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Chapter 141 - The Iceberg Seals the Island
Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan had been in the cave for three days.
These past three days, even being inside the cave, they felt colder and colder as the temperature outside was becoming lower and lower.
The Cold Ice Flame was a type of Sky Fire. When the heavens and earth first came into existence, the Cold Ice Flame already was around. It had its own consciousness, and it was an extremely special form of life in this world.
The Menluo Island was covered with volcanoes. The G.o.d realm warrior, in an effort to try to merge the Cold Ice Flame into his sea of knowledge, used the volcanoes on Menluo Island to try and constrain it. But for some reason, he ultimately failed.
The Cold Ice Flame had been sealed ever since then. Those floating symbols, which they had seen inside the iceberg, were one of the constraints on the Cold Ice Flame.
After tens of thousands of years, the power of the seal had slowly declined. The Cold Ice Flame continuously ate away at the constraint, and finally poked out from the bottom of the sea and appeared on Menluo Island.
The people from the four forces wanted to obtain the secrets of the iceberg, so they kept bombarding and striking the iceberg. This made the already weakened constraining power even weaker, and ultimately let the Cold Ice Flame escape. It formed into thousands of Ice Beasts, which were now roaming Menluo Island, making this land of volcanoes into a h.e.l.l on earth.
The Cold Ice Flame was a Sky fire. Unless a G.o.d realm warrior came by, it would be very hard to seal a Sky fire.
Once the warriors from the four forces realized that it was a Sky fire that hid in the iceberg, without hesitation, they immediately escaped from the iceberg, using their fastest speed to get off the Island.
The Ice Beasts were made from the cold energy of the Cold Ice Flame. On Menluo Island, the Ice Beasts were always being empowered with a steady stream of the Cold Ice Flame’s cold energy.
This cold energy made the Ice Beasts as hard as iron, and gave them incredibly fast reflexes. There was also a large quant.i.ty of these Ice Beasts, which made it impossible for the four forces to defend against them, so they had to retreat.
Xia Xinyan knew about the power of the Ice Beasts. To prevent getting trampled by the Ice Beasts, she immediately dug out a cave and hid inside to avoid being attacked by the Ice Beasts.
It had been three days.
The cold energy outside slowly got stronger. Menluo Island had fallen completely silent, as if all the Ice Beasts had vanished from this place.
“Ice Beasts are formed from the Cold Ice Flame. After Menluo Island becomes lifeless, the power of the Ice Beasts would be reclaimed by the Cold Ice Flame. According to the amount of time which has pa.s.sed, there should be no more Ice Beasts on Menluo Island.” Xia Xinyan furrowed her brows slightly, and pondered for a moment, then said, “We can go out and take a look maybe we can find an opportunity to leave the island.”
“Once the warriors from the four forces escape, they will definitely deliver the news about this place at once. By that time, there surely would be G.o.d realm masters, who covet for the Cold Ice Flame, come to Menluo Island from all directions. Once the G.o.d realm masters are here, the Menluo Island would definitely become even more of a mess. Hmm, it is definitely time for us to leave.” Shi Yan nodded.
After four days of recovery, and being under the effect of the Immortal Martial Spirit, Shi Yan had returned to his peak physical state.
After going through this disaster, Shi Yan’s state of mind seemed to change again. On the verge of life and death, he gained more insight to life, and seemed to feel a breakthrough was coming.
The Disaster realm required one to go through different kinds of challenges in order to gain enough insight to break through and stepping into a new realm.
While having enough vigorous Profound Qi, having insight was more important.
Without enough understanding, even if there was enough Profound Qi, it would be hard to progress any further.
This perilous event was actually highly beneficial to both him and Xia Xinyan.
The two worked together to clear away the rocks blocking the cave, slowly approaching the cave exit.
After a short while, the last few remaining rocks were moved aside, and the two walked out of the cave.
Right after they got out of the cave, their faces immediately changed, and their expression changed into that of shock.
Under the moonlight, the world of ice surrounding them glittered like gla.s.s. Everything had formed into thick layers of hard ice, and the ground was covered with a freezing layer of ice that was a couple of meters thick.
Penetrating cold energy filled this world. The cold energy was like a white fog, slowly floating above the earth.
The two were in a place covered with ice and snow, and there was not a spot where greenery could be seen.
The entire Menluo Island had been turned upside down. The neighboring extinct volcanoes became ice mountains, standing tall, and dazzled brightly under the moonlight, giving them a dream-like aura.
In the far distance, all the warriors were preserved in their running poses. But they were frozen into ice sculptures, their deaths forever commemorated by the ice encasing them.
Because of the existence of the Cold Ice Flame, Menluo Island seemed to have turned into an ancient iceberg. Ice and frozen rocks were present everywhere.
Spreading their consciousness out, they discovered there was not a single trace of life. The Ice Beasts also completely disappeared, turning into lifelike looking ice sculptures .
“All the people on Menluo Island probably froze to death. This time, it’s really h.e.l.l on earth.” Xia Xinyan sighed, “The warriors of the four forces broke the constraints that sealed the Cold Ice Flame because they wanted to know the secrets of the iceberg. In the end, they let the Cold Ice Flame escape its seal and let the entirety of Menluo Island, and the people living in it, be sealed in the ice. It’s truly sad.”
Shi Yan’s expression was cold, and he lightly said, “I wonder how many warriors from the four forces escaped from this disaster. I really hope they also died under the Cold Ice Flame.”
“The Sky realm masters are extremely fast. The people they brought were probably able to escape the disaster. The Heaven Lake Divine World has many powerful secret treasures, so that saintess Qu Yanqing and her group should’ve also been able to escape. But the unimportant people probably also died in Menluo Island. The ones who were not brought along by the Sky realm masters would’ve been very unlikely to stay alive if they didn’t hide in a cave like we did.”
