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Among the seven clans, the Phantom Clan was mysterious and strange. Men would control everything in the other clans, but the Phantom Clan thought the opposite way.

Women ruled the Phantom Clan. They preferred female warriors as opposed to male warriors. Women held high positions in the Phantom Clan and most of the powerful experts in this clan were women. Women were the royals and the overlords of this clan.

The Phantom Clan women were famous for their glamor that could enchant people. Each of them was outstandingly beautiful with a graceful body and they all mastered the seducing technique with their innate talents. The Phantom Clan had so many warriors, but most of them were female.

The woman with the fearsome mask revealing her ident.i.ty had stirred up the crowd of warriors gathering by the stone hall. They all shot l.u.s.tful, naked looks at her. Some even gulped as if they hated that they couldn't swallow her right away.

The woman giggled and didn't mind those lecherous people. She just looked at Forefather Dragon Lizard and said gently. "I came here with sincerity. I'm very interested in the Immortal Pellets you have. I wonder what you want to exchange for these pellets?"

"Any materials, scriptures, or experiences that could help me reach the Territory Ancestor Realm. If I consider it useful, you can exchange it for Immortal Pellets."

Forefather Dragon Lizard's eyes became crimson. His muscles twisted with each other and looked like they were made of reinforced concrete. It gave people a sense of toughness and vigor. While talking, he stooped to see Audrey and Shi Yan inside the stone hall. He suddenly looked shocked as strange but brilliant light shot from his eyes.

Inside the training chamber, Shi Yan was emitting fire. His fire had many colors including yellow, orange, blue, and even green. So many flames flew around like beautiful b.u.t.terflies dancing around him and released magical, colorful light.

A flow of energy that switched from cold to hot and vice versa continuously burst out. Different attributes of fire gathered and resulted in a hot, red flame!

Sizzle! Sizzle!

The stone hall was made of some kind of rare black iron and cold jade. At this moment, it sizzled like ice in boiled water. The entire hall melted.

While the heaven flames were burning, the ma.s.sive stone hall was like an ice cream burning above the fire. Shortly after, the entire stone hall became water. Strangely, Audrey was cultivating in front of Shi Yan but she wasn't burned by the heaven flames. Her cold face turned slightly red, but she was still calm.

The soul filaments on her body were retrieved. She exhaled and relaxed. Eventually, she opened her eyes.

She jolted up. A cold light glided and she reappeared behind Shi Yan, her face vigilant.

Because the entire hall melted, Yvelines, Adams, and Masha felt so annoyed. They couldn't endure the terrifying heat of the heaven flame, so they had to move away.

The hall was melted, revealing Shi Yan who was sitting cross-legged with closed eyes.

People had their eyes fixed on him. They wore different visages and they were astounded. They had felt the aura of the Absolute Beginning creature's Original Flame, but Shi Yan wasn't an Absolute Beginning creature. People were confused.

Of course, it wasn't that no one knew anything about this. As soon as Shi Yan was revealed, Singh and the woman from the Phantom Clan had their eyes brighten. It seemed like they had recalled something through Shi Yan.

Singh especially suddenly laughed. His dark eyes lit up with a greedy light. He licked his lips. "He has a wisp of the Absolute Beginning creature's soul. Excellent! Really excellent! Muahaha!"

The beautiful eyes of the Phantom Clan woman twinkled. She quietly moved closer to Shi Yan.

Forefather Dragon Lizard frowned and spoke in a serious voice. "Ladies and gentlemen! I want to make it clear again. This kid is our Dragon Lizard Clan's distinguished guest! If anyone offends him, you're offending our Dragon Lizard Clan!"

Before he got out of the lava pond, Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun had solemnly asked him to protect Shi Yan. Shi Yan had told him about the Soul Refining Cauldron, which had saved him from Singh's dark scheme.

From the bottom of his heart, he knew he owed Shi Yan a favor. Thus, he proactively agreed with them.

"Dragon Lizard, brother, it seems like you have hope for your breakthrough this time. You've been subtle for a long time. It turns out that you found a good seed. You make us admire you a lot," Singh suddenly laughed eccentrically, his laughter rising the hair on people's napes.

He a.s.sumed that Shi Yan was just a flesh cauldron that Dragon Lizard had found to help his breakthrough. He thought that Dragon Lizard nurtured Shi Yan so he could swallow Shi Yan later to absorb the Absolute Beginning creature's soul and make it a part of his Life Soul.

Almost every Absolute Beginning creature could understand Dark Energy. Shi Yan's realm was a little low. He couldn't fuse all the heaven flames or trigger the memories in the Absolute Beginning creature's soul he got. If Dragon Lizard refined him and opened the Absolute Beginning creature's soul, he would break through to Territory Ancestor Realm immediately and get the magical abilities of Dark Energy.

The cultivating technique of Dark Energy should be contained in the Absolute Beginning creature's soul. Singh thought that he knew what Dragon Lizard wanted to do.

Singh sneered inwardly as he was actually so excited. This trip to the Dragon Lizard Star was going to help him harvest a lot of good things.

Because of the Soul Refining Cauldron, he was sure that Dragon Lizard couldn't escape his hand. After he killed Dragon Lizard, he was going to kill and refine Shi Yan to get the memories of the Absolute Beginning creature's soul. He was going to break through to the Territory Ancestor Realm quickly and become one of the peerless experts of the Soul Clan. There wasn't going to be anything better than this.

"Forefather, even when you have him, do you still need the materials and secrets about the Territory Ancestor Realm?"

