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The alien warriors from different tribes were gathering at the center of the continent that Dragon Lizard Star had just transformed into. They all looked at Shi Yan.

The Sea Domain of Nihility had many rumors that the Absolute Beginning creatures could send a wisp of their souls into the warriors' head, which was an emergency exit they prepared. When the right time came, they could replace the warrior. Even if their souls were destroyed, they could resurrect themselves with just a wisp of a soul lodged in someone's head.

The warriors with the second soul couldn't activate the memories of the co-soul, which was actually the Absolute Beginning creature's soul, if their realms weren't profound enough. They would know nothing.

However, if another powerful Immortal Realm expert refined the soul of that sort of warrior, they could absorb the wisp of a soul of the Absolute Beginning creature. Then, they could obtain Dark Energy and the secret of the Absolute Beginning creature's intimidation. They could even learn the supernatural abilities of their power Upanishads.

That sort of warriors was the fatty, meaty dish that everyone drooled for. The experts at Third Sky of Immortal Realm would become greedy for them.

No doubt that Shi Yan was this type of warrior in their eyes. Even Forefather Dragon Lizard hesitated with many new thoughts after he found out about Shi Yan's secrets

To Forefather Dragon Lizard, there wasn't going to be any method faster than refining Shi Yan to absorb the Absolute Beginning creature's soul. It would boost him and help him enter the Territory Ancestor Realm rapidly.

In this area, there were two experts at his realm: Singh and the masked woman of the Phantom Clan. In their eyes, Shi Yan was also very attractive.

Of course, the second-cla.s.s clans had experts at Second Sky of Immortal Realm and a smaller number of experts at Third Sky of Immortal Realm. Although they hadn't reached the peak, they were qualified to enter Territory Ancestor Realm. If they killed and absorbed Shi Yan, they could reach Territory Ancestor Realm like carps getting over a heavenly gate to become dragons.

It was truly irresistible!

If Shi Yan didn't show his powerful aura and his s.p.a.ce and Star power Upanishads, this scene would have become chaotic quickly.

Forefather Dragon Lizard was the first one who calmed down. Remembering what Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun of the Mysterious Sky Clan had asked him to do, he woke up and eliminated the evil thoughts in his mind. He pulled on a tender face to show his att.i.tude.

The asteroids, broken rocks, and sharp sabers circled above Shi Yan's head with earth-shaking auras. He glared at Forefather Dragon Lizard and pulled a strange smile. He nodded to Dragon Lizard and pretended to be scared, "I thought that forefather would attack me savagely."

Forefather Dragon Lizard was a little embarra.s.sed. He just smiled and didn't know how to answer.

The corner of Shi Yan's mouth twitched as he was cold inwardly. He turned to Audrey and purposely spoke in Desolate Territory's language, "Are you okay? You've reached Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm, right?"

Audrey was frightened. Immediately, she was panic-stricken.

Yuan Mo of the Water Tribe, and Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun of the Mysterious Sky Clan had told Audrey and Shi Yan many times that they shouldn't speak Desolate Territory's language in any circ.u.mstance because they knew Singh yearned for Desolate Territory so much. They didn't want Singh or the warriors of the Earth Ghoul Tribe to recognize them.

Audrey knew that Shi Yan was a watchful person. She didn't know why he suddenly became careless at this challenge as he spoke in Desolate Territory's language to communicate in front of many people. He had even pitched his voice to make sure many people could hear him.

She looked at Singh instinctively.

Audrey became so anxious as she found that Singh now looked like a lewd rapist who saw a naked woman. He was so excited and he laughed crazily. He said loudly, "I have my iron shoes worn out from searching and I got nothing. But now, I get it without spending a bit of effort! Excellent! Excellent!"

"Shi Yan!" Audrey sounded bitter.

"It's okay. I want him to know," Shi Yan lowered his voice and sneered.

"Dragon Lizard brother!" Singh swayed and moved toward Forefather Dragon Lizard. With a smiling face, he pointed at Shi Yan and Audrey and said, "Can you give me one of them. Yeah, that woman is okay. I want one of them alive. I will repay this favor abundantly later!"

Forefather Dragon Lizard was astounded.

Audrey paled. She was so nervous as things had gotten out of the control. It became more awkward and dangerous than she had expected.

"I invited them here," Forefather Dragon Lizard had a grudge against Singh already. He was trying to press down his anger to calculate later. And now, Singh wanted to take his people away. His flame of wrath seemed to be br.i.m.m.i.n.g. He lowered his voice and said, "Singh, what are you doing? You've gone against me many times today. Do you think it's easy to bully our Dragon Lizard Clan?"

Singh had planned to wait until the festival ended to attack Forefather Dragon Lizard. However, because Shi Yan had "carelessly" revealed his ident.i.ty as a warrior from Desolate Territory, he had ignited the flame in Singh's heart. "I just want one of them. I will only ask you once, Dragon Lizard brother. Will you give me her or not?"

He pointed at Audrey, "This woman! She's useless to your cultivation, Dragon Lizard brother. Give her to me, I will remember your favor!"

