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"You guys stay here. No one is allowed to take even one step out of here!"

A member of the Dragon Lizard Clan took Audrey and the three warriors of the Heavenly Eye Clan to a heavy-guarded room.

Dozens of Dragon Lizard Clan guards stood and watched outside the room. They were the new guards that another leader of the Dragon Lizard Clan had mobilized from another zone.

This group of guards had at least six experts at the Immortal Realm. To them, they were a big threat.

"We're imprisoned."

Yvelines sighed and looked at the door with layers of barriers and the Dragon Lizard Clan guards. He knew that they couldn't act freely anymore.

Audrey wore a pure white dress, her face as calm as usual. She sat quietly in this s.p.a.cious room and said, "Don't worry. As long as Shi Yan and Forefather Dragon Lizard find an agreement, we will be alright."

"I'm just afraid of unexpected events," Adams forced a smile.

He understood the Dragon Lizard Clan's deeds. If Shi Yan and Forefather Dragon Lizard had a good conversation, they would be alright. But if it went bad, the Dragon Lizard Clan would hand them to the Earth Ghoul Tribe where they would be tortured to death.

Everything depended on Shi Yan's means.

Audrey was calm. Along the way here, she had always felt like a pair of eyes was watching them. Using her magical soul power to sense, she knew that Ya Yun and Tu Shi Qi were using their special method to observe them.

As Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun were from the Mysterious Sky Clan, one of the Seven Great Clans, and were at Third Sky of Immortal Realm, it wasn't going to be a problem to rescue them.

She could vaguely feel that Tu Shi Qi really appreciated the relationship with Shi Yan. If the situation got worse, these two members of the Mysterious Sky Clan were going to interfere.

She wasn't wrong about this.

At this moment, Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun were staying in their stone chamber. Tu Shi Qi opened his eyes and laughed, "Well, the Dragon Lizard Clan isn't really good. I got their location. I've also sent a wisp of Soul Consciousness there. If something happens, I'll know immediately."

Hearing him, Ya Yun could finally ease her restless mind. She said, "Maybe we don't need to take action."

"Right, as long as that kid can meet up with Dragon Lizard, things will change greatly. And we just need to wait patiently for Dragon Lizard's invitation," smiled Tu Shi Qi.

"We should prepare carefully. We must make Singh taste our power!" Ya Yun's eyes conveyed her savage intention.


In a corner of Dragon Lizard Star.

Singh was floating above countless departed souls and ghosts, his face dark and cold. The soul energy rippled from him fiercely. Underneath, so many ghosts were crying and screaming pathetically.

A member of the Soul Clan like a dark shadow flew to him and said respectfully, "Commander, we got recent news that Barago of the Earth Ghoul Tribe is gone."

Singh was awakened from his cultivation. He frowned and said impatiently, "What? That futile Barago was sent to find the Mysterious Sky Clan members, but he failed. I asked him to find something that could hypnotize souls and I've heard nothing from him yet. I don't care if he's gone or not. This sort of man doesn't deserve our attention."

"A subordinate of him reported that they had found a Fascinating Diving Eye of the Heavenly Eye Clan. They said that it could even fascinate the soul of the Immortal Realm experts. Barago was greedy for it. He took three clansmen with him to find them and he hasn't come back. His subordinate said that his life lamp had extinguished," explained the warrior.


Singh was startled. A devil and strange light emerged in his eyes. "The soul lamp extinguishing means his soul had vanished. The Earth Ghoul Tribe cultivates the secret technique from our clan. Unless they encountered some special technique, their souls can scatter and escape safely. Who did Barago encounter?"

"Barago had Second Sky of Immortal Realm cultivation base. Because of his relation to our clan, in this Dragon Lizard Star, there is no one who would dare to attack them, and not many people have the competencies to do so. Recently, the Earth Ghoul Tribe tried to find two experts from the Mysterious Sky Clan. Did he find something, which made someone kill him to shut his mouth?" a.s.sumed the guard.

Singh's Soul Consciousness moved. Countless departed souls and wailing ghosts underneath came into his body under the black robe. He floated and drifted toward the Soul Clan warrior. He said, "You said Barago found the fascinating eye something. Do you think it can work?"

"From what that Earth Ghoul Tribe member had reported, it could work magically. Otherwise, Barago wouldn't have been so thrilled," answered the other.

Singh pondered for a while, "… Perhaps the Mysterious Sky Clan has their nose in this fascinating eye thing. I have to go talk to the Dragon Lizard Clan to see what happened."

Then, he turned into a black shadow and disappeared.


The scorching lava pond deep underground, Dragon Lizard Star.

The clone of Forefather Dragon Lizard was surprised as he looked at Shi Yan. "Kid, what are you talking about? I have a good friendship with Singh. Although I can't say we're soul mates, it's impossible that he would plot against me."

"On the way to this planet, we encountered a strange asteroid. We thought it…"

Shi Yan took a deep breath then told the others everything they had encountered on the way there. He had stressed on describing the features of the ma.s.sive three-legged cauldron and the mysterious symbols on the cauldron.