The masked woman of the Phantom Clan and Singh had the same thought. They had a.s.sumed that Shi Yan was Dragon Lizard's flesh cauldron that he had found to enter the Territory Ancestor Realm. After a while, she furrowed her brows as she thought that she couldn't get anything on this trip.

The aliens from different tribes couldn't understand anything. When Singh and the masked woman said this, they understood it immediately. They turned to Dragon Lizard as they all thought that Shi Yan was his flesh cauldron, which he planned to use to enter Territory Ancestor Realm.

Thus, they looked at Dragon Lizard, jealous and yearning.

Forefather Dragon Lizard didn't know how to deny this accusation. However, hearing them, he also had this evil intention. He looked at Shi Yan in the cultivating room, his eyes uncertain.

After he knew that Shi Yan got a wisp of an Absolute Beginning creature's soul, he knew if he could refine Shi Yan to trigger that wisp of soul, he could enter Territory Ancestor Realm. Anyway, Tu She Qi and Ya Yun had asked him to protect Shi Yan. The recent treaty he had just established with the Mysterious Sky Clan made him hesitant.

Watching Shi Yan, he pondered and struggled to make his choice. His eyes switched from dark to bright and around.

Audrey was nervous. She felt that the situation was really bad but she couldn't do anything. She could see Dragon Lizard hesitating and the purpose of Singh and the woman from the Phantom Clan. This situation wasn't good for them. She was so worried.

After Shi Yan had revealed his co-soul, the experts had become greedy. They all had a profound realm and she couldn't resist them.

Even though she had just reached Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm.

She wanted to do something but she felt powerless. She looked at Shi Yan then Dragon Lizard, Singh, and the woman from the Phantom Clan. Then, she recognized that she couldn't stop any of them.

However, at this moment, her mind flickered as she turned to Shi Yan.

The bright, colored heaven flames were like young swallows returning homes. They entered Shi Yan's body. And then, Shi Yan's eyes opened.

His eyes were calm and indifferent. The aura around his body was concealed. He stood up in silence.

"He did it!"

"Too fast! He has broken through to the new realm too quickly! It's unimaginable!"

"Amazing, indeed! It took me three years to break through to the Immortal Realm that year!"

"Yeah, I spent more than one year!"

"How could he do it so fast?"

"It seems like Forefather Dragon Lizard has invested in him by giving him an Immortal Pellet. That pellet is so good to the Immortal Realm breakthrough. It can even shorten the time needed!"


The members of many tribes gathering here discussed with each other. They seemed very surprised.

The beautiful eyes of the masked woman brightened. She nodded and said gracefully, "Well, that's how the Immortal Pellet works! Really magical. It can shorten the time a lot. No wonder it attracted a lot of people to this area."

"Yeah, the result will be better with an Immortal Realm flesh cauldron! Haha, Dragon Lizard, brother. I wish you can enter the Territory Ancestor Realm soon!" Singh laughed and clasped his hand to congratulate Forefather Dragon Lizard. His smiling face was so irritating to many people.

Many warriors looked at Dragon Lizard who wore a strange face now. He looked as if he was struggling a lot inwardly to make a choice.

Shi Yan was strangely calm. He stood next to Audrey and raked through the crowd of hundreds of aliens. His eyes scanned the masked woman and Singh, but he didn't shoot a look at Forefather Dragon Lizard. Slowly, a strange smile was pulled on his face.

The Sea Domain of Nihility behind him suddenly emitted strange waves of energy. The free sharp s.p.a.ce sabers flying around suddenly flew over and hovered above his head like a saw-bladed scythe of Death.

Asteroids and broken pieces of stars slowly rolled over grumblingly. They swarmed like a shower of rocks and covered the entire area. However, the asteroids and pieces of rocks didn't fall. They just gathered with the s.p.a.ce sabers. All hovered still.

Crack! Crack!

The ground underneath Shi Yan had so many terrifying cracks in different sizes. Shortly after, the Dragon Lizard Continent was torn into pieces.

Shi Yan stood still and his faint smile didn't cease. He turned to look at Audrey and said casually, "Don't worry. There are many warriors here who can defeat me. However, none of them are qualified to kill me! Haha!"

Then, dozens of giant s.p.a.ce sabers above his heads moved as if they were giving him their confirmation. They maneuvered continuously like giant flying carriages by Shi Yan.

The asteroids and broken stars were also stimulated and rolling in the void.

Magically, the sharp s.p.a.ce sabers and the asteroids didn't collide even a single time.

The beautiful eyes of the masked woman from the Phantom Clan looked shocked. She gazed at the keen s.p.a.ce sabers and the ma.s.sive rocks, her soft body shaking. She screamed in fear, "s.p.a.ce power Upanishad and Star power Upanishad have merged harmoniously!"

Even Singh discolored in fear.

In this Sea Domain of Nihility, the asteroids and broken stars were everywhere. The sharp s.p.a.ce sabers were murdering blades. The warriors who could use the asteroids and s.p.a.ce sabers were the opponents that people feared the most in this Sea Domain. s.p.a.ce and Star power Upanishads were famous for their powerful and mysterious characteristics. The Sea Domain of Nihility could strengthen the power of this sort of warrior ma.s.sively. Thus, they were the absolutely toughest opponents in the sea domain.

This incident had baffled many people because they had never thought that Shi Yan had both s.p.a.ce and Star power Upanishads.

Dragon Lizard had to eliminate his bad thoughts. He smiled and said, "Little brother, you've done me a favor. How could I be so despicable to pay kindness with enmity? Where is my sense of honor?"

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