“Crack crack crack!”
An extinct volcano a few thousand meters away suddenly cracked open.
Beautiful figures slowly poked their heads out of the broken cave opening. The one in the lead was that saintess from the Heaven Lake Divine Land, Qu Yanqing.
Behind Qi Yanqing, a row of beautiful women from the Heaven Lake Divine Land were all looked stunned. They were shocked by the bizarre changes to Menluo Island.
Xia Xinyan frowned and quietly put her veil back on, “It seems that we weren’t the only smart ones. They should have also known about how to hide from the Ice Beasts, and they also have secret treasures that could instantly create a cave. I knew this woman wouldn’t die easily.”
Qu Yanqing stood elegantly in the distance, her face was emotionless. She was wearing a snow white palace gown, the look in her eyes was cold. She gazed a thousand meters away at Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan, seeming curious as to how they managed to survive.
Qi Yanqing gazed in their direction for a moment, then she quietly instructed the few beautiful women beside her. After that, Shi Yan saw two Earth realm women slowly walking their way.
These two women had arrogant expressions, and their fair faces were cold as ice, almost as icy as Menluo Island was at the moment.
These two women looked to be about thirty-something years old. They had long legs and were quite tall. They both had narrow eyes with thin eyebrows and hair down to their shoulders. With their thin waists, they took elegant little steps.
The two women slightly raised their heads, their expressions were cold. After coming this way, one of the women said lightly, “Our saintess wishes to see you two. Follow us.”
Then, the two women only glanced indifferently at Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan, then they turned around arrogantly, as if getting greeted by Qu Yanqing was a blessing to them.
Xia Xinyan’s bright eyes were filled with rage, and she snorted quietly.
Shi Yan slightly furrowed his brows, and said indifferently, “They are quite full of themselves, aren’t they?.”
“Hmm?” Those two women seemed to have heard noises behind them. Their narrow eyes were filled with anger, as they both turned around to look at Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan. The one that talked first shouted with a cold face, “What are you whispering about?”
“Nothing.” Xia Xinyan responded lightly. She pulled on Shi Yan’s clothes, signaling him not to do or say anything. She slightly lowered her head, and dragged Shi Yan along with her.
Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan followed the two women from Heaven Lake Divine Land and soon arrived beside Qu Yanqing.
Qu Yanqing’s long hair was done up in a high bun, and her looks weren’t outstanding. But those eyes were like clear water, giving people a chilly feeling. She stood there frowning, while she looked at Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan, then she said lightly, “When did you get out? Did you find anyone else on the island? Did you see any strange things?”
Shi Yan composed himself, and shook his head, “We just got out too, and we know nothing about the situation on Menluo Island now.”
Qu Yanqing looked at Shi Yan deeply, she pondered for a moment, and then commanded, “You two, go take a look at where the iceberg is exposed. If you find anything, just come back and tell me, and I will give each of you a Profound level weapon as a reward. Go.”
Where the iceberg was exposed, was where the Cold Ice Flame was sealed. It was very likely that the Cold Ice Flame was hiding deep underground.
If they went to roam around that area and got discovered by the Cold Ice Flame, they would be dead for sure. There would be no chance for them to turn the situation around.
The people from the Heaven Lake Divine Land didn’t have the guts to take the risk and look for themselves, but wanted Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan to go check it out for them and most likely die. This was truly arrogant and extremely cruel.
“Sorry, we managed to stay alive this long, and we don’t want to go die.” Shi Yan scowled, and shook his head firmly, “We will be leaving Menluo Island now. Unfortunately, we won’t have the chance to get acquainted with your Profound level weapons.”
“Hmm?” Qu Yanqing furrowed her brows, slightly revealing her annoyance.
“Boy, no matter what you want, you will have to go.” a beautiful, curvy, large-breasted Nirvana realm woman, with a cold expression and icy cold eyes said, “If you don’t go right now, then we will kill you right now!”
Shi Yan’s face changed.
“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh! Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!”
Piercing sounds came from the distance. A moment later, you could see Chen Duo alone, and that old woman from the Dongfang family holding Dongfang He in one hand and Gu Jiange in another. They quickly flew in from the outside of Menluo Island.
Gu Jiange owned the Dragon Slaying Sword. The sword sealed the demon beast Hornless Fire Dragon, and the Hornless Fire Dragon was a fire demon beast, therefore it had a special restraining effect on cold things and icy environments. He had brought it along this time.
This group included four people. Chen Duo and that old lady were both in the Sky realm, Dongfang He was in the Nirvana realm, and Gu Jiange was in the Disaster realm.
The four already sent out the news, and were waiting for aid to come. But they also worried that there would be changes in the Cold Ice Flame and that there might be mysterious treasures in the iceberg. So after the Ice Beasts all disappeared, they came back out of greed.
“Hey!” Dongfang He exclaimed, and instructed that old lady. The old lady landed with Dongfang He and Gu Jiange, and stood beside Qu Yanqing.
Chen Duo looked down, and also flew down from the sky, landing steadily behind Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan.
“Zhao Rong, what is it?” Chen Duo landed, he glanced at that cold-faced beautiful woman from Heaven Lake Divine Land that was threatening Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan, and asked lightly.
“We wanted these two to go and take a look at the situation, but they don’t seem to want to cooperate.” When facing Chen Duo, Zhao Rong’s expression was no longer cold and arrogant. Instead, she put up a flirty smile, “Well, I was just negotiating with them. Heh, I didn’t know that you guys would come too.”
After Chen Duo and the rest heard her words, they simultaneously frowned, and looked at Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan unhappily.
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Vick and Eli
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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