Du Lei was kneeling on the ground and listening to Shi Yan in fear. He couldn't help but intervene. "Forefather, from what he's saying, I'm afraid that the big cauldron is the Soul Refining Cauldron of the Soul Clan. The Soul Refining Cauldron is a divine weapon from the Absolute Beginning Era. It can absorb the Soul Consciousness to create magical symbols, the language of the Absolute Beginning Era. It's really formidable!"

After Shi Yan had finished, Forefather Dragon Lizard didn't say anything, but he changed his face when Du Lei intervened.

At this moment, he didn't have the mood to ask about Dark Energy. "Whether you told us the truth or not, I need to check it carefully."

Then, his clone directly sank into the scorching lava pond.

A terrifying groan arose deep inside the ma.s.sive lava pond. It seemed like a giant beast was moving and releasing energy.

A tremendous energy that could explode the entire Dragon Lizard Star came from the lava pond. The planet had constant explosions as so many pieces of broken stars on its surface rumbled. They looked as if they could collapse in the next minute.

If the Soul Refining Cauldron was in his body, he could make the cauldron destroy his body from the inside and take in his soul as long as Singh wanted that to happen. Singh could kill him that way while increasing his cauldron's power altogether.

The stronger the soul that it absorbed, the more terrifying the cauldron became. The reason why the expert at the Territory Ancestor Realm of the Soul Clan let Singh borrow the weapon was to kill Forefather Dragon Lizard to strengthen his divine weapon.

No matter what, in the vast sea of stars, people at the Peak of Immortal Realm were rare. Their souls were the top tonic for the Soul Refining Cauldron.


An earth-shaking roar came from the lava pond. The clone of Dragon Lizard emerged at once. He looked ashen as green veins bulged on his forehead like wiggling worms. He looked so furious.

"Forefather?" called Du Lei.

"This kid is right. I found a foreign item in my body! It must be the Soul Refining Cauldron of the Soul Clan. I can't take it out now. I don't want to alert the enemy. It would make Singh attack me first!" Forefather Dragon Lizard had his flame of rage burst up into the sky.

After so many years, he had always considered Singh a friend. He wanted to create a good relationship with the Soul Clan. He hadn't shown his intention to join the Soul Clan because he still embraced the hope of obtaining a true understanding of Dark Energy by exchanging the Immortal Pellets. If he couldn't get Dark Energy afterward, he would consider joining the Soul Clan.

Dragon Lizard hadn't expected Singh to prepare so well for this trip. He didn't come with a good will at all. The Soul Refining Cauldron was his black hand. If Dragon Lizard still lingered, he would become a sacrifice for that divine weapon of the Soul Clan. How could he not be outraged?

"It's troublesome to take it out of my body without Singh recognizing it. I want to think carefully to find a way to do that." Although Forefather Dragon Lizard was extremely hot-tempered, he calmed down pretty quickly. He began to think about a method to solve this big problem.

"If you want to kill Singh, someone can help you. Yeah. If you don't mind, I can introduce two experts to you. They also want Singh dead. Moreover, they can a.s.sure you that you don't need to be afraid of the Soul Clan's revenge after that. It's an a.s.surance to your Dragon Lizard Clan," Shi Yan smiled and offered at the right time.

Forefather Dragon Lizard was surprised. "Kid, it seems like you have a plan. Tell me. Who do you want to introduce to me?"

"How about the Mysterious Sky Clan?" Shi Yan said in a low-pitched voice.

The eyes of Dragon Lizard sparkled in a strange light. He pondered for a while and grasped the key point. He laughed, "Oh, are they Tu Shi Qi and his wife Ya Yun? Singh and the members of the Earth Ghoul Tribe told us to find them. It seems like Singh has attacked them hard?"

"I knew I can't deceive Forefather," Shi Yan smiled. He knew a monster like Forefather Dragon Lizard wasn't a fool. Singh could only furtively attack him because he had a powerful divine weapon and a lucky timing. He did that when Dragon Lizard was having a meal. Apparently, he had planned it for a long time.

Otherwise, it wasn't easy to attack this old monster. As Singh had to use the Absolute Beginning divine weapon, he was also afraid of Forefather Dragon Lizard.

Dragon Lizard could understand a situation after only two or three sentences.

"If Singh wants to harm me, how can I let him enjoy himself that much? Harrumph, I will make him know the price of plotting against me. Although the Soul Refining Cauldron is an Absolute Beginning divine weapon, I know it so don't think they can kill me!" Then, Dragon Lizard turned to Shi Yan. "Alright, take the other two to see me. I want to talk to them carefully."

Shi Yan now knew Forefather Dragon Lizard wanted to kill Singh too. This area was Dragon Lizard Star, his territory. If they got his approval, everything was going to be convenient.

"They're staying in…"

Shi Yan told Du Lei the location of Tu Shi Qi's cave.

Du Lei was very surprised. Now, he knew that the ones Shi Yan had mentioned were the two experts of the Mysterious Sky Clan. Forefather Dragon Lizard had ordered him to invite Tu Shi Qi and his wife so Du Lei left respectfully.

"Alright, now tell me about Dark Energy," as soon as he left, Forefather Dragon Lizard had a dazzling light shoot out of his eyes as he gazed at Shi Yan.

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