodile to use its rigid body to shield the asteroid. Its body then sent many sparks into the void.

It had become real!

"Kill him!" Singh shouted. The ma.s.sive crocodile roared at Forefather Dragon Lizard's real body. Singh sneered, took out a bell, and shook it hard.

Crack! Crack!

The ma.s.sive asteroids underneath cracked. The Soul Clan's Soul Refining Cauldron got out of the ground, flew up, and floated above Singh's head.

The three-legged cauldron was as big as a mountain. It slowly spun above Singh's head. So many mysterious symbols twinkled. They then transformed into countless magical souls. The malicious aura from those symbols was slowly condensing.

"Hey, let's discuss a little," Singh suddenly turned to the Phantom masked woman. "You and I join hands to deal with Dragon Lizard and the Mysterious Sky Clan. Then, you take the kid. I want Dragon Lizard's and Tu Shi Qi's lives. I also want the girl accompanying that kid. You will receive the two Immortal Pellets from Dragon Lizard. What do you think?"

Hearing him, Forefather Dragon Lizard was outraged. Tu Shi Qi's mind shivered.

The masked woman from the Phantom Clan had her eyes brighten as she giggled. "Good suggestion. I'm interested. Well, Forefather Dragon Lizard isn't letting me go. I'll stay then."

Her face turned cold as she hissed, "Singh, you deal with Forefather Dragon Lizard. I'll help you defeat Tu Shi Qi and his wife!"

Singh was excited. He couldn't help but grin fiendishly.

Singh was one level weaker than Dragon Lizard and he got hit while fighting underground. Even if he got the Soul Refining Cauldron, an Absolute Beginning divine weapon, he couldn't deal with Tu Shi Qi and his wife. However, if the masked woman of the Phantom Clan helped him, he could overturn the situation!

He had checked and knew that this masked woman had a profound realm and her competence was deeply immeasurable.

If they joined hands, he could take Dragon Lizard to nurture the Soul Refining Cauldron, which was the promise he made to the expert in his clan. Also, he could use Audrey to enter Desolate Territory and refine Desolate. If he had to let Shi Yan go to exchange for many things, this business was still going to be excellent for him.

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