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Shi Yan knew that he was in an extremely good condition.

An Immortal Pellet had helped him break the bottleneck quicky. He had directly entered the Immortal Realm!

In this new realm, his body, the G.o.d power Ancient Tree, and the soul altar had transformed differently. However, the thing that had changed the most was his Dark Energy!

Today, in his body, besides the G.o.d power Ancient Tree as the source of energy, his Sea of Consciousness also had another source of energy!

The G.o.d power had nurtured him entirely. His body was filled with abundant energy. Dark Energy had changed and boosted his soul altar and made his power Upanishads more exquisite and profound. His host soul now was so vigorous and his soul altar now had an endless source of energy. Each wisp of his Soul Consciousness could reach out unceasingly.

Star and s.p.a.ce power Upanishads now had new changes. Thus, he could control the sharp s.p.a.ce sabers as much as he wanted.

He could even feel the spatial blind spots around!

The so-called spatial blind spots were the mysterious s.p.a.ces that the warriors could never sense. Only experts with profound s.p.a.ce power Upanishad could grasp them. They could use the spatial blind spots to hide or burst out furious attacks.

Just like a room or a forest with shades, s.p.a.ce had some areas that the ordinary warriors could never see. Those areas were called spatial blind spots.

Audrey, Yvelines, Adams, and Masha were standing on an asteroid that wasn't far from Dragon Star Continent. They could still watch the battle between Forefather Dragon Lizard and Singh and see what was happening over there.

However, many aliens on the continent couldn't see their asteroid.

It was because the asteroid was staying in a spatial blind spot. Except for the experts with Singh's, Forefather Dragon Lizard's, or the masked woman's realm, they could find those spots if they sensed very carefully.

In other words, in a short time, Audrey's group didn't need to worry about their safety. With the power of the experts with s.p.a.ce power Upanishad like Shi Yan, after he had reached the Immortal Realm, he wasn't afraid of Singh's or Forefather Dragon Lizard's wrath.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The seven brutal souls were like ominous fiends that hovered around Forefather Dragon Lizard and attacked him. Dragon Lizard sneered and created a ma.s.sive phantom of a lizard, his real form. The giant scarlet lizard looked like it was made of fire and was wrestling with seven brutal souls that stirred the entire land. They made Dragon Lizard Continent look like it was about to shatter.

At this moment, the asteroids and shining s.p.a.ce blades above Shi Yan's head were cutting and impacting with the land, tearing the entire continent.

When Singh and Dragon Lizard were fighting furiously, many aliens had become greedy and they wanted to seize the chance to capture Shi Yan and kill him to absorb his soul. They thought that they could reach the Territory Ancestor Realm if they got him. Some of them had discreetly and proactively prepared and approached him.

However, Shi Yan suddenly burst out crazily and guided a lot of broken stars and asteroids with the s.p.a.ce blades, making them a huge downpour on those sneaky warriors. He had killed around ten warriors of the alien tribes in just a blink of an eye.

Those warriors' realms weren't low. Some had even reached Second Sky of Immortal Realm.

They had underestimated Shi Yan's intimidation and his brutality. The asteroids had blown them off and made them pieces of meat. The s.p.a.ce sabers had minced them and left only their souls floating, shrieking and cursing maliciously.

Shi Yan didn't dare to show the Devouring power Upanishad's ability. He didn't release the black hole and just used his acupuncture points to absorb the energy and essence Qi from the dead warriors.

As he had just reached First Sky of Immortal Realm, his body was now a sponge that needed a lot of energy. Receiving the energy and Essence Qi of the dead made him feel so refreshed.

"I know you want to kill me and refine my soul to help you reach Territory Ancestor Realm." Shi Yan raked through the area, chuckled, and relaxed. "Anyone with this idea could come and check. Maybe you can succeed. Alright, I'm here to give you a chance and an opportunity to break through to Territory Ancestor Realm. You shouldn't let it slip away."

At this moment, Forefather Dragon Lizard and Singh were still attacking each other. Singh hadn't used his great weapon yet. He hadn't activated the power of the Soul Refining Cauldron as he wanted to wait for the most suitable time when the cauldron would kill Forefather Dragon Lizard in one attempt.

Forefather Dragon Lizard was resentful because of Singh's dark deeds, so he didn't want to show mercy. However, he was currently just a clone with limited power. He couldn't kill Singh directly. However, he had another plan, so he wasn't really anxious. He was also waiting for an opportunity.

He was waiting for the instant-kill attack by Tu Shi Qi and his wife Ya Yun!

As the two great experts couldn't even help themselves, the other warriors, of course, had their own ideas. They wanted to seize this chance to capture Shi Yan and then leave Dragon Lizard Star immediately. Perhaps they could claim victory this time.

The tragic death of the others was a big warning to them. Now, they knew that Shi Yan had the power to counterattack. However, as he had just reached First Sky of Immortal Realm, they thought that he had only those asteroids and broken stars as his weapon and that he depended on external forces.

Gradually, the real experts quietly moved toward Shi Yan. They looked stern and yearning.

"Should we take action now?" Yuan Mo of the Water Tribe was hesitant and asked for direction.

