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Dragon Lizard Star changed from a planet to a flat continent due to Forefather Dragon Lizard's earth-shaking commotion that moved the mountain and leveled the sea. It now appeared as an uneven continent created by pieces of broken stars and asteroids that functioned as tiles on a square.

From the horizon, this continent was rough with many deep gorges, strange mountains, caves, and palaces.

Now, an Original Flame column was shooting up into the sky through the dome of a palace in the center of Dragon Lizard Star.

The members of the Dragon Lizard Clan at Second Sky of Immortal Realm like Du Lei and Di Feng still guarded the stone hall and focused on watching the moves of the alien tribes around.

The masked woman with a s.e.xy body from the Phantom Clan was with Yuan Mo's delegation. They came by the stone hall and looked bewildered.

Hovering in midair, many aliens were watching with surprised and excited countenances.

They knew that the Forefather Dragon Lizard wanted to carry out the worship of their ancestor and the festival.

A long, long time ago before Lizard died, the Dragon Lizard Clan had periodically held the festival. At that time, the Dragon Lizard Clan was the leading clan of this area. The members of the other clans had to come to meet Lizard when the time came to show their respect.

Lizard held the festival and invited leaders and outstanding experts of the surrounding clans. During the festival, he would explain and teach them the true meanings of power Upanishads and the secrets of the Absolute Beginning creatures. The Dragon Lizard Clan's festival attracted surrounding clans and even the Seven Great Clans had to send their delegations to join them.

However, after Lizard was gone, the festival wasn't as lively and bustling as before. Although Dragon Lizard, the second generation, still held the festival, most of the partic.i.p.ants came under their precursor's orders to worship Lizard and show their gratefulness. Their precursors had received many benefits from Lizard who explained the power Upanishads.

Although Lizard was gone, they were still thankful for him. Whenever the Dragon Lizard Clan held the festival, they would send their juniors to worship Lizard.

Forefather Dragon Lizard also knew that their festival wasn't as attractive as it used to be. Thus, they often used precious treasures of the clan to exchange with others. For example, the Immortal Pellet was definitely attractive enough. Because of the pellets, many alien tribes had come regardless of the long journey they had to make to get there. The Phantom Clan woman was near then and she also came because of the Immortal Pellets.

Singh screamed all the way, knocking over a lot of warriors in his way. He quickly reached the stone hall.

So many ghosts and departed souls were floating underneath him like a school of fish. There were seven brutal souls who were continuously swallowing weak souls around them. They were growing rapidly and turning into brutal ghosts who were more than thirty meters tall. They moved and screamed like vicious ruffians behind Singh with earth-shaking auras.

One of those brutal souls was Ming Hong. After Singh had refined him, he couldn't help but follow Singh's orders. He was now a roaring brutal soul too.

Ming Hong roared and became bewildered. His evil eyes flashed as he struggled. Finally, he became sane.

He was hovering behind Singh and he saw Audrey cultivating inside the stone hall down there.

At this moment, Audrey was releasing a lot of soul fibers with familiar energy fluctuations. Ming Hong looked at her and recognized her ident.i.ty immediately.

Audrey was cultivating the soul technique that only Imperial Dark Tribe knew. Also, Audrey's aura was the familiar aura of Imperial Dark Tribe.

Singh had kept him for so many years in the Sea Domain of Nihility. He had no way to escape and he had never met anyone from Desolate Territory. Today, he found a member of his clan who was absolutely his relative. Ming Hong was stunned. Although Singh could control him, he still had his own consciousness. His thoughts flickered fast and he pretended to know nothing. He didn't dare to look at Audrey as he was afraid that Singh could spot something.

At this moment, Singh was still shouting and screaming. He called for Forefather Dragon Lizard. Forefather Dragon Lizard laughed loudly, flew up, and floated above the stone hall while looking at Singh. "My good friend, oh, my good friend!"

"I don't know why you are protecting three juniors of the Heavenly Eye Clan? They killed my men. For our friendship, will you give me a good explanation for that?" Singh wore a dark and sinister face. In front of many aliens, he began to interrogate Dragon Lizard.

Singh didn't feel right because of Dragon Lizard Clan's strange att.i.tude.

"It's our Dragon Lizard Clan's territory. The Earth Ghoul Tribe members didn't respect our rules. They attempted to kill our guests. They were killed because of that. Do you want me to take responsibility for that?" Forefather Dragon Lizard sneered faintly. He rose one hand and layers of light fell, covering the stone hall where Shi Yan and Audrey were cultivating.

He looked at Singh and said, "Singh, your dogs are taking it too far! They don't even respect me! You're their master. Shouldn't you strictly punish them?"

Singh put on a dark face and stayed quiet.

"Oh, what's going on over there?" The woman of the Phantom Clan frowned. "Their relationship isn't that bad, is it? I don't understand."

