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The guards of the Dragon Lizard Clan had always paid attention to Shi Yan's cave. When the cave sealed, they became restless because they couldn't see what was going on in there.


The sealed stone door exploded. This time, the Dragon Lizard Clan guards saw that Shi Yan's team was safe and sound from a distance. Barago and his members of the Earth Ghoul Tribe had disappeared. The Dragon Lizard Clan guards felt their hearts sinking.

They all became grave. Exchanging looks, they immediately walked towards Shi Yan's cave.

Barago was the head of the Earth Ghoul Tribe delegation this time. He also had a sensitive connection with Singh of the Soul Clan. As long as he was safe, even if he had troubled Shi Yan's group, the Dragon Lizard Clan wasn't going to find him to ask for justice. They had to be patient and quiet.

But if something bad happened to Barago, it was going to be an explosion and Singh knew it.

Instantly, the Dragon Lizard Clan guards stormed into Shi Yan's cave.

Some guards were cautious enough to set up some barriers and seal the door one more time. The guard that had warned them earlier stepped forward and asked, "Where are the members of the Earth Ghoul Tribe?"

Shi Yan knew why they were anxious. He answered calmly, "They came to force us to sell things for them. They wanted to kill us, but we had defeated them and killed them. Hmm, yeah. We don't even leave their remains. What's the problem?"

It was over!

The Dragon Lizard Clan guards felt sudden darkness in their eyes. They knew that it was really serious this time. One of them took a deep breath and didn't ask more. He immediately took out a Sound Stone and reported with a grimace. "Sir Du Lei, we are in big trouble. Barago of the Earth Ghoul Tribe died…"

Du Lei was one of the experts under forefather Dragon Lizard's commands. He was in charge of the affairs in another area. Listening to the report, he was startled. He immediately asked for the location and ran at his max speed.

Inside the cave, the Dragon Lizard Clan guards wore worried, bitter faces.

The death of Barago could bring big trouble to the Dragon Lizard Clan. If they let Shi Yan's group leave easily, they couldn't answer to the others.

The Soul Clan stood behind the Earth Ghoul Tribe. Also, Singh was here as the distinguished guest of their clan. Barago had to report to Singh regularly because Singh had asked him to find someone. 

Barago was dead unknowingly. Singh had to ask the cause and the situation. If the forefather of the Earth Ghoul Tribe knew that his subordinate sent to Dragon Lizard Star was killed here, he was going to be outraged and he was possibly even going to come personally to take revenge.

"You can't leave now!" said a guard of the Dragon Lizard Clan.

Shi Yan grinned. He made this scene just to find a chance to see the real manager of the Dragon Lizard Clan. Thus, he wasn't anxious or hot-tempered. He just happily waited to see Du Lei.

Du Lei arrived fast. He landed here before even one hour pa.s.sed.

As soon as he landed, he found a strange situation. Many alien warriors from the third-cla.s.s clans were standing in front of their caves and discussing with each other while looking at another cave. They all wore strange countenances.

Those warriors looked excited and happy over the other's misfortune, but most of them showed indifferent faces.

"Barago hasn't walked out of the cave yet. Did something bad happen to him?"

"How could it be? Barago has Second Sky of Immortal Realm cultivation base. He's from the Earth Ghoul Tribe. Who dares to trap him?"

"So why hasn't he walked out yet?"

"The Earth Ghoul Tribe is evil and l.u.s.tful. Perhaps they closed the cave to torture those Heavenly Eye Clan members. Who knows?"

Those people couldn't observe the battle between Shi Yan and the Earth Ghoul Tribe inside the cave because of the closed door.

Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun were the only ones outside the cave who knew that Barago was dead. However, they were also baffled. "The Earth Ghoul Tribe cultivates the power Upanishad bestowed by the Soul Clan. Even if the soul altar is smashed, the host soul can divide into many wisps and flee. If they don't have the special power Upanishad or secret treasures, it will be pretty hard to eliminate them. Why are there no wisps fleeing? Is it true that the wisps of their souls were annihilated too?" Ya Yun was perplexed.

"Yeah, it's strange," Tu Shi Qi was also surprised. "The manager of the Dragon Lizard Clan is here. We should just keep quiet and watch. As that kid can make a higher superior come here, as long as he's smart, he can lead the situation to develop into the best way."

"It seems like we will benefit from his glory," Ya Yun smiled. "If he can persuade Dragon Lizard to join hands with us to deal with Singh, Singh will be finished at Dragon Lizard Star! Then, the Dragon Lizard Clan has to go the same way as our Mysterious Sky Clan! Ah, it'll be perfect, though!"

Tu Shi Qi laughed evilly.


"I am Du Lei!" a m.u.f.fled call came from the cave entrance.

The members of the Dragon Lizard Clan hurried to lift the barriers and respectfully greeted Du Lei. Du Lei was the sort of character who could meet forefather Dragon Lizard. He looked a deep breath, his face grimaced. "Are you sure that the members of the Earth Ghoul Tribe were all killed?"

"He said that," one of them pointed at Shi Yan.

