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"Oh, you!"

The Phantom Clan masked woman pointed her green, onion-like finger to Forefather Dragon Lizard's clone and screamed in surprise.

Du Lei and the other two were also bewildered.

Forefather Dragon Lizard snorted and lifted his head to look at the crocodile brutal soul. He roared and the ma.s.sive scarlet lizard got more pumped vitality. It rolled and roared like a dragon. Now, it was as powerful as that giant crocodile.

Dragon Lizard Continent was shaking continuously. It seemed like the sky was about to fall. The flaming lava oozed from many pits and ditches on the ground.

The entire continent became red. At the same time, many red-brown rocks were throbbing as if they were some sort of strange hearts.

Roaring and bellowing continuously arose from deep underground. It seemed like Forefather Dragon Lizard's true body underground had to endure formidable pain and he was struggling for the last time before his death.

The warriors from the smaller clans were frightened when they observed the changes of the continent. They wanted to do something, but they knew they weren't strong enough.

Many people now had no interest in the Dragon Lizard Clan's bustling festival. They silently left the place and stayed away from this land of trouble.

Also, a bigger group of warriors thought that it would be their chance as they were confident in their abilities. Thus, they stayed and hid in the dark to wait for the right chance.

"I've acted rashly. Forefather Dragon Lizard, please forgive me," the Phantom masked woman reacted timely. She recovered, smiling and talking in her sweet, soft voice. "Seems like you've prepared well. Right. I hate that Singh of the Soul Clan too. I wish for your victory, Forefather."

Then, she flew away. After a flash, she reappeared by Yuan Mo of the Water Tribe and said coldly. "Singh will be over this time!"

"Singh is also at the Peak of Immortal Realm. He's as strong as Forefather Dragon Lizard. Even if they ambush him, he won't die, will he?" Yuan Mo was inexplicably surprised.

The masked woman looked at the lava pond, strange light flashing in her eyes. "Tu Shi Qi and his wife Ya Yun from the Mysterious Sky Clan should be hiding in the ground and waiting for Singh. With Forefather Dragon Lizard's real body, I think Singh can't dodge this kalpa. The subterranean lava pond is where Forefather Dragon Lizard's true body lives. I'm sure he has refined it to be very strong and tough. Singh can't escape."

Yuan Mo was frightened. "Since when did Forefather Dragon Lizard and the Mysterious Sky Clan join hands?"

The masked woman shook her head.

She didn't answer him but she thought of another idea. With her magical Soul Consciousness at Third Sky of Immortal Realm, she quietly searched around.

She came to a new decision. Forefather Dragon Lizard wasn't trapped and Singh couldn't get out of it alive. She knew that she couldn't seize the chance and take the Immortal Pellets from Forefather Dragon Lizard. Thus, Shi Yan was going to be her next target for her benefits.

He had a soul wisp from an Absolute Beginning creature. He understood Dark Energy. Absolutely, he was a precious treasure in this world. Even if she couldn't get him for the Phantom Clan, she would never let another force benefit from him.

She wanted to check Shi Yan's direction and location.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A brutal soul that had swallowed thousands of departed souls to be stronger was also attacking the lizard together with the crocodile. This brutal soul was the most special among the seven brutal souls Singh had. It was because this brutal soul had a human form. Although he was dozens of times taller than a normal person, he appeared and acted like a human.

This brutal soul was Ming Hong, an expert and Audrey's ancestor.

After he was refined and made a brutal soul, when Singh fought against the others, he couldn't control himself. He had to cooperate with Singh to attack his enemies. Right now, he was attacking the giant lizard although he didn't want to do it.

A magical energy wave arose deep in his soul. Ming Hong was bewildered while tearing the lizard.

A message bloomed in his mind. "I am Shi Yan from Desolate Territory, just like you. My friend is called Audrey. She's the daughter of Adele, the current Matriarch of Imperial Dark Tribe. An Absolute Beginning creature called Hui had sent us here to this Sea Domain of Nihility. We are lost. We don't know how to go back home…"

Ming Hong turned into a brutal soul and joined hands with the ten-thousand-meter-long crocodile to attack the giant lizard. However, this soul message still echoed in his head.

"We want to return to Desolate Territory and we want to unchain you too. How can we help you?" that voice still talked to him.

Ming Hong was so thrilled.

"Adele's daughter! She's Adele's daughter!" He screamed in his soul.

He was in the same generation as Ming Hao and Adele's grandfather, so he was about as old as Audrey's great-grandfather. He had taught Ming Hao, so he knew Ming Hao had a blood sister called Adele. Thus, his relationship with Audrey wasn't shallow.

Even without this relationship, because Audrey was from Imperial Dark Tribe, he was going to try his best to help them.

—— He knew this as soon as he came and found Audrey cultivating.

She's one of us! One of us!

As soon as Ming Hong confirmed this, he discreetly communicated with Shi Yan while engaging with the giant lizard.