Yuan Mo of the Water Tribe didn't understand it, either. "I'm not sure. I know that they have a good relationship. Singh came several times to meet Forefather Dragon Lizard. He was always welcomed here. It's unexpected today, though."

"What happened? Is there a conflict between them?" asked an alien.

"Is it because of the Earth Ghoul Tribe? Recently, the Earth Ghoul Tribe has acted too far. They don't respect the Dragon Lizard Clan at all. We couldn't even imagine that they would dare to act rashly in this festival. Perhaps, they've enraged Forefather Dragon Lizard."

"Yeah, maybe."

"Sigh, it's too bad that Lizard is gone. Otherwise, the Earth Ghoul Tribe would have been cleared a long time ago. I remember the time when Lizard was here. Even the Seven Great Clans had to respect the Dragon Lizard Clan well. It seems like without a Territory Ancestor, the clan could decline. It's true, indeed."

"No wonder why Dragon Lizard has tried any mean to break through to Territory Ancestor Realm. He won't regret paying any price to do that. He even used the Immortal Pellets to exchange for a chance to break through."

Many members of the alien clans around discussed with each other while Singh stayed quiet. They were so surprised anyway.

Singh's face was dark and sinister. His eyes raked through the crowd and made them chilled to the bones. They had to stoop to avoid his eyes.

When his line of sight fell on the masked woman of the Phantom Clan, he was bewildered for a while. He nodded to her and didn't look further.

"Yeah, the Earth Ghoul Tribe made mistakes this time. Old friend, please forgive us. I will warn the Earth Ghoul Tribe's forefather and make him control his later generations. I'm here this time to observe and learn from the experience at your festival. I hope you can understand me," Singh took a deep breath and squeezed a smile.

Turning around, his eyes were so cold.

All of a sudden, a brutal soul attacked the remaining members of the Earth Ghoul Tribe delegation. In their screeching, the Earth Ghoul Tribe warriors were torn apart. Eventually, their souls were swallowed.

The remaining members of the Earth Ghoul Tribe were eliminated shortly after.

The onlookers felt so chilled that their hair rised. They were scared because of Singh's wicked deed.

"I didn't know anything. They deceived me and covered my eyes with lies. Yeah, I've made up for it. Brother Dragon Lizard, I wonder if you feel satisfied now?" Singh chuckled and retrieved his brutal soul. He didn't even bat an eye on the pulp of flesh on the ground where the Earth Ghoul Tribe members had just stood.

"So cruel!" Yuan Mo mumbled.

The masked woman of the Phantom Clan was a little bewildered. "Singh is indeed ruthless. He's worthy of his reputation. To receive Dragon Lizard's approval, he didn't hesitate to destroy the others. Right, he has guts. No wonder why he's the Commander of the Soul Clan. Fierce!"

Then, she turned to look at Forefather Dragon Lizard. The onlookers also turned to him. They wanted to see how Dragon Lizard would react to Singh's brutal deed.

Also, many warriors were observing the stone hall. They wanted to know what was inside the hall.

In this vast universe, they could count the number of the Absolute Beginning creatures with their fingers. This area had no Absolute Beginning creature after Lizard left. And now, they saw the column of Original Flame from the hall with the Absolute Beginning creature's aura. Instinctively, they related it to Lizard.

They had become more curious after Forefather Dragon Lizard had covered the entire stone hall. They guessed that it was something important to the Dragon Lizard Clan.

Although Singh was admitting his mistake to Dragon Lizard, his eyes sparkled as he gazed at the stone hall with a lot of doubts.

"If you say so, it's done then. You don't need to warn that Earth Ghoul's forefather. If he messes around, I will go talk to him directly!" Forefather Dragon Lizard grinned and gave Singh a curt nod. "Yeah, the junior inside the hall is related to my precursor. He will stay and cultivate here for a while. People, please. You don't need to be curious."

He threw a glance at the stone hall.

People became more baffled upon hearing him. When they looked at the stone hall, they were frightened. If someone was related to Lizard, was he an Absolute Beginning creature too?


At that moment, the woman from the Phantom Clan gave a slight cough. She walked to Forefather Dragon Lizard from the Water Tribe's group. Her pair of azure eyes sparkled strangely as she smiled. "I heard that Forefather Dragon Lizard has some Immortal Pellets, so I came. I wonder what should I do to exchange for the pellets?"

Dragon Lizard looked at her, his face becoming stern. "And who are you?"

"I'm from the Phantom Clan," said the woman.

Hearing her, many warriors around screamed in astonishment. Their eyes sparkled in strange light when they focused on her. Many male warriors felt their blood boil in excitement.

They heard that the female warriors of the Phantom Clan were born with glamor and they had mastered the mind technique. With a wink or laughter, they could capture people's souls. They were the beautiful dreams in the hearts of male warriors from many tribes.

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