"Wanton!" Forefather Dragon Lizard couldn't press down his anger anymore. Singh had shouted at his face in front of many aliens from different tribes. His suppressed wrath burst out. "You really think that your Soul Clan is invincible? I'm going to fight against you. Let's see what power you have to insult me like that!"


Just like an erupting volcano, a series of explosions arose from Forefather Dragon Lizard's clone body. Then, the ground underneath him cracked, revealing a deep pit where lava boiled and streamed on his body. Forefather Dragon Lizard's clone became like a flaming fluid that emitted terrifying and fierce energy fluctuations.


The Dragon Lizard Continent drifted apart. Pieces of broken stars and asteroids exploded and released formidable shockwaves. The scarlet fire shot out from the lava and turned into a fearsome, gigantic creature like a lizard. That creature was even bigger than the entire mountain range. It wasn't real matter, but it brought earth-shaking momentum.

The giant lizard was made of lava energy. It grabbed a big rock and squeezed it off. The shower of rocks shot toward Singh like arrows.

"I don't want to make a scene. Dragon Lizard, you have turned against my Soul Clan. I must correct you here." Singh wasn't afraid. He sneered darkly. The brutal souls bobbed behind him. They flew and aimed at the asteroid shower.

Crack! Crack!

The brutal souls pulled and crushed the asteroids into powder before they could reach Singh.

"That kid is really cunning!" The masked woman from the Phantom Clan coldly watched the battle between Forefather Dragon Lizard and Singh. She suddenly said, "If he didn't instigate this, Forefather Dragon Lizard and Singh wouldn't have started a battle this early. He has forced them to make it happen earlier. This kid is darkly devious, indeed."

She had known that Dragon Lizard and Singh didn't get along well as others had rumored. From their conversation, their fluctuating auras, and visages, she knew that they would fight against each other soon. However, Forefather Dragon Lizard and Singh had tried their best to conceal their conflict. Perhaps they didn't want to tear their cunning faces in front of many warriors.

However, Shi Yan had instigated them with his words. They lost their minds and began to attack each other crazily.

As soon as the battle started, she had focused on Shi Yan and became vigilant.

At this moment, Shi Yan's face changed. The s.p.a.ce energy emerged layers over layers on his body, which guided the asteroids above his head to move around like windmills. Adams, Yvelines, and Masha of the Heavenly Eye Clan together with Audrey were pulled toward a spinning asteroid.

That asteroid moved like a shuttle between the spatial waves. Adams, Yvelines, Masha, and Audrey slowly faded as if they were about to disappear.

However, Shi Yan hadn't moved a bit. He wore an indifferent visage, but his eyes were so cold.

"That kid is from Desolate Territory. We met him on the way here," said Yuan Mo.

"People from Desolate Territory aren't plain. Desolate i an extremely powerful Absolute Beginning creature. Although it has secluded for many years, all the experts who know it have always admired and respected it!" said the masked woman in a low voice.

While talking, they were frightened as they looked at the void above the continent.

The asteroids, broken stars, and s.p.a.ce blades above Shi Yan's head suddenly looked like they lost control. All revolved and made a downpour from the sky. The several-thousand-meter long s.p.a.ce sabers were dazzlingly white like a shining blade that no one could stop. If they cut someone, that person was not likely to survive!

It was the natural, ruthless prestige of the Sea Domain of Nihility!

When this brutal prestige was controlled and slashed down from the sky, it was going to be more lethal because of its accuracy.

"Did he lose his mind?!" Yuan Mo was frightened and screaming, "Move! Get away from his madness!"

The masked woman of the Phantom Clan was shivering in fear. Looking at the shining sharp blades above their heads, she couldn't endure it as the twisted s.p.a.ce energy was troubling her mind. "What does he wants to do?!"

Just like them, the warriors of the other second-cla.s.s and third-cla.s.s clans were running for their lives while cursing Shi Yan's entire family. They hated that they couldn't kill him.

They could see that Shi Yan was controlling all the broken rocks and keen s.p.a.ce blades.

Crack! Crack!

A several-thousand-meter-long s.p.a.ce saber gashed Dragon Lizard Star. The ground of the continent was like tofu under a knife. A ma.s.sive crack appeared where lava surged fiercely from deep underground.

An earth-shaking groan came from the ground. It was the indignant roar of Forefather Dragon Lizard's real body!

Forefather Dragon Lizard's clone fighting against Singh also got hurt. He threw Shi Yan an outraged look and cursed, "What the heck are you doing?"

Shi Yan was bewildered and giving him an embarra.s.sed smile. He clapsed his fist, "My bad, my bad. Please forgive me."

"Crazy! He's crazy, right?" On the asteroid that had drifted far away from Dragon Lizard Continent, Masha was so worried and pulling her hair. Looking at the chaotic Dragon Lizard Star, she got so fluttered. "What's going on?"

"I don't know," Yvelines forced a smile.

They all looked at Audrey with the hope that she could give them an answer. However, Audrey shook her head begrudgingly as the others were looking at her. "I don't know. It seems like he's trying to stir up Dragon Lizard Continent. It looks like he wants more people dead."

Then, she jolted back and stopped talking as she looked pensive.

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