Currently, Forefather Dragon Lizard's clone had advised Du Lei, Di Feng, and Walker before jumping into the ground and leaving only the phantom of the ma.s.sive lizard created by his energy. That phantom was engaging with the giant crocodile and Ming Hong, leaving them no extra time to help Singh.

Thus, Ming Hong didn't have heavy pressure. Although he couldn't control his body, his soul connection wasn't restricted.

"If Singh isn't dead, I can't be released. If Singh is killed, I can escape. I know the entrance to Desolate Territory. As long as I'm freed, I can take you guys back to Desolate Territory," said Ming Hong.

"Don't worry. Singh will die this time. I have no doubt. Besides Forefather Dragon Lizard, Tu Shi Qi and his wife Ya Yun from the Mysterious Sky Clan are underground too. Forefather Dragon Lizard has set up something. If Singh has the guts to come down, he shouldn't dream of running away!" a.s.sured Shi Yan.

Ming Hong was thrilled upon listening to him. He screamed, "As long as Singh is killed, I can escape his bind. Then, I will give Audrey a big surprise!"

"What surprise?"

"Ah, it's our Imperial Dark Tribe's business. Don't ask too much."

The masked woman from the Phantom Tribe had her dark eyes brightened.

She took action one more time. Shortly after, she came to the cave that led to the underground. Lifting her head to look at the crocodile and the lizard fighting, she parted her lips into a smile.

While smiling, she rose one arm to pull something.


A gray shadow materialized in front of her on the dusted ground. That was Shi Yan who had gone invisible.

"My good little brother, what are you doing? Sneaking something?" She smiled and agilely walked towards Shi Yan. "Yeah, you and Forefather Dragon Lizard should have some dark agreement, right? I can tell. You have cooperated with Forefather Dragon Lizard and Tu Shi Qi of the Mysterious Sky Clan. Haha, you little evil runt. You made Singh and Forefather Dragon Lizard fight against each other sooner than planned."

Shi Yan felt chilled. Looking at the smiling, approaching woman, he felt a ma.s.sive mountain press on his soul.

That masked woman gave him a terrible threat. Currently, Forefather Dragon Lizard, Singh, and Tu Shi Qi were fighting underground. She thought that it was the right chance for her. She couldn't help but take action to trouble Shi Yan.

Crack! Crack!

Shi Yan's skeleton sounded like metal clanging. So many sharp spikes jutted out from his joints. A pair of bone wings appeared on his back.

While his body was transforming, his Blood Qi rose high. His life energy and power began to surge.

His eyes became crimson like blood. The acupuncture points in his entire body gathered the Essence Qi of the dead warriors. A ruthless light shot out from his head and reached up into the sky like a towering, garnet tree.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

His heart beat faster like rapid drumbeats. After each beat, his blood boiled and burned harder.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

With Shi Yan as the center, the broken stars and rocks around suddenly floated up. Dozens of thousands of rocks wildly twirled in the void like stars in a galaxy. A current of powerful Star energy came from nowhere and poured into this strange star formation.


That eccentric star formation emitted a cold, eliminating aura. Each starlight beam could even destroy a whole planet. Bunches of beams bombarded the masked woman.

The masked woman no longer smiled. Her dark eyes were filled with panic. When the starlight beam shot toward her, her fearsome mask cracked as if it had to bear heavy pressure.

"You're heartless. You're so cruel to jie-jie. You really do want to smash the flower!"

The soft body of that masked woman began to twist as she was dancing. Countless illusions of s.e.xy women flew out of her body. Those women wore flimsy, silky clothes, holding jade trays or fruits. Some even were undressing. They smiled charmingly and seducing, and approached Shi Yan.

Starlight shone on them.

Innumerable illusions of young maids turned into ashes. After one of them was destroyed, the power of the starlight was slightly reduced. The masked woman shivered as if her energy was drained.

Eventually, there were no more starlight beams. They were all gone. However, many s.e.xy women were still dancing and floating one after another, giggling while going closer to Shi Yan. They wanted to pull him into their sweet aroma and make him never wake up.

"You evil kid. You disregarded my good intentions. You smashed my heart. Yeah, I'm begrudging. I can only invite you to our Phantom Clan. Well, we're going to enjoy the best things there. Don't worry. Jie-jie won't mistreat you. What the Mysterious Sky Clan can offer, we can too. Our Phantom women are more beautiful than the Mysterious Sky woman. I'm sure you will sink and you won't want to leave."

The masked woman chuckled and looked at so many gorgeous but vulgar woman entangling Shi Yan. She finally exhaled in relief.

Her G.o.ddess' Gorgeous Dance was the exclusive mind enchanting technique of the Phantom Clan. It worked on every male creature in this world. She had never failed when using this technique.

She believed that even he was made of steel, those beautiful women made of her Soul Consciousness could melt him down.

So many G.o.ddesses, which were the representatives of l.u.s.t, were seducing and enchanting as they attacked Shi Yan.

Shi Yan had hot eyes as if he was aroused. He stood still and didn't have any reaction while so many gorgeous G.o.ddesses were clutching his arms and calves and pulling him toward the masked woman.

The masked woman giggled happily.

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