Shi Yan was still calm. "The Earth Ghoul Tribe wanted to force us to trade and then kill us to rob the item. We were so reluctant, so we had to defend ourselves."

Du Lei scanned through Adams, Yvelines, Masha, and Audrey. He said with a dark face, "You guys can kill Barago's group?"

Shi Yan didn't want to waste time. He knew that if he didn't explain thoroughly, they would capture him to talk to the Earth Ghoul Tribe and the Soul Clan. "I cultivate a special power Upanishad. Yeah, I burst off the s.p.a.ce waves to smash them to death."

He explained, pulled a stern visage, and then said, "I heard that your forefather has been stuck at the Peak of Immortal Realm and he needs to study the Dark Energy to break through to the Territory Ancestor Realm. I happen to know Dark Energy. I want to use my understanding of Dark Energy to exchange for an Immortal Pellet. Can you take me to see him?"

"Kid, you think you can make me let you go by saying that?" Du Lei somehow appreciated Shi Yan inwardly when he saw that Shi Yan wasn't afraid at all. However, he said, "Honestly, we don't have a good impression or feelings for the Earth Ghoul Tribe. If you can kill them, I will applaud happily. Unfortunately, the Earth Ghoul Tribe has a close relationship with the Soul Clan. We still need to explain it to them."

Then, he turned to his guards and asked them to take Shi Yan's team into custody first.

Apparently, he didn't believe that Shi Yan had Dark Energy. He thought that Shi Yan had just made an excuse. Anyway, Shi Yan had just Incipient G.o.d Realm.

He had never heard of anyone who could comprehend Dark Energy at Incipient G.o.d Realm.

"Perhaps this will be easier to understand."

Shi Yan calmly urged his energy. His Soul Consciousness rippled like waves. The stone walls around him exploded furiously.

An invisible energy had intruded Du Lei and his warriors and entered their souls. They all felt shivers down their spines. They were filled with fear instantly.

"How could it be? It… How could you do that?" Du Lei couldn't even imagine.

He had heard about many mysterious secrets of the Dark Energy. He knew it was peculiar. Without alerting the others, this invisible energy could expand inaudibly and it was more lethal than G.o.d power.

Shi Yan's performance was exactly like what they had rumored. It was the power of the ones with Dark Energy.

"I want to meet your forefather," said Shi Yan simply.

Du Lei's eyes were complicated. He pondered for a few seconds and then said to his warriors, "It's forbidden to tell any word about this. You arrange them in another area. Don't let anybody know. Conceal the death of the Earth Ghoul Tribe members! No, we must close this area. Do not let anyone in or out!" 

The members of the Dragon Lizard Clan knew the seriousness of this case. They nodded continuously.

"We don't need to move to another area. I have two friends here. You guys should escort them to my friends' cave." Shi Yan pointed at Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun's cave in the distance.

"You have no say in this. We will arrange this ourselves. While you go meet our elder, we will conceal it." Du Lei snorted and then said, "Follow me. I'm taking you to meet our elder!"

Du Lei knew that their Dragon Lizard Clan was afraid of the Soul Clan because their forefather hadn't reached the Territory Ancestor Realm yet. As long as he reached that realm, they could stop worrying about the Territory Ancestor of the Soul Clan.

He understood what Dragon Lizard prioritized now: Shi Yan, an alien who knew Dark Energy. If he could give the forefather a chance to break through, the death of the Earth Ghoul Tribe members was not important.

Du Lei took Shi Yan on a stone-paved path. This path had many hidden mechanisms that Du Lei had to use his Soul Consciousness to open. Each wall here led to a marvelous cave deep inside the planet. 

After a long time, Shi Yan had gone deep underground and appeared by a ma.s.sive scorching lava pond. After Du Lei had taken Shi Yan here, Du Lei kneeled down on both knees and spoke the language of the Dragon Lizard Clan to talk to the lava pond. Du Lei was calling for Dragon Lizard.

After a while, Dragon Lizard's clone emerged from the hot pond and stood in front of Du Lei and Shi Yan. He asked in astonishment, "Who is this kid?"

"Forefather, it's like this…"

Du Lei hurried to explain. When he mentioned that Shi Yan understood Dark Energy, Dragon Lizard shivered and his eyes shot light as dazzling as sunlight.

"If you can help me, you don't need to worry about the Earth Ghoul Tribe anymore. Also, we will give you the Immortal Pellet!" said Dragon Lizard resolutely.

To him, nothing was more important than breaking through to the Territory Ancestor Realm. When he got Dark Energy and entered the Territory Ancestor Realm, the Earth Ghoul Tribe's forefather was the one he could kill in any minute. Even if the Soul Clan wanted to battle against him, they would have to consider if it was worth their efforts or not.

"The Soul Clan has ambushed you. There's a divine weapon from the Absolute Beginning Era in the stomach of your real body now. It's a three-legged cauldron of the Soul Clan." Shi Yan looked at him and threw him more shocking news. "If you don't join the Soul Clan this time, you'll die. That cauldron is a divine weapon that Singh has borrowed from an expert at the Territory Ancestor Realm in his clan. It's for you, especially."

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