"Don't rush." The masked woman of the Phantom Tribe had deep eyes. She was several exploding mountain ranges away from Shi Yan. She stopped the Water Tribe from taking rash actions and smiled, "That kid isn't as easy to deal with as he seems. If he dares to initiate the battle, of course, he has some good backup. We should just wait and see then."

While talking, her line of sight moved around and then fell on the ma.s.sive pit on the ground.

She could feel something strange. Forefather Dragon Lizard was acting strangely. She thought that there was something hiding deep underground.

"Bursting lightning!

All of a sudden, a terrifying roar came. An alien warrior at Second Sky of Immortal Realm emerged in front of Shi Yan, lightning beams winding around his body like snakes. As soon as the wild snakes left his body, they swelled up and turned into dozens of bucket-sized lightning snakes. Those snakes were lively as if they were real. They could even spurt lightning and icy mist.

While dozens of large snakes flew away, they twisted and changed, turning into a curved formation. That formation looked like an electrical net with snakes as the lines that grumblingly s.n.a.t.c.hed over Shi Yan.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

While the snake-like electric net was coming, the earth-shaking lightning and thunder had become more furious as if they wanted to drown Shi Yan altogether.

The sky was shadowed by the giant, lightning snakes. Shi Yan frowned. He found that this alien warrior had cultivated Lightning power Upanishad to the Immortal Realm, but his real fighting competence couldn't be compared to Lei Di, the Immemorial Thunder Dragon, regardless of the realm or the intensity of G.o.d power. They were too different.

"Stars and asteroids!"

Shi Yan sat down cross-legged and lifted his head to watch the sky. The pupils in his eyes were as bright as stars. His eyes seemed to cover the stars in the skies as if he was the Lord of all skies.

The asteroids and broken stars hovering above his head began to lower like a falling galaxy.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

So many lightning snakes in the sky were hit by the asteroids that were even bigger than entire mountain ranges. The meteors shot them and made the electrical beams scatter in the sky.

The attack by the warrior at Second Sky of Immortal Realm cultivating Lightning power Upanishad backfired. His body flashed and thundered. He looked charred as if he had just been roasted.

"Life magnetic field!"

Shi Yan grinned and shouted again. From him as the center, a vigorous life magnetic field expanded rapidly.

Anyone who came near the magnetic field couldn't control their bodies. Their hearts began to beat frantically. Their vitality was triggered and they reddened. They seemed to be pumped with endless energy in just a blink of an eye.

However, that energy came from their burning vitality, which wasn't something familiar with them so they couldn't control it. Their skin cracked and bled terribly.

—— Wounds showed when the vitality was triggered hard and their bodies couldn't endure it. If they couldn't control it, they were going to quickly blow up.

"Life power Upanishad!"

The masked woman screamed in fear. Her soft and tender voice became sharp and ear-piercing. Her deep eyes shot out astounding light as if she had just discovered a whole new continent.


Looking at a warrior at First Sky of Immortal Realm, Shi Yan grinned. At the same time, a hot look shot to that warrior and it seemed to ignite a sea of fire.

The body of that warrior was ultimately inflated like a balloon. He burst shortly after. His internal organs and flesh exploded into pieces and shot everywhere.

The scene was terribly b.l.o.o.d.y.

"I didn't know he was that strong!" Masha's soft body quivered while standing on the asteroid and hiding in the blind spot. Looking at Shi Yan, she was extremely frightened.

"Lucky us. We got a good sense and we didn't offend this G.o.d of slaughter." Adams forced a smile and felt very lucky.

Yvelines was pensive. His face convulsed and he felt so chilled.

The brutality that Shi Yan had performed was beyond what they could imagine. After reaching the Immortal Realm, Shi Yan had advanced greatly and his competence was amazing.

Audrey was close to Shi Yan but she was so astounded. She knew that Shi Yan was strong but she didn't expect Shi Yan to be that strong. He was truly powerful as he could kill Second Sky of Immortal Realm experts when he had just broken through to First Sky of Immortal Realm. It was unimaginable and it was against the rules of Nature.

"The realms of the warriors in the Sea Domain of Nihility aren't low, but their competencies are too… ordinary. They're not as fierce as Xuan He, Frederick, or Lei Di. Strange…" Shi Yan was also surprised.

He found that some of the warriors he had just killed had the same realm as Xuan He and Lei Di but the power they showed and their understanding of power Upanishads weren't as powerful as Xuan He or Frederick's. They were obviously one level lower than the others.

Shi Yan didn't know that the top existences in Desolate Territory like Xuan He and Frederick were the overlords in the area ten thousand years ago. After they had received the power Upanishads from Bloodthirsty, their realms and power had advanced greatly. After ten thousand years of acc.u.mulation, they were all formidable characters at the ultimate level.

Xuan He and Frederick could compare to the same-realm warriors from the Seven Great Clans in this Sea Domain of Nihility!

The warriors fighting against Shi Yan here belonged to third-cla.s.s and second-cla.s.s clans. They couldn't be compared to the members of the Seven Great Clans. It was the main reason why Shi Yan felt that they were so weak.

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